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  2. I would second Glasperlenspieler's advice. I didn't submit any of my applications until right around the day before they were due and was accepted to almost every program I applied to, so in my experience there should be no problem with waiting to submit until you have fall grades in. If you have questions about Rhetoric programs in particular too, feel free to DM me!
  3. Hello I am a student from New Zealand looking for responses for my survey about accommodation. I am a Web and UX (User Experience) Design student. The purpose of this survey is to get the information I need to create an app / website that filters acommodation in NZ, so to fill out my survey, you cant be from NZ. Thanks in advance!! Take survey now
  4. I have the same problem - do not know where to start >.< I don't know if I should put more emphasis on the program and the University or on the advisor... If anyone could help us with some tips, I'd appreciate
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  6. SL(ME)

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    So I just stumbled upon this, I wish I'd found it waaaay sooner, but its a nice guideline of all the schools requirements etc. https://reachforthespeech.com/category/master-schools/
  7. Are you more inclined to empirical or theoretical PE? Since you're considering the LSE EME, I assume it is the former. Here are some of my thoughts: LSE EME is the top Master's program in Econ for a reason. You will be grinding it out against other very bright people for ranks, and RA/Recommendations. If you're confident this might be the way to go, but I'd assume it is much better to be the star in a weaker program than it is to get a middling rank in EME. PE has a hard time placing in the Econ job market. Might be better to brand yourself (both in applications and in job market) as public or developmental econ. If you lean more towards the theoretical side, Northwestern Kellogg and Caltech are great choices. They also have a smattering of empiricists (Qian at MEDS, Caltech has experimental/neuroeconomics). Entrance difficulty for different PhD's (at least to my understanding) is Econ>= Top 5 Public Policy>Political Science>Sociology. Harris seems like a really good choice since they have both theorists and empiricists (they just got Scott Gehlbach!) and seem to be making big investments in PE. I've also heard they allocate one/two spots to the top performers in MAPSS. You might also want to consider other top 5 public policy, some applied econ programs. I know very little about Sociology programs but I assume that attending one will almost certainly block you out of Econ/PubPolicy/Polisci job markets. I'm also skeptical of the quantitative training and the attitudes faculty will have toward you. In Polisci, also consider Stanford GSB, Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Rochester, and WUSTL. Some have stronger/more PE faculty than others, but the training in each of these places should be solid. Be sure to look at placements though. Take my advice with a grain of salt though, I'm also applying to PE programs this fall.
  8. That's what I was worried about, my friend whose in the sciences made it sound like rolling admission, such as they'll be looking at each application as it comes in and if I applied a week before they'll already have other students in mind and they'll automatically not want me if that makes sense. Thank you for easing my nerves! For me having those fall grades is kind of essential. If anyone else knows anything please contribute still
  9. gene13

    Genetic Counseling 2020 Applicants

    Match info for this round will be updated sometime in July! Hope everyone is having a happy summer thus far
  10. BeautyBB

    Canada MSW 2019

    To those in the University of Windsor 2 Year MSW regular track program, is there a facebook group that exists? If there is can you kindly leave the link? Thanks.
  11. sassyyetclassy

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    Hi all! I am considering applying for the NSF fellowship for the 2019-2020 year and was wondering if anyone had any data on the amount of awards given to those who attend R2s versus R1s? I know I shouldn't be paranoid about stuff like that which is out of my control, but I cannot help but think that some of the reviewers would pay attention to things like that, especially if they were on the fence about one person vs another
  12. sassyyetclassy

    Healthline & NAMI Stronger Scholarship

    I didn't hear back either, but still hoping for the best! Though I think if we haven't heard back by today we are most likely not chosen
  13. hnnwllms

    Applying to Munk 2019, NPSIA, GSPIA, BSIA etc.

    That's great! Would love to be part of the group!
  14. personallycentered

    University of Maryland PhD Counseling Psychology - should I apply?

    It's literally their first FAQ on their website: "The typical applicant who is competitive has (a) GRE scores over the 50th percentile, (b) a GPA of 3.5 or above for the last 60 hours of the baccalaureate degree, and (c) a graduate GPA of 3.75 (if a previous master's degree has been earned). We look for experience in both research and counseling, and we are committed to training a culturally diverse group of students. Mean GRE score percentiles for students admitted in recent years typically fall between 75-90."
  15. brontebitch

    Buffalo poetics?

    I will be starting at UB in the fall, and while I'm not in poetics, I would be happy to chat about why I chose the program and what I liked about the visit event. I think I faced a similar problem as I articulated my interest in poetics (Victorian and Modernist) in my SOP but was not gearing my app towards the poetics program. The general English PhD and the Poetics department are clearly extremely connected though, from what I could tell. I applied to UB as a Victorianist but was interested in Buffalo particularly because I want to branch out into Modernist poetics (and hopefully connect the two). From what they told me, this made me a very interesting and exciting candidate, so I think they're very welcome to people who already have an articulated interest that want to branch out into something else! EDIT: I also want to say that many in the Poetics department are also creative writers with MFA degrees, which I am not, so that was one of my reasons for not explicitly articulating interest in participating in the Poetics program. Obviously those students are still interested in and complete critical work, but it seemed like there MIGHT be an expectation for those in Poetics to be in those workshops??? I'm really not sure -- someone else could probably speak more to this, but that was my impression, and maybe something to consider.
  16. LordQuas

    Buffalo poetics?

    Hey, I'm probably applying to UB for the poetics program. Maybe psychoanalytical program, but most likely poetics. I'm in the same boat because though I'm most experienced in poetry, the avant-garde stuff doesn't really float my boat. I really don't think it will work against you. I've spoken to a student who currently goes there and though we didn't directly speak about her academic interests, she implied that before entering she wasn't really into the avant-garde stuff either. I know hgtvdeathdrive is attending in the fall. Maybe they could speak to this better than I can.
  17. Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior and I am hoping to pursue a PhD in Political Science Fall 2020. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to apply so I was hoping some people here had wisdom to share! I'm interested in development as well as democracy/citizenship with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. How much are letters and experience worth over say, the GRE? Does anyone have any schools in mind? College: Top 50 liberal arts college GPA: 3.95 Class rank: top 4% (hoping for Phi Beta Kappa) Major GPA (Political Science): 4.03 // Minor in history and certificate in International Development GRE: Haven't taken it yet LOR: 3 Tenured professors (including advisor who I co-authored with) Awards: Phi Sigma Alpha, award for junior politics major, Omicron Delta Kappa, Newman Fellow (National civic engagement fellowship), Biehl Fellow (grant to conduct research abroad in the summer); Candidate for honors (my school is weird we have to do our thesis and get distinction in the comps for honors) Experience: co-authoring publication with tenured faculty on mental health policy in Africa (Co-Presented at ISA in Toronto); RA for 1 year (2 by the time I graduate) (NVivo and SPSS work for another publication); currently doing independent research in Ghana (interviewing civil society groups and Members of Parliament on gender-related bill) Internships: USAID program in Ghana; Johns Hopkins/Makerere University HIV/AIDS program in Kampala, Uganda; Philanthropy intern Languages: Italian (native), English (Fluent), French (working on it); Twi/Akan (very basic but I am working on this too..) Thank you so so much! PS: Have taken research methods (A) and statistics (B) but I have to admit maths is not my strength (although I'm not awful at it either!) SO any programs with a more qualitative methods focus would be great!
  18. SocialWERK2019

    Canada MSW 2019

    Oh my gosh congratulations!! This is keeping me hopeful, thanks for sharing! Edit: Oh sorry I didn't realize you said the two year program, still, that's awesome that you got in!
  19. Aline1995

    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Does anybody know how the elongation of the scholarship work? How long does it take until they let us know if we are funded for another year?
  20. PsychedSloth

    University of Nevada, Reno (UNR)

    I was accepted for the Master of Public Health program!
  21. I can't speak for every program, but in the programs I'm familiar with (all in the humanities), the admissions committee typically doesn't even read application materials until after the submission deadline. The sciences might be a different story, but for English programs it shouldn't make any difference whatsoever whether you hit submit the day things are due or a month beforehand.
  22. If you're looking to keep up to date on CFPs, this site is good as well. I generally look at UPenn's and this one. Best of luck!
  23. SC-MSW 2019

    Canada MSW 2019

    Congratulations on getting off the waitlist for York and for getting a promotion at work! I am a current BSW student at York and I will be doing the Full-Time Advanced Standing MSW at York in September York's MSW is a very progressive program which focuses on Critical Social Work, social justice, advocacy, and research. York focuses on challenging macro societal issues and systems of oppression. A lot of critical thinking and self-reflection is used throughout their Social Work programs, however, like you mentioned, Clinical Social Work practice is not a main focus in the program. You could get some exposure to Clinical Social Work practice by taking York's MSW electives. This year they are offering electives in Mindfulness and Just Relations in Social Work and Narrative Therapy and Critical Social Work. In the summer they have an elective called Group Facilitation and Social Justice which is somewhat more practical than some of the other electives. They also have a wide variety of other electives to choose from throughout the entire year, but they fill up quickly. At York we will have to do a 50 page practice based research paper that takes a year to complete. There are two classes throughout the year which help us throughout the research process and they are graded as a pass or fail. There also is a large emphasis on Marxism and Foucault in the MSW. In my opinion, it seems like York's MSW program will offer students new learning and would prepare us to be progressive Social Workers. All full-time MSW students receive a fellowship that's worth $10,000! Financially, York is an excellent choice as no other school provides this amount of funding to their MSW students. As for placement, York does have some hospital and school board connections, however, there wouldn't be as many clinical options like U of T. From what I've heard, York does have a good variety of placements predominantly in the Toronto, Vaughan, and Scarbrough area. This of course varies each year. We have to do a generic cover letter and resume in addition to filling out an online application with our population and social work practice interests. York matches us with a placement and then they arrange for students to go for interviews. There always is the option to do a certificate in a specific type of counselling after the MSW. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to employers where you did your MSW, so it's really up to you if you want to do the MSW at York. Hope this helps!
  24. MettaSutta

    Healthline & NAMI Stronger Scholarship

    Did anyone hear back? Website said results would be out today.
  25. alfredandozzie

    Am I Being Too Ambitious?

    Hi, I'm just looking for some realistic advice. I graduated this May with a BA in Art History and Anthropology. My long term goals are to become a curator, preferably for a mid-range college museum or gallery. I am looking to apply to grad school for Fall 2020 admission. I am in the fairly early stages of exploring programs though I have a pretty good idea of what I want from a program. I am focused on modern to contemporary art (basically 1960s onward). I haven't nailed down my specific geographic focus between African and Western so I am open to programs with focuses on both regions. I am leaning towards Western art simply because I am a white woman and the African art field seems to be flooded with people like me and that gives me pause. Regardless, the programs that appeal most to me are top ten to top 20 programs, however, I think it's important that I stay realistic with my goals so I don't end up wasting a bunch of time and money on programs that I have no chance of getting into. Essentially, I went to a low-level state school (in the UNC system) and had a really crappy first year so I ended up with a 3.3 overall GPA. Luckily I didn't discover Art History until my second year so my Art History GPA is 3.85. But I haven't really done any research outside of class and I didn't graduate with any form of honors. I do have 2.5 years of experience in the museum field and I am hoping to work or intern in the field during the intermittent year before I enter school. The majority of my experience is within registration however and I have no curatorial experience as of now. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I expect I will do well as I a fairly good at standardized tests. I know I have at least two very strong recommendation letters and a third that should also be fairly strong. The programs that really appeal to me are Williams, Columbia, Bard, NYU, CUNY, Tufts, and the University of Bologna has a very interesting program taught half in English and in French. The idea of completing a terminal MA prior to a PHD appeals to me for the chance to bump myself up a bit. Basically, how ambitious can I be? Sorry for the long read, I really hope someone gets back to me. Thanks in advance!
  26. ChristoWitch87

    HDS MTS no longer requires GRE. Thoughts?

    I think the GREs are most important for folks with low GPAs (to alleviate doubts about academic potential) and who convey commitment to using the MTS as a stepping stone to the Ph.D (to convey promise for future doctoral admissions). I speculate social justice/NGO/lay ministry types are evaluated more on what they have done and what they can contribute to the incoming class than numbers.
  27. Hello! I recently got off the waitlist for SFSU's master's program, and I'd really love some feedback from anyone who's attended the program! If you've attended it, could you please give me some thoughts on your experience? Specifically, I've heard several people mention that the department is somewhat disorganized, and I'd like to know if that has impacted you negatively. Thank you!
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