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  2. 1. For statistics/biostatistics, you'll absolutely need to do well in a linear algebra class and preferably take a real analysis class. You should prioritize these classes over others. A probability class would be nice too. This is all you need and you'll be well-prepared. I'm not super familiar with applied math, but DiffEq would be more important there. 2. Generally (with many exceptions), biostatistics programs are a little more lenient with math requirements because their focus is on methodological and applied problems, rather than more theoretical stuff. Based on your post, I'm guessing you're more interested in solving applied problems in biology using math and statistics, so biostatistics would probably be a good fit. There is still PLENTY of math, but you won't be doing tons of theoretical proofs. Statistics and biostatistics PhDs are both great for jobs and are virtually interchangeable. Again, I'm not super familiar with applied math, but I don't think the job market is quite as good (because there are so many data science jobs now that like statistics PhDs). 3. A ton depends on your grades in linear algebra, real analysis, and if you can get a very high score on your GRE Q (167+ is ideal). The top programs (UW, Hopkins, Harvard) are probably out of reach since they can fill their spots with people with good grades from elite schools and research experience (which you should get if possible), and other Ivy League schools (Penn, Yale, Columbia, Brown) are pretty competitive, but there are many other good biostatistics schools to look at. I'd probably start by looking at schools from Emory down to UC Denver on the US News rankings, but you should post your profile here again after taking more classes and the GRE and people will be able to give you a more accurate estimate.
  3. Not sure if anyone is waiting to hear form Waterloo, but this their response: "Thank you for applying to the MPH program at the School of Public Health and Health Systems. You could hear a decision from the department on your application as early as next week or as late as the end of April. "
  4. Nope, but im from Seattle, its a great place congrats!
  5. I did get the email, thank you! I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Hi Everyone! I hope y’all doing great amidst what’s going on the world right now —COVID 19. I have a couple queries that I need help unpacking their answers so that I can be able to make sound decisions when grad school applications come around. A little background about me: I am a junior international student majoring in math at an average school academically (the school is mostly famous for its military focus, for the most part and it’s top 75 engineering undergrad program). Prior to that, I went to a LAC in my freshman year, where the focus was on the Great Books Curriculum (Philosophical kind of studies) without any Math classes except Euclidean Geometry. Upon transferring schools in my sophomore year, it’s when I started taking Math classes. Since I had no prior experience with math, I began with lower math classes. So far the only math classes I have taken: Pre Calc (A), Calc I (A), Calc II (A), Calc III (A), Discrete Math (A), Math Computation and Modeling (C), Statistical Methodology (A), University Physics (A) and Abstract Theory/ Algebraic Structures (A) I plan on taking classes like Linear Algebra, Vector Analysis, Differential Equations, Theory of Computation etc in the fall. I understand I have a lot to catch up, but my interests are more on Mathematical Biology when it comes to PhD programs. I have a CGPA of 3.80 and some summer research experiences on mathematical biology. However, I’m highly debating which PhD program I should apply for. I am currently focusing on a PhD in Statistics and a PhD in Biostatistics and on a small chance PhD in Applied Math. 1) Yet, I feel like I do not have enough upper level math classes to qualify me for any of the PhD programs above i.e Biostatistics / Statistics / Applied Math... (someone please correct me if I’m wrong cause I am sometimes my own destruction). But I really love working with numbers and I want to pursue a PhD in such field. 2) I am also skeptical about whether I should focus on applying for a PhD in Statistics and PhD in Biostatistics considering the math courses I have taken so far (the likelihood of getting accepted to good programs is on which of the two? ) and also between the two which program has a HIGHER chance of getting a job in the Industry. 3) Any suggestions of the list of schools I should consider based on my background and experience for either a PhD in Statistics or a PhD in Biostatistics ?
  7. I'm in a similar situation. I need to make a decision on, in my case, an MA program amongst a few offers I have--I've corresponded with all of them and they're all friendly. The funding varies, but a few are distinctly amongst my top choices. I'm really wishing there was an easy metric to consult to decide--I suppose this weekend will be spent compiling information and pro/con charts.
  8. A program offered me an extension on the deadline if I felt I needed more time, but that was the only one. The others have the deadline written in the acceptance letter and they seem to be sticking with it.
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  10. I don't think it will matter, in particular as it is school-wide and will be easy to verify. If needed, you could most likely ask your current profs to calculate a grade for you.
  11. Well, chances are if you do move away for grad school you'll be in a program full of students who are also from away. Your department may have some social events along the way and the school itself most likely has support services on campus. Truth is, wherever you go you are very likely to isolate yourself from friends and family as you go deeper into studies and research. It's also a bit awkward to seek support from friends and family who do not know what you [will be] going through. The thing with staying local is familiarity. If you want to get out of your hometown, grad school is as good of a time as any to do so.
  12. Hi, do you have an opinion about which one is better? I'm a bit nervous about jumping into clinical work right away, but I feel like it would be good to have as much experience as possible.
  13. GRE: 166 (Verbal), 168 (Math) GPA: 3.92 (UofT Engsci undergrad), 4.00 (Harvard CSE master) Quant GRE: NONE Research: Monte Carlo, Markov Chain theory Publication: NONE Courses: Took graduate probability and inference at master; not much advanced math classes Recommendation: strong letters, profs know me well. Admit: harvard, berkeley, duke Rejection: University of Florida, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Columbia University in the City of New York, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania etc. Decision: I will remain at Harvard even though Berkeley seems to be a better place to go with more "big names". This choice is personal because I know Harvard better and it suits me well so far. Advice: I think it is more important for one to focus on thinking and problem solving than worrying too much about the institution they will be affiliated to. Contact: you can contact me with yufan_li@g.harvard.edu if you have any questions about application or would like to collaborate on a research project/problem. This forum has been helpful. Thanks!
  14. Hello! I'm still debating between UW-Milwaukee and Northwestern (which I've made a post or two about, already- sorry). My main concerns with Northwestern are with their larger cohort size and, of course, finances. I'm interested in getting my CCC's, practicing for a few years, and then completing a clinical doctorate program. Northwestern is a program I'm specifically interested in, and it seems like they accept a lot of their master's alumni into the SLPD program. I know that where you get your master's isn't a huge deal, and that if I still do well in my master's and stay engaged, I could still get into an SLPD cohort. I loved Northwestern when I toured there for undergrad, and some of the electives/clinical experiences seem really interesting to me. This decision is so agonizing! My question is, if Northwestern's program is really something I'm interested in, is it worth it to get my master's there, too?
  15. I find it odd they would send you an email without telling you why they had to rescind on decisions. Did you at least contact this school? Perhaps not what you want to hear, but if you were admitted to 5 programs you stand a decent chance of doing so again next cycle.
  16. Not exactly partying with or befriending.... but I've had a few professors who hung out with myself and others in a lab/building associated with a particular department. If we walk past the office of so-and-so and the door is open, we just might walk in and shoot the breeze for a minute. But, this is marine biology so pretty relaxed. When this department hosts speakers it is customary to invite the speaker out to dinner afterwards off campus and any student associated with this department who was over the age of 21 was allowed to tag along, if they knew it was an option. The age requirement was because dinner also meant drinking. As far as giving insider information to a select few, it happens across the board both inside and outside of academia. Just how the World is. If you were one to receive such information, would you think differently about it? ***not sure what is up with the strike-out?
  17. Hi! I would say cost is a good way to initially narrow it down-- calculate the full program cost for each of the schools you're still considering and if there's any that are super astronomical, throw them out. Here are some other things to consider: Cost (including rent, moving costs, etc) Location Clinical education model (is there a campus clinic? etc) Clinical placements (how many placements do you do, and where?) Externships available (how many externships do you do? what sort of facilities do they offer externships in?) Assistance finding CFY / jobs (what sorts of connections do they have? how well-reputed are the program?) Opportunities for specialization (is there a bilingual certificate or anything that you're interested in? are there any elective options?) Ability to start clinical work immediately (do you start right away in a clinic or do you not start until 2nd semester?) Distribution of courses vs clinical hours (is it like, mostly courses 1st year and mostly clinic 2nd year, or is it more distributed evenly?) Praxis pass rates On-time graduation rate Post-graduation employment rates Perceived organization of the program (do they seem organized/disorganized?) Research opportunities (if you're into that) Cohort size Opportunities for TA/RA positions, hourly jobs, etc You probably don't want to go through that whole list for each program, but cost is a good way to narrow it down initially!
  18. Just curious, I am thinking of the same thing as well. Did you already apply to a CDA program?
  19. They sent you an email to set up a friend account to login to wolverine access where you can accept their offer.
  20. Hi I also applied as a domestic candidate, course based
  21. Hi! I actually asked the same question not too long ago. I was accepted into McGill’s MSW program for Fall 2020! I feel like I’ve only heard about the program here and there because it’s also out of the province but it seems like a really great program. I had a professor who went there for their MSW and said it was a good school and program. Feel free to ask me any other questions I’d love to talk more!
  22. Does umich give scholarship to international students when they are admitted?
  23. does anyone know where to get our UMID to login and see/accept decision?
  24. He Madison, I am applying too. But, entrepreneurship. Are you applying for PhD?
  25. fl1989

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    just made an accnt to add a data point. I applied under bioengineering to the ARO. Up until today my last application update was 02/28. However, I checked my account this morning and now it says the last update was on 04/03. Hopefully we find out soon.
  26. I am curious if anyone has been accepted to CSU Fresno SLP MA program yet? They seem to take forever? And if anyone had attended how did you like the program?
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