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  2. Hey guys! I am about to attend a masters program in psychology to gain some more research experience. I plan on applying to PhD programs in Clinical psychology afterwards. I have been given the option to do a Thesis or to do Directed research. Articles online say a Thesis tends to be a good idea. However, I feel I could do directed research for two labs of interest instead of a thesis on one interest. Any thoughts on importance of having a thesis in your application/ what exactly directed research is? I have only been able to find that it is similar to thesis but no defense. Trying to take the best steps forward! Thanks!
  3. I'm not very knowledgeable about master's admissions, but I don't think there's really any reason to worry here. You have a 4.0 as a math major, and you took pretty much every class (besides measure theory) that people would be looking for in a PhD applicant(!), plus the GRE scores to go along with it. I'm aware that school "prestige" means rather more than I feel it should in applications (at least for PhD's), but even so, you have the profile of a student who was so good at a less prestigious school that you'd be considered anyways. In any case, master's programs mostly care about ability to do the classes, and you've clearly demonstrated an ability to complete difficult math-based classes well.
  4. HarryPotter123

    Continental Philosophy - Critical Theory PhD

    You are quite right. My research proposal is focused on equality as a fiction, as a narration of being and belonging and tracing those narrations in a genealogical form.
  5. Clinapp2017

    Can't decide who my LOR writers will be

    1. It could hold weight if he has a good reputation, generally speaking. Sounds like a good option. 2. Nah... if they don't know you long enough, not worthwhile in comparison to others. 3. I would say this person can speak strongly to your work ethic, so yes, good LOR. 4. Interesting speciality area... didn't know one could specialize in this for clinical, but cool! Yeah, I would say have this person write one. 5. Probably not, unless you want to apply for schools where you know for a fact teaching is valued. Teaching is often seen as a means to an end, and far below research, though honestly I feel like we should care more. Anyways, enough of my soap box, probably not worthwhile is my pointt.
  6. Hi all, With schools starting to open up their applications in the next 2-3 months, I've been wondering what schools I should aiming for. I want to get into healthcare using math/stats so most of the programs I was considering are bio-statistics or operations research with a focus on health systems. I have a pretty good academic profile but some concerns I have are that 1) my undergrad has zero prestige; 2) my GRE score seems a little low for the top programs; 3) I have no direct healthcare experience (currently work in unrelated economic research). Below are my stats but I'm not sure how competitive my profile would be. Obviously, I would love to get into top schools like Harvard Biostats or Stanford MS&E, but I have no idea whether my GPA/GRE is really enough. Given my profile below, what type of schools should I be aiming for? Am I being delusional for thinking that I should even apply to a place like Harvard? What "tiers" should I be aiming for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!! Undergraduate Institution: CUNY - Hunter College Major(s): Math GPA: 4.00/4.00 Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male GRE General: 166Q (90%); 164V (94%); 4.5 AWA (82%) Programs Applying: MS Biostatistics, Statistics, and Operations Research (health systems focus) Letters of Recommendation: 1 from my mathematical statistics class professor; 1 from my epidemiology class; don't know my third letter writer yet. Relevant Coursework: Calculus I, II, III; Linear Algebra; Ordinary Differential Equations; Vector Calculus; Discrete math; Real Analysis I ; Complex Analysis; Abstract Algebra I ; Stochastic Processes; Numerical Methods & Analysis; Mathematical Statistics; Intro to Probability Theory; Intro to Epidemiology Skills: R, Stata, Python, SQL (I have an active Github portfolio with all my code) Relevant Research: None, but I'm not aiming for a PhD Work Experience: Software Engineer for 2.5 years, and now currently doing data analysis doing economics research
  7. confusedalways89

    Post MSW PPSC

    I also want to apply this program next, and I have the same questions about the competitive nature of acceptance. The woman I spoke with said it depends on the cohort, but that is not much help. Good luck!
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  9. My interview was literally 1 minute, the longest part was waiting in line (at 4 different lines) and security checks. The officer just looked at my file and asked me "so you're going to do a PhD in chemistry at X university?" to which I answered yes, and he replied "ok, your visa is approved" but obviously your mileage my vary, usually phd ones are easier because you're fully funded, while for a master's they might look more into your financial situation it also varies for different countries so my advice is: be prepared for everything, but also be relaxed... save the stress for the interview at the airport 😂 (that scares the hell out of me)
  10. practically_mi

    Continental Philosophy - Critical Theory PhD

    As far as philosophy department goes I'd recommend Kingston (and possibly Warwick) in the UK.
  11. Hey everyone! I was wondering if people who've gone through the visa interview process can give some advice on what to expect during the interview at the US embassy/consulate. What kinds of questions are asked, and how soon do you get the visa after the interview? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for this good advice
  13. Glasperlenspieler

    Continental Philosophy - Critical Theory PhD

    You're probably going to have to be more specific about your research interests in order to get relevant recommendations. Continental political philosophy and critical theory are BIG fields.
  14. SuperKhlo

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    I finally got word that I got accepted!! The wait was torture. I got an email first saying to check the portal for the decision. Then I got an email from Juliana Lopez informing me of the process. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to pay for school. Has anyone gotten word about field placement as yet?
  15. BabyScientist

    Advice on courseload in final semester before application

    I would focus more on research and lighten the courseload. Admissions committees don't scrutinize the courses you took each semester, and don't know the difficulty of any one class over another at your school. Take courses that will provide you with knowledge and skills for your interests. Prove to the admissions committees that you know how to apply what you've learned through your research.
  16. Hash123

    Applying to Munk 2019, NPSIA, GSPIA, BSIA etc.

    Hey Everyone! Congratulations on getting accepted to the schools you've applied to! I'm an international student from India and I got accepted into UBC's MPPGA program. Is there anyone here who applied for the same and got in? I haven't been given any funding or scholarships and considering the amount of money they charge for international students, I'm still deciding whether to accept or defer it. Does anyone know about what reputation the program has within Canada? Would appreciate any opinions about the program and UBC in general as a city for international students (job opportunities in Global Affairs, policy etc)
  17. ArcaMajora

    2020 Applicants

    Welcome to everyone who has joined! Very glad to see the Fall 2020 community develop, especially as we loom closer to the start of the new school year. For those focusing on GREs, while all of you are making very good choices in studying in advance for them, I just want to stress that they are one component of the total application package. I got into my current program with very uneven GRE scores (158V/142Q/5.5AW), so for anyone worrying that an eye-popping Q score (12th percentile for my case lol) or a non-160 verbal will throttle an application, no fear. It also seems English PhD programs are beginning to drop the GRE even more. On the Ivy side of things, Yale has been mentioned as dropping the GRE subject (courtesy of Wimsey). Also, did some sleuthing on Harvard's English site and it seems they've dropped the GRE (both general + subject) entirely. Not sure if it was ever announced the same way Cornell was forthcoming about it, but for anyone looking to apply there (or if it's always been that way, I swore they required the GRE last Fall), you can go in GRE-less. All this to say, there's definitely an increasing trend of English departments formally dropping the requirement, so here's to hoping many other programs follow suit from here on out. (EDIT: I decided to take a random look at UMich's site and it seems they too have just dropped the GRE) For anyone living around the Northeast or follows this regional MLA, I've poked around the UPenn CFP database and it seems that NEMLA has released their CFPs for their conference next March. I haven't taken too close of a look but there's some very intriguing panels in there (including one on Elizabeth Bishop), deadline's September 30th for most of them. Also, if travel funding works in my favor, I'll be presenting a paper in SAMLA this November! If there's anyone going to Atlanta this year or is around the local area, let me know Would love to see GCers around.
  18. BackNSchool83

    Applying to CSU MSW: Will I get in with this experience?

    Hey consider joining our FB page "California Schools of Social Work MSW Applicant Support Group" there are others in your same boat and we all help each other with stuff like this. I think it's a big deal that you are getting your BSW. That means you could apply for advanced standing with some programs potentially. Even though you may not have as much field experience as SOME others, you have a BSW and that's going to count for something. I think letters of recommendation are going to be important for you in addition to the hours. So those places you interned, do you have an MSW or LCSW supervisor who could write you a glowing letter of rec? How about a social work professor? As for your specific number of hours, most schools suggest people apply with a year or two of experience, but people get in with less than that all the time. Do the majority of people with less than that get in? Not sure but that's why it's smart to apply to multiple programs like you are, and I'd also encourage you to get an early start and to apply and submit everything as close to the opening of apps as possible. CSULB is highly competitive and does admission on a rolling basis, meaning those who apply first have a better shot of getting in. I heard they had basically their whole cohort figured out within that first month. I personally applied there a year ago and dropped my packet off the first week, and got in. I believe CSUN is that way as well, but they aren't as competitive as CSULB. CSUF takes forever, they don't interview till like April and start releasing admission decisions in May usually. Anyhow the best thing you can do is to make a strong resume that highlights leadership and distinguishes you, that shows that in the short time you had those roles you described as your experience, you really got all you could out of that time and did great. I hope something in here helps, consider joining our group for additional support.
  19. Hey there! Everyone who is applying to MSW programs in California at private universities or the CSU and UC system, come on down and join this facebook group of current applicants, newly admitted students, and alumni for help in the application process. It's summer time so it's really time to work on your stuff so you can get your apps in at the start of the season and gain the advantage in rolling admission MSW programs and others that care about timeliness. I'm an MSW student at UCLA currently, starting my second year in this full time program and love it. I know the process of getting into grad school is intimidating and confusing, and thank god for Grad Cafe. There's no place like it, but for some additional support, please consider joining our group of over 500 members and posting your stats! Thanks and good luck!!!
  20. @bayessays This is really helpful. Thank you so much!
  21. I plan on applying to PhDs in computational neuroscience this Fall. I graduated with a physics undergrad degree (3.3 GPA) two years ago. In the time since graduating, I've taken coursework (4.0) during my post-baccalaureate program. How should I address my low undergraduate GPA? Is it okay to say something like "I struggled with personal problems as an undergraduate, but have since overcome them." ?
  22. You have plenty of math - for international applicants at a place like Stanford, those classes MIGHT be common, but they are not common at all at the departments you are looking at. I do think that Duke and NCSU stats, as well as JHU and UW biostat are reaches, but honestly I don't know enough about international student evaluation to tell you if you have a chance or not - if you were a domestic applicant, I'd say you have a good shot at these school, so I'd probably go ahead and apply to not have regrets. I would say you should apply to the programs that interest you most. I don't think you need to apply to stat programs unless they interest you more.
  23. smithclarkson01

    Looking for Bloggers!

    I would be interested in doing blogs about apk's and all, is it still available ?
  24. psychhealth101

    Can't decide who my LOR writers will be

    1,3, & 4 I think are the best options. Good luck!
  25. Hi, Does anyone know of good supervisors/universities to pursue a PhD in Continental Political Philosophy - Critical Theory? I'm mostly interested in Europe (UK, Germany, France) but I'd also welcome any suggestions from the US as well. Caveat: Neither my French nor my German are good enough, so it would have to be a programme that allows the dissertation in English. Thanks!
  26. @bayessays Thank you for your response! My main concern is that my math background is weaker than other applicants (in gradcafe I saw many profiles with sufficient math courses taken). One of my seniors suggests I should take more PhD level courses (like stochastic process, functional analysis) and wait one more year to apply. What I am also worried is that currently I do not have any publications and my research topics were not very relevant to biostats. I have no ideas which program is a reach or a match option. Do you think my school list (plus those added by my advisor) is reasonable? Should I take off some top biostats schools (JHU, and UW)? Is it a good idea if I add more stats options (not only biostats) like UIUC, Purdue and Ohio State?
  27. mphxpsych

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Just got off the McMaster Global Health waitlist today, but will be declining the offer so hopefully someone hears some good news soon! All the best to anyone still waiting
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