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  2. In my opinion, that's what you need to do exactly. If I were you, I would apologise by saying that I did not mean to be lazy but misunderstood her instructions. Well, miscommunication happens all the time, and it is not uncommon given that you just started to work with her. I am also in my last year of PhD and I can understand your concerns over messing up with your advisor. Unfortunately, it has already happened and you cannot do anything about it. Of course, you'd better ensure that you do a better job in future. I would suggest that you review all her feedback and instructions carefully. Do not always assume you understand what she means. It is perfectly okay to ask "Did you mean such and such?". I too had miscommunication with my advisors and we figured out that repeating and clarifying are the keys to prevent it. So long as you are doing fine subsequently, I don't see why your advisor puts weight on this one-off incident.
  3. is there an app?

    well, you must have used an app when there is a mobile site for another website. the app is more comfortable and convenient than the mobile site as you know.. some things are invented because you need it and some things are invented because its more convenient. wish i could make one but i'm afraid i can't
  4. So, I am starting my third (and hopefully final) year of funding in a social science PhD program. I started with a new advisor in the program who I asked to chair my dissertation committee early in the summer. She fits my research area, is well-respected in the field, is pretty nice, yada yada. and she is one of the few tenured faculty in a department with high turnover that is actually within my research area. We had had a few conversations previously but I had never done any actual work for her. She hired me to do some part-time research help over the summer for an indeterminate amount of time. Basically, I was breaking down articles for a potential literature review into a literature table, analyzing and comparing the results. I guess I misunderstood her final instructions after the last table i sent her to actually write the literature review - she said in our meetings, "we're hoping to turn this into the lit review for the larger project",but I thought she just wanted me to do further lit searches and update the tables - before I went on a quick week-long vacation the third week of August. Ok, cut to me returning from vacation, she emails and asks me to send her what I have. I send her my feedback on an outline for the article she had sent me, and I really had no revisions. I also sent her some additional research I had found. I get no response. Cut to, a couple weeks later and a week into the semester, I email her to ask if we can have a meeting to start the semester and discuss my proposal plan, and then anything outstanding with the research project. So she replies back with basically a one-sentence response with times available. A little abrupt, but maybe she's super busy. So I meet her in her office, and she's basically like, what do you want, in so many words. Like not outright mean or confrontational, just sort of, uninvolved, blase, I guess? She gives me the bare basics of what I need to do this semester to start working on a plan, there are no smiles or anything, and then she's like, as for the research project, you said you were going on vacation, I don't know what you were doing the last two weeks, you sent me some additional research, but, I don't have money left to pay you to do more work, and implies but very indirectly that she had expected me to write a literature review or produce something more. But she's not very direct about it, its just clear that she's disappointed in the quality of what I gave her, and also implied that she had intended to present this at an upcoming conference and that now might not happen. It's awkward, and it ends sort of abruptly and awkwardly with us arranging a time to meet in a couple weeks (she didn't think I was 'ready' yet to have a standing meeting). So now I feel I've fucked things up with her and shown myself to be unreliable and untrustworthy, and she's the chair of my dissertation committee, and the advisor of my program. I really don't want this to spoil the rest of the year and the rest of my program. I know I royally fucked up here and if I had any question about what I was supposed to be doing, I should have asked for clarification and I take full responsibility, (I admittedly was busy trying to make ends meet all summer with other jobs and not giving this the time it deserved, and some personal family issues beyond my control reared their ugly heads at the same time), but I also did not receive much feedback from her either. I realize it's up to me to rectify this and at least gain back some credibility with her. My plan is to write a damn good lit review with what I have this weekend, send it to her on Monday, with a groveling note of apology by email offering no excuses but offering her my firstborn. I'm wondering if the crowd here has an additional ideas on how to rectify a bad first perception when you just plain fuck up a research project with, of all, people, your fucking CHAIR. (It is the WORST feeling in the world to know you fucked up and now they think this of you. It's kept me up all night since it happened). Thanks.
  5. GRE Study Options - how to pick one?

    I am still wondering which is the best book to prepare for GRE ?
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  7. UPenn GSE 2018

    Program/Concentration: Educational EntrepreneurshipGRE Score: N/AGPA: 2.96 Undergrad , ~3.25 MBAWork Experience: 6 years in Real Estate, started up a couple of business ventures (real estate mutual fund, water filtration), Education Consulting in China Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): UBC for Undergrad, Shanghai Jiaotong University MBA Research Experience: I've done Education Research for my Education Company, but the program I'm applying for has an executive-format and is not research-oriented. LoR/SoP: 1 from MBA teacher who is a Columbia alum, 1 from Company Director, 1 from School Director/ SoP focused on how my previous real estate experience will benefit my goal of starting up an education business venture. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: TC, undecided whether or not to apply to John Hopkins Just wanted to get the ball rolling on creating a home for 2017/2018 UPenn GSE applicants and get a chance for all of us to get to know one another. I went to Penn this summer to speak with a GSE representative and loved the energy on campus. Also, Penn's Educational Entrepreneurship program suits my future career goals to a tee, so safe to say that Penn's a top choice for me. I'm currently only seriously considering Penn and Columbia. My grades are mediocre, but hoping that my SoP, work experience and program fit will help me get into my dream program.
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  9. Faculty Members supporting application question?

    See if you can find an application FAQ for the school. This isn't something I've come across before.
  10. Faculty Members supporting application question?

    No it provides three boxes to basically check. Either, you're interested in working with them, faculty support your application, or both. Then it has spaces for you to put the names of the faculty members. But I don't know what they man be "faculty supports your application"
  11. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I had a year off so I have had a lot of time to prepare for this (emailing/phoning phd students, talking to graduate program directors, emailing and phoning professors of interest, flying all over the country to visit these damn schools). Needless to say it taxing, expensive, and exhausting. Why the hell do we continue to do this?! I'm applying to Notre Dame, Marquette, Boston College, St. Louis University, Baylor, Calvin Seminary, Princeton Seminary, Catholic U. of America, Duke, and Wheaton. Applying to Historical Theology / History of Xianity programs with emphasis on patristic studies. How many of you plan on visiting unis of interest? Cheers to everyone self-flagellating this season,
  12. Grad Admissions Help

    Yup, am doing loads of research . In fact I've almost shortlisted all my colleges. Just thought I'd ask here if I could get any extra insight
  13. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Yeah, I was thinking that too. I have too that haven't gotten back to me for almost two weeks now so I'm thinking of sending them another message. Thanks!
  14. What could I do with my program?

    Thanks for the reply. To clarify, I don't intend to do anything immature. But I wonder if it's worthwhile to apply out?
  15. Best grad school

    What is the best grad school for Master of Science in Construction Management in the City of New York currently?
  16. LOR help!!

    Since you already have an SLP giving you a letter, I'd probably ask your CDis professor. It's best to have more academic references than others if you can manage it, since grad programs are looking to see that you have the potential to do well academically.
  17. Who to ask for LORs?

    Man, that's such a big disappointment. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time with could always go back to old professors from your bachelor's degree (if possible) or work advisers, I guess. While it's not ideal, at least you'll have letters!
  18. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    Medieval science is an absolutely fascinating topic! Send me a PM and I'll try to help you. I'm in late medieval/early modern science myself. I can speak as to the HoS side quite well, but the history side is better left to others.
  19. Fall 2018 Applicants

    New email. Sometimes people miss emails because they're busy or distracted. I do it semi-frequently.
  20. Faculty Members supporting application question?

    Do they have two separate sections to fill out for that question? This could mean professors who you have reached out to who have explicitly said you can mention them in your SoP/when applying. It could also just mean "list the faculty you want to work with"
  21. Hi Guys, So I've started to fill out the basics of the applications for PhD programs at various schools, and I've come across a question here that is a little bit confusing. The application asks: "Some programs require applicants to list faculty members of interest or faculty members supporting the application" Now the first portion is faculty members I'm interested in, but the second section is asking faculty members supporting my application. Does this mean faculty members that I've talked to that have already said they're interested in having me? I don't exactly know what this question means. Any help will be appreciated thank you!
  22. Profile Evaluation, Statistics Masters/PHD

    Ok, thank you very much!
  23. Fall 2018 Applicants

    What's a good way of sending a follow-up e-mail to professors who don't reply? Send a brand new e-mail or reply to the first e-mail?
  24. Those can be more than offset by your math background and letters.Aside from a handful of top schools which require math gre, you should be fine. I'd say gre verbal is one of the less important factors and you did reasonably well as an international student so don't worry too much.
  25. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I have been doing just that the past couple of weeks and found out one POI is planning to retire, so I strongly second the advice to contact your POIs early.
  26. Thoughts on Applied anthro?

    Go for it.
  27. Thank you so much for your advice! I was thinking applying some top schools. However, my weakness are: No significant paper, being an resident/Asian ( given the fact that a large amount of stat phd candidates are asian), both of my undergraduate & graduate are not top school ( I am a UMN applied math master student), low gre verbal score and no gre sub. So then I decide to apply more realistic schools.
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