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  2. So, I'm applying to a T30 poli sci MA program and would like some advice on my CV. I have no research in the field, but would it be acceptable to list relevant ungraduate papers I've written over the past couple of years, or does that come off as desperate and like I'm trying to pad my resume?
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  4. No question that academia has been exclusionary for a long time and that it needs to change and, importantly, that it is changing, albeit slowly. Still, while some may be speaking from a place of disappointment and bitterness about their experiences, I don't think anyone here is "gatekeeping." They're asking prospective students to be realistic. Idealism is nice, but reality is reality, and conditions are what they are. You can decide to fight and struggle to make change--and bravo to you if you do!--but before you do decide that, you better be damn sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Knowing how exploitative and cynical the profession is, is it really worth it? Can you really imagine doing nothing else? Can you effect greater change elsewhere, while facing fewer professional hurdles? (You mention social work: well let me tell you, art history is not social work; no matter how socially engaged your work is, scholarship in the humanities, especially art history, is mostly inward looking, not to say selfish. Even within the institutions of the university and the museum themselves, art historians don't really have the power to effect systemic change. If you make it to the top, you may have prestige and cultural capital, but no one in the administration will listen much to you. So if you want to make change on that front, become an administrator.) None of this is to say that being an art historian can't be rewarding and valuable work, and short term yes, maybe hiding out in grad school for a few years isn't the worst idea. But before you take the plunge, I just urge you to square your idealism with the often depressing reality on the ground and take some time to be practical about what you can actually achieve and what you actually are willing to sacrifice to get there. This advice is not a personal attack or an effort to take "gatekeep" or take you down a peg.
  5. My background is BA in Community and Human Services. It's not entirely related to Public Policy but I think it depends on how well you did on your motivation essay. Since we are not initially required to submit our application directly to DAAD website, I presume that anyone, who is asked to submit the application to DAAD after the selection committee meets in Oct or Nov, will have a high chance to get the scholarship. You think?
  6. Last two years GPA: 91.04% Overall GPA: 84.34% HBASc in Criminology, BA in Psychology, Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship. Accepted sometime in February-March. Applied to UofT, Queens, and Carleton
  7. Was taking a look around pervious year's forums and wanted to get this started this year. Where is everyone planning to apply/how many programs? I am planning to apply to Marketing programs at the following: Harvard, UC Berkeley, Cornell, NYU, UCLA, UCSD Still figuring out the rest.. and need to get started on these applications soon!
  8. Yep! And I got very positive responses from almost all of them. I think only one failed to email me back. They are usually happy to answer any questions about the program or the mentor you might be interested in.
  9. Hi everyone - Clinical Psychology Year 1 student here - if anyone has general questions you can feel free to PM me and I'm happy to answer (about fundings, applications, etc).
  10. I understand I'm full of emotion right now and probably shouldn't be making any rash decisions so maybe this thread will help me if i still feel this way when I calm down or help someone else down the road. I'm looking to transfer out of my current graduate program and into a different program. Is it possible to do and if so what are the steps? I thought about emailing a few schools I had been accepted too but declined their admission offers to attend this program and asking them to defer, would that work? I'm a first year grad student and I'm about five or six weeks into the first semester (I start clinic this week but I am co-teaching with another first year grad student). Basically an alumni of my university not my grad program made a facebook post slamming my university regarding how they are handling COVID-19. I replied to the post informing her that I believe my department is handling things well and mentioned a consent waiver that a few of the grad students were upset about that both speech pathology and nursing majors had to sign as we would be doing medical placements. I said how the speech pathology grad students refused to sign it until clarification was given but i was unsure if that was the case for nursing. I continued to say Idid not know what was going on in other departments just my own but I did like how mine was handling things. Well the dean of nursing and health sciences which the speech pathology department falls under was unhappy with my comment. She informed my clinic director very vaguely of my comment making it sound like I was speaking negatively of the university. The dean called me and told me of how well nursing is handling things. She also added that those who badmouth the university don't get to do clinic. I explained to her my comment was simply saying what I had intended it to say that I like the way my department is handling things I am just unsure of what other departments are doing because I am not in other departments. She then said she misinterpreted it and to be careful of what I post online, hopes this was a life lesson, didn't call to reprimand, etc. I then reached out to my clinical director because I was nervous since I did not know at the time the dean twisted what I wrote before talking to me to both the program and clinical director. I sat down with the clinic director this morning to talk about it and she seemed annoyed at first and said she thought we'd all appreciate all she does and she had to stop her work to talk to her boss. She said I never spoke to her about issues with the waiver and only the second years did. I explained the meaning behind my comment just as I did to the dean but she was still unhappy that I received my information from second year students and not gone to her directly if I had issues. I told her I didn't have issues with the waiver because of course I understood the risks of COVID-19 and doing clinic and medical placements. However, medical placements are not something first years in my grad program really need to worry about yet that's more for second years which is why I did not raise any concerns, especially already knowing the second year grad students already did. She told me she wasn't angry but to be more careful of what I post online and said speech path is a small world and I wouldn't want my faculty to inform potential employers that I was badmouthing the university (when I was not). I do see how the comment I mad could be misinterpreted but it really did not have any negative meaning behind it I was just simply stating that my department is handling things well and I don't know about other departments then briefly mentioned the waiver. I feel uncomfortable by the fact that dean twisted what I said then mentioned the "people who bad mouth the university can't do clinic" and how the program director said "Faculty recommend students for jobs so you should have a good relationship with them." I also found it a little passive aggressive when the clinic director had said we should be more appreciative of what she does when I am honestly the only first year grad student to remind my cohort about how hard they are working even though clinic is quite disorganized at the moment. The dean and clinic director both said, "I'm not saying to delete your post but you should be careful since future employers see that sort of thing." Ultimately implying that I had to delete it. I understand that right now I am just very upset and need to calm down before making any rash decisions such as transferring graduate programs. I was just wondering if that is even possible and how to go about it in case I do decide to do this based on this situation?
  11. It's easy to look in from the outside and fantasize about living the PhD life, but you'd be wise to not dismiss what current students are saying as "gatekeeping." I'm about halfway through a PhD at a, maybe the, top program and every day think about the years of proper income and career growth opportunities I'm missing out on. I was very educated going into the process, and there are things you simply can't know unless you're in a program. Friends at other of the top 5 programs corroborate this. Apply if you have an outside stream of income, but it should be a red flag that well-funded programs are choosing to suspend admissions right now.
  12. Hi Samsam, Unfortunately you are going to have to legalize all your documents for each country that you are applying to study at as so many people fake there documents or perhaps alter them. I’m a South African citizen and had to find out the hard way when applying to study abroad as well and thinking that I only had to legalize my documents once. And the headache is that there is definitely going to be a delay ask me. Phoning the necessary embassy’s phones just ringing or not even getting thru to them I gave up rather and used a company instead as everything had to be processed in time for me to apply to the various universities. Searched online and found a few websites looked thru them and this one really stood out for www.policeclear.co.za the information on their website was easy to understand and really informative. I then decided to contact them explain my predicament that I was in and they then devised a plan of action to get a fast resolution for me. In a matter of days everything was sorted and I could apply to the universities with all the required documentation that I needed. Police Clear really went above and beyond when it came to their customer service and I hope they can be of help to you as well.
  13. Hi @venusofwillendork, thanks for the great advice!! Sometimes I am worried about over chasing after big names rather than finding a good fit. Like should I change my research interest a little bit to be more relevant to that of the professors in the ivies, or to find a program that would be interested in and support my original plan..I do have a friend who was admitted to a prestigious Ph.D program but ended up hating it after a year and had to transfer to the school where I receive my M.A. He is on tenure track now and is very pleased with his life. Thanks again! It's been super helpful. I gained a lot strength in these discussions and am feeling more confident about the application process.
  14. You can def email grad students to connect. We are more then happy to help. Sincerely, a current grad student
  15. What were your stats if you don’t mind? What was the application like? When did you get accepted? Last, were there any other schools you applied to? Thanks for doing this btw!
  16. Willy Brandt usually does an initial shortlist in October, and those candidates would be interviewed before a final selection list is published in late November/ early December
  17. Hello guys. I applied for the University of Duisburg Essen only. Legal background. Only Bachelors level.
  18. Hello everyone, I hope everyone's application is going well! I started writing my Personal Statement in May, and I can't stop editing it. I'm currently on version 26 and telling myself that I need to stop! Is anyone else like that too?
  19. In all fairness, Princeton MPA will be much harder than SAIS. SAIS does at times take some risk on a candidate who may not have all the quant in background, however usually they are people with extensive work experience. However, indications are that this will be an exceptionally difficult application cycle due to COVID-19 by virtue of deferrals wanting their slot back... but that could easily change by many other COVID factors TBD. As to answer your question. 1. Emphasize quant based projects and how you used data to be successful 2. Highlight Math aptitude and curiosity. Can you please highlight why you are dead set on SAIS? Sounds like there is a story there.
  20. I think preparing for general questions should suffice
  21. What's your background guys? did you study Public Policy before? do you have BA or also MA?
  22. Hi guys, I am newly admitted by MA/MSc program in international and world history program offered by Columbia and LSE with a VAGUE focus on EARLY MODERN SOUTH ASIA and start to think about where to go for a PhD programs (in US/UK probably). Question 1: I heard that funds for South Asian history is usually very limited so I am kind of worry: Is it quite necessary for me to develop another focus on Middle East or Southeast Asia? (to be more competitive on the market) Question 2: Could you please recommend some prestigious faculty focusing on early modern South Asia? How would you rank the international history/ world history program in places like Yale, Cambridge, Princeton, Columbia, Harvard and Georgetown and why? Thank you so much for advance! Year 2020 is not a easy year for many history major applicants. I wish all have a cheerful application season.
  23. These are changes some university are doing for year 2020 due to COVID 19 Graduate schools are making changes to their GRE requirements in a variety of ways, Some schools are going the whole nine yards, waiving the GRE at all or most of their graduate programs for every student applying this year. Other schools have somewhat stricter or less expansive requirements. Some schools are even allowing applicants to Submit their ACT and SAT stories.
  24. Curious about whether people generally double space their endnotes?
  25. ampolloreno

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    Oh! You're awesome! I missed it. Thanks!
  26. Ok, so suppose I was dead set on applying to SAIS regardless of the internet's opinion this cycle. How would you suggest that I go about trying to blunt my achilles heel that is the quantitative score? Even if we're talking about going from a 1% to a 2% chance of admission. Also, while its wholly tangential to my question, I'll set a marker here, actually - based on friends with a similar profile who have studied at SAIS, and that I apparently fall fairly comfortably within the median of their class profile, I think I have a much stronger shot than you're giving credit for. An uphill battle, for sure, but I'm not willing to concede it.
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