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  2. Hi Everyone, I have been admitted into UT Austin's MSBA and Duke's MQM program but I'm unable to decide which one would be better. Any thoughts?
  3. Applying for Fall 2018

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  4. Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    Hello! Will be attending CMU for Masters in Environmental Engineering this fall. Anyone accepted yet?
  5. I just finished my sign, heading out tomorrow to join the march for part of the morning. I can't stay the whole time, but I think this is an important safety issue for us as teachers at universities just as it is for high school students. I really want to encourage these high school students to keep at this and help make a change. Anybody else going in their city?
  6. Fulbright 2018-2019

    So I realized I kinda mess up and should have made a group instead not an page (Facebook is so confusing). Anyways here is the link!
  7. Hi @zurako! I’ve found it really difficult to pin down accurate information on TC, so I’d be SO appreciative if you could answer a few of my questions! Thank you!! 1. Would you say that the school is fairly research-based? I’m interested in pursuing research and I’m wondering how many students participate in the labs in the department/if research is emphasized as part of the TC experience. Do you know if there are any paid research positions available, or is it strictly volunteer-based? 2. Where do most of your cohort members live? I know I could save some money on tuition by attending TC over a school like Northwestern, but it would definitely cost me more in terms of living expenses so I'm wondering if it'll be 100% worth it. Do you or many of your classmates have jobs in addition to your schooling? 3. Would you happen to know if any of your classmates are pursuing the NYCDOE scholarship for some help with paying off their student loans? I’m very interested in this avenue and am wondering if it’s a feasible option. 4. And lastly, did you find yourself torn between two schools when you were in this position last year? How did you decide on Columbia? Thank you so very much! I’m planning on attending the TC open house in early April, but I’m a little nervous as I only have a week to make a decision after I check out the program and facilities. I really appreciate your input!
  8. 2018 Results

    I don't know yet! We're supposed to find out in the next month or so.
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  10. Hi all, I've been accepted to phd programs at UMN Twin Cities for med chem, and UW-Madison for Pharm Sci. In addition, I'm interviewing at Vanderbilt for their IGP program in biomedical science in April. I feel the need to pretend like I've already been accepted to Vandy as my interview is very late and I won't have much time to decide after I visit (if I don't get an offer then the decision gets made for me I guess lol). In the mean time I'm trying to rule out either UMN or UW. Both UMN and UW check all the boxes for me and I suspect Vandy will too. I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of things that give a strong edge to one program or another. Some quick points: -UMN and UW are both offering fellowships and the total amount of money they are offering is the same as well. Vandy's base stipend is equal to what UMN and UW are offering me so I'll likely be offered the exact same amount from all three schools. My money will go further in Madison, but Minneapolis and Nashville aren't NY or San Fran and seem to be plenty affordable. -There are at least 3 professors at all places I could seriously see myself working with, but none that swayed me 100% (caveat that I haven't met anyone at Vandy in person yet). I feel confident that I could fit in well with the culture of the departments at UW or UMN. -Having the option to either stay in my comfort zone or branch out of my organic synthesis background into biochemistry or cell biology is really important to me. All programs put a heavy emphasis on interdisciplinarity, and supporting students who want to try out new areas. At UMN and UW I spoke to many grad students who did that successfully. I haven't decided whether I want to pursue academia or industry yet so it's important to me to be in a program that has a strong record at preparing and placing alumni in both areas. Vandy is bent more towards academia in their placement record while UW and UMN have very strong records in both areas. The professors at UW and UMN were both very supportive of their students who wanted to leave academia. I also met with several students at both places that acquired industry internships. I'm not sure about Vandy yet, but TA'ing at UW and UMN is not intensive, and I wouldn't even have to do it at UMN due to the fellowship. -UMN and Vandy have much heavier course loads, but I think I might prefer that. If I do branch out of my comfort zone the extra coursework could come in handy. -The grad students at both UMN and UW seemed genuinely happy. I explicitly asked many about their worst experiences in the program and all of their answers were mild, and they all emphasized that they felt supported and happy. -UMN and UW have amazing new facilities with all of the technical support and resources you would expect from highly-ranked, well-funded programs at large state schools. I feel safe to assume the same will be true of Vanderbilt. -I'm a North Carolina native so -20 weather will be new to me if I move up north, but I haven't been fretting about that much despite my family and friends reminding me that Minnesota/Wisconsin are cold at every opportunity. My bigger concern is with lack of sunlight. It may sound trivial, but I predictably have a minor bout of depression in late January to early February even in NC when it starts getting dark at 5 PM. I haven't researched it too much, but I imagine lack of sunlight could be an issue for me at higher latitudes. -I've lived in Chapel Hill the past 5 years and lived in Charlotte before that. Madison felt kind of like a mixture of Chapel Hill's college town vibe and Raleigh's mid-sized state capital feel. I didn't get a chance to explore the greater Minneapolis area, but its downtown felt much like Charlotte's in size. Nashville lies somewhere between the two. I loved Charlotte and I love Chapel Hill and Raleigh too. I don't think I would have any shortage of things to do in any of the three cities, and they all seem suitable to me and places where I could be very happy. Access to outdoor rec and state parks is important too, and Wisconsin and Minnesota seem totally saturated with those opportunities which is great. Madison has great proximity to larger cities, but I was a little concerned when I asked some of the other students what they liked to do outside of Madison and they basically said "there's nothing to do outside of Madison" (please don't take that as a slight against WI; it was a small sample size after all). I'm having trouble making a decision because the areas that the schools differ in (like course load of program, or locale) don't matter to me enough to really pull me one way or the other. I feel myself inclined towards UMN but I'm honestly not quite sure why, and I'm not totally convinced that it isn't because it was the last place I visited. If anyone has some strong feelings they want to share about these schools or cities in general I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Also, if you felt extremely ambivalent about programs that excited you I'd love to hear your rationale for deciding one over another. Thank you!
  11. Where can I find latest research in all fields

    As fuzzy said, it is impossible to do this and keep up in ALL fields. It's hard enough as someone who specializes in just one field to keep up with the literature in that field! Ask any academic and you'll find that many people have to work hard to keep up to date on just their subfield! So I am assuming you are not asking to keep up at the professional academic level in all subfields. If you are asking for leisure reading / hobbies, then I would suggest subscribing to some broad journals. For example, for the sciences, two top tier journals are Nature ( and Science ( If you are not familiar with these journals, they are top tier journals in the sciences and are very competitive to publish in. They often require your result to be of especially high impact. They publish in all fields of science (Nature has many other "brands" for individual fields too). So a subscription to either (or both) of these journals will give you a good taste of a broad range of research in the sciences. But as I said, these journals only publish the articles/work that they feel is most impactful, so you'll definitely not get all research, just one slice. Since the audience is meant to be very broad, the articles are also often written so that anyone with some science background should be able to get the main point (although many researchers will tell you that articles in their subfield feel very shallow since the main article doesn't go into very much depth). These journals also have good summary articles where another scientist will write about the impact / importance of one of their feature articles each week (issues are published weekly), usually meant for a non-expert to understand the article. Nature costs $200 per year to subscribe (in Canada) and Science costs $50-$100 per year if you just want the digital version. Of course, if you are a current student or member of a university somewhere, your school likely already subscribes so you can just access them through your library. But if you are not in academia right now and just want to read some scientific articles as a hobby and you have the money, a subscription like this could be fun.
  12. ODU vs BGSU - Please help me choose!

    Thank you so, so much for your thoughtful answer, GallifreyGirl. I've been trying to draw up a detailed pros and cons list for the longest time and your answer really helped me get a start on that! 1. The funding is the same, but BGSU needs me to pay other (university) fees, but it's manageable. ODU covers most of my other fees. I won't be going into debt either way. 2. 3 funded years is definitely a dream. 3. I'm an engineer by qualification. I don't have a literature background, so I suppose this makes ODU a good fit for me. 4. BGSU lets me teach creative writing. ODU lets me teach only comp. Both have light teaching loads. 5. As for standard of living, I can live anywhere as long as I have good internet. I mean, it'd be good to have the option to go somewhere, see places, etc., but I don't think I'd mind either. I don't mind the weather as well. I'm from the tropics, so used to super-hot weather, but I've lived in Pittsburgh before and I actually like winters. 6. Faculty. Ah, yes. I'm going to say this is a tie for me. I love both. orz Here are two other things I'm considering: 1. BGSU is an openly "non-terminal" MFA degree. I'm considering taking the PhD route after this, so BGSU would help me there. But ODU says it's terminal, but that doesn't mean the PhD route is closed to me. I'm confused... 2. BGSU seems to have smaller fiction workshops, which I happen to like. 3. I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with BGSU's Mid-American Review. Clearly I love both the courses, but I'm slightly more excited by BGSU (I've also known about their acceptance for longer, I've spoken to their current students, and I've had a lot of time to think about them). Trying really hard to be objective here! ;w;
  13. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Oh wow. I’m still waiting to hear from them. Has as anyone heard from BC or Texas A&M?
  14. NSF GRFP 2017-18

    I want to get off NSF's Wild Ride
  15. CMU Heinz AmeriCorps Issues

    I think your big issue is going to come with your credentials verification and not completing your term of service, thus an issue with your resume and creds. I understand not wanting to lose Segal, it’s something I am heavily relying on for CMU. I think if you’re upfront with Heinz, it should be okay? But, it’s hard to tell what will happen with your SPS. If I were you, I’d reach out to admissions and discuss your predicament, with a backup plan for scholarship. I think being an Americorps participant should hold its same weight, even without completing the term of service.
  16. Housing: send an email to the department admin and they'll likely circulate your info to the current grad students who may be looking for a roommate or know someone needing a roommate Social life: I thought I'd be a loner, blah blah blah, but I've formed a group of people who go out fairly frequently,, chat, etc. Also, see if your department has (unofficial) mentors. Having a senior grad student usher me into life in our department helped tremendously. On campus housing: a scam. Usually costs more than a regular apartment and often locks you into a restrictive leasing agreement
  17. Where Top-Tier PhD Students Got Their BA/MA

    While I'm sure top school --> top grad school is likely the norm, there are outliers--myself included. I attended an unranked state school in the middle of nowhere and am attending a Top 15 program. The culture of a top private university is my biggest adjustment, which is probably why top school --> top grad school is more likely--it's pretty self-selective since these students have support built into their undergrad experience (e.g. Mellon Mays, Summer Research, access to funding, leading scholars, etc) to nurture them towards attending grad school. During a low point in the academic year, I asked my adviser why I was accepted. At our following meeting, they pulled up my application with the admissions committee's comments, and apparently, they were excited to accept a student with my unique background. All of this is to say that the stats don't tell the whole story.
  18. I had posted about this earlier but now giving some details: I am giving an interview for GATES Cambridge wherein I have been selected for the PhD in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies. However, the supervisor I have been assigned, her primary area isn't what my proposed research is about and the entire department itself is Social sciences oriented. My proposed research is Cultural studies/Interdisciplinary in nature and they selected me because I bring something new to their Department. The PhD here is for three years. Now, I also have a fully funded option of going to a Cultural Studies PhD in Queens University Canada with an impeccable supervisor and also Canadian universities are doing the kind of work I am interested in. The supervisor's interests are in Transgender studies and Cultural production, and I want to work in the same with the field being South Asia. It's a game between course and prestige. What matters more? If I get through GATES, should I go for Cambridge despite the fact that the supervisor isn't as apt as Queen's (no comparison, really). Does ranking of a uni matter more than the supervisor? I personally feel I did a mistake of applying to Cambridge, which doesn't really have academics working in trans/queer theory as much as "small" universities do. They selected me probably because My research is the first of its kind for their department. As of now, it feels they need me more than I need them. Please help me out. As of now, I am leaning towards Queens. Being a GATES scholar is tempting, but will it be worth it?
  19. Fulbright 2018-2019

    Germany ETAs, here is a FB group for you to join!
  20. I am a first-year student at TC and would be happy to answer specific questions that any of you may have!
  21. 2017-2018 Application Cycle

    The application process is quite the stressful marathon; hang in there!
  22. PhD Final Decision Thread Fall 2018

    OISE at University of Toronto for developmental psych
  23. NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Oddly enough, the maintenance period did change a bit. From 10pm to 8am now..
  24. CSULB MSW fall 2018

    One of my co workers was accepted in July and started in Aug couple years ago. Dont lose hope.
  25. Hi all, I am a junior year student thinking about applying for a finance/economics phd program and I need advice on how to improve my profile/what schools to apply for. Here is my background: Undergraduate: Top 10 US Ivy, major in applied math and minor in econoimcs, GPA 3.8 Research interest: macro-finance, behavioral finance, asset pricing GRE: haven't taken Math/engineering courses: Linear Algebra, ODE, PDE, dynamical systems, probability/stats, stochastic process, optimization, financial engineering, real analysis, numerical methods Econ courses: micro/macro, econometrics, financial econ, behavioral finance, game theory, time series. Research experience: currently writing a thesis on macro-finance, under the supervision of a young econ professor and an operations research professor. Also doing a project with an adjuct faculty in operation research on data science. Also will do a summer research in finance in a top quantitative hedge fund which is very academic. Recommendation: one from thesis advisor, an operations research professor slightly related to finance/econ, one from an econ professor who guided my thesis. Potential third one from the adjuct data scientist I worked for but I am concerned with the weights of a LOR from an adjuct faculty. Here is my concerns: 1. I am thinking of working 1-2 years in investment industry doing research since it can open my eyes and find more interesting/realistic topics to do research. How hard is it to go back to phd program in finance after working in the industry for a couple of years? 2. None of my professors seems to have a strong influence in finance research. Should I switch to another well known professor but may not know me too well? 3. Any suggestions on the type of schools I should apply for? I am aiming for top 10 financial econ programs, with Booth, NYU stern and Harvard being my top choice. Am I being to ambitious? Thanks.
  26. Master of teaching OISE 2018

    March 23rd and still not a thing.. this is truly getting ridiculous.
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