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Wilmington University - DBA Application



 Let's start with the first application filed for this post.

Wilmington - Offers the lowest ranking of the programs I applied to.  It is a DBA program (that should in theory focus on practice more than research) that could be attractive should I opt to remain in banking.  It also offered the easiest application process.  There was no GMAT or GRE required.  It required a 2-3 page statement, 3 references (handwritten), and transcripts.  I hit some snags with the program (I was applying prior to my MBA and MA being conferred, which I was told wouldn't be a problem - it was).  I went through the process of tracking down recommendations, transcripts, etc. to be told that they would hold my file until conferred.  Mind you I had rushed to submit this application (ahead of other programs I'm potentially more interested in) because I was told the cohorts fill quickly based on the rolling admissions.  I pushed back with the University due to the conflicting responses I had received and was sent up the line to someone else who told me they would go ahead and score my application.  This was offered with a big BUT.  They have 4-5 interviews scheduled for the remaining 3 or so spots.  I've received an invitation for an interview, but it appears I'll be hoping for someone to defer if I get through this process.  I'll be in Wilmington on 2/3 to see what unfolds.  I'm not hanging it up yet.  It could be an interesting program and maybe it'll work out?

Best, Mark


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