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  2. hollyfuturespeechie17

    Idaho State SLP

    I’m from Montana! What about you!?
  3. Dysexlia

    Shut out

  4. PrivateAle

    Was I Accepted?

    I got the letter! I'm accepted!
  5. neechaa

    Shut out

    University of Missouri
  6. Hi, sorry for jumping in really late here. I'm a student in the CLMS program at Brandeis and will be applying to PhD programs in the fall. If you're still deciding between offers, feel free to DM me and I'd be happy to give my advice/experiences.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has heard back for a master's of nursing (Primary health care Nurse Practitioner stream) I thought I would have heard back by now, but still waiting it out. Applied to the University of Ottawa program
  8. fabula

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    Mine was similar. The waitlist letter last year had "I regret to inform you ... " as the start of the 2nd paragraph. It then went on to say it was of high enough quality to be placed on a waitlist. I really wish it said something like: "Close, but no cigar." Awards like these are not a measure of our worth as scholars, the worth of our research, or our worth as humans on this planet. This is obviously important to remember when "I regret to inform" letters arrive, but I think it's equally important to remember if the other kind of letter arrives.
  9. lala91

    Canada MSW 2019

    Thanks for the advice! I also really like York's critical/ social justice focused curriculum, so the program seems ideal for me. Anyways, best of luck to you!
  10. Prisci aslp

    Should I give up??

    Should I mail the schools and ask about my status or just wait till they send any mail regarding my wait list?
  11. Does anyone know when registration for Fall 2019 classes will start? When I check CUNY first, I only see enrollment dates for summer classes. Thanks!
  12. Today
  13. Undergrad Institution: Top 30 Liberal Arts College Major: Mathematics Concentration: Scientific Computing GPA: 3.91 Type of Student: Domestic Mixed-Race Male GRE General Test: Q: 167 (98%) V: 168 (94%) W: 4.0 (59%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: N/A Programs Applying: Statistics/Applied Math Research Experience:  - REU in combinatorial mathematics: presented at JMM, won a poster presentation award, resulted in publication  - REU in gravitational physics: worked in a lab in Paris doing some experiments and analysis on a table top simulator for LISA mission. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: A fair number of awards and scholarships in undergrad. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Lead tutor for Calculus I-III for a few years. Software engineer for a number of years now. Letters of Recommendation: All three from the math department, and very likely strong letters. Math/Statistics Grades: Calculus I-III (A), Intro Statistics (A), Linear Algebra I-II (A), Abstract Algebra I-II (A), Number Theory Seminar (A), Mathematical Logic Seminar (A), Complex Functions (A), Real Analysis I (A). Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Software dev job experience; no stats background. Applying to Where: Caltech - Computing & Mathematical Sciences PhD / Rejected U Washington - Applied Math PhD / Rejected (accepted to masters unfunded) U Washington - Math MS / Admitted Carnegie Mellon - Stat PhD / Rejected Duke - Stat PhD / Rejected UNC Chapel Hill - Stat PhD / Rejected UT Austin - Stat PhD / Rejected U Washington - Stat PhD / Admitted NC State - Stat PhD / Admitted UCLA - Stat PhD / Admitted UC Irvine - Stat PhD / Admitted U Florida - Stat PhD / Admitted I really had no clue what to target when I started the process of finding programs. This forum was incredibly helpful in finding a good spread of safety-target-reach schools. I was rejected/accepted by exactly half/half of the programs I applied to, which seems like a good result.
  14. Hi! Are you still looking for a roomie? I was just accepted to a program at the University of Rochester off the waitlist. I am not positive if I will be attending yet since I just want to double check how it might fit with my particular research interests. However, I will need to decide by Monday and am leaning towards attending and I will definitely be looking for a female roommate if I do. I was thinking of probably having separate rooms, but sharing the apartment overall if that makes sense? Private message me if you’re interested! 😄
  15. How long did it take for Bryn Mawr to notify you after your interview?!
  16. ka133

    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    In the acceptance letter, it says that we should not communicate publicly that we have gotten the award until it is posted in the NSERC website. Does that mean that we can't add the award to our Linkedin, resume,... until then?
  17. AlwaysaFalcon

    Should I give up??

    Do not give up! I got off the waitlist for one school at the end of July! The April 15th decision day was not that long ago and the department is still trying to go through their cohort. It's not over till it's over.
  18. AlwaysaFalcon

    Good friends in grad school?

    Of course it will depend on the different personalities and the feel of the cohort itself, but in my experience once you get to grad school you have a "we're all in this together mentality". I get along with a lot of my cohort and I'm lucky to be going through this program with some of these awesome women! ❤️ . Personally I feel that the competitiveness that happens with undergrad is gone and that you're more willing to study and help one another out.
  19. Dysexlia

    Shut out

    What school?
  20. koalalover1

    Good friends in grad school?

    I have made the majority of my life long friends in my cohort. You are all in it together and it isn't the same competitive-ness of undergrad!! So yes I am sure you will make good friends 😀
  21. TBay

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    I think mine said: "Thank you for wasting our time. We enjoyed reading your ridiculous proposal and had many laughs. Of course we have nothing to offer you except our pity. Try not to get tears on the paper when you read your scores. Good luck and remember, don't call us, we'll call you." Laughter is the best medicine!!!! Don't worry. If you receive funding, you will have some friends to celebrate with and if you don't you will still have some friends to commiserate with. We are all in this together either way, no one is alone!!!
  22. Mike2019

    WFP Future International Talent (FIT) Pool

    Hi brbrmtv, I was informed late last month that I was included in the FIT Pool. No update since then.
  23. SLPreach

    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I haven't received an email but when they called yesterday they said that an offer should appear on ORPAS tomorrow.
  24. mgauth12

    Canada MSW 2019

    It depends on your interests but I personally I gained most of my experience at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community in Guelph. Its a treatment centre for adults with drug and alcohol addictions. You can be a behavioural counsellor out of undergrad and there's so much professional development and opportunity for growth.
  25. mgauth12

    Canada MSW 2019

    I emailed to ask about this a while ago - there's no deposit necessary!
  26. I got in straight out of undergrad, however I left college to work in the entertainment industry and didn’t go back to get my two bachelor’s degrees in new majors for twenty years!
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