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  2. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Fair points. I agree that if you frame it as "the IUDC will let me take classes with Professor X at School Y," you will just raise the question of well, why aren't you just applying to school Y to work with professor X? No school wants to feel that you're using them as a discount version of another school. But I think writing "School Z is part of a broad intellectual community, as evidenced by its partnerships with schools X and Q. Being able to learn from and participate in this community will add to my research on subject M/ my growth as a scholar/ etc" is fairly innocuous. In my experience, inter-doctoral programs have always been held up as positive selling points — "come to our institution and you'll have access to 5x more scholars!"
  3. Moving Somewhere New Alone

    I am a 22-year-old undergrad who is graduating in three weeks and applying for MA programs for Fall 2018. My entire life, I have always lived with either my dad or my mom and at least one sibling. The past two years, I have lived with my dad, sister, and two-year-old niece because my university is only twenty minutes from my house. All of my programs I am applying to are out-of-state in locations I don't know anyone -- some states, I haven't even been to! I am serious about moving; a huge reason I broke up with my boyfriend and strictly decided not to pursue any relationship whatsoever is because I don't want to be tied down here. I've lived in my current location for nearly my entire life, and am really discontent with it -- I absolutely know I don't want to live here forever. Most of my family will be moving away in the next few years, anyway. Even though the prospect of going somewhere new is very exciting, I'm also somewhat nervous. Sometimes I fall into the trap of feeling lonely, and am afraid to be so far from anyone I know. I will be taking my dog with me as well as my horse (although might wait a semester before shipping him up). Has anyone else felt like this when moving away for the first time to a totally new place? Any tips for dealing with the anxieties of it?
  4. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I can answer any questions about Notre Dame, if you want to PM me.
  5. I'm in a rhet/comp MA program (currently applying to PhD programs) and this is the advice that our graduate director (also on our admissions committee) gave me in terms of writing samples. *Also disclaimer, this is just based on my department 1. Writing samples are generally the last/least important part of your application. Some admissions committees will just skim it to see if you're able to actually write well. However, that doesn't mean you should just submit anything, because... 2. Your writing sample is part of the your package. If you want to go in a rhet/comp program, you should probably submit a rhet/comp paper. If you don't have any experience in rhet/comp, you would want to submit the paper closest to you research experience. 3. Annotate your sample. Give a short (one paragraph or less) introduction to your writing sample. Why was it written? What is it meant to demonstrate to the committee? Why did you include it in your application over others? If you use the second writing sample, this could be an opportunity to explain what the paper was for and why you chose to include it. This last tip was something that never occurred to me, but it makes a lot of sense) You always want to present your best work possible, but for a lot of programs the writing sample is not as important. Don't stress out too much about it. At the end of the day your SOP and LOR are probably the most important part of your application so you should spend the most time there.
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  7. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Adding to this. Although these inter-university programs exist, some advisors and programs are actually resistant to the idea for their own reasons. At my university (which is in the Exchange Scholar Program), it's unspoken that participation in these inter-university programs could raise suspicions about a student's commitment to the particular intellectual orientation offered by our department. Of course, everything in academia is political. Some professors can read this as you not valuing the faculty in your program or as something that might delay your progress, etc. In other words, when it comes to these programs, you might have to make a much stronger case as to why you should leave your department (albeit temporarily) other than simply just being able to.
  8. 2018 Philosophy Applicants, Assemble!

    You seem like the ideal candidate for a top analytic MA. 7 courses is nearly a minor, at least at my alma mater. If your interests lie somewhere in philosophy of science, you could even reasonably apply to a few PhD's.
  9. Boston U

    I recently visited and was really impressed by their program. Their new department head (josephine halvorson) seems to be shaking things up in a really good way.
  10. Love, Academia and Success

    I also want to add that I am constantly socializing. Really. I am involved in many different projects and I meet new people all. the. time. Yet, nobody seems interested in me. Or if it is the case, they are already involved in another relationship. I feel so discouraged. I feel trapped because I have seriously tried everything.
  11. Canada Fall 2018

    Hey, just decided to start this to check in with everyone who'll be applying to MS or PhD Canada Fall 2018. What schools are you applying to and subfields?
  12. It seems like you’re in a tough situation here. If you need his letter of rec to apply, I would ask him as soon as possible. Keep in mind though that it is very very late in the game to be asking for letters of rec for deadlines that are likely December 1 or sometime around then.
  13. MS Biostat Evaluation

    So, I've put together a tentative list of program to which I plan to apply: Cornell (NYC program), U Mass, U Pitt, UMD, GWU, Georgetown, Dartmouth (Quant. Biostats), Boston U, Brown, Rutgers Does this seem like a fair assessment of programs for which I would be a competitive candidate, or am I aiming too high?
  14. Thank you

    I remembered looking up on a question about filling in the application forms and seeing OP's post on the same issue. That was certainly handy and helpful. I second Trombonist's word, paying the attitude forward would be the right thing to do!
  15. FRQSC (Quebec) 2018/2019

    The beauty of scholarship applications
  16. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    Horrible system! They should let everyone know about all decisions at every step
  17. Fulbright 2018-2019

    This is the only one I know about... I think it's quiet because we've all entered the dreaded waiting period >.< Hopefully January will come quickly!
  18. School Psychology Ph.D. Applications Fall 2018

    Hi! Also been reading threads from past year and find it crazy that I am now in the process of applying. I am applying to: UCSB Northeastern Univeristy of Maryland & Lehigh Still debating whether I should apply to some more programs, since this does not seem like a lot!
  19. Justify MS Word

    Yes, I use it for everything I write. It looks neater.
  20. I think it won't be a big deal if you explain it in your personal statement.
  21. Justify MS Word

    Does anyone use the alignment setting "justify" in their papers? I'm used to "left align". I never knew it existed until now. I had a reader just recommend that I use it, but it feels kind of sleezy, since it reduces my page count. I don't want to make it seem like I'm trying crunch a bunch of stuff in.
  22. With regard to UW-Madison, a masters (not necessarily in English) is required for admission to the PhD with a Comp-Rhet emphasis. If you have a BA/BS and an interest in Afro-American studies you can apply to the Afro-Am MA/Comp-Rhet PhD Bridge program. The Ph.D. in literary studies does accept applications from people with the BA.
  23. Question about Potential Adviser for History PhD

    If this person is really an associate professor in the regional studies program, and is listed as an "adjunct associate" professor of history, probably he/she has a 0%-time courtesy appointment in the history department, while being a (tenured) associate professor in the regional studies program. In this scenario, the "adjunct" title wouldn't mean what it usually means (that is, contingent faculty, no tenure, no job security, probably no graduate teaching/supervision, etc.). But there would still be a question of whether this person could be the primary advisor for students in other departments. You should probably just write and ask. Or if the person's CV is available online, it may have information about past dissertations directed.
  24. MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    I did the Virtual Open House. Takeaways = portfolio is super important, they value tradition, there is no 'right' candidate, they are looking for a mixture of conceptual maturity and promise of growth. Show/Gallery exhibit experience not very necessary, at least not a priority.
  25. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has advice for successful personal statements for MFA creative writing program? Perhaps even examples of personal statements you've sent to MFA programs & have since been accepted to, as long as you don't mind sharing? I'm not even really sure where to start with the personal statements, but I know I have to get on them! For reference, some programs I'm applying to: Indiana University Bloomington, University of Arkansas, U of Michigan, U of Houston, U of Washington, St. Louis, Virginia Commonwealth. Cheers!
  26. I think it could be possible in *certain* institutions for adjuncts to be advisors, maybe in small departments where most tenured professors are retiring soon and/or with too many students. That said, I'd err on the no side. This professor can be your advisor later on (committees change a lot once you get in: people get hired, people move, etc). So, if this professor gets hired for a tenure line later on, they can be your advisor even though you did not mention them in your SoP. The SoP sets nothing to stone. I imagine that you have contacted faculty in this university? Have they hinted at something?
  27. Info on Columbia MA

    I could be wrong but I think I read somewhere that the acceptance rate is largely around 60% for the MA since it's seen as a cash cow for the university. With the late deadline (generally a marker of a "Shit, I didn't get accepted anywhere!" school), partial funding, and also accepting of part-time students, I'd tend to think that the acceptance rate is fairly high.
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