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  2. I really really hope UNLV has resources for me to learn welsh. I want to translate welsh poetry but it’s so hard to find welsh textbooks let alone a welsh teacher.
  3. I've worked a bit every semester through work-study. I typically work between 6 and 10 hours a week. This semester I have a bit more free time and could conceivably do more, but in any other semester it would have been quite difficult. A few people do work around 20 hours a week and can handle it, but they probably have better time management skills than I do! You can do it, but it will be hard. I got into NYU's online program as well as UVM. I ended up choosing UVM for a couple reasons: first, they gave me a partial scholarship for my first year, making it cheaper than NYU. Second, I came in out of field with zero related experience, so I decided I would be more comfortable getting my feet wet with 2 semesters in UVM's on-campus clinic before starting placements. NYU offered a four day clinical immersion on campus, but it didnt sound long enough to me!
  4. I did, didn't get it last year so don't have high hopes for this round, either.
  5. Technically, all PhD departments at Yale are supposed to interview, assuming this policy is still in effect. That said, I'm sure there are professors out there who don't do it. My interview is later today, but it seems like it will be just a brief chat on the phone.
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  7. I didn't apply to ChemE but isn't deadline for PhD at Stevens Jan 30? How do you get a decision so early
  8. Anyone has any info on UIUC? Have they sent out all acceptances ? I applied to materials, which people have previously mentioned as being slightly late in sending decisions ( i.e, early Feb is possible) , but I'd still like to know if anyone has further information.
  9. Fellow Oriental Studies applicant here (MPhil Egyptology). Where else have you applied? And what's your college preference?
  10. UK Finance Dissertation Writing is the best dissertation writing services in town as we employ people from all the academic backgrounds, therefore, can write a dissertation on any given topic at the most pocket-friendly rates. Come try our services; we are sure you will not be disappointed.
  11. I was told the fellowship decision is made in March. I guess we're interested in the same area, but I was talking about SM (POI at Iowa).
  12. Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. Programs seem to really vary from one to another, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have a friend up at Columbia who moved to what they call “advanced standing” during her second year, and was exempted to take certain courses because of the coursework she had done at her M.A. From what I have gathered so far, this isn’t a possibility at UCLA. But I’ll see what I end up doing. Hopefully I can go to the visit day, which will be really necessary!
  13. Thanks for sharing Thomasunra. You sound like you have great qualifications for a PhD and I wish you well. I will probably also give next cycle a chance if this one doesn't work out. (I'm working in the Arab world in a decent paying job so I can just continue that for a year.)
  14. Thank you so much! I quoted my stats and experiences listed on another reply. I hope it is helpful. Also I am noticing that portals tend to update on Fridays. That seems to be the day people hear back from out of the week. Best of luck to you
  15. Thank you!! I was granted admission to the 2 year program (my top choice!). I had a 3.3 gpa with 2 years of experiene as a mental health specialist, 2 years as a peer educator, alongside quarterly experience as a peer tutor, high school mentor, and research assistant.
  16. Same question to the JHU posters!
  17. Kind of confused why no one has claimed a Northwestern acceptance when the list says 7 people have been accepted 🤔
  18. thank you so much, this is super helpful! what was the program for the first interview? i have a 15 mins interview coming up with Columbia for their Classical Studies program, which is my top choice so I am veeery excited but also nervous. Since it is not a strictly classics department i am wondering if they might ask me similar questions as opposed to focus on my language training. Also yeah just updating this thread with my result because I posted on the results page but they keep classics/classical studies separate. I did not apply to columbia classics but i am guessing if they are scheduling interviews for classical studies, there might soon be news for those of you who applied for their classics phd!
  19. I have completed BTech Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai India in 2014 with a cgpa of 8.86, Department first, university rank holder. Have an above average academic record and IELTS score 8. Worked as an IT professional for five years. Now married, looking for masters in canada in Health Informatics or Bioinformatics. From the official websites of the top 20 universities of Canada, I can see I meet the basic eligibility criteria. But, recently one of the consultants I spoke with, told me that I have higher chances of being rejected either in the application phase or in the Visa phase because I am trying to apply for a life science course but have a good work experience in IT. Is it true? If yes, what other courses should I be looking for? I can share more information if required.
  20. Does Berkeley have an Open House / Visit Day for the MS program? If so, when is it and when do they send invitations? Just got notified by UCSD of an invitation for their program so wondering if I should expect anything of Berkeley.
  21. "Don't reinvent the wheel" was some of the best advice I got from my advisor when I started my independent research project. Basically, look at the literature. What's already been done? What sort of research methods (ie. theoretical frameworks, questionnaires, study design, etc.) have already been done with this topic/research area? Look at that and then determine what you can do to push the research further. You can use the same theory and framework, but take the research in a different direction.
  22. So who got the phone call from Berkeley? Congrats to you!
  23. If I reject an offer from an employer, can I still be considered for the Associate Fellowship?
  24. Thanks! Which school asked the language training! I am curious in what form they asked and how to answer.
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