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Let's do it!

Tall Chai Latte


It's the season to come down with a cold. Meh, pay back time from my body...

Things in the lab are as sluggish as ever. I wonder when is anything going to pick up the pace? I have yet to become efficient, surprises this place throw at me constantly put me outside of my comfort zone. It's annoying to often slow down and figure things out.

My boss suddenly said to me the other day that she cannot do my readings for me, that she has many things on her plate, and I need to be independent in doing all the thinking. She ended the conversation offering to help if I ever need reagents, advice, or getting outside help. I don't expect her to do my readings. I know perfectly that's my job. But how does one balance between taking directions and going rogue? It's hard to do when one day you are told that your approach is not good and just do as you're told, then again told you should do your own thinking and independently learn all of the techniques you need. And dealing your boss' emotion fluctuation...

It's been hard moving along in this lab. But it will be better... We've already come this far as a team. Let's do it!


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