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Indiana State University



So now we seem to be a bit more sequential in my blogs.  I've arrive at Indiana State 4th, which was also my 4th application to submit.  The University was never on my radar, it was the result of NYU sending me the solicited application for their Technology Management program.  I was typing Technology Management PhD into my Google search box automatically filled "online."  Indiana State popped up.  It's actually a consortium program that includes Indiana State (obviously,) Bowling Green, East Carolina, North Carolina A&T, and Central Missouri.  You do select a home campus, however your tuition is billed by the institution teaching the class.  There is also five specializations for the degree (which seems to be unique and I found very interesting).  I was forewarned that sometimes it can get a bit messy registering and paying bills (as your are billed by whichever institution you are taking a particular class with).  However, I found the folks I talked to turned out to be some of the most helpful.  The program required 5 LORs (which seems unusually high compared to everywhere else that I applied).  At this point I'm in a holding pattern waiting to see where I end up - I think that this could end up being my first choice program.  TBD.


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