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  2. Where Top-Tier PhD Students Got Their BA/MA

    While I'm sure top school --> top grad school is likely the norm, there are outliers--myself included. I attended an unranked state school in the middle of nowhere and am attending a Top 15 program. The culture of a top private university is my biggest adjustment, which is probably why top school --> top grad school is more likely--it's pretty self-selective since these students have support built into their undergrad experience (e.g. Mellon Mays, Summer Research, access to funding, leading scholars, etc) to nurture them towards attending grad school. During a low point in the academic year, I asked my adviser why I was accepted. At our following meeting, they pulled up my application with the admissions committee's comments, and apparently, they were excited to accept a student with my unique background. All of this is to say that the stats don't tell the whole story.
  3. I had posted about this earlier but now giving some details: I am giving an interview for GATES Cambridge wherein I have been selected for the PhD in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies. However, the supervisor I have been assigned, her primary area isn't what my proposed research is about and the entire department itself is Social sciences oriented. My proposed research is Cultural studies/Interdisciplinary in nature and they selected me because I bring something new to their Department. The PhD here is for three years. Now, I also have a fully funded option of going to a Cultural Studies PhD in Queens University Canada with an impeccable supervisor and also Canadian universities are doing the kind of work I am interested in. The supervisor's interests are in Transgender studies and Cultural production, and I want to work in the same with the field being South Asia. It's a game between course and prestige. What matters more? If I get through GATES, should I go for Cambridge despite the fact that the supervisor isn't as apt as Queen's (no comparison, really). Does ranking of a uni matter more than the supervisor? I personally feel I did a mistake of applying to Cambridge, which doesn't really have academics working in trans/queer theory as much as "small" universities do. They selected me probably because My research is the first of its kind for their department. As of now, it feels they need me more than I need them. Please help me out. As of now, I am leaning towards Queens. Being a GATES scholar is tempting, but will it be worth it?
  4. Fulbright 2018-2019

    Germany ETAs, here is a FB group for you to join!
  5. I am a first-year student at TC and would be happy to answer specific questions that any of you may have!
  6. 2017-2018 Application Cycle

    The application process is quite the stressful marathon; hang in there!
  7. PhD Final Decision Thread Fall 2018

    OISE at University of Toronto for developmental psych
  8. NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Oddly enough, the maintenance period did change a bit. From 10pm to 8am now..
  9. CSULB MSW fall 2018

    One of my co workers was accepted in July and started in Aug couple years ago. Dont lose hope.
  10. Hi all, I am a junior year student thinking about applying for a finance/economics phd program and I need advice on how to improve my profile/what schools to apply for. Here is my background: Undergraduate: Top 10 US Ivy, major in applied math and minor in econoimcs, GPA 3.8 Research interest: macro-finance, behavioral finance, asset pricing GRE: haven't taken Math/engineering courses: Linear Algebra, ODE, PDE, dynamical systems, probability/stats, stochastic process, optimization, financial engineering, real analysis, numerical methods Econ courses: micro/macro, econometrics, financial econ, behavioral finance, game theory, time series. Research experience: currently writing a thesis on macro-finance, under the supervision of a young econ professor and an operations research professor. Also doing a project with an adjuct faculty in operation research on data science. Also will do a summer research in finance in a top quantitative hedge fund which is very academic. Recommendation: one from thesis advisor, an operations research professor slightly related to finance/econ, one from an econ professor who guided my thesis. Potential third one from the adjuct data scientist I worked for but I am concerned with the weights of a LOR from an adjuct faculty. Here is my concerns: 1. I am thinking of working 1-2 years in investment industry doing research since it can open my eyes and find more interesting/realistic topics to do research. How hard is it to go back to phd program in finance after working in the industry for a couple of years? 2. None of my professors seems to have a strong influence in finance research. Should I switch to another well known professor but may not know me too well? 3. Any suggestions on the type of schools I should apply for? I am aiming for top 10 financial econ programs, with Booth, NYU stern and Harvard being my top choice. Am I being to ambitious? Thanks.
  11. Master of teaching OISE 2018

    March 23rd and still not a thing.. this is truly getting ridiculous.
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  13. Hey! I am reconsidering my NUS decision so I just wanted some help with a decision between HKS and NUS MPP. Can somebody tell me the qualitative difference between how job prospects are at both and whether HKS will provide for a better career trajectory as compared to NUS? Are there specific benefits at HKS (other than brand value) which I should consider? The trade-off is me taking a hefty loan to finance both tuition and stay at Harvard versus scholarship I already have at NUS. Thanks!
  14. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Kelly, Indiana University? definitely Kelly! better research group and ranking! more suitable for academia than McCombs
  15. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hey everyone, In my sleuthing for clues as to where they are at with admissions for U of C's 1 year clinical MSW, I came across a certificate program that would be a good fit for folks who are not accepted but still want to attend U of C (see below). It seems like they are changing their MSW program so that you may earn a certificate in one of the 3 MSW specializations, and that those classes could count towards an MSW if one successfully is accepted into their MSW program. I don't know if that makes sense, but the website explains it better than I can. I plan to apply if I am rejected from U of C.
  16. UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    I'll be in the psych department at UCLA!
  17. Where can I find latest research in all fields

    No such thing exists. Different fields disseminate their knowledge in different ways. In some, most work is uploaded to repositories such as arXiv (the linguistic equivalent is LingBuzz), but at the end of the day you need to peruse the TOCs and contents of the major journals in each field, and stay informed about the work presented at major conferences, to stay on top of what's going on in a certain (sub)field. It's utterly impossible to do this for all fields and subfields. One needs to specialize in something -- both to know what venues to look at (major journals, conferences, repositories), and simply to keep up with the amount of new knowledge that's being generated every day.
  18. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Thank you for sharing this information, heather.m! They're still going through applications... I wonder how many applications they received this year. I can't handle the suspense for another 3 weeks... But I still believe some admission offers have to be sent out before mid-April because many applicants have to make a decision about which admission offer they'll accept before mid-April. If U of T won't send out admission offers before mid-April, many applicants will have already accepted offers from other schools by the time they hear back from U of T. U of T shouldn't want to miss those applicants. As cat_not_kitty also said, 2 year applicants don't have to select our streams (admissions office said it's okay to indicate our intended streams on our applications though), so I think our desired streams aren't important factors when they process our applications. I think I'll just try to forget about my application and keep myself busy
  19. 1. Amount of debt incurred 2. Research labs in areas that are of interest to you That is the order in which I would make my evaluations for choosing.
  20. MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    Still awaiting word from Georgia State University for Painting/Drawing...
  21. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hey there! It was actually a two day event, both yesterday and today. My overall impression was quite positive; one of the best pieces was seeing how the different concentrations all mesh with each other and build off of one another's ideas. This was even evident in the admitted students! I'm in the SBS concentration, but I was finding plenty of research similarities with other students in Nutrition and Epidemiology especially. It's definitely valuable to know that I could jive well with both the current and admitted students. As for the faculty and staff, they were nothing short of wonderful. Obviously, this is an event where they are putting on their best show, but you could still tell that the underlying vibe was genuine. They were very open in fully explaining curriculum during the first semester (being that it is pretty much set in stone aside from one class), the financial package, life in Boston, and everything else that people had questions on. The biggest thing they drove home was the notion of impostor syndrome; that some of us might feel as if we don't belong because it is Harvard. And you know, they were very good about not only making us feel welcome, but also showing that each and every one of us did belong. Let me know if you have further questions!
  22. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    Congrats! What school?
  23. MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    Loook man! Follow your gut! Think what school do you see yourself at and choose the first that comes to mind... that’s what I did. I had full rides and amazing stipends to various schools but i chose the school I wanted to go to the most from the beginning. The one I first think about
  24. Playwriting MFAs

    @MFAInDissaray I'm in the same boat. If they don't reject anyone until their top candidates accept, that's annoying. Or if we're on a wait list, I wish they'd just tell us that Also, I just discovered emoticons on gradcafe are extremely limited! Update: I just checked the grad cafe results page and someone received notice of rejection from Hunter today. So if we are rejected, I assume we will also hear shortly.
  25. Thanks! Could you tell me something that you've heard? I also heard that RCA is going downhill recently... however, among my choices, I think RCA is most close to my work direction ... Sooooo hard to make a decision
  26. Hey everyone, So when I initially joined gradcafe and went through the list of forums and subforums, I was astonished to find that so many academic disciplines exist in the world. I am keen to keep myself updated about latest research in all disciplines. As I like to read and gain knowledge. So I wanted to know is there any particular website or app which lists latest research developments(such as Journal articles, PhD thesis from top universities, Articles from influential scholars in the field, Review Articles etc. etc.) in all fields(Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Pure Sciences, Humanities etc.) and subfields. Thanks in advance
  27. Schools of Social Work - Canada

    Yeah, in terms of being progressive, McGill is getting there but I believe that there are more progressive schools of social work elsewhere in Canada.
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