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Kansas State



When I started looking for Doctorate programs, this was the one that started the search.  Having spent 15 years in banking a PhD in Personal Financial Planning seemed to be a perfect compliment (despite working on the commercial/lending side).  Tracking down someone to talk to was difficult.  The department chair was out on leave.  The program admin/coordinator took some time to respond.  The program required a 10 page statement (ugh) and while the application required a writing sample, I would later be told it wouldn't be reviewed.  The admin also retired partway through the semester so I got no guidance on items going in (the application required electronic copies of transcripts, not all of which I had).  When I spoke to the graduate admissions department I would be told that I didn't need to send official transcripts unless I was admitted (but the department told me I did).  The program seems very well structured despite being formatted for distance with residency.  I'm starting to think a lack of assistance and accessibility is more the norm than the exception.  This was also the first program to send a decision (declination).  It was a bit of a rub where there were grammatical errors in the rejection, most of which I wanted to correct and send back.  So far I've restrained myself.


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