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  2. JacobTonseth1875

    Searching For Fellow Students Interested In Collaborative Project

    @BunniesInSpace & @amyvt98 thank you both for your replies. I've taken the liberty of checking both of the links that you both provided and they had particularly interesting points individually, however what I was thinking would be more along the lines it combining both of those sources and adding a bit more (in the way of applying political theory and sociology) in order to make those particular calculations or predictions a tad more reliable/accurate. If youโ€™re both interested in collaborating on such an endeavor please feel free to reach out.
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  4. The difference between having this profile from an Ivy and having it from an unknown school is the difference between night and day.
  5. bayessays


    Some schools ask for the textbooks you use, so taking a harder class and doing well will help you.
  6. I don't know and I'm new here but I know people (granted not from an ivy) who had pretty similar grades to you and didn't have much luck. You should consider applying to many ranked 20-40 ranked schools.
  7. Peter Huynh


    Thank you for your information! I wonder between retake Introduce to Analysis (I took this class when I was sophomore) and Advance Cal I (real analysis I), which option is better? Thanks
  8. Psygeek

    Fall 2020 Social/Personality Psychology PhD

    I'm already in a social psych program in the US - but happy to help anyone! Good luck everyone!
  9. I'm interested in the Modern Thought and Literature program at Stanford and am wondering if there are other, similar interdisciplinary programs at other universities? With a strong Literature focus but lots of room to branch into cognitive science, history, law, or any other direction on a highly individualized basis.
  10. Hi everyone! I thought it would be great to make a thread for us- most other fields already have one ๐Ÿ˜ƒ What areas are you interested in? What schools are you applying to (POIs)? What are you worried/excited about? Let's support each other! Feel free to also post your stats! A little about me: I'm applying for the first time after my 4-year (3 years undergrad- 1 year postgrad) degree finishes this year, as an international student from Oceania. My interests are quite broad but they include personality, cognitive neuroscience, close relationships, self-esteem and self-compassion, clinical psych.. Currently, I only have one school in mind: University of Minnesota (POI: CD), which is a very good fit for me as they do personality neuroscience and close relationships research. I'm open to applying for more schools depending on research fit. What about you?
  11. bayessays


    Your B- in analysis and your GRE verbal score are going to kill your application. Competition for international students is intense and I don't really see a clear path to you getting a PhD. If you are sure you want to get a PhD, my only thought would be to try to get into a low ranked master's at a somewhat reputable school, retake analysis, get a near 4.0, and improve your English so you can do better on the GRE but it's going to be an uphill battle.
  12. Hello, I'm going to be a senior year student in statistics in the upcoming Fall, and I want to apply to PhD's in statistics. At this point, I think I want to focus on machine/deep learning. Some concerns with my application is that I have 1 withdraw in Linear Algebra due to stressful time, but I retake and got an A. Moreover, I got low GRE verbal score. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Undergrad Institution: Top 100 USNews Public Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Business Analysis, and Economics GPA: 3.54 Type of Student: Asian (International Application) GRE General Test: 165Q/140V/3AWA Research Experience: - Statistic research competition (not in top 5) but received research award - Currently doing statistics research currently work on and hopefully can get public or presentation in December 2019. - Consulting statistics research work for Department of Neuroscience (Graduate course level). - Research in with professor in Economics (clean, and gather data, nothing special). - Presentation with a statistic paper at Undergraduate Workshop (The Statistical and Applied Mathematics Sciences Institute) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Top 5 students received award from department of mathematics and statistics since freshman Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Grader 1 semester in freshman for Abstract Math, 2 years tutoring Letters of Recommendation: One professor undergraduate program director (not attending in her class but work close with her since freshman) , the statistic professor I'm currently doing research, and one professor I had taken his course (graduate course). They should be good Undergraduate Courses: Probability and statistics I, II(A, B+), Linear Algebra (W, retake A), Mathematics Statistics I (A-), Calc 3 (A-), Different Equation (A), Introduce to Analysis (B-), will take Applied Statistics I II in senior years Graduate Courses: Mathematics Statistics II (A), Applied Bayesian class (B), Stochastic Processes (B), Advanced R and SAS class (A), will take Topic in Applied Statistics (Survey Sampling), Machine Learning, Applied Linear Algebra, and Nonparametric Statistics. Software: R (3 years), Python, SQL, Tableau, LaTex, C++. Program: PhD in Statistics, and MS in Statistics School List Any feedback is much appreciated
  13. PianoPsych

    WAMC <what are my chances> Fall 2020

    Looks great to me- seems to me like you're an all-rounder ๐Ÿ˜ƒ On your worries: - Not enough research: being a PI is great; you have quite a few posters/powerpoint presentations which is a plus - Not enough publications: Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people do not have publications before starting their PhD; just wondering, what do you mean by "in progress" (drafting, written, submitted for review, in review, etc.)? - Low undergrad GPA: you've shown with your Masters GPA that when you do focus on your academics you can do very well. I wouldn't be too worried about this if I were you. Good luck!
  14. Hi, I'm going to apply to Statistics master's and PhD program this year, hopefully focusing on machine learning / deep learning. I have several concerns, including 1. changing my field from Economics to Statistics 2. did not take many courses from Statistics department 3. did not major/minor in Mathematics, and for these reasons, I am applying to master's as well, so that I can have a better chance to get into PhD program afterwards. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Undergrad Institution: One of the top 3 in South Korea Major(s): Economics GPA: 3.95/4.00, graduated with Magna Cum Laude Exchange Student Program: UCLA (undergraduate, one year during junior) Major(s): Mathematics GPA: 3.79/4.00 (Math upper division GPA: 3.89/4.00) Graduate Institution: The same university as undergrad (One of the top 3 in South Korea) Major(s): Economics GPA: 3.90/4.00 Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Q: 154 (65%) (trying to retake to improve the verbal score this summer) V: 170 (96%) W: 4.0 (59%) Subject(Mathematics): 930(99%) TOEFL: 110/120 (S 25, W 27) Courses taken: Mathematics: Calculus (A+), Calculus with Vector Analysis 1 (A+), Calculus with Vector Analysis 2 (A+), Linear Algebra (A+), Math for Econ 1 (Linear algebra/Calculus, A+), Math for Econ 2 (Optimization/ODE, A+), Number Theory (A+), Probability Theory A (A+), Probability Theory B (A), Stochastic Process (A-), Real Analysis A Honors (A), Real Analysis B Honors (A--), Topology (A-), Scientific Computing (A+), Numerical Analysis (P), Optimization (A+), Mathematical Game Theory (A+), Real Analysis A (Graduate, B), Real Analysis 1 (Graduate, A-) Statistics: Intro to Stat (A+), Statistical Methods (A+), Computer Programming (A+), Econometrics 1 (from Econ department, A), Mathematical Statistics 2 (A+), Mathematical Statistics (Graduate course from Econ dept., A+), Statistical Learning Theory (Graduate, A+) CS/EE: Software Programming (A+), Data Structure and Algorithm (A), Discrete Mathematics (A), Artificial Intelligence (A+) Courses will take this fall (all graduate courses): 1. Real Analysis B (for sure), 2. Artificial Intelligence Theory (possibly), 3. Searching and Text mining (if not take 2) Research Experience: One research on applied Econometrics project (irrelevant to Statistics) / currently working on bridge regression Working Experience: 3 years experience of TA (Math for Econ, Econometrics, Mathematical Statistics (graduate)) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Honors for every semester in my home university and one Dean's list from UCLA, several merits-based scholarship Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Statistics club (one year), data analysis assistant for the university freshmen evaluation team Letters of Recommendation: One Econometrics professor (with whom I did research), one math professor from UCLA, and one Statistics professor. The first two will presumably be strong, and I am not sure for the last one. Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: 1. I got B on graduate Real Analysis A (measure theory) from UCLA when I was junior. I believe I was not mathematically-matured enough at that time, and I did kind of retake the course in my home university and got A-. And I am going to take Real Analysis 2 this fall to complement B on measure theory, even though I am not sure if it can fully compensate B on the measure theory. 2. I got P on Numerical Analysis just because it was my undergraduate complement course and I was not allowed to take it with letter grade. The class rank was 1/37. 3. Even though I am currently in Economics department as an graduate student, I have not been taking Econ courses for a while. And I am not getting MA in Econ here. I just happened to have a chance to take three semesters without tuition in Econ graduate program in my home univ., and I was complementing math and CS/EE courses during the this period. 4. I actually applied to 8~9 Statistics Master/PhD programs last year and got all rejected. Most of them were top schools like Stanford MS or CMU PhD, but it also included non-top schools in Statistics like UCLA MS. I had pretty similar profile except that my GRE subject math was 830 (83%) at that time, which I submitted to all of the schools I applied. Program: PhD/Master in Statistics (and possibly OR MS) School List: Master's in Statistics: UC Berkeley, U of Chicago, U of Washington, U of Michigan, UCLA, UCSD PhD in Statistics: NCSU, U of Wisconsin, ISU, PSU, Purdue, UCD, Florida State U, UC irvine, UCSB I don't know which schools are my reach/match/safety. I am also thinking to apply to Georgia Tech OR Master's and USC CS Master's if it fits my profile better, since OR and CS also work on machine learning / deep learning. Thank you for your time and advice!!
  15. ValeTudoFlow

    Campus Visits

    Excellent stuff, thanks. Thanks, everyone.
  16. PianoPsych

    Retaking the GRE

    Your Verbal score is pretty good- the 3.5 on the AWA might be a bit low, but I've heard some schools don't care as much about that score. I think what you do would depend on which Masters programs you're applying to- but if a Clinical Psych PhD program is your ultimate goal, I'd think it would be good to invest some time in raising your Verbal/AWA scores further to be competitive for that round (and not have to worry about the GRE when applying then)- as scores are valid for 5 years. Hope that helps! Oh- and as a Psych major, I found studying for the Psych GRE engaging (not as painful as the General test). A decent amount of schools do require it so if you have time, it would be good to take that test too.
  17. kier

    African Diaspora Art History?

    Just to update anyone reading this topic, Iโ€™ve decided to apply to mostly black studies programs now. Many of the faculty I want to work with are in those departments in addition to art history departments.
  18. socchi92

    What do people think of WashU's New Sociology Program?

    Awesome funding for the location. 26k/year stipend for 6 years, supposedly not tied to TAing! While it probably won't rank high for many years, if ever, they are clearly interested in attracting good students which is a positive sign for the future. Placement concerns really depend on the specific faculty member you'd be working with. If there's someone you're interested in, see how their graduate students at their former institution did and how postdocs working with them at WUSTL did on the market.
  19. clare b.

    Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD

    Hi everyone, I was planning on applying to John Jay CUNY Clinical Psych program AND Hunter College Clinical-Health Psych, however I just saw a note saying, "Students are not permitted to apply to more than one program within the CUNY Psychology doctoral programs." Does anyone have any intel on this? ๐Ÿ˜• Pretty bummed!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Does it have a chance for good placement outcomes? https://sociology.wustl.edu/graduate
  22. Given what I've seen and what I've been told by professors and other students, not nearly as much as you might fear. My understanding is that the most advantageous thing about degrees from significant schools is that your letter writers might carry some name recognition. Of course, a top-tier R1 or Ivy/Ivy-adjacent won't hurt. For what it's worth, my BA is from a tiny, tiny PLBC and my MA is from a good, funded program but not a school with particular renown. It shouldn't, by any means, stop you from applying to certain places.
  23. morawel

    Conference Travel: How do I pay for this??

    I don't know about your field or conference specifically, but some conferences offer Early Career Professional registration rates or travel grants for recent graduates. Otherwise, ask about other ECP benefits like shared hotel rooms or hotel waivers in exchange for volunteering at the conference (e.g., working the check-in table for a few hours). I assume you've asked your PI if they have any funding available? Is the work you are presenting funded by a grant or agency that may have funds marked for travel and presentation? If you have other coauthors on your poster/presentation who may have these funds available, it might not hurt to ask them as well. In terms of external funding, I have heard that local community groups like Kiwanis will sometimes give out money for this kind of thing, if you ask, but I haven't pursued that route. Good luck!
  24. alyssafrancis

    Eastern New Mexico University CDIS

    Thank you!
  25. On this subject, how much of a difference does name recognition of previous institutions make? I have a bachelor's and MFA from an R1 in the south that's pretty low on the USN rankings, but I have some good things going for my application, including two scholarly publications. Is it worth it to apply to top 30 schools if I didn't graduate from one in that tier? EDIT: I'm definitely applying to the upper-tier schools because the respective faculties align with my interests, not out of a sense of prestige.
  26. indoorfireworks

    2020 Applicants

    Hey hey, this seems like a good time to jump in after just lurking last app season. Last year, I was finishing up my MFA in creative writing and applied to six CW PhDs and three lit. I definitely think that the pressures of teaching, working a 2nd job, and finishing my thesis were a huge time/energy burden on my PhD apps. I got on one CW and one lit wait list, but didn't get an offer. Of course it stung for a bit, but in the time since I've seen how much of a benefit it was. I didn't really have a firm plan of study in mind and my WS/SOP were pretty garbage. In the time since, I've realized I really don't want to do another CW degree, and am way more familiar with the lit fields I want to pursue. My main focuses are psychoanalysis and Marxism, especially within modern and contemporary poetry. I just finished my final list of schools yesterday and now have a total of 11. I have to admit I'm particularly anxious about not having a lit background. My bachelor's is in psychology, but I did a couple lit classes then and in my MFA. My GRE scores are decent for verbal and writing (96/92) but 12% in quant, yikes. I think the main thing I have going for me is that my new writing sample was just published in a scholarly journal, so hopefully that demonstrates critical reading ability enough to make up for not having formal classes? My other main concern is how much detail to go into about POI's work in my SOP. If anyone would care to share that section of their SOP for reference, I would really appreciate it. Looking forward to being more active on the forum over the next few months (and hopefully beyond)!
  27. Heya, I'm currently in the process of finding neuroscience master's programs to which I might apply, and I am not even sure where to begin. I am currently a rising Sophomore at Texas A&M University, and am majoring in Biomedical Science with minors in Neuroscience and Philosophy. My end goal is to obtain my Master's and Ph.D. so that I may become a research neuroscientist who studies the genetic and biological factors behind mental illnesses that heavily affect an individual's perception of reality, such as schizophrenia and eating disorders. I heard from one of my professors that I ought to pursue a research-based Master's degree as opposed to a coursework-based Master's. Ideally, I would like to enroll in a paid Master's program, but I understand that such programs are few and far between. What are some good schools for Master's degrees in neuroscience? I don't care about the country, really, so long as English is the primary language of instruction (I'd love to learn a new language, but would rather not try to do so while earning a degree).
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