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Knowledge Begins With a Deficiency of Jouissance



I received word on Tuesday from the University of Wisconsin at Madison that my application to their Communication Arts - Media and Cultural Studies PhD was rejected. This was disappointing (I ate a pizza and watched The Flash in my darkened room after work, which I'd have done anyway, but that's not the point) but wasn't a huge surprise to me for a few reasons. The first reason was that their MCS division had been shrunk significantly in the previous years and only had about half of the spots available of the next smallest program. This is a trend in Wisconsin (and elsewhere) as higher education is being gutted (as it is nationwide). This is particular to the humanities and, to a lesser extent, the social sciences.

Now I can prattle on about neoliberalism and the commodification of education in the United States, but I'd rather talk about myself. So, additionally, I suppose I may not have been the best fit for my prospective POI, despite the interest I perceived through our email correspondence. It could have been my abysmal undergraduate GPA (3.06. Never enter college thinking you'll be a doctor when all you made were Bs and Cs in science and math in high school. As I've mentioned, I'm not much of a planner.) or the fact that my two MAs had nothing to do with communications. Whatever the reason, they didn't want me. So, now I wait for the remaining six to render their judgment.

I continue to have Rambo-esque flashbacks of last year when I got completely shut out.

To paraphrase Frank Reynolds: "Wisconsin drew first blood!"


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I expect this process to happen to me as well. I am trying the best to prepare for the rejections. I have one coming this week I think. It makes me nervous always as to how I'll respond. I am more than certain it will hurt like a witch. There are some schools that I just felt a connect with that I felt I was meant to attend, and it's so up in the air right now if they are even going to accept me. I wish you the BEST of luck you seem like an amazing person. 

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We had the same undergrad GPA. I think we should both have "studied" less Lacan...but, The Flash and pizza are great!

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