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    I agree. It's definitely not always the best decision to go with the biggest name or the most famous lab. If, after visiting and having detailed discussions with both faculty and students at several schools, you decide that the number 31 school is the best fit for your needs, then by all means go for it. However, I think it's a foolish decision to not even bother to apply to a school that in reality you know little about just because it's Ivy League and you don't want to work in a big lab or teach at an Ivy League institution. You should at least give yourself all the options you can so that when March comes around you can know you made an informed decision.
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    "Business" Cards?

    I might too, but it would depend under what circumstances I was given the business card. If someone just walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Postbib, here's a card," I would find his behavior tacky. On the other hand, if I met Postbib at a career or research fair and was interested in his work, and asked him if I could contact him later, then receiving a business card would make perfect sense. Likewise, if I discovered that he liked to play Ultimate Frisbee and my team needed another player, and he told me he was interested in joining--if he ASKED me to email him and then handed me a card with his name and email address--I would also not find it tacky. In other words: there's a business card code of etiquette. As long as Postbib followed it, I would find nothing wrong with handing out business cards. If he just wants to hand them out willy-nilly to anyone he meets, I would advise him to skip the business cards. [Local politicians of my acquaintance, please take note. ]

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