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So for my second entry I'll be reviewing the NYU application process.  NYU was nowhere on my radar, nor was a PhD in Technology Management.  After taking my GRE (my GMAT scores that I used for my MBA/MADIR were awful) and scoring in the top half to top third I got a free application offer from NYU.  After looking at the program I thought it might be a fit and at no cost - I was ready.  While the price tag is staggering compared to many programs I looked at - I figured I would see where it would take me.  It also seemed like a natural fit to my career (banking) and my earlier education.  Proposed research surrounded retraining and compliance in an industry being heavily influenced by technology and the use of technology for sustainable development in Latin America.  The process was straight forward and easy.  I did reach out to the chair/head of the program via email - it went unanswered.  I reached out to the administrative manager via email and phone call.  They both went unanswered.  I reached out to someone who had appeared to have a supervisory capacity (thought their title has changed on the website)  That email also went unanswered.  I reached out to an alum who adjuncts in the program who gave strong insights and also connected me with a current student.  The student got me in touch with a professor who was quite helpful, thought not a research match.  Their research seems to fall into three areas, I'm guessing largely due to having three research faculty.  Since the program resides in the Tandon School of Engineering (the former Poly) I'm unsure what the requirements will be for admission.  It seems to be quite a small program, but carries the NYU brand.  At this point I'm just waiting to see where things may go, thought the process was a bit disappointing in terms of response/accessibility of faculty and administration. 


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