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  2. slpgirl898

    Adelphi University

    I originally was rejected from Adelphi University, and recently got a call back that they are reviewing more applications to fill their cohort. Has this happened to anyone else? If so how long did it take to hear back from Adelphi. Thanks!
  3. Cat_Cat

    Teacher Burnout

    I'm interested in researching more about African American educators and representation in schools and also educator burnout. Does anyone happen to know of any scholars who have presented, researched and studied on this topic? Thanks!
  4. goalsforgradschool

    MPH Canada 2018

    I've had the same thing happen as well. Maybe we will hear back soon!
  5. Hi all, I am preparing for 2019 MS programs in statistics. (My main objective is to pursue Ph.D. in statistics) However, I actually do not know if I have any chances. It will be greatly appreciated for your advice. Thanks in advance! Undergrad: Asian Institution (Top 3 in country) Major: Business Administration / Statistics (Double Major) Type of student: International Asian Male Undergraduate GPA: 3.83 overall, 3.99 Math & Stat (one A- on Bayesian Stat, all A's) GRE: 163 V, 170 Q, 4.5 W iBT TOEFL: 30 R, 28 L, 26 S, 30W (Total 114) Courseworks: Analysis I, II / Calculus I, II / Differential Equations / Linear Algebra I, II / General Topology / Probability Theory / Scientific Computing / Stochastic Processes / Mathematical Stat I, II / Regression Analysis / Multivariate Analysis / Bayesian Stat / Computer / Computer Programming / Introductory Optimization / Econometrics (Both Undergrad & Grad) Research Experience: none Teaching Experience: tutoring experience in linear algebra & regression analysis (official tutoring provided by institution) Programming Proficiency: advanced in R. Intermediate in Python and MATLAB. and a little bit of C/C++. Have some experiences in LaTeX as well. Letter of Rec: One from my supervisor working on econometrics. One from math department who taught me linear algebra and scientific computing. Last one from stat department who taught me multivariate analysis. List of Schools hoping for: Chicago, Columbia, Minnesota, Stanford My main concern is that my LORs might not be very strong. My supervisors are nice, but are not that "famous." And the content of their recommendations would also matter. I just took supervisors' classes and received good scores.. that's all. And I realized that there are not many stat master programs that are suited for Ph.D. preparation.. One-year programs are not going to improve my profile dramatically, so I am looking for two-year programs. Chicago and Stanford would be best but I heard that there are many competitive applicants Would there be any other recommendations?
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  7. Hello everyone, I am currently an undergraduate student studying History at SUNY Oneonta. My current GPA at SUNY O is 3.93, and I am working for the department chair as a research assistantship (funded work). I have worked as a research assistant for another professor, and I will be working as a teaching assistant next semester. I am also learning Russian and French, and I will be studying abroad in Saint Petersburg. Unfortunately, my academic history is hardly great outside of SUNY Oneonta. I started college when I was 16 at SUNY Delhi. I did 100 level classes with a mix of A's and B's. I started the nursing program there, and the results were poor. I obtained largely C's (some A's and B's but they were online classes). It was an associate degree, and unfortunately in the last semester I obtained two D's, which did not allow me to graduate. I guess I couldn't get my mind to enjoy the nursing like I have the history. With that said I looking for answers and advice. How do schools (PhD in history programs) view my nursing school failures? Even though the GPA is good, does SUNY O, hardly a reknown school, not make it look like a great turn around? What schools would be within my reach? Any response is greatly appreciated!
  8. ealarcon

    Low uGPA, no GRE required

    Hello, Probably this questions has been asked before but i would like fresh opinions. UCSD has recently (as in Fall 18 is their first class) released an MS program that caught my attention very much as it would allow me to go into management positions in my career. I graduated Winter 2015 in Biochem/Chem and have been working full time in the biotech industry since Summer 2014. I graduated from UCSD with a 2.9 gpa and their cutoff is 3.0. The only thing is that i was a transfer student so all my quarters were loaded with upper division science courses, math and physics. If they were to use my community college coursework i would have more than a 3.0. Do they check that or they just go based on graduation GPA at a 4 year college? I have also taken extension courses at UCSD for a certificate program and i foolishly forgot to drop one course so i received an F in 2016. I'm thinking that F might kill my application if they even take a look at it. I did get 2 A+ in 2 other courses. Also this program does not require GRE but I believe if i take it and do well on it it might help my chances. It requires 3 yrs of working experience, and 3 req letters. The program accepts roughly 26 students a yr. I guess my question is, should i even attempt to apply. I don't want to ask for 3 recommendation letters, take the GRE, get all excited, and then not even be considered. Have people here with less than a 3.0 GPA been accepted to a competitive program? Do you think i should give it a shot?
  9. museum_geek

    Learning New Language in Grad Program

    Yeah, it's pretty common. I just spent the last 6 weeks taking courses in an indigenous language while doing preliminary fieldwork. In fact, my department encourages PhD students to use the summer in between 1st and 2nd year to learn a new language that will help with fieldwork.
  10. Chocolate31417

    Hampton University Grad School Life

    Hey hey hey, I was accepted into HU’s grad school for communicative sciences and disorders for fall 2018. Was wondering who else would be in the program or in Grad School here period. I have so many questions about the school and the life of a grad student. I completed undergrad at a HBCU but I’m sure undergrad and grad life is totally different. Any tips on finding roommates? What to expect from orientation?
  11. Yesterday
  12. 2 Year MSW

    Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Just wanted to say good luck to those who are still waiting to hear back - trust me i know how painful the waiting game is! This forum can sometimes cause more anxiety because you see the other amazing applicants you are competing with haha. However, everyone here offers such amazing support at the end of the day ❤️ I will be starting Windsor's mswwp program in the fall - if there is a fb group please let me know so I can make a fb account
  13. t_ruth

    Will I be able to become a school psychologist?

    Yes. Make a compelling case for why you want to apply and what you want to do with your degree. Many people switch fields for graduate school.
  14. I'm a rising senior and just decided I want to do an MPP program. I've heard that a lot of programs require/strongly prefer a few years of full-time policy-related work experience, but I was wondering if you guys could point me to programs that don't care so much about it? If anyone has gotten accepted to any programs without relevant work experience, I'd love to hear about it. I'm in the beginning stages of my search, so all I know for sure is that I really want to focus on social policy (more specifically, I'm very interested in poverty alleviation and family policy). I'd also prefer to go somewhere with as cold of weather as possible (especially in the summer - anything over 75 feels pretty miserable to me), but I definitely wouldn't let that keep me from going to an awesome school if it also happens to be somewhere with super hot weather. Anyway, I have a 4.0 GPA from a public state university in Child Development and Family Relations. I have pretty much all my major courses and gen eds done now, though, so I'm going to be tacking on an economics minor by the time I graduate. I'm also expecting to do well on my GRE (knock on wood) - I'm planning to study for it pretty extensively and I'm a decent test taker. I should be able to get at least a couple strong letters of recommendation as well. Anyway, as for experience: I did an Alternative Breaks trip one year that focused on the homeless population, and I'm planning on doing it again this year if I can. I also studied abroad a semester in China. For work experience, I've worked in my school's library, tutored Calculus through my schools Tutoring program, tutored/helped in the homework room in an afterschool program with younger kids, am currently a peer mentor for my school's TRIO center, did a couple months as an administrative assistant in the same department, and am going to do more admin-type stuff this year back in the tutoring department. I'm also planning on taking a gap year before starting a master's program and will be doing a yearlong internship where I'll basically be a live-in houseparent/foster parent (along with a couple other interns) for 4-5 abused/neglected kids at a time between the ages of 0 and 6. So I will have some semi-pertinent work experience when I apply to different places, but I won't have any official policy-related internships or jobs or anything. If anyone has any recommendations for which schools I might want to take a look at, I'd really appreciate it!
  15. jaijai

    University of DC - Fall 2018

    recently accepted looking for a roomate to live with !
  16. Hi everyone! Like many, I have been following this forum quite extensively and have gained some great insights from the community here - So thank you all! This is my first post here and I am in the process of determining which graduate program to apply to and if I stand a chance at either! Here goes - Schools Applying To: Berkeley - Masters in Global Studies or MDP Interests: Desire to enter into sustainability consulting upon graduating ideally within a management consulting firm. Later down the track I would like to focus more so on social/economic sustainability and empowerment of disadvantaged youth. Undergrad Institution: University of Sydney (Top 3 in Australia, 61st globally) Undergraduate GPA: 3.63 Years since Undergrad: 3 upon applying Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Commerce - Major, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management; Minor, Sociology GRE: TBC - Hoping for 160's Quantitative Courses: Intro to Microeconomics, Intro to Statistics and Intro to Accounting - Did not perform too well in these courses, however, they were all the way back in First Year 2012/3 Age: 25 Languages: English, French (Senior units in university, attended French high school) - Dual Australian/French Citizen Work Experience: 1 year living abroad in the U.S. in which I worked two HR specialist roles (4 months each). Within both roles I assisted in building programs centred on employment of disadvantaged youth and LGBTQi+ communities - 2016 1 year in Australia as an Account Manager at an expert sourcing firm to address research needs - My clients were consultants/partners at top tier management consultant firms. LORs: Confirmed - My former sustainability professor who really sparked my interest in the field (Also was in the top 3 students); Confirmed -Former professor who was my academic advisor during an internship/education placement at UCLA and who oversaw my research project on organizational strategies for a local government entity I was interning at in Santa Monica. Tentative - My former Sociology professor who instructed me in 1st/2nd years in which I received academic merit awards for her courses. SOPs: I have drafted up the framework for both. For the MDP I am honing in on my experience working with disadvantaged youth as well as how my own experience of disadvantage within a minority group is a driving force behind my desire to implement change. Global studies - Very similar focus, however more so on immigration policy (Asylum and LGBTQi+ experience). Concerns: The biggest concern I have is that I am not competitive for the MDP through my lack of extensive work/volunteer experience as well as quant skills. Global Studies, similar problem - lack of experience. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks again for being such an amazing community!
  17. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum! I have a question that I figured this forum might be able to help me with:) I graduated in 2016 with an honors degree (with thesis) in Sociology. I also completed 45 credits (15 full classes) in psychology, which included many courses that were necessary for an honors in psychology, along with upper-level classes. I graduated with a 4.07 out of 4.3 overall GPA, but my GPA in psychology courses was nearly perfect (4.28). I just completed my bachelor of education degree and ended with a 4.2 out of 4.3 GPA. I always had a strong interest in psychology (school psychology in particular), but after completing my education degree my passion has only grown. I have a few learning disabilities (dyslexia and dysgraphia), so I have personal experience dealing with the kind of issues that school psychologists work with. I have quite extensive research experience during my undergraduate years, and I have spent time volunteering at schools in the area. My question is: If I apply to school psychology programs, will I have a shot of getting in, despite the fact that my undergraduate degree is in sociology? If anyone has any insight, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much :)
  18. Hi everyone. I will be applying to grad programs in the next cycle. I would like to stay in the south, preferably Texas or Louisiana. The schools I am looking at are UL Lafayette, University of Houston, TCU, Baylor, UNT, and UTD. Does anyone have any feedback on these schools (positive or negative)? ALSO, what about funding at any of these schools? I have a 3.95 GPA, research experience, am very involved in undergrad and expect to make a relatively high score on the GRE (for whatever reason, I excel at standardized tests-- got a 35 on the ACT in hs), if that will have any impact. TIA!
  19. road_bagels

    committee on social thought, u. chicago

    Am I a masochist for tantalizing my day dreams with this academic pursuit, or is it an act of courage? I wish to apply, I wish to molded into something truly creative, I wish to go to war, for better or for worse, with the worldviews that make up the motor of life as we know it. I recognize some bravery, but its hard to appreciate when bravery is so obviously embraced by so many- with rigor and talent and grace- that I am doubtful of the process and the fate. As the second leg of my academic history is catching up to its end, will my lucky accolades take me further than the frontier where these day dreams lie? It seems unlikely, but only time will tell. 🎠 🎦 🔔 Admissions 2021
  20. dineshpabbi10

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    I want to apply in University of Victoria for Masters in CS . Please evaluate my profile for checking my chance of getting admit. Here is my profile: 10th : 10 cgpa 12th : 91% Btech : 9.2 cgpa ( 4rth year going to start) Gre : 326 Ielts : 7.5 Internships : 4( marketing , web development and research internship , alumni ambassador) 1 research paper currently getting a training in data science and machine learning and will be making 6 projects and will be writing another research paper after that.
  21. Muredo80

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Hi All, I also put in for DAAD In-Country/In-Region in East Africa particularly working under ICRAF, My status is selection made for a while Heart is beating fast and Adrenaline is flowing .I can't wait...
  22. LilacSLP

    Clinic dress code

    I also strongly recommend thrift stores for anyone on a budget. If you can spend a little more, you can find quality clothes at outlet stores. I also bought a lot of clothes from "mom" type stores like L.l. bean and Land's End that have held up wonderfully to crawling on floors and frequent washing. I'll be able to wear those clothes (that I bought over a year ago) when I start my CF in the fall. When I first started clinic, I bought a lot of stuff from H&M and Target because it was cheap. Most of it only lasted a semester and I would have been better off buying one or two outfits of better quality. As for style, I've found slacks with a nice sweater or T-shirt and blazer to be the best combination of professional and comfortable.
  23. t_ruth

    Pathway to Grad School

    You can certainly get into top programs from a less-than-top undergrad (and I wouldn't consider a CSU terrible at all!). I went to a lower-ranked undergrad and got into a number of fairly competitive PhD programs and was one of the few to get a faculty position after graduating with my PhD. However, I echo the feedback above that you might want to evaluate the type of degree you want.
  24. Nit Kul

    Wrong Dept. Code

    While sending scores, I have entered department code as 1204 (Electronics Engg.) instead of 1203 (Electrical Engg.) as most MS programs in ECE recommend. What should I do?
  25. momoftwo

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  26. Felice

    senior year first semester gpa

    All of my schools asked for unofficial transcripts (except for the 2 that used CSDCAS) and they all asked or expected fall grades to be included. What I did was I started all of my applications months before the deadline and submitted them closer to the deadline once my unofficial transcript had my fall grades.
  27. Chocolate31417

    Low GRE Score and I want to apply to Grad school

    Have you heard anything back from anyone yet? I had similar stats and was accepted to Hampton.
  28. Hello Guys, Planning to apply for PhD program in South Asian History, but still confused which Universities have the best Programs and faculty for the field. Opinions and Suggestions are welcome.
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