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Anyone want to draft me a letter of recommendation? Seriously...

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If I can find someone to draft me a letter of recommendation, I plan on just giving it to my 3rd LOR so that he could just submit that. I'll send you a SOP and resume. Anyone want to take on this task?

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joro, I agree with bgk. With all sincerity, no one knows your strengths better than you. I feel so bad for you about this whole situation that I would truly love to help, but I think writing a LOR without knowing a thing about you other than what I could read on your resume and SOP would make for a very flat LOR. It is fairly common practice (whether we like it or not) to write your own LOR and give it to someone else to sign. I don't think this is the best scenario, but at this point it is definitely your best bet. Just be honest in your assessment of yourself, and encourage your LOR "writer" to change anything he/she doesn't agree with.

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I also agree that you know yourself best, though I know that it's very hard to write about yourself. Did you participate in the positive thread? That might be a good start. You should also read the recommendation letters in Donald Asher's book. There are some good examples of how you want your LOR to look.

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Alright, I just don't want both writings to look the same. Although, I'm still going to continue to bug him to work on it.

Yo dude, if you want some to take a look at your draft letter, I'd be down. At my work people have to draft "reccos" all the time; I think it's a good idea to draft it and mail it to him in order to minimize his marginal costs. The easier things are for people, the more likely they're likely to do it. After you send it to him, you can also REsend all your rec requests through your online application so that they will be on the top of his inbox further minimizing his marginal costs.

But be hopeful! One of my writers just get around to writing them after he got the first request in late November. There is still hope! All it took to get him to actually do it was mailing him a list of all my schools and saying "Okay, here are all the schools I'm applying to, I can resend any requests you want, the deadlines have all past and its crunch time. You won't get any more requests, but I'd appreciate you taking care of these ASAP. From what I hear, the admissions committees have already started meeting at most places. Thanks again!" Well writing that and waiting a week.

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I actually received a reply from a lecturer from my undergrad who said she will write me one. I'm pretty happy since she is a person who knows me well enough.

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