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  2. Where should I be looking for my decision?
  3. How were you notified of your acceptance?, I want to make sure I'm looking in the correct places.
  4. chasebf

    159Q/160V/4W Good Enough for Stats Grad School?

    I'm not Math/Stats but Geophysics here, so Math heavy and Quant is a pretty big in applications. Your scores are pretty similar to mine and I got into top 10 programs in my field. I was however not accepted at top 5 programs (e.g. MIT, Columbia, etc). This was due to either funding or my GRE being lower than what they make their cutoff. It's also worth noting that top 5 programs are a distinct class above the 6-10 schools for my field (at least in theory). If your goal is top 5 program I've found 80th percentile seems to be the bar for Quant in my field. Above that they don't really care unless you're pulling something like a 98th or something crazy. All of them say they do holistic reviews, which I have no doubt is true, but its probably after the GRE cull. The GRE is just such a useful standardized metric to cull the applicant pool, when you're say Harvard dealing with 500+ applications for 10 spots. My advice would be retaking it, try to get about the 80th to avoid the lower limits imposed by the best schools. Above that the GRE becomes a moot point and it's down to your experience and research drive/interests. Again, I'm Geophysics, so your mileage may vary with this advice.
  5. I am in a dual-doctoral program that is set up such that you complete your doctor of physical therapy degree by the 3rd year and then complete your PhD afterwards with some overlap in the 2nd and 3rd years of the DPT program. I am finishing my 4th year and have completed my DPT, so my University now considers me a post-doc. Last summer I had applied for a Clinical and Translational Science Post-doc Fellowship (TL1) and an NIH F30 (predoctoral fellowship specific to dual-doctoral students). I was awarded and accepted the TL1 before I heard back about the F30, but now have also been offered the F30. Since the TL1 is a post-doc fellowship the stipend is approximately $24,000 higher than the pre-doc F30, it provides $8,000 in research funding (the F30 provides none), and it covers my full tuition (the F30 provides 60%). However, the TL1 is only for 2 years (I probably will need an additional 6m-1y after before I graduate, the F30 is for 3.5y which is well more than enough for me to graduate) and the F30 is far more prestigious since it is an individual national fellowship and would be much more beneficial if I apply for future NIH funding (like a K or R01) later on. I am leaning towards pursuing a career in industry, but have not ruled out a career in academia. I looked into my options with both the NIH and through my Univeristy to try to supplement the predoc F30 stipend to match my current post-doc stipend and that isn't a possibility. The NIH program officer called me today to tell me what a bad idea turning down the F30 would be if I ever want to apply to the NIH again, but a $32,000 difference is a big deal to me when I have 6 figure student loan debt, so I don't know that the prestige is worth the financial difference. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  6. kaustuser1991

    apply for KAUST 2019 FALL Bioscience phD

    What's your background?
  7. I finished my first masters at 24, and I'm finishing up a second this year in applied statistics at 30. I'm researching PhD programs in Quantitative Psych and Applied Statistics, but I want to spend several years working as a statistician or data scientist before applying.
  8. ritsmph

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Denied - Waterloo ☹️
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  10. emlu621


    I got everything in around March 26 and I haven’t heard anything yet. The wait is killing me!
  11. al.pablo20

    Letters of Recommendations for a Transfer Applicant

    If you don't mind me asking, what's the reason you're transferring? And how did you deal with the politics of letting your advisor know? I am a first year PhD student and I am quite unhappy in my department. I am considering transferring but I don't know how viable it is.
  12. DO. NOT. DO IT. No one cares where you went to school, especially for a career like SLP. It is not worth paying off all that student loan debt. I went to one of the lowest ranked schools in my country (Canada) and not one employer asked where I went to school or cared. Just my two cents...
  13. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but this is just my two cents, as I got into schools with amazing (tailored to my specific interests) programs vs. also-good-but-more-general programs, and I chose to attend the good, general, cheap program vs. my "dream school." Granted there were other factors for me (the cheaper school is only five hours from home vs. the opposite end of the country for the expensive school) but after thinking it over, I really don't want to be in a ton of debt when I graduate. Yes, job opportunities for SLPs are good, but in the end, you still have to pay off those loans, and it can take a lot of time if you're getting tens of thousands of dollars of debt. For me personally, I don't think that's worth $50k tuition when I could go to a school with $20k tuition. In the end, all the programs are ASHA certified and I'll get the experiences I need in order to be qualified to work in any setting as a SLP. (If it's worth anything, I would also love to become a professor, and I'll be honest, I'm a bit worried to be going to a school with less research opportunities, but... I want to avoid the debt, and I think on some level, it all comes down to the effort you put into it. I'm hoping to still get some research experience, and form strong relationships with my professors!)
  14. shelbyr17

    2019 MPH CANADA

    I have also applied to Lakehead for the nursing MPH stream (distance) and have also not heard back. I did speak with a graduate of the distance program who recalls not hearing until July, fingers crossed!
  15. I got into my dream school (Columbia)... but will need to take out an insane amount of loans to pay for tuition & cost of living. vs. attending a state school which will be almost free with a few scholarships i got. I don't know if going to an ivy league will benefit myself and my career... or if it doesn't matter and the loans are not worth it. They have an amazing program and offer a lot more than the state school especially for medical slp. I want to become a professor possibly eventually and think maybe a masters from Columbia would make a difference. Some people say, the better school is worth it and others say go where you'll have the least amount of loans If anyone has any advice would greatly appreciate it!!! Especially if you were in this position before :)
  16. Can a current student discuss the quality of education at LKY? I’m hoping to be accepted and transfer from a program where I’ve been, quite frankly, very disappointed with the quality of my education. I was surprised this year at the poor quality as this was not surmisable when applying to the school.
  17. TBay

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    It's a huge concern. I know the Province is delivering some of their education budgets today to schools, so perhaps that means Universities as well. That would fit with the timeline I was told. My institution is not in a big city so there isn't very much part time work, either. I suppose I could do some freelance writing, but it's so unreliable for income. I actually have a book I am supposed to get royalties for, but it was uploaded online by a group in Russia, so I don't earn more than $20-30 a year for 4-5 years work.
  18. doubleyou

    Canadian SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist at McMaster since the 17th? Haven't seen many updates over the past week, but maybe a lot of people aren't on this forum! Thanks 🙂
  19. GMP

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Hey! Has anyone applied to/heard back from Bryn Mawr for their MSS program? I had my interview last week and am curious to see how long it will take until I find out the results!
  20. nstrom15

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I'm in that position right now. I accepted an offer at the only school I was accepted at, but got off the waitlist at a school with a better program and that I'd rather go to so I plan on rescinding my commitment. I talked to some professors at my current school and they said about 1 or 2 people do it every year. There's also 3 first year students I talked to who accepted offers and backed out for a different program. So with that being said, I would say it happens fairly often, but it all depends on the school and the program.
  21. Harlan Pepper

    Wenner Gren

    Still biting my nails over here, how are you all holding out, @trogdorburninator @cinco @colalalala?
  22. Jony

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Got a reject from Waterloo. I checked my status on the portal and it says deny. Did not receive any emails. 😔😕 Good luck to others waiting.
  23. Hello, Has anyone here been accepted to Northeastern with a GPA less than 3.35?? On ASHA it had stated that they take applicants between 3.0-4.0, and I have a 3.285, however on Northeasterns website it says that you need a minimum of 3.35. I emailed the school and asked if they would accept applicants with lower GPA and I got a vague response... so just trying to see if it is worth it to apply there in the fall
  24. Moderat2

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    They replied eventually and they accepted my documents. Thanks for your reply!
  25. LaceySpeechie

    Is it really worth going into debt

    That is discouraging! Personally, I chose the cheapest school I got into because I want to avoid any more debt that I need. I think people are right about the fact that there are jobs available (though you might need to be willing to move/take a setting you don't love/etc.) but also consider your own factors. It might be worthwhile to apply again and shoot for cheaper schools! Something that someone said is a good thing to consider; look at how much you can expect to make salary-wise your first year, and aim to take out loans less than or equal to that amount. I am really passionate about this career but I honestly don't think it's worth going into tens of thousands of dollars of debt, if it's avoidable.
  26. asanasan


    hello hello! I have been trying to decide between SVA and Parsons MFA Fine Arts. I wasnt able to find a lot of information online for these fine arts programs. Has anyone attended these programs or have any info that could be helpful. Any help much appreciated since I am running out of time to register! thank you all!
  27. Koffik47

    University of Pittsburgh GSPIA Fall 2019

    Okay good! I hope to see you there in August.
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