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  2. Congrats! I'm jealous! RIVS seems like a more professional Skype setting of sorts. I wouldn't freak too much. You got this!
  3. Hi everyone! I received an offer of ma economics from university of victoria, BC, canada. They required a response by this Wednesday. However I have not heard from other schools, like sfu(simon freaser university), queens, toronto, waterloo. I think it is too early to really accept an offer at this moment, but I like the offer package a lot (27500 funding). and is it possible to accept the offer with condition like saying i may change my mind upon the admission of my boyfriend? Thanks!
  4. @hector549 You are absolutely right that I would be screwed If I changed my AOI. But I have already done two years of graduate work during my MA, so I am fairly certain about my AOI!
  5. Pierre Zarokian

    Computers for Students

    Surface is expensive, but if money is no issue then go for it. If you want to find a fast laptop for a budget, I would look into refurbished market that offers at least 6 month warranty. You can get some from Ebay, but also some retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, NewEgg and even Amazon have them. I recently got a MacBook pro for $550 that costs $1200 new from Walmart website. It was listed under Scratches & Dings category and the only scratch/ding it had was a very small one on the front edge. The good thing is if there is an issue I can return it to the local Walmart, but so far so good. If you want to get a PC at budget that is also quick, narrow down your search to your top 5 or so and then check https://www.cpubenchmark.net/ to see which have the fastest CPU. Also, you should get something with at least 6GB RAM, but if you typically work with many many files and apps open, then get 8GB RAM.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to write such a long response! I think you are right in what you have written here. I think you are right that those coming out top ten, especially top 5, get hired because of their "promise" and not necessarily because of their publishing record at the time. I am not sure this applies to Rice vs. Ohio for example. I totally agree with this. I forgot to mention that although Rice hardly makes you TA, you actually get training (because Rice greatly emphasizes undergrad education) to teach your own course in the latter year(s). Totally agree about the shotgun approach of some schools that have misleading placement rates (number versus percentages). This is specially true of Toronto. I hadn't thought about my supervisor introducing me to "research networks". Interesting!
  7. Duke: Feb 21-23 UC Boulder: Feb 28-March 1 University of Alabama: February 28-March 2 Washington University (WUSTL): February 28-March 2  Indiana University: March 1 U Wisconsin-Madison: March 3-5 Illinois (Urbana): March 4-5 Stanford: March 6-8 Northwestern: March 7-9 Saint Louis University: March 8 UC Santa Barbara: March 8 Florida State University: March 12 University of Minnesota: March 14-15 UC Santa Cruz: March 14 UC Berkeley: March 16-18 Kansas: March 17-19 Vanderbilt: March 21-22 Rice University: March 21-23 USC: March 24-26 UT Austin: March 28-30 UC Davis: April 2 U Oregon: April 4-6
  8. JTspruell

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    Undergrad Institution: Oregon State University Major(s): B.S. of Earth Sciences: Geology Option Minor(s): None, but about to finish a G.I.S. Certificate GPA in Major: 3.69 Overall GPA: 3.28 (Had some classes from my younger days that hurt the GPA) Position in Class: No class ranking Type of Student: Domestic, veteran, low income GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 150 V: 152 W: 4.0 Research Experience: REU from NSF, Undergraduate research project and thesis (not required); co-author of GSA Abstract presented by my research advisor Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Taylor-Oles Scholarship, Dean's list almost every term, presented at Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence symposium, presented research and thesis at the university's Geology and Geophysics Day Applying to Where: Applying for MS Geology programs. Want to study the tectonics, volcanology, and geomorpholgy. Northern Arizona University Arizona State University Western Washington University
  9. WildeingOut

    2019 Applicants

    Anyone here a Victorian/19th C British specialist? It seems that this year's acceptances have so far consistently been for other areas of specialization other than Victorian/19th C British. I'm wondering if last year was a big year for this particular area, and there just isn't much space for specialists working in this period this application season as a result. Granted, people might not be reporting their areas on the results page, but I'm curious to know if anyone else has noticed that.
  10. GloriaFlores

    psychology survey

    Hello I'm Gloria Flores a student at South Western Illinois Collage, I'm writing a paper for my English class about what is like to be a Psychologist. In my class I was assigned to do a Survey, and out of that survey do a essay. I would appreciate your input in answering my survey questions. link: https://goo.gl/forms/8qmRkA0rX72UV2mm2
  11. nonbeingandsomethingness

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Declined Nebraska offer last week, I hope that helps someone.
  12. Crazy Rich Asian

    Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    I've just received an invite for a digital interview via RIVS with the Fu Foundation School from Columbia University. Totally caught me off-guard, as I'm currently on vacation, have nothing interview-related with me and am supposed to complete the interview by Feb 20... Anyway, gotta go with it the way it is. Has anyone had a digital interview via RIVS.com or any other kind of interview with Columbia before and could share his/her experience with it? Help would be really appreciated!
  13. peacebot

    Rebound or wait a year (Biochemistry)?

    Thanks for the help. It is a difficult decision to make for sure. I am afraid of things becoming harder and not having any place to go if I reapply. I think getting more experience is helpful and and improving my applications with more time might help, but the question would be: how much more will it? I really appreciate the response. I will take it into consideration. I am also waiting for their specific offer. If its good enough, that could definitely tilt my decision significantly, but either way, I will be assessing this decision for a bit. I shouldn't take this lightly.
  14. Zaw263

    UNC MSW 2019

    @honeynut thank you! Definitely a tough year. I have an interview for VCU on Thursday so hoping for positivity for that. Good luck to you and I wish you the best!
  15. OddIsEven

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I got that email on the 17th of January, but I haven't gotten it since then. I remember seeing that someone got accepted in late January though, so I'm not sure what that means for all of us still waiting.
  16. prints2019

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Haha same, clearly they *really* don't want me
  17. Ah okay, I didn't know that. I just heard from Northwestern and Berkeley a while ago so I thought maybe something was up. Thanks!
  18. Thanks! Unfortunately funding is not guaranteed for all grad students at CUA. Still waiting to hear back...
  19. Pierre Zarokian

    Outside Scholarship Search?

    If you do a Google search there are lot's of private scholarships available for $1000 to $3000 range. Many require submission of an essay, but maybe some of the same writing can be submitted to several places. The more places you submit the more chances you have but consider that this could also be time consuming. So submitting to 100 places may need about 100 hours of your time.
  20. Thank you for your response. I think you are right regarding (2); but not with respect to the programs I am referring to: does Ohio State really have much more prestige than Rice? probably not. Moreover, Brown and Cornell's prestige does not seem to be helping them very much. I think this is more so with top 10 programs. Regarding (3), I agree! hence Rice! they have according to that APA funded study on placement almost 40% placement into full time academic jobs. And you can argue that those programs that have good placement but are lowered ranked are so precisely for the reasons that I have mentioned. Take University of Virginia for example. They have excellent faculty that could easily teach at top 20 (like Rice), and offer great funding ($22,000) for living in Virginia including $4000 for summers (the same as Cornell). Same with Emory and Northwestern.
  21. I think with 4.0 GPA you should have no problem!
  22. micaela22

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Hi! I didn't apply to VCU, Mason or UNC but I do have friends that did. VCU is conducting most of their interviews (for advanced standing) currently. I also applied to USC and got accepted on 2/4!
  23. HabaneroPepper

    NCCU anyone

    Im not sure how they do financial aid with their acceptances. Good luck you guys. Hoping we all get in and will see each other this fall
  24. They don't send out their decisions until late February!
  25. Bayequentist

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Anyone knows what's up with Penn State rejecting a lot of seemingly qualified applicants?
  26. I think that depends. And I think in this case, they might rely on the overall reputation of a school, rather than their PhD rankings. If there’s a specific region you’re interested in being in, I’d recommend going to a school that is highly regarded within the area and one that supports life outside the academy. There are a number of schools that will see non-ac jobs as lesser than and will not give you the support you need because they fear it will tarnish their reputation. There are also some schools that have awful relationships with the town they reside in and I think that’s another important thing to consider. We won’t ever know how many people are interested in a specific type of job but it’s a lack of placement which is especially concerning at any school or when a school considers a “scanning specialist” to be a successful placement. There are many jobs which would benefit from a PHD but there are many who a BA Or MA would suffice. I think that’s the difference between good and bad placements.
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