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Brush with Stardom



One of my professors who got his doctorate at Columbia, when I very hesitantly mentioned I wanted to apply there as a hail mary, casually said "Oh yeah, I can email Prof. amazing-rockstar-who-is-one-of-the-pre-eminent-professors-in-the-world for you."

I know not to count one's chickens before they hatch and I also know that simply having a prof email on your behalf doesn't guarantee anything... nevertheless:

Should I be dying and/or freaking out right now or what? Because I really want to.


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My advisor sent an (unprompted) email to her friend/my POI at one of my top-choice schools, so I know how you feel! In order to keep myself from counting chickens, I'm just trying to frame it as, "Wow, I'm so grateful my professor was willing to reach out to someone for me. She must really think I can do this." So like, not necessarily letting myself believe I have a better shot at this particular university, but generally feeling more confident in my strength as an applicant. In any case, this is indeed exciting! Have a celebratory cookie or something :)

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