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    2016 Acceptance Thread

    I also just got into Pitt!!! And I was a bumbling mess on the phone... I wouldn't worry yet. I had a missed phone call at 11:20 or so, and just saw it and called back (But note that they didn't try again in those 2 hours, so it wasn't done in one quick sweep.)
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    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Just got into Pitt via phone!!! Official letter coming next week!!
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    2016 Acceptance Thread

    I got into Pittsburgh... Just get the phone call
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    Accepted to Cornell University as a Dean's Scholar!!!
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    I echo this. Echo. Echo. Echo. and then Echo some more.
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    It's the weekend, aka the time when no admissions committees meet. To pass the time I'm going to watch the extended versions of all 3 LOTR movies.
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    I see what you mean. I think the idea would be that you move up the pecking order and they would secure funding for you first before the next incoming class. That is the logic that i've heard used before. Its a difficult decision leaving without a guaranteed funding but where does NC State rank on your list of schools? My best friend a few years ago faced a similar decision where he was accepted with full funding to a MA program at the Claremont Graduate School but was also accepted to Yale with 1/3 scholarship. He ultimately chose Yale as the job prospect post graduation was much better. I know for me I consult the NCA doctoral program guide like its a COMM bible. I don't think I've seen anyone post on it so i'll share the link here http://www.natcom.org/DoctoralProgramGuide/ For me it has become essential on where to apply. I think from what i can tell @cannedheat , you are a person of great character as it really takes fortitude and determination to apply two years in a row, improve your gre scores, and get accepted to more schools than the previous year. To me that is the quality that is required to complete a PhD program and i think if you did go to a program that funding was not guaranteed you would be able to secure it someway somehow. Didn't mean to write all of this but just wanted to encourage you and by extension everyone else in similar positions =)
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    Somewhat Awkward Meeting

    Agreed with everyone. You didn't commit any major faux pas! But also, I agree with Tybalt: my own chair has a philosophy that every student's committee dissolves immediately after passing exams. Then, the student has to re-ask people to be on the dissertation committee. The thought is that as you preparing for exams, two things happen: (1) your project takes shape and (2) you realize which professors you work well with-- and which you don't. By having to start from scratch after exams, there are no hard feelings if you decide you actually don't want Professor A to be on the committee because Professor A never replies to emails and gives vague feedback. This way, you don't have to remove Professor A from your committee; you just don't ask Professor A to be on your dissertation committee once exams are completed. I wonder if your professor comes from a similar school of thought? That could explain the surprise and the perceived the reluctance. In other words, any awkwardness from this professor was likely not directed at you; instead, it seems he was just working out his thoughts aloud, wanting to say yes but also wanting to give you an out down the road in case you change your mind.
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    2016 MFA Interview Thread

    It's possible, but unlikely that there will be snow in the first week of March, unless you're talking about going up to Vermont or Maine. Usually the weather in NYC/Boston is in the low 40s around that time, though you won't know what you're in for until a few days before. Don't bother buying gear. At most, make sure you have wool socks and warmish footwear (as in, no Converse). Go ahead and buy long underwear if you're planning on wearing jeans or slacks all weekend. You might not even need them, so don't spend money just because you're freaked out! Bringing a good sweater will let you get away with whatever jacket/coat you have. In general, layering is your friend, so as long as you have long sleeve tshirts to wear under your clothes, you should be fine!
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    Daughter just got accepted to UNC Chapel Hill BBSP! Two interviews to go!
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    What do you think of the reported Princeton phone call? It makes sense given their earlier deadline this year (by two weeks), but I want to believe it's fake, because the only person I've spoken to on the phone today is my mom, and she is not a professor at Princeton.
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    med latte


    OMG, it came out during our phone conversation that the adcom has not even received their application packets yet!!! The deadline was Jan. 15th. I could have handwritten copies of all the packets for them by now! WTF?!?! I had assumed they would have been through at least one round by now. Seems they are moving at glacial pace this year. The funny part came when the prof noted -- by way of encouragement -- "oh, but we are meeting this month!" This month. Not this afternoon. Not this week. But this month. Gee, thanks. Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the adcom procedures I cannot change...
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    2016 Acceptance Thread

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    i contacted ron eyerman at yale to ask whether all admitted students have been notified; he said "not yet" and that "official notifications" won't be sent out before the end of next week. i see this as cause for hope. though, the results board usually looks like 2-3 informal acceptances one week, 10 formal rejections the week after. so it is likely that the end of next week will actually be reds, and that there is, in fact, no cause for hope.
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    NSF GRFP 2016

    I do understand your frustration, @rewindmind, but they do have to draw a hard line somewhere. Students who use smaller margins and a smaller size font are essentially giving themselves more room than others to write their essays, which is unfair. When they start letting exceptions slip by, they will get into a crisis. If they allow 0.9 and 11 point font for you, then the applicant who used 0.7 margins and 10.5 point font so they could fit all their citations on the page might have an argument... While I would say that most people can't visually discern a 0.1 margin difference, most people CAN discern a 1-point font difference - especially if you are reviewing 30-40 other applications that all have the same font size. And noticing that the font is different might make a reviewer compare in other areas. Interdisciplinary fields? No, of course not; interdisciplinary fields are reviewed all the time. The feedback that the field of study is ineligible sounds less like a quibble with the interdisciplinary nature and more like a problem with the field itself, or the research topic. Did your friend propose disease-related goals or clinical research in his proposal? The problem could be "essentially" cell/systems biology and still come across as public health or disease-related or focused on clinical or seemingly clinical areas of study. If he can submit supporting letters for his appeal, how about a letter from an uninterested/neutral third party in the field who can attest that the research is basic science oriented and not clinical or disease-related?
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    The wait is agonizing and seems to last forever. I'm so sorry your friend left for Australia... And for three years... I wish I were there with you to go grab a late night snack and a drink. We could totally just talk about how crap this whole wait is. Guys, I propose grad cafe rl support groups/weekly happy hour.
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    Venting Thread

    True. I once mentioned him in a text message to a friend and he showed up and made it a group chat. He was all like, "Ew. You have continental cooties because you read Borges." And I was like, "It was just one time!!" I cant tell you guys more because he might sue me... It's true though...
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    A blighted one

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Welp, got into UW-Milwaukee's program in Literature and Cultural Theory. No word on funding, but... Crazy!
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    Venting Thread

    Bernie voice: "I'm just tired of the top 1% of all applicants getting more than 50% of the acceptances. This day and age, it is unacceptable."
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    Hmm, UCSD BMS just sent me a waitlist decision which I will likely decline. Good luck to everyone who applied there! Also. Accepted into Harvard BPH, notified by phone!
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    Wow people talking behind our backs about how naive and blind we are. Quelle f**king surprise. I mean we *are* blind because we don't have the experience they have. But yeah. It feels disturbingly reminiscent of the folks who told me I'm not gonna get anywhere ever since I dropped out of high school. And I just respectfully went about my life and proved them wrong. To folks like them, I'm not even supposed to be here, yet here I am. Will I prove these guys wrong by going to the PhD program that fits me best instead of prioritizing ONLY rank? I have no clue, but I know that there are people who actually support that decision, and they've made more difference than some anons on that forum have. ... and now instantly I wanna say "sorry for being so naive and kinda rude." But I'm just not in the mood for other rude people. Even if they are realistic and experienced. I guess I shouldn't have even read that post >_O
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    Accepted into Duke CMB. Fastest turnaround yet.
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    2 of the programs you mention say "competitive scores" for the gre requirement on their admissions pages.... and I'm sorry, but the 1 percentile in Quant and only 33 percentile in Verbal is not competitive. I would seriously reconsider taking it again. There are a lot of forums on here dedicated to GRE resources that can likely help you improve your scores dramatically if you really try.
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    2016 Acceptance Thread

    I remember when weekends were safe.
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    Advice for a first year PhD student

    I am third year now but was a first year when I read this post for the first time. I cannot begin to explain how helpful it was and how thankful I am to @juilletmercredi for having taken the time to write it. I feel compelled to repost it and encourage those of you who haven't read it, to do so. Save it in your laptops and go back to it every now and then.
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    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.
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    Maybe you could ask generally about the length of time it takes to gain full professorship. As in say from your observation it seems like most faculty reaches full professorship in 7-8 years and you're wondering if this program is different or if other personal choices might change that timeframe and you wonder what the advantages might be. This could be part of your own research regarding your possible career path rather than you simply being nosy if phrased right.
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    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Done! I flooded the feed with dated material, but it's all there and accurate.
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    Received offer from Case Western Reserve Sociology program (full funding) yesterday. Congrats to another poster of CWRU acceptance.
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    UCLA MSW Fall 2016 Applicant

    Check your emails!!! I got my UCLA acceptance email!!!!
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    Rejection Thread!

    Rejected from 12 schools for clinical psychology 4.0 GPA (undergrad and grad), 155 Q, 161 V, 5 years of research experience, 3 pubs (2 first author), 12 posters, amazing letters of recommendation I'm going to try again next year but I wish I knew what I did wrong or what they want. I feel like all I've been doing the last 5 years is taking every opportunity I have been given and I don't understand why it isn't paying off. This was my third time applying and I thought it would be my last. Have you all received any input or advice from faculty other than just try again?
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    Fall 2016 Applicants

    I learned today that I got accepted into Cornell's PHD program, after I thought I had done poorly in the interview. I guess I was wrong! So excited!
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    Fall 2016 - Phd Thread

    Congrats! If you don't mind, when did you hear from UMSL? And did they have a funding decision with the acceptance? I haven't heard anything yet.
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    PhDs are an entirely different animal. I believe most, if not all, are fully funded. It helps however if you bring your funding with you, so to speak. Then you get your pick of the best of the best. My father got his PhD in Physics at Stanford - fully funded with a stipend. Of course, he helped teach undergrad classes. My sister, on the other hand, won a Howard Hughes Fellowship. She was admitted to every PhD program she applied to - she deserved it, but the fact that she came with her own funding was highly attractive to all of the universities. She ended up at Harvard, for Genetics. Bottom line: all the more reason to go for a PhD in SLP (or something closely related) if you have it in you. And if you want the most options, try to get your own funding. ? Edited to add - oops was typing at the same time as above poster!
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    Historically, ASU has produced a number of impactful scholars (more than NC State). I think you're going to kick ass at ASU!!!
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    Two years ago, when applying for Master's programs, I received an acceptance and a recruitment visit invitation on President's Day. I know that will make you all feel better or worse. I mean for it to make you feel better though! Do with that anecdote what you will! @nightfarmer I'm sorry to hear that =( My first notification was a rejection, too. It really sucks =( *offers you some cake* @artsy16 nooo I'm sorry to hear that because it's like going from purgatory to purgatory! Ah! *offers you some cake, too, and sits with both of you*
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    Fall 2016 Application

    Congrats! let's keep our fingers crossed!
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    I think it definitely depends on each job and the relationship you have (or any contract you have) with your employers whether or not you give more than 2 weeks notice. I think unless there is something exceptionally good about the company or your manager and/or you have some vested interest in how the company fares after you leave, there's no point giving more than minimal notice. My philosophy is that you don't "owe" them more than the standard 2 week notice just because the bosses were decent human beings that didn't mistreat you. So, in this case below: I would actually wait until the very last minute (2 weeks notice or whatever your contract is). Being fired on the spot on April 1 will suck and you will lose on months of income. And, in general, if they know you are leaving in 6 months (or whatever the number will be), it means you are almost guaranteed not to get a raise or any increase in benefits. This is also unfair, so that's why I would also advocate for waiting as late as possible. You lose almost all your bargaining and (limited) employee powers when they know you are leaving soon.
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    Venting Thread

    Every time I see a post that isn't one of my schools
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    @Miner 49er Sorry, I should have been clearer. I was talking about the Earth and Space Science (ESS) department, not Atmospheric Sciences (They're separate departments in technically adjacent buildings). I know ESS rolls out offers as students decline admittance and additional funding is confirmed or becomes available. I don't have any information about the Atmospheric Science department. Good luck 49er, I hope you hear good news!
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    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Oof, I know I'm lucky to already have some acceptances, but rejections from Chicago and Columbia today still hurt more than I thought they would. This entire process seems like such a random game--I know a lot has to do with fit for sure, but equally often it comes down to factors that no one can predict or control. I'm already having a tough time deciding between my top two choices, so honestly it's for the best, but man this entire thing takes way more emotional energy than anything else I've done or than I expected.
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    EAPSI 2016

    @DrIblis Thanks for keeping us posted! Helps me gauge my own timeline that I can expect for this whole process.
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    My employer knew from the beginning that this was the end game. I work in a closely related field, however, and I am friends with several of my coworkers. They have been very supportive (I've worked here for about 18 months), but they do wish I was sticking around! They've already made it clear that if I don't get accepted that would be okay with them (jokingly!), and that I could come back after I got my degree if I wanted to. For your position it sounds like it doesn't benefit you or them, but it seems to me that all you really have to do is give them enough time to replace you once you get accepted!
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    This is a really great topic, as I've been struggling to navigate this myself. I'm not really in a position to be very open about my grad school plans at work. It's not necessarily that my colleagues wouldn't be supportive, it's just a complicated situation. I've been thinking that I will confirm somewhere this spring, and around June 1st I will officially let my supervisor know, which gives me up to three months to wrap things up and get things in order. I've had others say that giving more than two weeks notice is generally bad though, since it makes you a "lame duck" at work. I mentioned grad school in my interview for this position, but my timeline was accelerated a bit. I've been told that this is a really common step for employees, especially for 20-somethings and I shouldn't feel guilty about it. That said, it does make me feel a little more secretive and disingenuous than I'd prefer.
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    Fall 2016 Applicants

    I was accepted to RISD yesterday by email. Haven't heard from Parsons or Pratt. And didn't have an interview with any of these schools. Hope that helps!
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    I just got an email (at midnight!?) Saying I've been accepted into the MFA program at SUNY Buffalo!
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    Graduate Transfer Situation

    That's going to be tough. Most institutions will only let you transfer in 9-12 credit hours (so about one semester worth of work). Are there specific areas which you think you're lacking in? If so, could you potentially just take courses in those areas before applying to PhD programs?
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    I want to address a few things. As someone else said, although you may not feel prepared, you've been admitted to some PhD programs. You're qualified. It's true that maybe you have a less general knowledge of philosophy, and that an MA might give you some time to expand your exposure. But I think in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a big concern. You got into a PhD, this may not happen in the future. It just doesn't seem worth it to forgo a PhD just to increase your comfort levels. As someone also said, the details of where you got into matter a good bit. You didn't mention anything about wanting to attend an MA in order to get into a better PhD program. In which case, it doesn't make particular sense to forgo a PhD if you're satisfied with the PhD programs you got into. I think that the strongest reason you have for forgoing the PhD, is your family situation. I don't know what sort of situation you're in, but it's true that perhaps you have some overwriting familial obligations. I wonder if it would be possible to defer your admission to one of the PhD programs for a year. People have done this in the past. It may be possible for you. And this part is purely speculative, you might be able to talk to the PhD programs about this, but if you specifically need to be bringing in some money, perhaps you could defer your PhD admission, and still attend the MA program. Personally, I think barring a particular desire to get into a better PhD program, and barring some overwriting familial obligations, it makes the most amount of sense to go ahead and pursue the PhD. Granted, I'm a little biased from my own experiences. I got into a PhD program and some MA programs, and chose one of the MA programs. I loved my MA program, but I had a terrible performance and have ended up going into a different career path. And I wonder how things might have been different had I gone to the PhD program.
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    If they accepted you to the PhD then they do think that you are prepared to study the PhD, and you should take the chance, UNLESS you do not want to study at that school for some big reason -but if there is such a reason you should not have applied to that school in the first place-. So, go for the PhD, unless you do not want that school. Believe me, I, and I bet most people here, do not consider ourselves ready enough for the PhD, specially because we have never been in one and we do not really know how it feels. But we do know that if we get it we will do our best effort to achieve success in it. And I bet that is your case. So do not be afraid of it, it is possible to succeed, you only need to try and try and try and try... Also, what you would do during the PhD is very different -and in my opinion better- than what you would do in the Master. You would be starting your personal research soon, and you would get the degree younger, and therefore the opportunities -in every aspect of your life- that you would get would be very different, and I think, better, if you choose the PhD now that if you postpone it. STUDY NOW THAT YOU CAN. Which is similar to "Eat now that there is food, because when there is not, you will not eat even if you want".
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    Columbia VS Yale

    If you want to return to your home country afterward, consider the strength of each school's alumni network back home. I love Yale, in general. I think many of the departments are small and warm. Years ago, I looked into their School of Public Health and felt that it was no exception. However, Columbia is in a metropolis with unlimited opportunities. The last poster provided great advice. Consider those questions when you visit. Good luck!

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