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  3. Sam25

    Genetic Counseling Fall 2019 Applicants

    University of Wisconsin, Indiana University, Northwestern, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Ohio state University, Maybe UT Houston or Case Western
  4. WishyWashyMS

    Stats MS: Apply Now or Wait?

    Thanks for your advice! Taking the Math GRE seems like really the only thing more I could do at this point, and while I'm not averse to preparing for it next year, I don't really know how much more it would help me, considering that it probably won't be easy preparation. But thanks for all your help!
  5. Hey, so as the title states I need a lot of help with my SOP. Im applying to a masters program in social work and I plan to specialize in disabilities. If you could please give criticism on it I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. aheather

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    Hey y'all, The GradCafe thread for my application year was incredibly helpful to me when I applied to Fulbright. Just on this thread briefly to offer myself as a resource to any potential Malaysia ETA applicants. I had an amazing, marvelous, wonderful time in Malaysia and I would be happy to talk about the program there to anyone curious. If you're not curious because you don't care about Malaysia, first: shame on you. Second: it's probably the best commission for ETAs out there, the level of support is unparalleled. They gave us a house AND a car AND a Fulbrighter as a roommate AND a former ETA as an RA-like figure to help us out! A CAR! Totally recommend checking it out, if you're looking for a place to ETA. ❤️ good luck to everyone!
  7. aheather

    Rhodes Post-Fulbright?

    Hey all, Haven't posted here in ages. This time two years ago, I was panicking about Fulbrights. Now I've finished up my grant (awww yissss), and I'm looking forward. Next year is the last year I'll be eligible to apply to the Rhodes, and I'm thinking of going for it. My university will support me, though they haven't had a Rhodes Scholar in forty years, so they don't have much information to give me. Basically, I'm wondering if my time as a Fulbright ETA will look to the selection committee like I'm unfocused. ETA grants are not as prestigious as research grants, which is fine because I applied for a lot of reasons outside of prestige, but I don't want to look like I'm fellowship-hopping to avoid real life. It seems like the Rhodes is mostly aimed at the crowd immediately coming out of college, and I'll be two years out (and literally three days younger than their age maximum), so I don't know if many people have bounced from Fulbright to Rhodes. How do I do that thing? Help, I have zero regrets about living in SE Asia, but I'm scared that it limited my options.
  8. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I just skyped with one of my recommenders about this. He mentioned that the writing sample is more to get a sense of your writing capabilites and how you structure your arguments. Best would be if you had a piece of academic writing in the field youre applying to, but it shouldn't stop you from sending any writing that you think was interesting to you and showcases your abilities well
  9. I remember reading somewhere that the general buffer is 10%. But some schools require you to type in the application itself, in which case there's no wiggle room
  10. loffire

    CV vs resume

    You know nothin jon snow
  11. Meaou

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    They're half-private, you're sharing with one more person and you're separated by thick curtains/wall. Also, studios with nice lighting seem to be for photographers and painters (maybe sculptors too?), transmedia people were in larger and somewhat newer studios, but the lighting was not great.
  12. yash13177

    List Publications - Application Question

    @loffire Whoops sorry to double ask! I'm going to email some schools' admissions and see what they say. I will update! But would appreciate others to provide their opinions/answers!
  13. Hi, I have similar issues too. I have plenty of stuff I wanna put in because I think they are all necessary. But I would rather try to stick to that limit. I guess one or two lines off would be okay, but if its almost a paragraph extra, unless the SoP is very moving, I'm afraid it would bore the adcomm.
  14. Adelaide9216

    Anyone else already submit their applications?

    I am only missing a LOR to my application for PhD. But I am done with all the other documents. I'm also an early-bird!
  15. Adelaide9216

    The Positivity Thread

    I coded two interviews today. I am almost done with the Methods section of my thesis.
  16. BackNSchool83

    Fall 2019 Applications

    For anyone applying to the UCs and CSUs please join our Facebook group called UC and CSU MSW Applicant Resource and Support Group in addition to posting here. There are a little over 200 of us on there, some are applying now and getting advice and helping each other, some are currently in MSW programs, and some are graduated. I'm a first year at UCLA right now, so any questions please ask, good luck to all of you, knock out a good SOP that shows your writing skills, clean up and polish that resume to reflect your social work experience, and get some good recommenders with some credibility, ideally social workers or people in professional capacity who supervised you besides professors.
  17. So please join our facebook group called UC and CSU MSW Applicant Resource and Support Group in addition to posting here, there a little over 200 of us and some have already gotten into programs and some are applying now, we help each other out. I applied to UCLA, CSULB, and CSUF last year, got in all 3 and chose to go to UCLA where I am now as a first year MSW. CSUs and UCLA will only care about the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units in terms of your GPA, so that may help boost your odds, but it's not all about GPA obviously. You have a great background for these programs, and I'm sure you will get in at least one if you do your part and write up good SOPs, make your resume good and slick, and choose good recommenders. You can have a great background but if you turn in a poorly written SOP it's going to hurt you, I mean most of grad school is writing long papers, thinking critically about research articles, and then a ton of field work. I'm sure you will do great, you sound like a motivated future MSW student to me, please consider joining our facebook group and that goes for anyone interested in the UCs or CSUs.
  18. So I'm at UCLA, I can share a bit about it if you like, but I'm a first year so I have not taken the advanced courses yet, I'm in the general CSWE curriculum right now. 1) Yes, but it's up to you and how you use your time. This is a quarter based program, it is a lot of work and most of us can only manage to read so much, and at least in my case I tend to focus where I need to focus to pass classes, and not as much where I'd like to focus. It is probably like this in any program though, it's just a lot of work and time management. They do a good job of connecting the classes to your placement experiences and basically tie in direct practice into all the other classes like policy focused classes, theory focused, and others. Supervision is done at my placement and it's fine, I have a liaison at UCLA who also works with me and about 8 other students and we meet as a group every 3 weeks or so. I like my direct practice class, almost all the professors are PhD LCSWs, all are at least LCSWs, and have a good amount of private practice or agency direct practice under their belts. I think it's good training and a good program with a good amount of clinical emphasis and good placement options. 2) Field education is there if I need them, and I just have not had a lot of contact with them beyond required training modules and my field seminars. At first I saw my liaison weekly, then every few weeks and it just varies how often we meet depending on other events going on. My field faculty's office is always open, other faculty are also welcoming to students to talk with them, I feel very supported. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes they schedule events at times that I don't really prefer, but that's because I'm a commuter. 3) My learning for sure is more like national scope, in terms of applicability, but obviously placements are in the greater Los Angeles region including Orange and Ventura Counties. Primarily UCLA is a Los Angeles County focused school, and there is no online option so it's full time only, in person classes and field practicum throughout. If I was going to take this degree and go to another state, I'd need to learn that state's laws and whatnot, but the actual skills would be the same. Primarily I you will learn California based social work profession policies and laws, in addition to federal or national laws that everyone learns, and that's just common sense because we are in California. I'm planning to get licensed in California, and most everyone in our cohort who is getting licensed, is planning to work here as far as I know, but I do know of people who relocate and they seem to do fine. I'm interested in mental health and direct practice, I'd say about half the cohort is as well, and half the cohort is more social justice, policy focused. The MSW can be taken concurrently with some other masters programs like JD Law, MPub Policy, M Pub Health, so we get some students who are cross trained in those fields who bring that into the cohort and conversation. The school used to be known for it's "clinical" or direct practice focus, but is moving more toward a strong direct practice program, but also a strong policy, social justice curriculum for those who wish to focus there as well. As far as classes go in the 2nd year, there are a big variety, and they are considered advanced practice classes focused on your concentration. There are also more specific classes like child psychotherapy, CBT, DSM 5 and psychopathology, substance use disorders which is expanding to a certificate program, and classes for things like family therapy, and others that are probably exactly what you are talking about. I have not seen any specific psychodynamic based classes in terms of their titles, but all the LCSWs who teach direct practice classes have backgrounds in psychodynamic studies as well as the other theoretical approaches so you end up being exposed to that informally. I think it can be hard to tell which schools have programs with the most focus on how to do good direct practice and psychotherapy. I think at the end of the day, we truly do need to understand the other aspects of social work well to do the best job possible in direct practice, we bring something unique to the table that MFTs and LPCs and Psych's don't. The school is actually smaller than it might seem, we have 80 people in our cohort, and maybe 20-30 faculty. We are part of the larger Luskin School of Public Affairs which has the department of Social Welfare, and also Urban Planning and Public Policy departments. The MSW we earn is CSWE accredited, so in a legal sense it is like any other MSW earned, however the actual title of the degree is Master of Social Welfare. Again, it means the same thing. I know cost wise it's pretty pricey for out of state, but still cheaper than USC, and it's the best ranked MSW program in Southern California, and UCLA overall has just been ranked above Berkeley. Now that's overall undergraduate ranking lol, I do think the MSW program at Berkeley is probably a bit bigger since it's the flagship campus for the UCs. I know it's ranked higher as well, but I don't know how well they prepare you for direct practice versus more policy based SW, but I'd wager they are also strong in both sides of the field, and it would be a good choice. Check out our website and look at the faculty, the curriculum, and the application process and see what you think https://luskin.ucla.edu/social-welfare/. I also have a facebook group I admin that is for all UC and CSU MSW applicants called "UC and CSU MSW Applicant Resource and Support Group" and there are a little over 200 of us communicating about the application process going on there as well, and that includes UCLA and Berkeley. I wouldn't change my decision to go to UCLA. Any questions about UCLA specifically let me know.
  19. theduckster

    Stats MS: Apply Now or Wait?

    If you are able to work in a statistics related field, then by all means do that. Working in relevant industry positions is a good way to improve your profile since MS programs look favorably on those with such experience (plus your ultimate goal seems to be industry anyways, so the work experience obviously aids that by fattening your resume). I'm not sure if taking additional classes will help you that much at this point. Taking the Math GRE will probably help some if you get above a 70th percentile, but you should weigh the opportunity costs of doing so against the return. If you ultimately choose to take a gap year or two for the sole purpose of boosting your MS profile, then I would prioritize the Math GRE over additional classes.
  20. Ali_Irene13

    What is your plan B?

    This is my first year applying but I applied to one program that started in the spring. Sadly, I was put on the waiting list but they did not end up taking anyone from the waiting list, so my plan B is looking for other programs that start in the fall. This means I will have almost a year off school and I don't know if I should take some classes to boost my GPA, work, or travel for work ( like a nanny or teaching English in a different country). I have a lot of hours of experience observing, shadowing and interning with SLPs in different settings. Any jobs that you know of related to the field that you can do with just a Bachelors Degree?
  21. slp2be811

    CSDCAS deadlines

    From my experience, I have been told to aim to submit your applications a month before the due date...I am doing that for all of mine just to be safe! The applications are then reviewed on a first come first serve basis. For example, I submitted my first application the second week of October and I received an e-mail from CSDCAS saying that it was verified within a week. However, the second application I submitted took around 3 weeks to verify. It all depends on how many applications they are receiving for review at the time, so I would shoot for a month in advance just to be safe! Hope this helps and good luck
  22. SLPwannabe!

    What is your plan B?

    This will be my third year applying! My first two years I only applied to one school but this year I'm applying to multiple. I'm really focused and determined to get into a program so I just keep trying every year and opening up my options!
  23. If you do not get accepted in an SLP program, are you planning to apply to a different program? Will you reapply next year?
  24. AnUglyBoringNerd

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    As have been explained before, they are not nearly as important as SOP and WS. Plus, there is not any way you can change your GPA. Focus on SOP and WS.
  25. willennium

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    How were the grad studios at UT Austin? I’m not able to find much about it on their site. Do grads get private studios?
  26. from my understanding, orange apps need to be submitted 'several weeks' before the deadline to make sure they're received. does anyone know how many weeks in advance? CSDCAS already received my transcripts and LORs. I just need to submit my app. but for green apps, it says that i need to make sure that the app is received AND verified by the deadline. doesn't that mean i have to submit it double-early? like i submit it, wait a few weeks to tell me that it's received, and then it takes them another month or so to verify it?
  27. Yesterday
  28. Link to SOP I realize this is a bit of a niche field, so I am not expecting anyone familiar with it to be able to review it. Still I would greatly appreciate it if anyone were willing to take a look and give some feedback. Feel free to rip it apart if need be. Thanks in advance!
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