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  2. Yay! Just got accepted into Rutger's University! Is anyone from the NJ area??
  3. Some schools ask for your "last 60 credit hours GPA" in addition to your cumulative GPA. Some schools ask for your major GPA too. I'm not sure if this is something you should include in your statement of purpose, in the separate "is there anything else we should know" section, or ask one of your recommenders to mention it.
  4. Hey all! This year I'm applying to Berkeley PS, Stanford TAPS, MIT Media Lab (PJ, LLK, VC), Harvard AFVS. I feel strangely calm about the the application process. Wishing you all the best of luck ❤️
  5. POI is GS. The school will send official in-person invites to applicants on Dec 11.
  6. Hey I applied to Stanford TAPs and was waitlisted. POI gave me pointers for my app this time around. For the artistic statement, they are hoping to see that you have some theoretical underpinning to the work that you are creating. They aren't kidding when they say there's a dual focus on both practice and theory. If I were you, I'd think about what conceptually drives your art. I hope that helps!
  7. I also applied to Montclair. DM for initials
  8. How many schools did you apply to your first 2 rounds if you dont mind sharing.
  9. Hello All, I recently graduated from my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science in the US but after having worked in the field for a few months, I have found a new passion in Art History and conservation. I am looking to apply for a master's program, but it requires 4 credits in Art History classes, of which I have none. I am wondering if it is worth finding a post-bac program that would fulfill these 4 credits or if it would be better to take 4 individual classes at a college in order to fulfill them? I am not a US citizen so it would be almost impossible to fulfill these credits in a Community college in the US. Therefore, my options lie in the EU. As I am less familiar with schools around Europe, does anyone know of universities in Italy that allow for non-degree enrollment for getting credits from classes? Thank you! Federico
  10. I applied who did you list as your faculty?
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  12. oh this put things into perspective for me ahahaha last year I skipped out on applying to masters because I wanted to save money and who wants to be in debt????, but this year i just feel so desperate to be back in school and I've been feeling like a masters is my only option to remove this feeling of being stuck in limbo if I don't get into a PhD program, however....that probably isn't the case and you reminded me of that!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi all! I’ve been trying to stay away from this forum for my own sanity, but I decided I’d rather join to suffer the waiting game with all of you than keep grunting to myself 😂 Undergrad: UPenn Major: Biological Basis of Behavior GPA: 3.56 Research Experience: all 4 years of undergrad (part-time during school year, full over summers: first two years in a cancer lab (brain tumor research) and second 2 years in a psychiatric lab (developmental neurobiology)) Publications/presentations: 4 posters presented at 8 conferences, 2 talks given at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Neuroscience Department of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Awards: A grant for my thesis project and a poster award Applications: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, WUSTL, Yale, U of Washington, Pitt, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, U of Michigan, & Princeton (11 total)
  14. Hey, good for you ! How was the interview? Anyone else got contacted? I'm applying for a master.
  15. @gliagirl I'm a current undergrad at Penn (Senior BBB major), and I'd like to know what you think of the NGG program. I work in a lab with 2 current NGG students who have completely opposite perspectives (one absolutely hates the program), so I'd appreciate any thoughts you might be willing offer- thanks!
  16. Hi there! I applied a couple of times, and typically the advanced standing stream is released February 2020. I wouldn't expect to hear from Laurier for the 2 year stream until late March/early April... they've been pretty consistent on this so I didn't want you to get your hopes up!
  17. Graduates from interdisciplinary PhD programs generally have a tough time finding jobs. This is true even for very prestigious programs like Chicago's Committee on Social Thought. I imagine that would be an even bigger issue at an institution that is not particularly well ranked in English OR Philosophy. Interdisciplinary is and will probably continue to be a hot buzz word, but at the end of the day, you usually get hired by a department in a standard discipline and you need to demonstrate your disciplinary chops in order to stand a chance.
  18. Take this with a grain of salt as it's my personal opinion, but if a PhD is your long-term goal, I don't know that I would waste time and money getting a master's degree. I would instead get a full-time research gig and focus on beefing up your application. I got a master's in clinical psychology before realizing I actually wanted and needed a PhD to do the things I wanted to career-wise, and I'll be paying for those MS loans for quite a while. At the end of the day, it's a personal decision, but to me the options are getting paid to do more research or paying to get a degree and do research.
  19. I'm hoping to apply next fall! Thank you for the advice, I'll be sure to mention it (in my statement of purpose?). Also for reference, I graduated in 2018 so those are the final numbers.
  20. Hey Psych1st! We’re kinda in the same boat so maybe I can help. For some background, I graduated with my Bachelor’s May 2018. Currently, I have only presented one poster at a national conference but I don’t have any publications. I do plan on publishing the findings from my poster with a grad student and our lab mentor though. I agree with PpKitty’s suggestion. Research experience is a big priority for admittance into clinical psych programs. Your best backup plan would probably be obtaining a full-time research coordinator position or even just volunteering in someone’s lab that you’re interested in. I recommend this website for finding post-bacc research opportunities: http://clinicalpsychgradschool.org/pbacc.php You don’t necessarily need a master’s, but it might not hurt to browse some of the programs and consider applying. There are some research-oriented masters programs that may help you get the research experience you need and complete some coursework you’d have to complete in a Ph.D program. If you go the master’s route, I suggest you only apply for funded programs. Here’s a blog post made by a clinical psych grad student about funded masters programs: https://clinicalpsychphd.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/funded-psychology-masters-programs/ You should probably double check the programs’ websites to make sure they’re still funded. This blog post is from 2014, but it can definitely help you narrow down which programs to consider. I hope this helps!
  21. I totally agree about the GRE. To be honest, I never took it. I live in Tampa, so I only applied to USF DrPH program. Luckily, if you have a 3.5 GPA, USF let's you waive the GRE, which thank goodness, because I probably would've bombed it super hard. I have never been a good test taker but I rock at writing papers. LOL
  22. Thank you! I also saw that forum as well about someone getting accepted without an interview. So I brought that up during the info session...I was told that decisions would be sent out in January 2020 and it would say whether you weren't accepted or if you need an interview. I know that for USF, you have to be chosen by one of the staff so they can be a mentor, which would make sense why you have to interview. Other than that, I was told that overall, it's a very holistic process when choosing applicants. They look at your whole application, personal statement, career, etc... which is nice because if you did poorly in one part of your app, you can be strong in other areas and still have a chance of getting accepted. I agree-I think the road to the new year keeps my mind off USF...then when Jan 1 comes, we can freak out again!! LOL
  23. I would say a research intensive position like a clinical coordinator in a psychiatry department or research lab would be ideal then.
  24. I think that the personal statement will be the death of me. The prompt is: "Please provide a one-page letter of intent in which you comment on your (1) undergraduate courses of study and performance; (2) goals and aspirations for graduate study in the SLP program; " At first it seemed fairly easy to write but it has been a struggle to say the least. I am an out-of-field student (child development major) and think I know what I want to discuss in terms of my courses but I'm not sure how to say it. I took a families course and learned about how to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with families of all backgrounds and I think that this is really important when working with children in order to give them the best therapy possible. We also focused on the concept of empathy in this course which I believe is also incredibly important and beneficial to therapists to be able to understand the struggle the families may be going through after being told their child needs therapy (no parent wants to hear that their child is behind in some way). When I write I keep making it more like an essay as opposed to a personal statement (talking about myself is not something I'm great at). I hope that this made and sense and would appreciate any and all advice!
  25. I'm applying to clinical programs, and I want to get my PhD in clinical psychology. My GPA is a 4.0 so I'm not worried about that, I'm just concerned about the experience I guess.
  26. Are you applying to clinical programs or other programs with a high research focus? If so, I would recommend doing a research-intensive postbac or getting a lab management position. If your GPA is low, and/or you are considering applying to counseling psychology PhD programs, then a Masters degree might be a better choice (as long as you are confident you will continue to be able to do research there.
  27. Hey everyone! This is my first time applying to grad school, specifically PhD programs. I know that realistically there is a pretty small chance of me getting in this time. However, I'm still be hopeful! If I don't get in, I'm trying to figure out the best plan. Would it be better to apply to a master's program or try to find a job in the field? I'm not sure what would help me more, or maybe if I need to have time to do both before applying again. I haven't published anything that I've presented at conferences yet, but I'm currently looking into how to do that and I could definitely work on that. I can also work on my GRE scores once I graduate from undergrad and have more time. I just don't know if a master's would be more beneficial or a job. I just know that I want my PhD eventually, and hopefully sooner than later. My psychology department is kinda unorthodox so I don't have many professors that know a lot about clinical psychology and PhD programs. Thanks! Sincerely, a confused undergrad
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