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  2. Hi, As offers are beginning to go out for this admissions cycle, I am faced with a decision and am looking for insight from anyone who knows. I have both academic and industry research experience in Computational Linguistics and NLP. My research interests address linguistics with NLP, and I fit somewhere between CS and Linguistics departments. I now have to decide between offers from a couple CS departments, and Linguistics departments at University of Washington, University of Colorado or University of Illinois. I am wondering if anyone has insight on the quality of these LING departments w.r.t. Computational linguistics (My areas are related to morphology/phonology, and machine learning, and I am interested in cross-lingual, linguistic typology research that intersects with NLP). My worry in joining a LING department is difficulty of finding support for the CS/match side of my interests, as well as job prospects after PhD when compared to a PhD in CS. On the other hand, I am wondering if anyone has advice on choosing between a CS vs LING department in which to do my PhD. Any thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated! -SomeGuy
  3. Applied to Miami interactive media, SVA interaction design and Parsons Design & Technology!
  4. Yes, but only from two so far. What about you?
  5. Excellent! I've been meaning to call them today but have been busy with work.
  6. Are there any others applying for MA programs? I applied for East Asian Studies, but I hope to later go on and get a PhD in Anthropology. It seems like a lot of people here are applying to PhD programs.
  7. I applied for FLAS funding for Korean at Stanford, but even getting into Stanford is a long shot lol. I don't think I'll be hearing back until around March. I'm a bit concerned because I only applied for MA, not PhD, and also I'm only at second year Korean and I think they prioritize more advanced levels. But a girl can dream!
  8. @presidentialpudding @MonsieurHonorĂ© Hey guys thanks for your advices! To be honest haven't thought about job market yet as very probably I will go back to my home country after PhD, but what you said give me a new perspective and I come to realise that teaching is definitely one important part of professional skill wherever I'll be in the future. Well, it's a good thing to know this early, but for the moment that just makes me hesitate even more 😛
  9. Has anyone seen any good advice on writing letters of continued interest? I got my waitlist decision a while back and didn’t realize that a letter would be a good idea. But probably better late than never!
  10. Sorry to hear about the malfunction! I was also interviewed on Monday, but I was in person. There was no one on Zoom during my interview, but I would call the department and ask. I called this morning to ask how many people were interviewed, but I was told they cannot disclose that information.
  11. ah ok, thank you - do you know if they would've contacted the narrowed down or rejected pool?
  12. Anyone here got interviewed by JR at York?
  13. So I got an e-mail today saying that I have a message on the portal. My heart was racing while I was opening the message, but it was only an aknowledgment of my submission. It says that the decision will be made at the meeting in March and the will let us know within three weeks after the meeting. Funny that it takes them three months for an aknowledgment, the deadline was in November...
  14. Thanks for responding! I meant to mention that it was for the Planning/Policy PhD program at Rutgers Bloustein (not sure what the diff is)-- did you get into the same?
  15. I applied Dec.15! Thanks! Did you say you applied for the Westchester campus?
  16. We aren’t lmao I held three offers and the POIs that chose me all knew each other. I kept feeling the longer I wait, they might make the decision for me or worse, all might pull their offers and tell me to F*ck off hahaha. Clearly my anxiety got the best of me. But honestly I am kind of jealous of you being able to hold out till you got the funding information. I made my decision based on fit and knowing the programs history of full funding all its prior students. But you never know how the next year will go. I guess I am putting a lot of trust in the program đŸ€·đŸ»â€â™‚ïž
  17. I originally was going to apply to a ton of schools across the country for Museum Studies/Museology. But I decided to only apply to UC-Boulder for their Museum & Field Studies Master's and then Colorado State U. for their Public History master's with a museum studies specialization. I've been wanting to go to grad school for so long and I hate the anticipation and waiting times! Hopefully I'll hear something back soon. Boulder said people would be notified by mid april but CSU said by the end of february. I'd prefer to go to boulder over the other but idk how long I should wait IF i'm accepted to CSU, for a possible acceptance from UC boulder... UGH the suspense is killing me and stressing me out. I constantly am checking my emails and mail
  18. I talked to a clinical faculty member over the phone on Monday and she confirmed the date is March 6th.
  19. Hey there! I would also look at the NELC PhD thread for information. I just got off the phone with NYU actually, they have already made their offers for the PhD, or have at least already selected the group. I unfortunately don't have information on the other programs, but I wish you the best of luck!
  20. Has anyone heard from UPenn beyond the phone conversations in late January? Any idea of when we'll hear back (or if some already have heard)?
  21. Looks like there was another fiction announcement today, but haven't seen anything for poetry.
  22. Thank you for your kind words. I hope so. same to you. All the best,
  23. Thank you all for your input! I concluded that I was sure my top was my top - made up my mind, though it is not always so easy, admittedly - and declined the offer to interview at the next school. Sadly, it is just a day and a half before interview day, but for transparency's sake, I thought it good to not use up the faculty's time. My funding details and offer were only formalized yesterday. I wish I could have told the program I was declining earlier, but at least now they can possibly whisk another candidate in - or at least not spend time discussing me/giving me an offer. In terms of how - I called to decline. The program coordinator I spoke to (POI's phone went to voicemail) seemed to approve of my decision to cancel, saying she thought it "classy" - so at least there's some indication I did not offend. I then followed up with an email to folks. Thank you all again! I appreciated the weigh-ins, from all sides. And congrats all.
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