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  2. londonfogg

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Any update for people waiting to hear back for SFU MPH? and what was the deadline for people to accept/decline their offer?
  3. PsychHeather

    For those who are attending a Clin Psych prog this fall...

    I'm going to spend my summer enjoying time with my daughter, giving my house a deep spring clean, looking for scholarships/grants/jobs to help me through the 1st year. I'm also hoping to develop relationships with potential practicum sites.
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  5. IceCream & MatSci

    Girlfriend moving for grad school - Do i stay or go with her?

    I would say that if you are not ready for that sort of commitment, then it might be best to break up. Sadly, sometimes love isn't enough. Love is complicated, complex, and can be hard. You really have to be committed to that fact and the person you love in order to make it work, long-distance or not.
  6. futurespeechpath1

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    That's really good! Ahh I wish I could go out-of state. Unfortunately, I can't go to the east coast right now due to financial reasons. I'm going to work extremely hard these last few weeks for a B then aim for A's in my last classes! Thank you!
  7. IceCream & MatSci

    Regretting Graduate School Choice

    I am so sorry to hear about your family members. I can only imagine what you and your family are going through, and I hope your father's recovery goes smoothy. I do know what it is like to live far away from family, even when they are sick. It's not great feeling because you want to be there with them. However, you shouldn't punish yourself for choosing a place further away from them. Also, you are not alone in questioning your choice of grad school. I still question my choice to this day. I would say give the school you chose a year or so to see if you really like it. It seems like you are currently in a position full of nerves to point where you are questioning everything, especially with everything going on with your family. You seemed to have chosen that place for a reason, right? So, I don't think you should give up on it so quickly. When it comes to your family, you might not get to be there in person with as much as you want, but there are still ways to contact them.
  8. futurespeechpath1

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    Yeah it's really competitive everywhere. I'll just work extremely hard to pull a B in the class and aim for A's in my last few classes.
  9. IceCream & MatSci

    Anyone else not going to a top ranked grad program?

    As long as you go somewhere that supports you academically, financially, healthy-wise, and professionally, I don't think the rank matters. I am also not going to a top-ranked school, but it was the top one on my list, so I am happy :).
  10. it happens, but you certainly need research experience since clinical/counseling PhD programs are the most (insanely) competitive in the psych field
  11. Hopekatherine

    TXST MSW Fall 2019

    Have any of you heard back? I got an interview that’s coming up but now I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or bad sign because it didn’t say interviews were mandatory.... I hope you’ve received more information about your application!!!
  12. Hi All, As I'm outlining my statements of purpose, I'm wondering if I should put in promotions and awards I've received working in industry during my gap between undergrad and applying to grad school for biology I started as an RA I and have been promoted twice in recognition of the work I've done. Would it be perceived as arrogance to mention the promotions, given they're obviously in my CV? Similarly with company awards.
  13. MonetRenoir

    CSULB MSW 2019

    I haven't heard anything yet! I really need to know if I have been accepted or not because I accepted an offer from another school, just in case. I did submit my application two days before the due date, maybe that is why it is taking so long?
  14. Thanks for the advice @Stat PhD Now Postdoc! Were there any specific resources you used that helped you throughout your reading, or was it more just googling individual topics when you needed further explanation? Were you able to skip around based on topics of interest, or was it better to read sequentially?
  15. TalkPoliticsToMe

    Ford 2019

    How are people finding roommates? Anyone still in need of housing?
  16. Speechpathstudent

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I honestly did not have much research experience at all. The extent of my research experience was this small scale research project that I had to do for a upper level class. I talked about that in my LOI as well as the areas of SLP that I’d be interested in potentially researching and I think my other volunteer experience made up for it. I volunteered at an acoustics conference and one of my professors that wrote my reference letter was aware of that, so I think she may have mentioned that as well (and I had that on my resume also).
  17. biostats_chick

    Textbook suggestion

    This is so helpful! Thanks!
  18. Thank you for your feedback! I am currently studying for GRE and will be taking it this summer when my workload should be less. But I do not test well ...lol.... anyway, I will do my best to get a good Quant score. I think for now I will be looking at getting a job but I am open to a PhD too...i guess, it all depends on how much I enjoy my bios master's program and how this will shape my aspirations post-masters.
  19. tjo

    Canada MSW 2019

    To anyone waiting for the Post degree BSW at York, I just received an acceptance! The offers of admissions are rolling out now. After being waitlisted at York and U of T (msw) there is some hope of heading into the right direction! Congrats to all accepted and best of luck to those still waiting 💖
  20. Mikaela25

    When to give up? SLP Grad School

    I thought about it, but in all my CSD courses I got A's and B's. The classes that are bringing my GPA down are physics and biology, those extra classes that are apart of our major but aren't CSD specific classes.
  21. lily849

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    I had As in generally the first half of CSD courses, but Bs/A-s in the higher division upper level classes. Unfortunately, no I did not, mainly schools on the east coast in the area around NYC/DC
  22. SLP123PLEASE

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    Could you also PM me your stats? thanks!
  23. Yesterday
  24. IceCream & MatSci

    Balancing Research Assistantship and academic work

    Also, having multiple planners is useful. I have a physical planner where I write everything down, then I have a digital planners. I use google calendar for events going at school or just in my life. I use the iStudiez Pro app for my school work, such as assignments, classes, and exams. I think I will use this for my TA position and maybe RA as well. I then have this physical notepad where each page has the seven days of the week where I can write out what I need to do for that week. It sounds chaotic, but you gotta do what you need to in order to stay organized and have everything planned out.
  25. PsyDGrad90

    New Brunswick, NJ

    NJ is pretty pricey. In the New Brunswick area, a studio or 1 bedroom by yourself will probably run a minimum of $1200 a month plus utilities. Your best bet is to probably try to connect with others in your program to try and find a roommate. Can you ask your advisor if they have some sort of student group? What areas to look at also really depends on if you have a car. The Rutgers bus system is ok from what I hear. The regular public transport in the area is atrocious. You can look at New Brunswick proper, but chances are everything is either crazy expensive, a bunch of undergrad party houses, or potentially unsafe neighborhoods. Highland Park is an option a lot of grad students choose. North Brunswick, Somerset, Franklin Township, and Edison are also potential options. Again, this all depends on whether or not you will have a car. Edison also has a large Indian population, so there are tons of Indian restaurants and grocery stores.
  26. One of the best placements is at Boston Children's Hospital at the AAC center. All of the Boston schools offer placements there. It is a fantastic placement, 6 months (which is long for a placement!), and all AAC. I know MGH IHP offers an autism concentration, which is related to AAC but not exactly AAC. BU offers multiple AAC electives that could be good on a resume, as well.
  27. SpeechGal1234

    SLP Instagram Accounts

    Some other favorites: letstalkspeechtherapy speechymusing speechlanguagepirates thespeechbubbleslp speechtimefun (for older clients) Also, if you sign up on some of their newsletters, you get monthly free worksheets and other activities!
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