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  5. Really this won't make or break you either way. The GPA on resume is redundant and unnecessary. It is a waning practice overall and is usually used only by young professionals when they need to fill a page. Grad school apps have that info in your transcripts, and in non-academic professions, they don't care. At most, they care about the classes (as mentioned above), often they just care about the degree. It's not really a big deal either way though. If you do include one, do both as suggested above. If you want to include neither, it won't really matter.
  6. Hi all, Thanks in advance for any advice!! I will have a master's and a PhD in Neuroscience and a masters in general psychology from UK universities when I apply for clinical psych PhDs in the US. I am American but have been living abroad for some time. In order to pursue the mixed clinical/ research career I'd like in the US, a Clinical PhD seems my best option now. My questions are (1) can programs waive requirements such as a Master's thesis (or perhaps more!) when a student enters with an acceptable non-counseling degree?, and (2) would this be an appropriate thing to contact admissions departments about? I don't want to appear overconfident about getting in whatsoever by already asking to bypass some of their typical degree requirements, but given that I've already spent so many years in higher education, I'd really like to avoid doing unnecessary, redundant work. I'd rather spend time doing research for publication rather than going through the motions with specific thesis requirements. The APA website also says "some doctoral programs will accept students for respecialization as a part of their regular doctoral training group" which made me hopeful that perhaps some programs might be accommodating. Any suggestions of specific programs? I know there are APA-accredited respecialization programs but I do not believe I am eligible for these given that my PhD is in neuroscience rather than psychology (per one admission advisor, and even though my field is neuropsychology specifically). The cost of those programs is not something I'm in a position to take on either. Thanks again for any insights!!
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  9. How to email a lab you want to join

    I would highly advise against doing that. Again, faculty do not have a direct "you're in" power in the admissions. They can, if they really like you, help bring your application some attention, but that is it. What you risk by going all out is either potentially annoying her (ruining your chances), or getting a "I'd like to have you in, I encourage you to apply" which again doesn't mean anything. If you were only going to apply because of this one person, I would advise applying to the school in general. Every school you apply to should have at least 3+ (some advise minimum 5+) faculty members you'd like to work with. Setting yourself up with only one can cause a lot of problems now and in the future.
  10. How to email a lab you want to join

    yeah man i run 2 polyclinic in my country, i wanted to work in Neurodegenerative diseases, I donot think i will apply if she is not taking me to her lab. i think I will ask her the question boldly.
  11. How to email a lab you want to join

    yeah, honestly with your mindset, I think the best action would be not to even think of her. Assume she will do absolutely nothing, and apply and plan with that mindset.
  12. How to email a lab you want to join

    shit man.....shit.....:(
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  14. Hello, I really need some advice on school selection. Please give me some advice. Greatly appreciate! Undergrad Institution: Large public school. Ranking #50-60 Major: Mathematics with actuarial science emphasis. Minor : Statistics and Econ. GPA: 3.05. (was a history major with very low gpa. switch to math and 3.5 junior and senior year gpa. Type of Student: Resident / Asian. GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 155 (English is not my first language) W: 4.0 Graduate institution: Private school ranking 90-100. Major: Applied Mathematics and statistics. GPA: 3.95 Research Experience: One year TA in undergraduate school. One year RA in graduate school. Several in school research projects with No publication. Courses: Taking about 30 comphensive Math&Stat courses through undergraduate and graduate. 90% are A. Activities or jobs: Worked as an actuarial analyst, strongly stat related. Did a couple of statistics/Data science internships in undergraduate & graduate. Passed three actuarial exams and strong SAS, R, SQL, VBA, JAVA...etc. Letters of Recommendation: Very strong two letters from two professors(director level) I have worked with. One from a statistics assistant professor knows me well. Programs applying: Statistics Ph.D Applied schools: U NC UIUC The university of Iowa NC state U MN Northwestern Rice University of Florida U Conn Michigan State University of Georgia George Washington University Can anyone give me some suggestion? what is my chance about getting into these schools? In addition, one of my professor I worked with was graduated from one of the school I applied, will it give me a better chance? Thank you so much!
  15. Can I apply to PhD and Masters of same program?

    I would say check the admissions pages--both the graduate admissions page and the specific program page--for each of the schools you're looking at. I'm in the same boat and I've found it varies; some schools are making me complete a separate application while it seems that others will consider (or forward?) my app to the MA program if they don't think I'm ready for the PhD. And when in doubt you can always reach out to admissions! Best to find out sooner rather than later Good luck!
  16. Who to ask for LORs?

    I would wait until at least Tuesday of next week (giving them a full week to respond) before I started gently pestering them again. I'd expect them to get back to you pretty quick though!
  17. Hi all, First post, so apologies if I'm doing something horribly wrong. I'm considering applying to PhD programs + MA programs as backups - But the problem is, my ideal MA programs are, of course, housed in the same schools as my ideal PhD programs. Can I apply to both programs at once? Is this looked down upon? I assume the same individuals are reading both applications - Do I jeopardize my PhD application by submitting a Masters app? Thanks! C
  18. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I'm applying to computational neuroscience programs, would love some feedback on my chances. I don't have any direct research experience in the field, (I've been working on some related industry stuff for two years). The research problems I'm interested in aren't the traditional domain of CS programs, so I'm trying to see if it's possible for me to make a move. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Computer Science SchoolMajor(s): Computer ScienceOverall GPA: 3.41 (Took over 20+ hrs/semester + grad classes)Position in Class: Tough to knowType of Student: Domestic Latino MaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 169V: 170W: 5.0Research Experience: See job experience - nothing directly related to computational neuroscienceAwards/Honors/Recognitions: I was employee of the month for my 100-person division once.Pertinent Activities or Jobs: I've been working as a software engineer at a Silicon Valley startup for the past two years. In that time, I've been promoted twice, (as fast as possible), and was a founding engineer on a team. I work a lot with AI, and our team focuses on an applied psychological research problem (we have relationships with prominent academic psychologists). I want to explore research questions related to the intersection of AI and neuroscience. My rec letters are extremely enthusiastic , 1 from a former manager, 1 from the head of a research division in the company, and 1 from a professor I work with in industry (different field). Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: Latino, relatively high-profile work (written about in NYT)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I took a grad computational biology class in college and got an A. I guess that means I have a little bit of track record in demonstrating interest on the biology side, which I hear is the limiting factor for computational people getting into the field. I've also read a couple of computational neuroscience textbooks in my free time.Applying to Where: Probably applying to: Stanford Berkeley UCSD Caltech NYU Columbia Might apply to: MIT (? looks like they don't take GRE into account which might sink my chances) Harvard (?) UT-Austin (?) safer schools (?)
  19. Programs strong in Marxist study?

    York University, which is in the Southern/East corner of Canada in Toronto (close enough to Northeast US) has a very strong Marxist presence at all levels of Sociology. It is basically a pre-req to be a Marxist scholar in order to be a professor here. Think about it! Tuition for international students is expensive, but funding opportunities are great and still probably cheaper than any American institution.
  20. If this CV is going to be used for a graduate school application, you should either put both or none at all. Putting only your graduate GPA will draw attention and I know that would cause me to immediately flip to your undergraduate transcript to see what you are hiding. I would leave them both off because it does nothing to enhance your application, they will already have access to your academic history. Utilize this space to talk about courses that you took at each institution that's relevant to this new degree you are seeking. - Admissions Track
  21. Communication with prospective PhD advisors

    Hey fallfish, If you've already asked all of the questions you had and the profs left it on a good note, there is no need to reach out again imo. Instead, reach out and let them know when you've submitted the application and thank them again for taking the time to speak with you before. This puts you in their minds closer to when applications will be reviewed and doesn't take up more of their time needlessly. As for your second question, I'm fairly certain the chances of a prof telling you you'll get in just as long as you apply is slim to none. One professor rarely has the ability to make admissions decisions alone and it would be irresponsible of them to promise something when they have no way to actually guarantee it happens. That being said, professors can say things that indicate they think you are a strong applicant or would like to work with you if you do apply (and are accepted/choose to go there). Just today I spoke with a professor who told me point blank they want me to apply to the program and would be excited to work with me if I go to their program. Again, this is not a guarantee of admission, but is a good indicator that our conversation went well and that I can mention this prof in my SoP. Hope this helps!
  22. Hey everyone, I am applying next fall to Econ PhDs, shooting for something in the top 15. I had a 3.8 in undergrad in International Affairs - although had a B+ in a Principles of Macro class, and I'm finishing up a Master's in Development Economics with a 3.9 including a few A+'s in upper level theory and econometrics classes. 95th percentile quant GREs. About 2 years of solid RA experience and an internship at a leading development research group. My math backround is as follows: A in Calc for Business and Economics (UG), As in several statistics courses (UG), A in Elementary Linear Algebra (UG), A in Introduction to Formal Methods (UG), A- in Real Analysis (Graduate), A- in Math for Economists (Graduate). I decided to take Calc III this semester despite never really going through the normal calc sequence to try to check the calc box for admissions committees, and the class is killing me!!! I think that there is a very small chance I'll get anything more than a C. My question is how much would a W hurt my application? Given time and money constraints I won't be able to take another calc class before its time to apply next fall. Thanks for any advice you have.
  23. NATO Internship

    can anyone recommend what other similar program to NATO is out there to apply for?
  24. Could someone PRETTY PLEASE critique my first GRE practice essays??

    Before I provide feedback on this essay, remember that I am NOT someone who grades GRE essays and therefore my evaluation should be taken with a grain of salt. I would rate this essay either a 3.5 or 4 based on the following description of these scores: "Provides competent analysis of ideas; develops and supports main points with relevant reasons and/or examples; is adequately organized; conveys meaning with reasonable clarity; demonstrates satisfactory control of sentence structure and language usage, but may have some errors that affect clarity." Some of your language use seems sloppy (ex. much more quickly) and I am personally not a fan of the dashed parenthetical. Your argument is sound, but I don't think you've thought through the nuances present. Based on the prompt, this is an argumentative essay so I was expecting to see a structure of: Introduction, Argument 1, Counter Argument, Argument 2, Conclusion. Rather than taking an all or nothing approach when choosing a side, try thinking through each side and seeing if there is a compromise in the middle that would allow for environmental protection while also instigating economic growth.
  25. Opinions on SDSU SLP Essentials Program

    Did you end up taking courses through the SDSU SLP Essentials program? I am facing the same dilemma currently. I'm hoping that the 8 classes they currently offer will fulfill all the prerequisites for the various cal states, but it looks like I may need a few more than what they offer. I'm really curious to speak to someone who has completed some courses through this program.
  26. EALC 2018

    In addition to the schools you mentioned, I would also consider the M.A. programs at Berkeley, Yale, and Stanford. They all offer fellowships to some (but not all) entering students. The support ranges from partial support up to a full ride including stipend. Good luck with your applications!
  27. What could I do with my program?

    I’m currently a first-year PhD student in institution A who also holds an MA degree in Philosophy. During my application season this year, my final decision was between institution A and institution B. I was slightly inclined to choose A over B. However, B has a very flexible policy of credit transfer which was very attractive to me. I then asked the DGA at A whether I could request some credit transfer from my previous institution. The DGS told me that my request needs the approval of the whole department but he/she thought that it was highly likely that it would be fully approved. In addition, the credit transfer is not something unprecedented. Based on what he/she told me, I ended up choosing A. I didn’t hear back from them on the issue for almost five months. Several days ago, the DGS told me that they cannot grant my request. If that information had been available to me earlier, I should have ended up choosing B over A. Given that I have already enrolled in A, what could I do? Any advice would be appreciated.
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