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  2. bibliophile222

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I really hate cleaning my house (actually a small one bedroom apartment). I know most people don't like cleaning, but they still just seem to do it regularly and keep their places nice. I have no willpower and have to wait until it gets awful. I literally had to watch two episodes of Hoarders to get the motivation to clean my bedroom, and I still stopped partway through to pretend to be productive by ordering a bookcase (much needed, but still...) I've made great improvements with my chronic procrastination over the years, but cleaning is the final frontier. If I ever strike it rich, the first thing I'm doing is hiring a maid.
  3. I would find out if there are tensions between the career paths of a graduate of either program and the practice of art history in the Ivory Tower. Will a degree from profit seeking institutions close doors in the academic world?
  4. daspyki

    How did you do well on the GRE?

    My results just came in. V161 Q163 AWA4.0. Preparation duration ~45days. I went through magoosh vocabs (Common & Basic) for the first 15 days with continuous article reading from aldaily (1 article/day). I was pretty confident in my maths skills so it was pretty easy for me to brush up my quant ability, completed one module per day from magoosh. Verbal was very tough for me as a non-native speaker, so I had to focus really hard on my english for the last 20ish days: Lots of article reading and problem solving + magoosh videos as well as revising my vocabs (After completing the magoosh common and basic decks, check greg mats list of vocabs). The most important thing in my opinion is to practice both maths and verbal Every Single Day. I was pretty bummed with my quant score which was my own fault for not practicing my maths in the final few days. For AWA, practiced four essay writings in practice test sessions (Followed greg mats instructions). Finally use the practice tests very wisely and don't skip the writing sections. It really helps building up the stamina to sit through the 3.5 hours long exam.
  5. Sigaba

    How do PhD students usually spend their summers?

    If one is going to take time off, maybe figure out ways to square the circle--a mix of days of doing what ever one wants with zero studying and days of spending less than x hours of studying and thinking. Even casual conversations provide opportunities for critical thinking -- can you find ways to answer the question "How's school?" that would neither bore the asker nor disappoint a professor? If one has concerns about how the Powers That Be will regard one's plans for the summer, I would ask professors questions along the lines of "Here's my plan to work my butt off during the summer...do you have any suggestions on how I might improve it?" If Professor Xavier says "Make sure you take some time off for yourself" then consider taking time off for yourself. If Professor Logan shreds your plan (see what I did there?) and/or goes on and on about how hard he worked, then amend your plans accordingly. FWIW, I would advise against the frame of mind that you're not getting paid during the summer. If the terms of your stipend/fellowship include summer library use, tuition remission, and other benefits/amenities of your school, you are being compensated. And even if you're not, you are likely being held to a constellation of expectations centered around your professional development. Yes, many of these expectations are based upon gendered, cultural, and social assumptions that are unsustainable. However, until one's in a position to change the rules of the road, one should do one's best to drive by those rules. MOO, we're all competing against two people. The first competitor is the person we see in the mirror. What are we willing to do to maximize our potential? The second competitor is the person who gets the fellowships, grants, and jobs we want. What is that person doing right now? How does she balance the trade offs between her personal life and her intellectual growth? How does your best version of you stack up to her?
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  7. Sigaba

    Amazon Kindle for historians

    The answers to your penultimate question will be on a case by case basis; some files provide page numbers that correspond to the printed version of a work, others just give a location. Amazon has a cloud reader for Kindle at https://read.amazon.com/ . The ability to access it will depend upon each institution's IT policies. IME, some primary source materials will provide guidance on how to cite an ebook. The Chicago Manual of Style also provides guidance.
  8. rayray1

    GRE Essay - Please review!

    Prompt: SuperCorp recently moved its headquarters to Corporateville. The recent surge in the number of homeowners in Corporateville proves that Corporateville is a superior place to live than Middlesburg, the home of SuperCorp's original headquarters. Moreover, Middlesburg is a predominately urban area and according to an employee survey, SuperCorp has determined that its workers prefer to live in an area that is not urban. Finally, Corporateville has lower taxes than Middlesburg, making it not only a safer place to work but also a cheaper one. Therefore, Supercorp clearly made the best decision. Response: The following argument is flawed for numerous reasons. The arguement assumes that non-urban places are safer to live, that the number of homeowners in an area is indicative of how popular it is to live in that area; and that people always want to live close to where they work. The argument assumes that all non-urban areas are safer places to live then urban areas. Though this generalization may hold true in many cases, it is not always true. For example, some of the safefast places to live can be found within some of America's largest citites such as New York City and Chicago. This fact allows us to assume that some non-urban areas can actually be more dangerous to live in than some urban areas; meaning Corporateville could acutally be a less safe place to live than when compared to Middlesburg. If Corporateville is actually more dangerous than Middlesburg Supercorp could be losing potential employees that hold a safe work environment as a priority when seeking out a job. The arguement also assumes that an increase in number of homeowners is a reflection of how people feel about living in an area. However, this logic is flawed. Corporateville could be having a surge in the number of homeowners due to the fact that the housing market has crashed. If this were the case houses everywhere, not just in Corporateville, would be more affordable. Therefore, the surge in the number of homeowners seen in Corporateville could be occuring nationwide and not an indication of how people feel about living in that area. Lastly, the argument assumes that people want to live close to where they work. While a shorter commute can be enticing to many some people prefer to keep some distance between where they work and live. Just because someone may perfer to live in non-urban area they may enjoy working in the high paced environment that a city has to offer. By assumming all employees would prefer to live in the same area that they work Supercorp could be losing potential employees who prefer to keep their work like more separate from their personal life Because the argument makes several unwarranted assumptions it is not valid. Moving the headquarters from Middlesburg to Corporateville could have been a smart decision for Supercop to make but the reasons listed do not provide the support necessary to make this arugement valid.
  9. Sigaba

    Reasons for Rejection

    I would find a way to ask the questions informally. I would keep the questions phrased in terms of being a more competitive applicant. I would not expect specific answers to questions sent via email. Risk management is increasingly important. If Student A were told that his/her application materials for X, Y, and Z weren't up to standard, and later found out that other applicants had lower Xs, Ys, and Zs, there could be...controversy.
  10. Evelyn.D

    SJSU MSW Fall 2019

    @Britbree and @Pleasantnerd! I'm so sorry to hear about your rejections. Did you apply to other schools? Would you mind stating if you applied for the online program or the on-campus programs?
  11. Pacifist101

    PhD funding

    I want to add that while many schools don't offer good (or any) funding packages for master's students, there are some that do. I'm doing my master's now, and it's fully funded with a livable stipend and some funding for research. So if you're not sure about doing a PhD but may want to do a master's first, you could look around and find schools that would offer you funding. I had several offers from master's programs all of which were fully funded. Don't look for these offers at top-20 schools, because they generally only offer funding to PhD students, but check out schools that are lower ranked but support their MA students.
  12. With your profile, I would apply to mostly top 10 programs. I don't see reason not to apply to all of the top 10. I think undergrad institution counts for a lot - most people I know with decent GPAs from an ivy league school got into most of the schools they applied to. Btw I had a similar profile, feel free to PM me
  13. bibliophile222

    I failed my thesis.

    I know, I'm kind of worried. She hasn't been on for days, which is unusual! Hopefully she's just decided to take a break from Grad Cafe, but I am a little worried about her mental state right now and I hope she's okay.
  14. eracic14

    Any word from Valdosta State?

    I got accepted there april 29th via website and then I got a letter in the mail. I made a facebook group so please join if you were accepted for fall 2019. its called Valdosta State CSD Fall 2019
  15. palyndrone

    Reasons for Rejection

    You can definitely ask how to improve your application or if there were specific reasons for rejection. Whether or not you get a response will probably depend on the size of the program/how many applicants they get. If you got to the interview stage, they're probably more likely to tell you something useful.
  16. MARTINt

    Amazon Kindle for historians

    Hey there, Does anyone here work with a Kindle for research? I'm considering getting one but can't figure out how the pages go. Are you able to locate the page number of the printed edition through the device, for footnotes or references? Also, can you open ebooks from your library's website on it?
  17. ResilientDreams

    I failed my thesis.

    Oh no. I've been off GradCafe for a while. Is Adelaide gone??
  18. ssr12013

    WWS vs. SIPA

    Congrats! I'm sure WWS will be a great experience. I, unfortunately, didn't get off their waitlist so I'm heading to SIPA. Saving that money would've certainly been nice but, given that SIPA is a great fit for me on numerous fronts, I'm okay with making this investment and am very excited for the next two years. Best of luck at WWS
  19. nguyen16041

    Has anyone taken chemistry online?

    I have always struggled with chemistry, bio and all the other sciences are fine, I just have always found chem to be very dry... so that made the class a bit challenging so I could never focus. Thank goodness my professor just tested us by multiple choice - I knew some friends that had to actually had short answers 😂😂😂 GIRL, I wouldn't even know where to begin. But I mean.... Online was the easy route, I thank goodness I did that. 🙌🏼
  20. xypathos

    Claremont School of Theology and Process Studies

    To process theology/philosophy broadly, I'd take a look here - http://whiteheadresearch.org/relations/graduate-programs/ The website looks up to date at quick glance. I can only directly speak to Roland Faber (CST) and Catherine Keller (Drew). Keller took a student, I think, two years ago so she may be up for another student by the time you're applying (guessing for next Fall 2020?) CST/CGU is a really cool and fascinating school. Unfortunately, their financial aid for PhD students is, probably without any competition, the worst in the US. I've heard through the grapevine that their acceptance rate is high but it's because they're hoping to eventually get someone to come. They do have some generous scholarships but the competition is fierce and they've been known to skip over cohorts if they feel no one deserves it. On the plus side, there's a large number of schools in the area and I've been told their students generally have multiple adjunct offers once they're post-coursework. Does CGU still offer a joint MA/PhD? I think it's where you got the MA in Philosophy but did the PhD in Religious Studies. If you're looking at process thought seriously, I'd aim for applying to PhD programs at this point. Undergrad in the field and two M* is, generally, more than enough for a non-biblical studies field. Given the contemporary nature of the field, you'll certainly need reading ability in French and German, depending on the school. I'd focus on German though, enough so that even if you failed the translation exam, they could look at the score and see that you've at least started.* *I had a cohort member that was accepted that said (on their app) that they had an intermediate, almost strong reading ability in French. Their translation exam score suggested that if shown a passage in French and one in Arabic, they wouldn't be able to tell which was which. I exaggerate some but it's all the faculty could talk about for weeks. They were given 90 days to cram, they failed again, they were excused from the program. Not at all related to your situation but I still chuckle when sharing the story. Getting a job for everyone is hard, it is what it is. If this is where you feel called, do it for that and then sort the rest out. Depending on the school, you'd be eligible for philosophy of religion in a RS department, teaching theology, or some combo of philosophy and RS at a SLAC.
  21. Anyone else accepted into UNR?
  22. I took it online at ENMU. Easy A with a little bit of effort. Professor is super nice too. 10/10 do recommend. Let me know if you have any questions!
  23. Hey guys, briefly speaking, my defense date is after I-20 expiration date and the thing is my school offers early summer deadline when I don’t have to enroll for summer and I can graduate later after Spring graduation deadline (about 3 weeks after). Now, my question is that okay? I’ve already emailed my school’s ISS but I won’t hear from them till Monday.
  24. Carly Rae Jepsen

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Boy problems! Who's got em? I got 'em too!
  25. SR31

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone that has been waitlisted for Brock MPH has heard back from them regarding their admissions.
  26. PizzaGirl

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hi! Anyone who accepted an offer from Queens MPH still looking for a roommate? Also, is the June 14th orientation mandatory?
  27. I think you need to do more research on these programs and get a sense of the tangible outcomes, the instructors/professors, and alumni placement. I really don't know much about either program, but my impression is that they are very similar to the San Francisco culinary school I attended for six months after undergrad. After the first three months, I had the sinking feeling that the school was focused more on making money from people who were not perhaps savvy enough to do their research. Despite the school closing a few years ago, I have a crap load of loans related to my short stint there. I suggest that you do your due diligence before committing to any program that is not within a traditional academic setting. Again, I have heard virtually nothing about either program so I could be very, very wrong. In that case, I'd love to hear more from others in the forum.
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