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  2. futurespeechpath1

    Elmhurst and St. Xavier University waitlists

    I actually know a current grad student who got in with that same GPA!
  3. Okay! I will probably do that. My GPA overall is 3.49 and CSD is 3.0. GRE 149V, 146Q and 4 writing
  4. Rezzy S.

    What a dilemma!

    Personally, I wouldn't risk it. Can I ask how much more you have to pay? I know if it's an excessive amount it might feel like you're closing the door on your dream school even if you get in to it 😕. Sorry you're in such a tough spot.
  5. QuData

    Duke MIDS 2019

    Hello both! My name is Guillem, was admitted to the MIDS early March and accepted the offer a couple of weeks ago. I am currently living and working in London, although I am from Barcelona ( it seems we are going to be a few Spanish speakers in the program ;) ). I studied Business Administration at ESADE and I have worked for 2.5 years in the Management Consulting industry in both Strategy & Operations across Europe and the Middle East. I second what you guys said about process and faculty. Things I liked about Duke: Program Structure, Core Courses, Electives, Campus, Faculty, Reputation Should we create a Whatsapp group for people in this forum to keep in touch?
  6. samiamslp

    So I didn't get in.. Now what?

    There is always next year-- or next semester, depending on the program! Grades and GRE scores are not everything, just remember that! Look for grad schools that focus on the whole package, rather than the numbers. Your bio sounds like you have so much experience, so keep doing what you're doing. You gave it a good run, and you'll give it another great one next application season. And also, don't forget to feel proud of yourself-- you worked hard to get to this point, with undergrad, working, and the wild, scary ride that is the application process. You made it through it all! (And you'll make it through again😊) If you're looking for other ideas (schools, careers, and whatever else), there's this thread on here that people have been posting on. Best of luck to you!!

    University of Washington (Med or Core)

    I emailed them asking when the waitlisted would hear. They said that we will definitely hear one way or another before the end of next week. I saw on the result page that someone got off the waitlist for med slp on the 17th though. 😱
  8. Stardust3000

    2019 MPH CANADA

    It is certainly expensive. Which program is your first choice?
  9. Stardust3000

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Congratulations!! All the best at Waterloo Did you already contact them about the rejection? Perhaps more waitlist spots are opening up as people are rejecting.
  10. futurespeechpath1

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    Did you get mostly As aside from the C? I'm just really nervous because it seems like grad schools don't care much for extracurriculars and just look at GRE and GPA.
  11. futurespeechpath1

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    I just keep telling myself I haven't gotten a C yet and I might nice but it's a possibility which is horrifying. Thankfully my non-CSD GPA is really good but I feel like grad programs don't really look at that. Did you have more As than Bs in your CSD GPA?
  12. futurespeechpath1

    Elmhurst and St. Xavier University waitlists

    There is a speech path professor who told us that emailing a school your waitlisted too will put you further down on the waitlisted not know if that's true or not though she might've just been saying that. I personally don't think it's a bad idea! Or even call and ask. The director of grad admissions Dr. Schellinger is actually really nice. I don't think it'd be bad to contact them and ask for more information just because you are showing interest in the school. If you don't mind me asking what's your GPA and GRE?
  13. Jenisha G.

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    I earned a C in my Clinical Methods course and was still accepted to 5 schools! I also had a C in stats. Grades aren't everything, but obviously do your best to earn A's in the rest of your CSD classes. If you have a chance to retake the course or do anything that relates to the Speech Science class (like research hours in a voice lab), you can use that experience and talk about it in your SOP. I did well in Clinical Practicum, so I mentioned in my SOP that I worked extra hard after earning my C to show professors I could do the work competently.
  14. elizabeth2

    Msw Stanislaus 2019

    What program did you apply for? Yes! The anxiety is just getting to me lol. 1 more week! ... hopefully
  15. I was considering emailing SXU and stating that I'm still very interested so maybe I can also get more info that way? I also don't want to come off as annoying and hurt my chances though.
  16. Today
  17. AlwaysaFalcon

    Who's trying again?!

    I was in your boat once! Do not give up! For me third time was the charm
  18. MPH2021

    2019 MPH CANADA

    I know, isn't it funny how things can change so quickly. Thank you I hope you receive an acceptance!
  19. futurespeechpath1

    Elmhurst and St. Xavier University waitlists

    I might be wrong but last year a friend of mine who was applying heard back once at the end of April or beginning of May and again mid June, then in July they announced the cohort was full but that might vary this year. I'm sure they'll reach out maybe sometime towards the end of April since I know their orientation is in June I believe so they probably want to fill up soon.
  20. AlwaysaFalcon

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    I believe I had 3 C's total in undergraduate, 2 in classes not related to CDIS and 1 related to CDIS. My last cycle of applying I got into 3 graduate programs!
  21. Thanks so much for the info! Do you know when they might start reaching out to people on the waitlist?
  22. That sounds amazing! Google tends to be your best friend with this stuff😃 A quick search gave me these programs (blurbs following). North Carolina Central University: "In addition to receiving top scores for Praxis exam pass rates, employment rates among recent graduates and on-time completion rates, we love North Carolina Central University because it’s home to a fully accredited clinic: the NCCU Speech and Hearing Clinic. Communications disorder graduate students here enjoy a variety of opportunities for specialized experience through the Assistive Technology for Infants and Preschoolers Program, the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Assessment and Consultation Clinic, and the Bilingual Clinic." Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge: "At LSU, SLP grad students get an unrivaled learning experience through flipped classrooms, simulated learning, interprofessional clinics, and will soon also get first hand exposure to telepractice. Students here learn to work with eye-tracking equipment, video stroboscopy, and state of the art augmentative and alternative communication devices. In fact, just last year the department invested $82,000 to update it’s ACC equipment. LSU grad students routinely present original research at state and national conferences and have a track record for taking home awards and scholarships. This program has it all." San Francisco State University: "The purpose of Project Building Bridges is to prepare 60 fully credentialed Speech Language Pathologists to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse children with significant disabilities and augmentative communication needs, ages birth to 21. Project scholars will complete a Master’s degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences in a two-year time frame, with a concentration in AAC and a focus on cultural and linguistic diversity. Scholar competencies to be acquired include: (a) culturally responsive AAC assessment; (b) culturally responsive AAC intervention; (c) collaborative teaming; and (d) development of AAC applications to support the language and literacy skills of culturally and linguistically diverse children and youth....The project will use evidence-based curricula and pedagogy carefully coordinated with substantial, mentored field experiences. The M.S. concentration in AAC will include: 1) two graduate seminars in AAC assessment and intervention; 2) an on campus clinic with a focus on diversity; 3) a one-week summer camp for children who use AAC; and 4) a school internship in a high need community agency or school serving children with AAC needs. Penn State University: "The AAC community at Penn State is one of the largest AAC-focused efforts in the world, with a wide range of research activities, coursework, and clinical experiences. Students at Penn State have the opportunity to: • participate in graduate level coursework on AAC taught by nationally recognized faculty, • assist in research projects designed to improve the lives of individuals with complex communication needs, and • provide clinical services to individuals with complex communication needs in clinical and community settings. Penn State students also have participated in our Global AAC Initiative, and worked with AAC teams in Mexico, South Africa, Eastern Europe, India, and China." Nova Southeastern: not a blurb, but they have Carole Zangari (author of prAACticalAAC.org) as a faculty member (!!!!) and she is AMAZING with all things AAC. And she runs a lab there. i don't know much about the program, but if I met her, I'd be seriously star-struck😂. Temple University: Has its Institute on Disabilities, which hosts this amazing program during the summer for teens(?) using AAC. "Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports, or "ACES," is a program for young adults who use communication technology (speech generating devices or "SGD") transitioning from school to work, to help develop and refine their communication, including computer access and use for daily living/job skills." They stay on campus and I'm pretty sure the CSD students are the volunteers. In general, Temple has the Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT), which provides training, AAC evaluations, device demonstrations, and AT consultations led by the CSD department. If I remember correctly, there is a specialty clinic that you can do as a grad student specifically in AAC, plus faculty are involved in AAC research. Some programs have AAC certification listed as for practicing SLPs, so I don't know if you'd be able to be certified as a grad student, but it would be worth a shot to ask the program directly. See the University of Memphis as an example. Certain programs, like the University of Iowa and George Washington University, require you to have rotations in a variety of subfields of SLP, and the AAC track is one of those rotations. Other programs just have faculty members who are doing exceptional research about AAC (the three that I looked at are at Northeastern University, Temple University, Emerson University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), so if there is a researcher who you know of from articles or whatever else who specializes in AAC, it would be great to see if they are doing research through a university, and if you would then be able to do research with that professor. If you're part of ASHA, you can check out who is writing and publishing in the AAC SIG. (I did that with literacy, the area I want to concentrate in, and now some of the people I've looked up to as top scholars in my area will be my professors in the fall... I'm seriously still swooning.😃) A lot of the program websites are not the best and most up-to-date, so researching specific people in the field can be really helpful, and can lead you back to the school they work at and the programs they have at that grad school. Editing to add this reddit link I just found with additional programs to add to this list. Worth checking out. Best of luck on your search!
  23. wree123


    Thankyou for replying!!! appreciate your help
  24. AlwaysaFalcon

    So I didn't get in.. Now what?

    Do not give up! It took me three application cycles to become accepted into graduate school! Maybe you can take time to volunteer or work in areas related to the field. Take time to improve your application. Feel free to PM me!
  25. I applied for SLP graduate programs and was not successful with being offered admission. I was waitlisted at one school but received an email stating their cohort was full. I'm disappointed 😕 Perhaps it's a good thing. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now. I don't have stellar grades and I did awful on the GRE (I hate the idea of retaking it-I studied a lot the first time!) Some words of encouragement and positivity would be lovely ❤️
  26. Psygeek

    New York, NY

    quite many people I've heard about start in the uni housing and then go house hunting in the meantime.
  27. In my department profs sometimes even hug you for a goodbye. So yeah - first names are fine
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