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  2. GRE Essay Grading

    Hey! If you need practice with your essay or proofread, you can find it here
  3. @ZayyQs is it really in march when we find out? I thought I remember last years first rounds starting mid feb. Could be wrong tho.
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  5. European Universities

    I would focus on what you want to study. From there you can figure out which languages are important and what the best/optimal universities are for your field. In your case, International business is dominated by English, however, knowing French and German will greatly help you. French is essentially the second langue franca for international organizations, while German will be useful in Europe due to the size and importance of the German economy and business environment. However, you could very easily replace German with Spanish or Chinese if you want to take a more international approach. Another issue you need to pay attention to is Brexit, especially since you are only a sophomore. The next two years will be chaotic for Europe. At the moment, the UK is still part of the EU and functions as if nothing has occurred. Unfortunately, by the time you are ready to apply to programs, you may have to decide whether you want to study on the continent or the islands. Additionally, funding structures may change rapidly when you apply, which could make one part of Europe more attractive. In short, pay attention to the political news this year and next year because it may radically change your future.
  6. Asking for Placement Rate in E-mail Correspondence?

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking up the dissertations right now and I'm finding quite a lot of information where their graduates currently are.
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  8. Fall 2018 PhD (Social Work/Social Welfare)

    Congratulations! More than likely, it will be a focused around two primary questions - tell me about yourself, and tell me about your research interests. After that, the remaining time will be for you to ask them questions. Be sure to brush up on the POIs research if you know who the interview is with, as well as why you want to do your program at UoW. Also, don’t forget to breathe, talk slowly, and just be yourself. You’re going to do great!
  9. Fulbright 2018-2019

    If they hold true to last year, today could be the day (it was a Wednesday last year). I think it's wishful thinking to think it'll be today, but still--kind of excited/nervous/nauseated. Good luck all--we've already come so far. Just a little further!
  10. European Universities

    Do you want to do a PhD or Master's? In general - to do a PhD you need to do a terminal Master's first. Then you'll do interviews for the PhD's as it is generlaly approached more like a job than as a student. AP scores, SATs, nobody gives a shit about that (they don't exist here so schools don't evaluate them). Some schools may assess your GRE (but extremely rare) and generally, they will assess the level of ur undergrad institution, the courses you took, and your grades for assessing whether you're qualified for grad school. As you're paying tuition to them (and you're competing for a handful of tuition wavers, although some institutions have none) and on campus work is generally rare (often students are not allowed to work a lot on a student visa), you're generally not really an investment to the school but rather you bring money. Often you're also not taking up someone else's position - so I wouldn't worry too much about the competitive element. For languages - this varies per school. Some offer all English programs. But be aware that if you would like to do an internship or smthing you will have a seriously big disadvantage if you do not speak the local language. Also research how internships are approached. In my country (Netherlands) it is extremely hard to get an internship AFTER graduation due to certain tax/insurance regulations which make enrolled students a lot more attractive as a candidate. Another thing to consider is visa opportunities in the country after you graduate. Do they have for example a 'search year visa' or do you need to find a job right out of grad school? How is the job market in that country (and also for students/part-time work/internships), etc.
  11. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    And another day of not hearing anything lolz.
  12. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Page turner
  13. Hello, I'm looking for feedback on the current draft of my SOP, which I will be using to apply to a Master's of Biostats program. Any suggestions or feedback is much appreciated. Link. I have tried to remove all identifying information, which unfortunately might cut into one anecdote. Thanks for any help.
  14. JHU BME exact dates (I guess accounting for before/after time) are Feb 7-10 and Feb 28-Mar 3.
  15. Asking for Placement Rate in E-mail Correspondence?

    Do you have access to ProQuest Dissertation database? If so, use your POI's name in the search field (especially under "adviser") and look up the students' names in Google to see where they've ended up. I would save that particular question for in-person/telephone conversation as it's direct and you won't want to give your POI time to think. It is true that advisers and departments lose track of their graduates because the graduates are likely too embarrassed to report (change of career direction, adjuncting) or don't care.
  16. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I can’t tell in detail for privacy, but my cousin is in UW and he heard this from someone inside the department.
  17. Very low GRE scores

    Yup. And then my final quant score was even lower than on the zillion practice tests I took.
  18. HGSE 2018

    Does anyone have any good distraction techniques? I am going out of my mind checking my email every 10 minutes (even though I know it's currently the middle of the night in Boston!)
  19. I received an interview invitation from Princeton today. My department is EE. The prof. who sent the email mentions that he and his colleagues are impressed by my credentials and they do Skype interviews with the shortlisted applicants to better understand the alignments of interests. At the end of the email he says that I may also be contacted by his other colleagues. do you think he is specifically interested in taking me as his student or he interviews me because he is part of the graduate admission committee? I am asking because I didn't mention his name on my sop, but I know that profs not mentioned in sop can contact you as well. I would like to know so that I can act accordingly during the interview Thanks
  20. Fall 2018 Admission

    UW MHCID applicants reply here
  21. UW MHCID 2017 Applicants

    UW MHCID 2018 applicants reply here - !
  22. Saying Yes with applications outstanding

    I am facing this dilemma right now. The Director of Graduate Studies at my safety school sent me a letter this week saying they will send out an offer for admission with funding very soon while I am still waiting to hear back from the other schools I have applied to. Some schools I have applied to shared that they will not decide on funding until late February. In such a situation, I don't know if it would be appropriate to accept this offer now and reject later if I hear back from some better schools (in terms of rank or funding offered). I am worried about the possible ramifications of such actions. Can anyone please advise?
  23. Part of my methodology for applying to schools is considering the cost, and if I can afford the tuition, often times the answer is hell, no, thus those schools are crossed off my list. No need to invest in an expensive application fee if I'm going to get possibly stuck with a tuition bill that I can't afford in the first place.
  24. Very low GRE scores

    I felt like no matter how much I prepped for the verbal and (especially) math sections, my score just sort of plateaued after a while and there was no real way to increase it more. Did you feel the same?
  25. there are masters programs designed for what @heyitsme is looking for - MPA/ID is usually cited as one, Chicago’s MACRM, even UCSD GPS turns out some (if only a few) future economists
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