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Down to the End



So the time has come.  I have to decide among a few acceptances.  Yes, I understand that this is a good problem to have, but it's also challenging to sort through what the best option is.  If it's the best option - will the faculty be who I want to work with.  I'm also waiting to hear from one more program.

To recap - I was accepted to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in their Communication Medias and Instructional Technology PhD, Indiana State in a consortium PhD in Technology Management with a specialization in Human Resource Development & Industrial Training, and a DBA program at Wilmington University.  I'm still waiting to hear from a DPA program at Valdosta State.  I was rejected from the PhD in Technology Management at New York University as well as a PhD program in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State.

I had already passed on the acceptance from Wilmington.  During my interview it seemed very canned.  They asked a half a dozen typical professional interview questions (tell us about your background, what qualities are necessary to succeed, etc).  They administered their own admission tests (one on finance, one on writing where I corrected a one page paper for grammar and syntax issues, and one verbal reasoning).  They didn't accept GRE's.  Judging by their assessments I can only guess that folks had been accepted who lacked basic business skills.  I also wasn't sure that the coursework would be any more challenging or provide skills beyond my MBA.  It was also a cohort based model, which isn't necessarily ideal.

Indiana State was a little late on the decision side.  They were initially quite helpful, but that has slid off as I continued to reach out.  I'm hoping that picks up, but the temporary advisor I was given doesn't inspire much competition (PhD students are largely left to their own devices).  However, just trying to play coursework between five universities is rather challenging.  That being said, the program seems to be the best fit for me, so this will likely be where I end up.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been far and away the most helpful.  While the program isn't the perfect fit, it's quite interesting.  It also offers all of the coursework in person (which will require significant travel back and forth) but could still work.  I really liked the folks in the program and the smaller program size.  However, due to it being a bit out of the box I won't get as much tuition assistance from work.  I did apply for GA positions, but unsure how this will shake out.  It's a cohort based program, but you can choose credit load, which does give some flexibility.  This could be the dark horse in my decision making. 

NYU and Kansas State are no longer a consideration based on the rejections.  Unsure that Valdosta is the one, but I'll have to see if I get accepted and put it in the mix for consideration. 

I thought his would be the easiest part, but it's still proving to be quite challenging. 


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