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Spring Forward



As you can see, I changed the title of my blog to reflect the fact that I'm no longer gunning for only sociocultural anthropology programs. I got my last rejection this week, and though I am still technically floating well below the top of one wait list, I'm choosing to look forward and not dwell on what is likely a dead end.

Fall 2014 is done with -- Fall 2015, I'm coming for you.

The good news is that I feel better now than I did when I knew nothing about how this season would go. I'm a very driven and goal-oriented person, so waiting around and feeling sorry for myself just wasn't working. I had a really productive spring break: I finished a draft of my MA thesis, I finished revisions on a book review for a student journal, I graded a ton of midterms, and I have a job interview (in admissions at my undergraduate alma mater, believe it or not) this week that I have a feeling will go very well. I'm applying for a 1-year MA in Bioethics in case I don't have a full time job by mid-summer, because that means I can hold on to my part-time research gig while getting more exposure to applied coursework. I'm also applying for all sorts of jobs -- research, health communications, teaching. I'm looking into volunteering somewhere related to my research. I have a year to become a better me, and I'm going to do everything in my power to get there.

I've also connected with some scholars doing work in my areas of interest. I want to be on their radars, their panels, their research groups and I want to learn from them. Twitter has been really helpful in this particular way, so I'd recommend it for people looking for a casual way to interact with more established scholars without feeling like a creep.

For those of you who will also be applying for Fall 2015, are you already on the offensive? What have you been doing to stay busy? Are you over the sting of this round yet? I want to hear how you're doing! I'm going to keep blogging through the process of applying again, so I hope you'll be here to keep me company.


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I got over the sting of this round at the first rejection. Like you, I just can't sit around an mope! I have not yet decided if I will reapply for Fall 2015 because I am not getting any younger and the longer I am out of the workforce the worst it could be for me. If I were to reapply it would only be after I added to my resume and I would need to reassess the schools I apply to. I have some tentative plans for a new path in life that would give me freedom in the form of time off that would allow me to continue involving myself in research and museums. Like you, I am still on a wait list, but the idea of holding off on other plans in hopes of getting off the wait list and being accepted just isn't an option for me. Full steam ahead, always!!

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Hi,  NOWAYNOHOW. I have read some of your articles on this forum for a while. My situation is the same. My condition is a bit different because I got a scholarship and its the condition forces me to get a school in the next round, otherwise I would lost it. Like catsrgods said, 


" If I were to reapply it would only be after I added to my resume and I would need to reassess the schools I apply to. " 


I was blocked by the fact that I will have to put such effort to improve my chance in the next round. But your article gives me the inspiration, and reminds me the most important reason why I want to go to the grad school. I want to go back to school because I want to learn and I want to conduct the research and solve the problems that I am interested in.

Now, I am a research assistant, and I plan to do the research on the topic that I am interested in. In addition to this, I suggest watching the video lecture on the courses that you had never learn in schools or read the articles in the area of your research. These can help me a lot during the suffering period. As an international student, I am pretty busy with improving my toefl and gre score.

Best wish,




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I am in the same boat; rejected sans one wait...and it's a long shot for sure.  


I have already been in contact with two of the programs I was rejected from and from both I have gained some really great advice and info regarding my applications, where they were delinquent, and how to best improve my chances for next year should I reapply.  


I have also began to look into other programs, revamp my SOP, and a few others.  I am not exactly happy to wait another year but am looking forward to having the time to really tweak my applications in the areas they need be.  

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