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Fleet(ing) Foxes



I'm not sure if any of you listen to Fleet Foxes. They're my go-to shower singalong music, though my boyfriend calls it "weird monk music." He listens to rap. Artistic differences, I guess. Anyway, their music really hits me sometimes whether comforting or not. I have a playlist on my laptop of music that I find grounding, and it includes songs like "I Can Feel a Hot One" and some others by Manchester Orchestra, a large amount of Fleet Foxes, a taste or two of both Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, and the like. I play that playlist when I study or do homework, or whenever I just need to get my sh*t together and calm down. 

I was not accepted into the program at WMU. I found out on Friday by way of a letter that my dad read before me because it wasn't sealed. I can't say I'm surprised at this decision-- I had a feeling the day I returned home from Interview Weekend that there wouldn't be a place for me there. I respect this decision, because I don't think I was who they were looking for. I can't handle the constant party that their department seems to encourage. Being told that the current students go out drinking multiple times a week together is not something that I'm itching to be part of. As I whine about not wanting to party, I'm soaking in the fact that I'll be moving to Chicago in six months. I have an acceptance in hand from Roosevelt and an interview lined up with Elmhurst as well as campus visits to both next week. 

That's right: Chicago! 
I held Roosevelt up as my top choice, and now it's becoming real. I need to find somewhere to live. I know very little about living in Chicago, and I'll need all the help I can get. My family knows people all over the country and world, but somehow we don't know anyone in Chicago (well, I know a couple people my age there, but no one who could save me if I ran into trouble). I'm lurking on the City Guide thread for Chicago and all the rental sites I can find. I know Roosevelt has very easy access to all the train lines because it's right by the loop. They include a CTA Ventra U-Pass in tuition, though I don't actually understand how it works. 
My limited experience in Chicago has always been great. I'm really excited to be living and going to school there, but there are so many issues I now face. Being rejected from WMU has set the ball rolling to the Windy City. Now begins a new journey filled with big decisions-- will my SO be able to move with me? Will I be working at the university or elsewhere? Where will I live? Will I get enough funding from the university to avoid major debt? 

Where before I was comfortable in the excitement of not knowing, I'm now very uncomfortable in the excitement of decision-making. Here we go. Headphones in, chin up.


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I LOVE Fleet Foxes! At first I got super excited because I thought the post was going to be about how you are moving to Seattle (where the band is from), but Chicago is cool too! Have fun!

ps...now I'm gonna be humming Blue Ridge Mountains to myself for the rest of the night...thanks;)

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The U-Pass is awesome. Basically, it's an extremely discounted, all-access pass to the buses, trains, Pace lines. You can get just about anywhere in the city with that card. I live in Chicago (have lived here for about 6 years) and am finishing up my MFA at Columbia College. I'm happy to help with any Chicago questions! Congrats on the acceptance! My boyfriend went to Roosevelt (MFA Fiction) and really liked the school. 

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I lived in Chicago (twice).  Love it.  Miss it. I did the suburbs and the city.  If I can help, let me know.

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I lived in Chicago for four years! I love it there! My husband and I met and got married in Hyde Park, and we came south to Champaign for his PhD program, but we always hoped we'd be able to live there again!


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