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Proving It



blog-0590781001424558885.jpgPh.D. applications are strange. We all have this burning desire to show ourselves to be the kind of scholar that adcomms know will succeed in a given program but we have to do so by jumping through highly archaic or irrelevant hoops. This, of course, is not news, and we've all heard the arguments ad nauseam, so I won't rehash the talking points.

What I will say is this: all I really want is to get into a program that will support me so that I can prove myself. I know I have it, I just want the chance to show it. To me, this is really the last big hurdle that I face before I can really buckle down and kick some ass. I want that acceptance letter in my hand to ward off that Sword of Damocles over my head reminding me that I have this ETS hoop to jump through or that ApplyWeb app to fill out just around the corner. (My MA was stressful for that reason: I barely had time to stop and think because the second I walked into that school, I knew I was preparing for my Ph.D. app and all its concomitant nonsense.) I want to know I have the next five years ahead of me set in stone and guaranteed so that I can concentrate on the really important stuff: my research.

So, I'm praying that I don't get shut out this season. I know I have something to offer and I can't wait to prove it.


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I agree with you. I'm doing an MBA + Health MA right now, and I know I will apply for my PhD in public health soon. The guys laugh at me when they hear me say...."No, I can't go into banking for my internship this summer (2015), the PhD adcom won't like it." I know I have the skills to succeed, but the adcoms use past stuff to judge potential, so I find myself everyday asking: What can I do today to convince the adcom that i'm a fit for their program?, in addition to all the MAs  that I have done? It's a hard road really, but I think that we shall overcome!


Good luck and i'm sure this is our season!

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I began my application process the first semester of my MA program. Never felt like I even got the chance to connect here bc my mind was set from the beginning.

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"What I will say is this: all I really want is to get into a program that will support me so that I can prove myself."
Exactly this. I hope you get your chance!
DaDocStruggle - I'm in my 2nd semester of my MA program and I'm gearing up. There's a big conference in April and you better bet I'm gonna be up there taking names so-to-speak. No one I want to work with directly at this moment is presenting, but the area I want to work in (educational neuroscience) has its own special interest group with a few presentations that I will be attending and getting to know my future colleagues at.
Just need a chance here! :-)
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I completely hear what you are saying! I don't have the GRE scores, but I have the tenacity and dedication. Just let me show you. I wish you the best in this application cycle so that in five years you can get on your roll. Best of luck!

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