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  2. littlet4lks

    Question about NYU?

    I saw on the website for NYU that it says that applicant need to have "A minimum 3.2 GPA in any communicative sciences and disorders foundation courses you have taken". I have a B in speech science, so should I bother not applying? I still have a 3.9 GPA.
  3. Nait

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    @ray92I haven't received anything official...and I'm starting my internship this week lol
  4. I had no posters/pubs and a terrible undergrad GPA. I got my Masters with a good GPA and had 2 years of research experience in two different labs, good letters of rec, my GRE scores were like 161 (Verbal) and 156 (Quant). Didn't get a ton of interviews but got accepted into a fully funded program. This was a few yrs ago.
  5. CoolRadOh

    FAFSA notification from school

    When should I expect to receive a financial aid award letter from my school with all federal financial aid that I qualify for? Im having a hard time planning for the fall because I don’t know how much money I will have.
  6. Hello all, If I get into a Ph.D in English Literature program, how important is it for me to keep my original research topic or field of study that I indicate during my applications? Does anyone have experience changing their topics during their program? I feel like I am unsure of myself and worried that changing my research plan will hinder me. Any advice or suggestions? Should I make sure the school in question has other areas of English that might interest me? Is it possible to change interests while doing coursework as well?
  7. Hey everyone What are some things you wish you had in grad school or are thankful that you currently have? Just trying to get ready like everyone else!
  8. SPEDucator

    Austin, TX

    I'd love info on this as well! I'm going down the second week in June to apartment hunt and can't tell if I am too early or too late! I agree. I think that they don't start until the 28th.
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  10. Futureslp2021$

    Yeshiva University - Commuting

    I may attend, but I'm currently on the waiting list. I'll be comming from Staten Island through public transportation.
  11. nwslp

    Speech@NYU/ Speech@Emerson online

    I got into speech@NYU and it seems like a really amazing option if you're looking for an online program. I managed to find people in the program on facebook and reached out to them, sounds like they feel super prepared in clinicals, feel supported by their classmates and do a lot of a facetime hang outs, and that the only downside is the cost. There isn't funding, when I asked about it she was like "oh here's a list of scholarships" but it wasn't anything internal it was just scholarships you could find from googling. I really, really considered it! Turned it down because of unrelated personal circumstances.
  12. nwslp

    How did you do well on the GRE?

    I did okay, I studied (sort of) but it's hard to really prepare for just sitting in a room for such a long time. I ended up with 158Q, 142V, and 4.0W. Have had a horrible application cycle but not sure my scores being higher would've changed anything!
  13. cityslp

    NYU FALL 2019- FB page?

    Hi! Any chance you were able to find a page? I'm also starting at NYU this fall and was wondering the same thing!
  14. Hi! Anyone have advice for resources to brush up on phonetics? I took phonetics in a linguistics department 5 years ago and, while I survived speech disorders in post-bacc, it was a struggle. Starting a grad program in August and wanna be ready!! Let me know
  15. Thanks so much. Yeah I always feel bad about my gpa because I did super well in my English courses but it doesn't really reflect with my gpa. I feel like I don't have a chance at getting a PhD but I kind of just want to go out it with my best foot forward you know? I''m glad to relate to someone and someone understands.
  16. Hi, I am a first-year Graduate Student in Chemistry at the University of Illinois Chicago. I got admitted here in Fall 2018. I basically work on MD Simulations. Now I got an offer to study Machine Learning at Cambridge for PhD with a very well-known professor. However, I am somewhat sceptical about moving to UK from USA since I am unaware of the grad life in UK. The monthly stipend at Cambridge is also quite less. Please offer me some advice. I seem clueless right now.
  17. Certification will be hard if you haven't student taught in middle or high school. You are better off looking for independent schools or charter schools that don't require certification. NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) has a job board that you can look at. Just a warning hiring season is at the tail end in the independent school world.
  18. Any word on length of time between interview and admissions decision?
  19. Yeah, I haven't heard from either department I'll be affiliated with. But I'm planning to email the DGSes soon to let them know about some conflicts with required orientation events. I imagine they would be the best point of contact for you as well!
  20. alexiacel

    ESCP vs ESADE ?

    I don't know much about ESADE, but I do know that ESCP has several campuses all over Europe and that it's one of the best business schools. ESCP's several well-distinguished campuses would give you an advantage in Europe, at least. For instance, if you study in the Berlin campus, you could easily come to Paris afterwards. But I'm not sure ESADE can give you the same sense of fluid mobility as ESCP.
  21. It seems like every program is different, so if I were you I’d probably email asking about my program’s particular timeline.
  22. draySLP1

    Online Statistics course for pre-requisites

    Here's a great resource for finding online classes: https://open.suny.edu/courses It lists all online offerings through NYS schools. I took stats and chem at SUNY Empire. It was a little pricier than community colleges but no prereqs and fully online. Good luck!
  23. Thank you for the info. NYU is quite valued in France, but I admit I would have hoped to get both my Sorbonne Master's and NYU's MPA... And I do have to drop out of Sorbonne's Masters, if I want to be guaranteed to receive a scholarship from Wagner. In any case, thank you for taking the time to provide me some indications!
  24. kaur96

    Canada MSW 2019

    Does anyone know what I should do? So about 2 weeks ago I contacted Windsor U about my app status still showing "waiting for confidential reports" since Feb. They told me that the system messed up by duplicating one of my referees so they fixed it and changed the status to "in process". And today when I tried to log in, the system is all blank and there's no app status nothing. This is getting quite frustrating and I have contacted the grad secretary about this. Does anyone know who else I should contact since it's getting out of control? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  25. Hi all, I formally accepted an offer during mid-April but have yet to hear anything else except for a congrats/talk to you soon message after I accepted. Should I reach out to the university or do programs typically wait a while to send out more info?
  26. psychasf

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    UCLA 🤩
  27. psychasf

    Should I retake the Psyc GRE?

    I would not re-take the test if you have a strong GPA and great research experience. I also got a 68% on the Psych Subject test and still got offers from top programs in the country. My understanding after going on many interviews is that schools care due to APA accreditation. Some schools will use your subject test score to waiver you out of certain APA requirements. I don't believe it's weighed as heavily as any other factor in your application. Some schools don't even require it.
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