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  2. Are we counting preliminary Zoom chats here? EDIT: Feels too soon to make an official post, but I literally just heard from a prof at one of my "safety" schools about setting up a Zoom meet (not the official one I think)! I guess I should amend my earlier statement about PI's likely not issuing invites yet. I think it's fair game for some POI's to reach out for an early feel.
  3. Hi there, I applied to Windsors working professional program with just a couple of decimals off and was told I was not accepted because I did not meet the grade requirement. When I had talked to admission prior to the decision she was very stern about making the grade but I still applied. That is my experience. Not to deter you from applying because hey you just never know.
  4. Random question, how heavily do you think schools way GPA's in the decision process? When I applied through SOPHAS I did not realize I had to include some transcripts from when I was in high school taking college classes. I have two undergraduate degrees one is a 3.2 overall and my second one which is more recent I have a 3.68. Plus my MPH GPA is a 3.95. When I was reviewing my verification my overall from all of my degrees combined was a 3.3 ad I am worried this will hurt my chances.
  5. Just a quick one from me, has anyone proceeded to the panel interview for P2- Budget and Programming office after language test? I did the language test end of October but the status changed sometime around 11 Nov but still reads, partaking the interview'..I haven't heard a thing since then
  6. And now the panic begins!! lol 🤣
  7. I feel good about my one app. My final letter of rec was sent in last night, so I of course had lots of dreams about interviewing and the process. Glad that it's done with, but definitely trying to gather at much info as possible about the potential interview and directing a scene portion of DePaul's application process since directing actors I don't know on Zoom seems... Challenging!
  8. I know it's not related to Bating but just heard from FRQS (email) that my application is now "under review"!
  9. Today
  10. There are lot of things that concern me here. 1. Why are you posting and not your husband? This is the first time I have ever knowing seen posting by proxy. It is a bit strange. 2. Why does he want a dual degree? I have seen 4 different cases of JD/MPP (McCourt)? a. Seeking to focus soon a part of law that is extensively social policy oriented (working with abused children is an example). b. Trying to have 4 years of school in order to avoid going to the job market (I'm serious) c. Passion in policy but realizing the paycheck will come from law d. Trying to get s
  11. Is anyone here applying with a BA from a small college (SLAC, not R1/R2, etc)? I did, and I'm worried this sort of thing will be used (unfairly) as an easy excuse to weed out applicants, especially this year.
  12. Yepppp. I've spent the last 3 years making up for my crap BA experience (low GPA, very little research... I had a kid, was lazy, etc.) Got a master's (2 years), then took and passed the EPPP (for licensure in my state - 1 year). So, I'm gonna give it a go. If nothing happens, I will do more research, and try at least 1 more time. I picked the worst year to try on, though. Given the app increase
  13. I am writing this on behalf of my spouse who is an underrepresented minority (URM) Latino looking to apply to graduate schools. We are currently living in Washington DC, so he is apply for a 4 year dual degree program from Georgetown MPP & GULC JD. Can y'all give us some advice or suggestions to boost his chances for grad schools and some insight in their MPP programs. In law school admissions, URMs get a huge boost in their admission chances and higher scholarships. Does the same hold true for MPP programs? He has not taken the GRE and will apply with his LSAT score. In law school ad
  14. Hey there! I'm a second time applicant. I'm assuming that your statement of intent has a word/page limit therefore it's important to be really selective about the experiences you're elaborating on. Your statement is your chance to tell them why they should pick you. Why you stand out and what you can bring to the cohort that you're peers might not be able to. You really have to sell yourself. And so take pride in your accomplishments, the lessons you learned, and exude that confidence. Passion gets you far because it'll answer the so-what. Your grades and resume are just facts about you -
  15. Just wanted to introduce myself! It’ll be nice to have a place to commiserate over the next few months. I’m applying to Michener, UT-A NWP, UVA, Iowa WW, Purdue, Indiana, Hollins, Vanderbilt, Michigan, and U of Florida. But prob ditching Purdue for another school that doesn’t require a critical writing sample. I’m 14 yrs out of undergrad, so I would have to produce something in the next 3 weeks.
  16. That's a great idea! Some people probably won't want to share their PI, so this is a great alternative for those who want to be forthcoming with that info!
  17. Yeah, I'm starting to worry about that. I consider myself a fairly competitive applicant, but admissions is also a complete crapshoot. Ugh.
  18. Can we add in the template POI available upon pm (or something like this): yes/no Every year these things are clogged by (well-meaning and anxious) users spamming the threads with "omg can you tell me/pm me your POI". If we can add in that prompt, people who wish to be contacted and share their POI can say so and receive private messages accordingly. Just a suggestion!
  19. I think he knew, he just took forever to respond. He's basically just not taking students anymore. And I'm hoping the funding situation will rebound a bit by next fall so hopefully you'll have a ton of people to apply to!
  20. I could've kept going, but it was becoming a stretch. Also my "stats" are "ehhhhhhh" compared to "super competitive" applicants. So, I took it easy this year and literally only applied to 6 I WANT to go to and 1 I can tolerate lol. Basically, I'm testing the waters this time. If I get interviews or acceptances, I will thank the powers that be. But, I don't expect it. Not that I'm harsh on myself, but I know comparatively, I might suck on paper. Maybe by the time you are applying, they will have gotten their crap under control and won't be so jarred by the state of the world. PS. oth
  21. Yikes, he's only now figuring this out? Is he trying to say "nevermind" or just that this is his last year taking a student? I've been starting to think of next year a bit too. I think there's a possibility it might have to be my final year trying...I'm planning on going all out and applying to as many as possible. I'm a bit nervous about how COVID will impact next year too. 😕
  22. Ah, I'm nervous for this. My list (for next year) has 20 schools on it right now for PI's that I have a similar interest in, but I'm afraid it'll be cut in half due to funding and stuff like that. Ahhhhh!
  23. I'm so sorry. Don't let that be your impression of the application cycle though. I know you guys will get invites.
  24. I applied to very little schools (7), because of things like this. There was a professor at (Utah state, I THINK?) who I was really interested in... retiring. One at another school, I aligned with perfect.... not accepting students. My list went from 12 to 7 quickly due to things like this. Don't be discouraged yet! It's not your fault the person was suuuuuper slow in responding.
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