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  2. Columbia Statistics Masters for PhD

    Thank you for your opinion. I guess I will wait for my other results for now.
  3. Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    Has anyone already heard/received the official admission offer from UC Berkeley Graduate Division, after getting info from CEE AAO? Thanks!
  4. Western Kentucky University

    Did you get a departmental email as well as the general grad school one? I got admitted but haven’t received anything about when I have to accept by?
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  6. Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    Um, hi guys. Anyone applied to UBC Vancouver's PhD programs? I did, and haven't heard back yet. I'm wondering if I should end my misery by just emailing the POI about my appln status. Is that a good idea? Or the ravings of a lunatic? I mean, I've already cycled through the 5 stages of grief three times, and I've braced myself for a rejection. But the wait is just killing me. Good luck to everyone here who's waiting for news from their dream schools!
  7. Fall 2018 Cycle

    Sup friends! Has anyone got the acceptance from UT Austin? Got my interview three weeks ago, but I still did not get anything. UIC sent me an admission recommentation from the department two weeks ago. However they told, that the office of admissions & records would confirm my admission by a separate email. Is it normal, that the official confirmation comes in a weeks? April is coming, I'm a little worried.
  8. Playwriting MFAs

    Got a request for interview from U. of Arkansas. Anyone heard from Ohio, Iowa, or Temple?
  9. 2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Has anyone heard back yet? Will everyone hear a yes or a no by the end of this week?
  10. "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    I've never had to make a school choice before. I only had one app in undergrad, and only got into one MS program last time I was applying. I more or less closed the door on one of my three options (on purpose). Now I'm looking at two, and both represent fairly different directions (engineering vs biological sciences). At this point I'm just going to write out all the pros/cons of each, maybe make some Venn diagrams, do a little dance, and hope that I have clearer vision of what I want. I really like my two choices, so at least that is a good problem to have.
  11. NYU Online Speech Pathology MS Program

    Hi! I'm currently in my 3rd semester of NYU online and enjoying it! I chose this program because I work full time and it accommodates my schedule. I didn't want to have to worry about all the hassles that come with an on-campus program such as commuting, parking, etc. since that takes away valuable study time. You watch pre-recorded lectures before your live session, which is once a week for an hour. There are both evening and morning classes. Office hours are held too, and professors are very prompt in responding to questions outside of class. I am definitely learning a lot and it is just as rigorous as any other program. Everyone in my cohort is so supportive of each other, and we have study sessions online and I find myself always texting/calling/facetiming classmates, so always remember you are not alone! Depending on where you live (@mliriano - I see that you're in NY?), you are bound to find other people in your cohort where you can meet up in person. I live around LA and have met several people in the program. For exams, we use a program called Proctor track. There is no live proctor on the other end, but this program flags any suspicious behavior such as going on your phone, opening a browser, off-screen glances, etc. Of course, because it is a fairly new program, some kinks are still being worked out, but honestly nothing deal-breaking. Overall it's been working out for me and I'm almost halfway done!
  12. MSW CSU 2018

    Hello everyone, I applied to CSULA, CSULB, CSUF, CSUDH, UCLA, and USC. I am waiting to hear back from CSUF, CSULB, and UCLA. How are you guys making decisions on where to go?
  13. Fletcher vs SAIS vs UCSD vs LSE

    I can’t speak to your specific program but I did go to UCSD for undergrad and can confirm the location is amazing, if you have any questions about the school in general I’d be happy to answer them!
  14. Columbia Social Work Program Fall 2018

    Congrats on Rutgers! Do you mind reminding me what program you were applying for? Possible stats or experience? Also, @doctormelody yes I have called twice! Been waiting since 11/30! Wild! Starting to be a big turn off...
  15. CU Boulder or Vanderbilt SLP

    I was extremely lucky and got into most of the schools I applied to for SLP/CSD/SLHS (rejected from the PhDs but got into all the MS programs), but this now means way more decisions to make. Financial reasons have eliminated several of my top choices so far but I still have a couple remaining and I don’t know what to do. Vanderbilt, while expensive, is one of the cheapest of my top choices due to the cost of living in Nashville (the other schools were in Boston), even while being an alternate for funding. It is an MS and the top ranked program so it is the obvious choice, and while I know their clinical placements are top notch, I will be visiting to determine that their research and vibe is a good fit for what I’m looking for. On the other hand, CU Boulder is a similar price (I think — does anyone have exact numbers for this?? Their site was confusing) and has offered to put me in their joint MA-PhD program, which takes away the PhD application process and expedites receiving both degrees (from my understanding, ~5/6yrs instead of ~7/8). The research is also spot on for what I want to do, and from speaking with who my advisor would be, I got a really good gut feeling. So the problem is I know I want to get a PhD in the future, but I’d just become okay with the fact that I’d only gotten into MS programs and was happy I’d be spending a few years working as a clinician first instead. Additionally, with Vanderbilt as the #1 program and Boulder as #24, does this reduce PhD opportunities in the future if I decide on Boulder but then end up dropping the joint program and only doing the MS for now? And finally, would Boulder not accept me again if I choose Vanderbilt for the MS and later decide to reapply to their PhD directly again in the more-distant future? Sorry this was lengthy and thanks in advance for any and all advice, I’m so so conflicted.
  16. Fall 2018 French

    @HomewardBound CONGRATS ON YOUR DECISION!!! Penn State is an absolutely outstanding program and I'm ecstatic for you!! That being said, I have also formally made my decision today! I'm going to tie together all of the administrative nuts and bolts over the next 24 hours, and then I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you all! <3
  17. Goldman vs. LKY

    Hi, I've been admitted to the Goldman school and LKY for the MPP and unfortunately haven't secured funding in either. I'm based out of India and have worked in Urban Governance for close to 6 years. I'm open to the kind of work I do after graduating but I'm not that keen on working in the states either given unstable visa situations and also because my spouse is based out of Bangalore. Graduate student debt is a real threat and I can only imagine the difficulty one can face in paying it off. That said, getting admitted to Berkeley was a dream come true and I'm trying really hard to make it work. I wanted to ask about LKY's future career prospects. I've heard contradictory things such as its great for South East Asia and also that Singapore work permits are extremely difficult. However, even with a loan, LKY is significantly cheaper than Goldman. I'm undecided how to proceed as I feel both schools represent very different life trajectories and I'm unsure of which one to chose. Any useful suggestions?
  18. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    @per4mance I went to CalArts for undergrad in acting so I can answer any Valencia related questions you may have. I'm from NYC and it's quite a culture shock. Is Travis still heading up the dept?
  19. Western Kentucky University

    I was accepted to WKU and received an email today stating that I need to accept or deny within a week, so the wait list should move pretty fast, just FYI! This is for the distance program, so I'm not sure it it applies to on-campus as well.
  20. San Diego State vs. Univ of Arizona

    Def SDSU if this is where you want to live. I live in CA and attend school in AZ, and there are differences on the state level that gets lost in the curriculum. For example, CA has a law called Larry p and AZ does not. Both are great programs though
  21. 100k debt for IR Masters worth it?

    Not going to repeat what has been already said. I have posted on another forum my thoughts on these degrees HERE. These MA degrees in IR/IA/Security Studies are not practical degrees. They are academic in nature and it will not prepare you for a job. The degrees are not worth the debt. You are better off getting a STEM degree, even an undergrad one, to get a job in the government. Computer science, cyber, information systems, and GIS are in high demand.
  22. DAAD 2018-2019

    I did, still haven't heard anything. Waiting anxiously
  23. Biology or Microbiology MS Programs

    do not do a masters! I helped out with admissions at a (top rated) microbiology PhD program I'm at now and masters don't help! what you should do is GET A POST-BAC. if you're URM (low income also counts if you're not a POC!) there's a program called PREP ( that you apply to do to post-bac research for the express purpose of helping you get into grad programs. if you are not URM you can apply for any job posting at a good research university in your area. but no matter what, please please please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on a masters!!! I saw so many great candidates who we had to turn down because they did a bachelors at a small non-research oriented school and then did a masters in which they also did pretty small-time research. candidates that went from low research activity undergrads to high research activity universities for even a year of post-bac immediately shot up in qualification for us. I hope this helps!
  24. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Hi! My waitlist notification was from last year! Update: I was accepted off their waitlist and now attend their program. Best of luck to you!
  25. California Interviews 2018!

    @gianinainabottle I am currently attending a residential grad program in Washington (it was a huge move!) so I cannot personally answer your question about attending an online master's program. However, I know several people who are in CSUN's online program, and they are loving it. They are able to work in the field (!!!) while going to school, and can pay for their program outright. That seems like a major bonus, but at the same time the have a 3-year program. In the end, you do what is best for you. For me, a 2-year residential program fit the bill. If I hadn't been accepted to any schools the first round, I would definitely have applied to CSUN's online program. Best of luck to you!!
  26. San Diego State vs. Univ of Arizona

    Same question but SDSU vs ASU. I’m not bilingual, but i want to work clinically w kids with autism. I want to live in San Diego or SoCal eventually after graduating help
  27. CSUF MSW Fall 2018

    Experience is very important too (:
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