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  2. Hello, I'm curious how CF and SLPs negotiate your salary offer. How can we know it's a good offer compared to other peers in the area or even within the company? This is such a taboo topic so how do we make sure we are in a good position? Within the package, if salary is not high, what benefits can we negotiate to make up for the pay? Sign on bonus? Relocation bonus? promissory projected increase? what else?
  3. Hi :-) ! If everything goes well, next year I’ll have my Master’s Degree in Particle Physics. So I’ve started looking for information about PhD in particle physics, in the US . Why in the US ? Because there are almost no PhD in this field of study in France; in the contrary there seems to be more opportunities in the US. I’ve noticed that there are big differences between PhDs in the US and in France. When you want to study a PhD in France, you have to apply (quite similarly as a job application). You check official databases which list all PhD openings. Every PhD opening specif
  4. I'm looking at applying to some MPP programs in the area. I have an interest in international development and hope to concentrate in that. I chose not to pursue an IDEV degree because I hope to work in other capacities too. The programs I'm look at are Georgetown, GWU, AU, and UMD. I'm a little interested in the rankings and connections that are available. From what I read, Georgetown and GWU offers greater opportunities but are much more expensive than the other two. AU and UMD seems to offer more financial aid and are still ranked nicely. The last 3 programs offers concentrations i
  5. Hey all, went through this whole process last year and am a first year in a Neuroscience PhD program. If I can recommend anything, don't go by previous year statistics/try to "chance yourselves," or even think too much about professor email responses. At the end of the day, I got accepted to programs that I thought would reject me, and rejected from programs that I thought I had a good shot at getting into. A lot of it is down to research fit and pure chance. Wishing all of you the best of luck!!!!!!!
  6. Hi again everyone! :) I'm curious if anyone has any insight into applying to more than one program or "stream" at the same university. I am primarily interested in clinical but this is my third round of applications and do want to be open to different programs as backup plans at this point - such as experimental. How is this viewed by the department/future supervisors? Does this look "unfocused" on applications? Just curious if anyone has any insight - I don't want to shoot myself in the foot on my clinical applications just because I list experimental as my second choice.
  7. What are everyone's thoughts on LSE vs top US programs for international affairs-related masters? I'm particularly interested in opinions regarding education quality, transferable skills, and career prospects. I have an offer from LSE for their MSc Conflict Studies, and am debating whether to accept it or to return to the US and apply for grad programs there.A little bit about me: I recently graduated from Oxford with a first (4.0 equivalent) for my BA. I'm American, have done multiple internships (public sector + multilaterals), and am interested in a career in humanitarian policy/conflict an
  8. Hi there! Did anyone from scholarship holders apply and successfully get rent deposit paid for him/her? I submitted an application yesterday and I'm just curious if I can expect any notification from DAAD that everything is ok with my application or that they have sent a transfer. Or should it rather be as usually ridiculous - no feedback at all...
  9. Just received an acceptance earlier today to UofT MPH in Social and Behavioural Sciences but have rejected the offer.
  10. Thanks, but not in the US. Oops, in my country credits at open university or similar will be accredited by EU universities as long as the degree is obtained. It takes around 2 years to complete a degree, so I am seeking ways to make credits required in one year.
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  12. Don't worry about the competitiveness because you yourself are a competitive applicant. If it's a good fit and you like the work there, then apply.
  13. I took pre-reqs in both full and part-time capacities for just under 2 years while working full-time. I also did way more than I had to in retrospect because I wasn't sure where I wanted to end up. Were I to have cut out the classes that weren't completely necessary, it would have taken 4-5 quarters max. I also took classes at multiple institutions simultaneously, which made knocking out those credits faster and on my own terms. So, for instance, one summer I took 2 eight week classes at ENMU, 1 ten week class at CSUSM, and 1 ten week class at UCLA extension. Then for fall I took another 2 eig
  14. I am trying to decide on what schools to apply to and I was wondering if anyone had a advice regarding getting a masters in SLP vs a PhD in SLP. Is it true that PhD programs end up being cheaper due to more funding? Are there any big pros/cons to either? Is one more competitive than the other? Any advice is helpful. Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, I am applying to Speech Pathology masters programs this fall and I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs with good funding/scholarship opportunities? Im based in SC and can only go out of state if I can get some sort of tuition reduction. Heres some of my stats: -Graduating from Clemson University with a 3.79 - Psychology Major, Biology and Youth Development Minor -25 shadowing hours in schools, 40 shadowing hours of a private practice SLP (hoping to get some more hours this fall) -Undergraduate healthcare research with a professor for 3 semesters and 1
  16. Hello! I’m waitlisted for the OGS at uOttawa since April. Do you guys think I stand a chance at this point? If yes, what’s the latest you’ve heard someone say they received the award after being waitlisted (uOttawa or anywhere else)?
  17. @meadymalarkey and @tennesseespeechie Thank you SO much! When taking classes at ENMU, did you take part or full time and if part time, did it really talk 3-4 years?
  18. I got off the U of T advanced standing (mental health and health) waitlist today!! Was not expecting to hear this far into the summer so there might be some movement for those still waiting!
  19. Hi @skeibb97! The biggest determinant is almost always the pre-reqs when you're coming from out of field. Sometimes people find programs that explicitly state that it doesn't matter and allow you to complete them as you go, but after being a grad student for over a year now, I wouldn't recommend this. It will likely be more expensive and stressful if you're a graduate student (especially if you end up going out of state). All of the other things you've listed are good and show your interests/character well (I had a very similar volunteer/work background), but in my experience coming from
  20. Hello everyone! I am an International Medical Graduate from India, done my MBBS here. As I was going through admission requirements of some universities for MPH program there is a requirement for undergraduate statistics course. Do I need to do this course as we have statistics and epidemiology under Community Medicine in our curriculum?
  21. ooof that is very intimidating... UW had my priority because of its location and science, and that I thought it wasn't as competitive. Thanks for the heads-up. Yes, I have heard of CNBC. I like how the program positions itself. Since the application is concurrent to CMU app, I think I'd apply to both. Thanks again for the rec and advise!
  22. I think it's stuck at the very first part of the 2nd quadrant . Time to make a 2022 thread lol.
  23. Count classics out. As far as I know, there are zero classics doctoral programs in the USA that are (mostly) online. That and nearly all classics doctoral programs in this country do not study HB, ANE, etc. They will look at your applicant, scratch their head, and move on. There are some exceptions of course (e.g. Wisconsin Madison, University of British Columbia), but none of these interdisciplinary programs are online.
  24. Thanks for starting this! This will be my 2nd time applying (I wasn't originally going to apply again, but I was so close the first time). Because of time and cost, this will be my last cycle to apply. I only applied to three schools last time and have added more to my list, although I imagine this will change when schools provide more information. This is incredibly concerning. This process is expensive and stressful enough is, and this has been amplified due to COVID. Although, sadly, I can't say I'm surprised how schools have handled COVID and racism problems.
  25. It may help you finding knowledge... https://www.writestories.site/
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