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  2. A friend of mine was in a situation where he finished the PREP, did not get into a PhD program and ended up applying to a fully funded Master's program. You'll be fine.
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  4. Thanks. You are right. I am unhappy with my career. In applying for jobs I often get shortlisted but never hired, so I feel there’s something missing in what they are looking at. Perhaps another masters could serve as an extra push, and also widen the job options that I can apply to, or ultimately learn a few tricks and go the self employed route, or public service. Though I don’t know how I can recoup the tuition with a public servant’s salary. But he, I think a vigorous job search should run parallel to my school applications.
  5. I'm sorry, but claiming that it's not possible, or unlikely, to be able to get good letters of recommendation at Berkeley or UCLA as an undergraduate is just so far from the truth, it's not even worth further discussion.
  6. @Aremt The language test you have submitted wasn't for the English right!! but was it for the original language (mothertongue) or the additional language (second)?
  7. Hello everyone, I wanted some advise on whether I should pursue a neuroscience PhD at MIT given that I have no background in neuroscience. I'm mainly interested in solving problems on brain diseases and wanted a degree in neuroscience to complement my engineering background for my career. My background: I have three degrees in electrical/mechanical engineering (a bachelors, plus MIT two master's degrees). GPA: not the greatest undergrad GPA (below 3.0/4.0) but much better grad school GPA (4.8/5.0). My hesitations: no neuroscience background, no papers published in the area (obviously), and my undergrad GPA was much less than ideal What might help: I already have a couple of degrees at MIT, my GPA was much better in grad school, and I worked at several neuroscience labs part-time for about 3 years during my time as a student here, mostly learning the basics like how to run brain scans, dissecting mice and imaging their brains, etc. I also have a couple of bioengineering papers coming out soon (no bio background, just got lucky with an opportunity that needed my engineering skills). I'm also hoping to use my engineering degrees and years of industry engineering experience as leverage as most neurosci labs I worked in were eager to have me there because of my engineering skills. So, given the info, do you think I have a shot at a PhD in neuroscience? Or should I even bother? I'm thinking of applying to MIT (and maybe Harvard). If you think I should apply, do you have any suggestions on how I can make my application look stronger (what to focus on in my essay, test scores to aim for in my GRE, etc.). Thanks in advance!
  8. How much does GPA matter in applying to grad school? If I am a few years out of undergrad, and have a low GPA, but in the meantime have been doing research/science related work, how do I know when the right time to apply is? / what are my chances of being competitive with a low GPA?
  9. Got results for Queen’s last week (not sure if this is all of Queen’s - but got results from my department)
  10. I just love science and that is all I can say.
  11. I don't know if doubling down on your attack on someone doing his level best to make a good decision makes your post any more credible. IME at Cal, most of the instruction of upper division courses was done by graduate students. It was my understanding that this practice was common throughout the College of Letters and Sciences. If your experience was different, please share that information. Also, if one were to spend an appreciable amount of time reading on this BB, one will find myriad examples in which aspiring graduate students learn that professors view their responsibilities differently.
  12. Salt Lake City UT is ideal without a car. I don't drive whatsoever and I can use TRAX, bus, and Uber for everywhere in the city!
  13. Hi Everyone! I will be applying to the non-bsw 2 year MSW at UofT. I received a B+ in an approved research methods course. Does anyone suggest maybe taking an Athabasca research course to upgrade? Has anyone done this? Will UofT look at the latest grade? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any insight into converting loans into work-study. On one hand, I like the idea of taking out less loans. On the other hand, I worry about finding the time to juggle all the things (internship, school, work, occasionally having a life lol, etc.) My program has class M, Tues, Fri and internship Wed, Thurs. If I accept work study, I would work about 17 hours a week. Logistically, I just don't see how that's possible unless I'm working and going to school the same days and/or working the weekends. Also, my course load would be 15-17 units. My number one priority would be my classes and getting assignments done. I need to figure out if I should accept work-study soon but really feel uninformed on making the decision! Any input would be appreciated
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  16. As far as filling basic psych requirements and helping you pass the Psych GRE, yes, the classes through a fully accredited state university like ASU should suffice. Many universities are offering online BS/BA degrees now. Just don't waste money on classes through one of those online for-profit unis like U of Phoenix
  17. I know someone who applied who had 6 years of experience working in the field and was denied. But then I also know someone who got in with 6 years of experience. I think there gpa made the difference especially on the research and stats course the school requires. Like most masters of social work program it is competitive and they really look and the type of experience one after completing there bsw and there education background. Strong references are also important.
  18. I am a recent graduate so I have 700 hours from my placement at a foster care agency. I have experience volunteering for multiple crisis lines like Kids Help Phone for over a year now. Experience as a teaching as assistant for 2 years. Also have work and volunteering experience working with seniors running programs. As well as one to one work with people living with physical and mental disabilities. While most of my social work experience is volunteer based I got hired at my placement so I am now working in the social work field full time. By the time September 2021 comes along I will have over a year of experience with my agency. I have a pretty high average in my social work program and especially in my last 2 years. I went to york and they have a 9 point gpa scale. Went I applied I had a 8 point average with A’s or B+’s in all my courses. U of T is the most competitive school. They have the most people applying from all over ontario and other places in the world. They take around a 100 or so students. If you are applying to advanced they have specializations. I’m not sure how many they take from each specialization but when I talked to the Gracie heads they said the child and family program is the most popular. Which just so happens to be the one I want to do. Hope this helps!
  19. I applied for the UC Berkeley online MPH program before the May 1 deadline. Does anyone know the average time it takes to receive an admission status? The website says 6 to 8 weeks but was curious if anyone received an answer in a shorter time period. Thanks for any feedback.
  20. R and Python are probably the most robust and intuitive. They are both also open source. I would say either is a good choice to learn, and probably pretty popular among faculty if you need assistance with programming. This can vary though by department area within the business school.
  21. Hello everybody! Anyone who got the scholarship for MSc (winter semester) and recieved any communication from DAAD saying they would change the dates of the Letter of Award? in my case, I was about to take a language course in Leipzig in August - September 2020 before my master, but the language course switched to virtual (just like the Dreutsch-Uni Online DUO). In this case, anyone who recieved any update? And... anybody going to TU Dresden? Forest Sciences? Best wishes to everybody! Carlos
  22. This is a very, very, silly assumption. Writing LORs is part of every professor's job, how do you think undergraduates get into top programs? They get letters from top scholars. How do they get them? They take their classes, they do independent studies with them, they get them to advise their senior theses, and they work as RAs for them. Of course good undergraduate students get good letters from top scholars at top programs. As for where you should go, I'm less bullish on this than other people here. It's more about what you do while you're there than which one you go to; they both have fantastic political science programs, with good faculty, and with plenty of undergraduates that end up getting into top PhD programs from both. If it were me? I'd go to Berkeley because it's a better school in the general sense, but I don't think I'd make this decision based strictly on a criteria of political science programs.
  23. Hi there! Welcome to GradCafe. There is a GRE subforum under "Applications" where people typically post these kinds of things.
  24. Yes, because it is important to your research trajectory, not because you are defensive about the number.
  25. Hi y'all! As I've said elsewhere, I don't have an academic background in psychology, so I was planning to take a few classes through ASU's online program to meet basic requirements (Intro to Psych, Statistics, Research Methods, Abnormal Psych), giving me 25 credits. I know that online courses are generally not seen as favorably as in-person classes, but given the current COVID situation, do you think these would be acceptable to check those boxes, assuming I do well in them? Thanks!
  26. A way to answer your question is to look at the CVs of academics who work where you want to work. Can you find a pattern that indicates graduates of Cal--the crown jewel of the University of California system, and premier public university in all the known multiverse--get better jobs than graduates of the lowly second rate school in Los Angeles? (I say "jobs" rather than admission to graduate programs because ultimately it is about getting a job.) FWIW, in my experience, the cache of graduating from Cal can be breathtaking. Professors have sat up in their chars upon learning I went there. (Of course, I started talking and they went back to doodling.)
  27. Thanks for the input - this is encouraging:) I think I'll take my chances with the GRE score, as I hate ETS and do not want to feed their money making machine any longer. Definitely will look into taking analysis in the fall!
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