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  3. Hi to those who completed the language test. I chose French and was wondering how difficult it is. Do they ask such issues and political affairs? Or is it more like general chit-chat with friends level?
  4. Hi, I got invited for the language test for the Partnerships Officer. I completed the pre-interview about 3 weeks ago.
  5. Hi! Thanks Sorry for late reply, hope it will be helpfull DAAD informed me initially that I have to reschedule internship dates and then I e-mailed them to the mail they provided in portal
  6. Sorry for late answer I will be taking an internship from November to December
  7. Coauthor problems 🙄 OK, so the coauthor is my dad and I'm not sure he treats me like he would treat his other coauthors, but if he does he's kind of a workaholic and not particularly considerate. My dad and I are working on a project together, but he pretty much took it over and just wrote it all himself and had me do cites. Don't get me wrong, we talked about what should be in the paper, but he seemed to have his own ideas and he always writes all of his papers. Which is fine, it was an invited paper for him, and he added me on to give the perspective of an early-career researcher. So I gave my perspective, but idk if it was what he wanted. Then we get reviews, and he wants to meet to discuss them, but HE keeps putting it off and putting it off because he has other papers due. Then he rushes me to respond to my part of the reviews but then doesn't do his until the day before its due. Which leads us to this weekend. So I drive/ride in a car 18 hours in a single day to be with family for independence day. We arrive at 1:30 am July 4th, and I am greeted by my dad telling me that we got editor comments and he answered them all, but he wanted me to read over his responses and get it to him by the end of the day July 4th, because it is due July 6th and he doesn't work on Sunday. Yeah, dad, sure, right after I drove 18 hours, I want to spend my first day home responding to reviewer comments... the only weekend day that we would all be together, mind you, and a holiday. Nope. Anyways, I read over what he wrote, but I didn't have a lot to say, because I was exhausted and any time spent not sleeping I was spending with family except for a couple hour break in which I needed more sleep but had to get this done. So I told him that I would read over it again on Monday and discuss it then, because I couldn't process what he was saying very well and wanted to give it proper thought. So tonight he was like "You aren't a good coauthor " and I'm thinking the same thing about him. He's a great dad, but we established in high-school that we don't work well together. And I don't know what he wants in a coauthor, but it isn't me. I work wonderfully with my other coauthors. I think he just has a romanticized view of how working with me should be since we are great friends, but it isn't actually that way... We are in a similar field, but I chose a different area of research partially because it wasn't his area. I get working hard and all, but there should also be boundaries. So yeah... I just had to put this down because I don't feel like I'm in the wrong here. I love my dad and he is an amazing person, but he is very particular and has a few blindspots. He definitely thinks I'm smarter than I am and know what he's thinking even if he hasn't expressed it to me yet... anyways, thats all. Not a very intense rant. I'm not mad or anything, just a little exasperated.
  8. To my knowledge, most schools haven't required the psych GRE or have made it optional for awhile now. With GRE being optional then psych GRE would also become optional, so I'm assuming its importance may decrease even more. Are you applying to schools that require it? If you were a psych major then you should be ok for psych course requirements cause I think most psych majors across Canada/US have standardized curriculums. You would defs want to check your province's psychologist licensure requirements as I know Ontario at least requires 1 undergrad/grad course in each of biological bases of behavior, cognitive, and a few more areas. These are your 3rd/4th year level Cognitive Psych, Abnormal Psych, etc. courses.
  9. Thank you so much!! I heard from people in Korea that Canadian schools were very competitive in terms of the GRE (avg. 165 V!!) so I was freaking out about that a bit because I thought I was on the lower side.. T_T
  10. I was interested in the program and I was wondering whether anyone could shed some light on the cost of tuition for the program? On the website it shows around 10k for 2019-2020 but since the whole program is 16 months I was wondering whether the 10k was only for 8-12months and the whole program would actually be 15-20k? Thank you!
  11. Exactly. I'm really concerned about this because the closest "open" GRE center by me is 5 hours away and I can't do the take home test due to internet inconsistencies. I just think school's shouldn't consider even looking at GRE's this cycle at all due to the current ongoing pandemic affecting the whole nation differently. GRE testing being "optional" is also so annoying because of the bias that exists between an applicant that has submitted their scores vs. the applicant that didn't...
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hi! I'll be applying to a few - I have an MPP from Munk + did my undergrad at McGill. Mainly hoping for McGill's MScPH or UofT MPH (epi and health promotion). I'm leaning towards McGill because I feel they have a pretty strong repertoire of substantive, practice-based courses (On program planning, leadership, surveillance, impact evaluation, etc.) and also economics-based and ethics/policy/sociology courses. I know it's quite quantitatively heavy (first year is the same as their epi program lol) but I have a few friends who have gone through it + landed health promotion / policy analyst jobs with PHAC. I feel doing Toronto's health promotion could limit your prospects in epi-focused positions, but the MScPH doesn't really limit your health promotion prospects? Anyways - Hoping I can get in this round lol. Applied before with a 3.76 and got Into UT health promo but McGill rejection.
  14. That's one concern I have re: schools waiving but still accepting GRE scores. I do think until schools are completely blind to GRE scores it's in applicant's best interest to submit scores. However, I don't think that is realistically something that will happen this cycle.
  15. Any updates on this? I applied at the deadline and have not heard anything yet.
  16. Congratulations on your interview. Do you mind tell me where can I find the info for DOE application? I found one scholarship Bilingual Therapies and I am wondering if is the same. Thanks
  17. Absolutely agree. Departments are not obliged to learn the legal framework of your status. Always, ALWAYS verify their information with HR, Lega, ISO. In my institution, ISO was not very good (they catered for the rich international undergrads rather than the poor international grad students). As a result, my program and my school were better allies in helping me figuring things out. What I did was CC'ing them in every conversation about my status, taxes, etc. Even leading to my graduation there were some hiccups that they helped me resolved with their advocacy and because I had kept them in the loop for seven years.
  18. Not commenting w/r/t the specific situation with your visa, but I wouldn't attack @PokePsych for trying to be helpful and saying something that is very true. Moreover, not only are departments usually clueless about visa policies, but HR, legal and even the ISO can make mistakes and give bad advice. From the State Department's perspective, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your visa status, so if you have problems because of some bad advice you followed - from your school, your lawyer, who cares - you are screwed. So just as a general piece of advice from someone who has spent a decade on F1, by all means listen to your provost and the international office, but double check everything they say with a second (qualified, of course) opinion or by reading all of the relevant legal documents yourself. Most visa stuff is handled on the USCIS website, but you may need to look up tax treaties etc for financial matters. Seriously, your visa status in the US is serious shit, especially in this administration. So stay vigilant and don't get nasty with people who try to help you out
  19. UCalgary Clinical Psych will not require GRE scores this cycle. Source: I am in contact with the faculty there. Official announcement to follow. Will update if there's a link.
  20. I think we will cross paths for sure! Our timetables are almost identical hahaha. It says you're from Calgary too? Are you moving to Ottawa for the Fall or staying there?
  21. I may be wrong, but I think you are still eligible for the CGS-D past PhD1. I know of people last year who got it when applying in PhD2, although obviously that could’ve changed. That being said, I got a similar score last year when I applied as a masters student. I applied this year in the first year of my PhD and scored ~16. Honestly, there weren’t any major changes in my app, especially not anything to truly justify the jump in my scores. I changed one letter writer to someone more SSHRC oriented (I’m in psych, so some faculty are more NSERC/CIHR). I was also able to provide a more defined timeline and plan since I was in the program already. Really, I think I just got luckier with my reviewers since there’s a lot of chance involved.
  22. I'm a rising senior this upcoming semester and planning to apply for Stats PhD programs (possibly Biostats as well). I'm mostly interested in doing research in bayesian statistics / machine learning and survival analysis, but that could change. I'd appreciate any suggestions on reachable schools with my application. I prefer programs in East Coast, especially New England and West Coast. Thanks for your input! Undergrad Institution: top 30 LACs Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: Current 3.83 (might be able to reach 3.86 by the time applying) Type of Student: International female (attending US college) GRE General Test: Q:170 V: 160 W: 5.0 Applying to: Statistics/Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: have done 1-year research in statistical methodology in multivariate analysis; had to wrap up because of covid. Am doing summer research internship (at a well-known cancer hospital) in survival analysis and longitudinal analysis which I plan to turn it into a senior thesis. Letters of Recommendation: One from my current mentor - a scientist at the research center, one from the former prof that I worked with for my previous research; one from my CS prof. I'm thinking of asking another one from the prof I requested to be my thesis supervisor. Math: Multivariable Calc (A), Linear Algebra (A), Discrete - proof based (A), Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A) Statistics: Applied Regression/Statistical learning (A), Methods in Data Science (B+), Nonparametric Stat (A), Experimental Design (B+), Exploration of Time Series (1 cred - A) CS: OOP in Java (B), Data Structures (B), Algorithms (A) Planning on taking: Real Analysis, Optimization, Theoretical Math Stat (grad-level) and Machine Learning this fall. Planning on Applying to: I really have no idea what schools are reachable. I originally planned to become an investment banker and switching to research was a big career change to me. Rankings do matter to me as much as locations and the working environment. I don't plan to take GRE Subject Test. Can you guys give me some recommendations on schools that I might be able to reach given my application and preference. Thanks for your help!
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