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  2. HI Guys I applied for masters degree, and already passed the 1st screening and interview and get admitted to the univerisity. is this a good sign or big possibility to get the scholarship or funding? anxiety is real!!!! waiting time is killing me right. lol plsss help
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from BU MS Bioinformatics? Or has anyone heard back?
  4. We go to Laurier! I actually just got my OGS results yesterday and got rejected so I am not longer antsy (lol). Hope you hear back soon!
  5. Ahh okay! I hope mine comes in soon... That's better than a rejection, so that's great, I hope you'll get in off the waitlist!! ☺️
  6. Anyone else still waiting to hear back? I've lost any hope that it will be positive at this point, I just want it to be over
  7. I am thinking about getting a Remarkable 2. I like the feel of pen and paper too. Would love to know if anyone has gone this route.
  8. Today
  9. Hey - there's a new discord server for people heading to Guelph for grad school! It's not specific to MPH students, but I thought I'd send it over anyways! https://discord.gg/m4ewKCBT
  10. Hey Everyone, First time posting but I have found comfort in reading this forum over the past couple months knowing I wasn't the only one stuck. I received my official rejection about 20 minutes ago. I expected it but at least it's for sure now. Happy I can email my references to thank them and let them know the outcome rather than being left in the same joke of a waiting game I was. I've now accepted a graduate certificate in mental health and disability management starting in September. Congratulations to all of those who were accepted
  11. Has anyone on McMaster's waitlist heard back?
  12. Which uni do you/your friend go to? I haven't heard anything about OGS yet for mine.
  13. I've requested to join the FB group:)
  14. Thanks to you both! I emailed them yesterday and was sent the breakdown of my score this morning. Sadly the scores given by each committee member differed a lot (not enough to exceed a discrepancy of 2.5 points) so at least I know now. Also, I was in committee 3D. Good luck to everyone who's thinking of reapplying in the fall!!
  15. Recieved my notice this morning (8:47 a.m. May 6). Was waitlisted for both streams. Good luck everyone else!
  16. I am glad to post a worthy article about the Study in the Germany from KCR consultants, this may change your career pathway in Germany. we will look closely at the undergraduate educational structure, enrollment requirements and prospects for Indian students looking to pursue an undergraduate course in the Germany A benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself while gaining an understanding of a different culture. Being in a new place by yourself can be overwhelming at times, and it tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to problem-
  17. Hello Folks, I do have an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a master's in globalization. Any suggestions on programs I could consider for PhD? Any other advice will be welcomed.
  18. That's awesome! Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats?
  19. I think you have to email them to ask?? I'm not positive though...
  20. Hello all, I asked this question in a thread, but I thought that I may get some answers if I post it here, as well. I'm from the US, but have been in France the past two years through the TAPIF program. In September, I'm starting a job as a "lecteur d'anglais" at Poitiers University. I had to decide between this position and a funded masters at Ole Miss. I was extremely conflicted on that choice, because on one hand, it seemed like I shouldn't give up an oppurtunity to teach in France to study French in the US, while on the otherhand, I feel that with my Bachelors degree, I a
  21. Also... Please add me
  22. If you are confident that your end goal is a PhD, I would try to apply directly to some PhD programs as well and have some Masters programs as a backup. Masters programs are incredibly expensive and I would get that if you don't get into school for a PhD, and feel comfortable paying that much for a Masters. If you still only want to do the MA programs then here's what I think: Since you are interested in a broad array of things going across methods, comparative studies and IR, I would get a generic MA if I were you. Go for one of the specializations if that is exactly what yo
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