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  2. PianoMan

    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    Yes in the mail
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  4. I'm also attending the program in Fall 2019 and looking for a roommate! Just putting that out there if anyone is interested!
  5. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I'm also happy that I am self-confident enough that I don't see this failure as a failure of who I am in terms of intelligence and ability. I know this is also a matter of the fact that I have received very little guidance on the part of my supervisor throughout my master's degree. This is the second time that something backfires in my master's degree, and both times, she never warned me, prepared me or anticipated it. But I won't tell her that because I know she loves me a lot, and probably feels very guilty already. I'm sure that out of all of her students, she surely did not expect me to fail. She knows me, my work ethic, and the fact that I am a hard and dedicated student. But my family was very upset when they learned I had failed because I spent the last year complaining to them about how I felt like I did not have as much feedback as I wanted to. I almost had to defend her. I had to clarify with my family that my supervisor does not have bad intentions towards me. She definetly wants me to succeed. But I think she was overly confident in my ability to do this and did not offer me enough guidance.
  6. Hello, everyone. I applied for KAUST 2019 fall Bioscience in the third round(1st December). I got a personal interview on 13th March and until now I haven't got any reply. Does anyone the same round with me have any news to share? Or if you are fourth round and get any update? Thanks for sharing.
  7. I was accepted to this program, but I would be paying out-of-state tuition and I got only loans. I'd also have to consider the cost of living in Seattle, which will be expensive. Is it worth the debt for a MSW? 😕
  8. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Thanks. My supervisor believes the thesis examiner was too severe. Unfortunately, she will be evaluating the second version of my thesis. This is totally unexpected. Just to give you an idea, my department had nominated me for a convocation award this term...However, I know my thesis was not perfect. But there are a lot of changes I will make just to "make her happy" her at this point since she has the final word. So I made a chart with all of the comments she made on my work (at least, the comments appear somewhat easy to apply and are clear and precise) and I will address each comment one by one. If she fails me after this, I bring her to the Dean. I also made myself a calendar of each section that I need to rectify week by week until August. I also contacted my prospective university for doctoral students to have clarification about the moment I need to show that I passed my thesis. They say I need to submit my final transcript by the end of August, and a proof of my master's degree by the end of December. I can still save my case but I asked for clarification about those deadlines.
  9. 20190329

    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    Do unsuccessful applicants also get ranking letters? I haven’t received one.
  10. Emilia Marie

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Congrats. Domestic or international? Whats your profile?
  11. PRK303

    Oxford MPP 2019-20

    I studied in an English speaking university (though not accredited by the US) but didn't get an English waiver. This was strange to me because friends and peers have received full waivers until last year. They've probably gotten more strict about enforcing this I suppose.
  12. Salsouqi

    Canadian SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I got a call from Vicki a few hours ago to be offered a spot at U of A! I thought they wouldn’t be contacting waitlist before April 30th but I guess that’s not the case!!! goodluck to everyone still waiting
  13. neechaa

    Shut out

    Thank you!
  14. Joyce Jenna

    KAUST Spring 2019 Admissions

    Hi everyone! I applied for fall september in March. The admisdion sent a mail in 23rd, April. In mail, they made a decision for admission to KAUST and I have to check my application account for the decision. But I did not see nothing. It is just a application form, I submitted. Have everyone faced that kind of situation?
  15. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I am so sorry, Adelaide. I remember one of your first posts about your thesis idea. Feel free to PM me. Sending you good thoughts.
  16. EagerSpeechie2019

    Canadian SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you for sharing that
  17. Ilikekitties

    Feeling down :(

    Thanks! English teaching there is probably attainable. I haven’t taught English there before, but I did teach English in a different country for 2 years. I did study abroad for 1 semester in this country.
  18. dejosco

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    An interview where?
  19. futurespeechpath1

    Is it really worth going into debt

    This worries me too but remember speech-language pathology is one of those career paths where you'll always have a job and be able to pay off those loans. It's scary but if it's what you truly want to do you should do it. It's super expensive and loans are scary, but you'll get a job that pays well enough to pay them off.
  20. futurespeechpath1

    Elmhurst and St. Xavier University waitlists

    How do you know you're on the high waitlist? Do they tell you?
  21. Fantasmapocalypse

    Feeling down :(

    Look for other ways to get to your country of interest. See if there are English teaching opportunities that can help position you in the country, even for the short term, to give yourself a more competitive slant. 'Field experience', even a few weeks or months, give you that much more practical leverage on paper. If you have been to or even better know people in your desired area you are that much more likely to succeed in winning the grant. Find alternate sources of funding, perhaps those connected to your region or topic of interest. Many times you can spin or incorporate a small portion of your thesis to help win over smaller grants and other funding. My experience focuses on Japan and east Asia so I can't really offer specific details outside of this region but don't give up! I went through two rounds of apps, accepted an unfunded offer and just got a notice last week it is now almost 90% funded and includes pay for the first year.
  22. Nicator

    Cornell 2019!

    Thanks for all that @DangerDave, very helpful! I'm relocating to Ithaca from Australia, planning to be there August 1st - hope to meet some of you when I get there.
  23. Email the comd email and ask for the apartment list, it goes over areas to avoid and places other students have lived. There are no Tornados in Dallas I thought the same thing coming from the west coast the weather was pretty mild. There are totally little granny flats idk how to find them but other girls did so they’re there! It’s such a good program suck up the niceness I’m in my CF and miss the warm faculty and professionalism a lot lol. Medical district can be sketchy read online reviews! I recommend the village area it’s in between both locations and feels WAY safer! Or live with a roommate or closer to the turtle creek area. The campus itself is very safe. Have fun there’s lots of fun things to explore! Klyde Warren Park has free yoga classes and events. The program is balanced enough to socialize frequently have fun!!!
  24. What type of questions do they ask during the interview? I can’t believe it’s taken so long to hear back!
  25. At LKYSPP, with regard to environment and energy, you can find courses such as Environmental Economics Natural Disaster and Climate Change Urban Transport Policy Sustainable and Livable Cities Water Policy and Governance Air and Water Pollution Besides the above, one can feel free to choose an elective from other schools in NUS and people do go to school of design, environment studies etc. There is Institute for Water Policy, a research think tank at LKYSPP that is very resourceful and does some great work. As far as career services is concerned, let me be very honest - Not just LKYSPP, but most schools including US and Europe do not offer an in campus placements or assured jobs. The career services does lot of networking events, there are career fairs, industry nights that are organized in every semester at LKYSPP. It also comes down to how a student leverages these opportunities and convert them into a job, there are students from outside SG who found a job immediately in SG and there are people who went back to their home countries and there are people who struggle to find the right job immediately upon graduation. This is very much applicable to all top schools. You have all kind of possibilities happening. The Bottom line - The school has a brand, there is strong alumni network, the opportunities to meet people from the industry and network are many - now its upto the student. Hope this was helpful and All the Very Best to everyone out there. Cheers
  26. hlr20

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    same, pal. Rough stuff. also- finding a place that is safe to live is really hard when you are so far away but it helps to ask grad students for advice and such. Good luck finding a place!
  27. slpbc

    Canadian SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    The deadline to accept an offer of admission is April 30th so there should lots of waitlist movement after that
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