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    2018 Acceptances

    I am the Buffalo acceptance. I posted the standard package that they've offered me although they said they will nominate me for a Schomberg fellowship as well so my package offer may change. My first response from any program so far.
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    Just received a phone interview invitation from CU Boulder. Super excited as this is my top choice!
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    Rumor has it she may actually be running (well everything better than this orange clown really...) My boyfriend decided to not really look into finding a job anymore. Rather he will become rich with his cryptocoins.....
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    2018 Acceptances

    Congrats! btw, what does gpa is graduate mean?
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    Fall 2018 Cycle

    I got my first acceptance and it's to my top choice! I can't believe it, I didn't expect to get in, let alone this early. I'm scared to accept the offer in case I wake up....
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    Hi all! I am an international student (China) applying to PhD programs in International Relations this year. I am looking for some opinions on me being admitted by some programs. My profile is as follows: BA(07/2015): International Political Economy at Top 2 Universities in China; GPA: 3.51 (I know, this looks bad. But there is actually no GPA on my official transcript. I am wondering if I should omit it in the online application); MA(05/2017): Top 10 IA programs in the US; GPA: 3.91 TOEFL: waived GRE: V: 159; Q: 169; AW: 4 LOR: one from my former internship boss (he is a renowned expert in my field); one from my American professor (he is in IA department, not political science); one from my undergrad professor (he is in Political Science Department); Research: Currently working in a think tank, doing research related to the field I am interested in; was research assistant to my professor during my last semester at grad school; wrote a relevant essay which was published in a think tank's blog; my former internship also contains lots of research work. Universities I am considering: Columbia, Cornell, BU, UMD, USC, Denver, American University, UT Dallas, George Mason Please let me know how you would evaluate my profile. Thank you soooooo much!
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    If not English, then _____ ?

    Sadly, my horse and his expenses FAR outweigh that of my car.
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    If not English, then _____ ?

    Mad props would be in order if you saved by commuting to class via horse
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    Hi, Does anybody know if Baylor College and UTSouthwestern are done sending out invites?
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    If not English, then _____ ?

    One of my cohort-mates brought her horse with her to grad school (from literally across the country), and we all thought it was super cool. So don't worry about it!
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    Just received a phone interview from CU Boulder as well! First interview invite that’s social neuroscience-based, so I’m excited. Here’s hoping it all goes well for both of us!
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    If not English, then _____ ?

    I actually went to college as a back up plan; I wanted to pursue horses professionally and have worked for trainers on circuits that compete around the country, and my mom (and former trainer, actually) encouraged me to get a degree first. Over the course of my undergrad, I have still stayed quite actively involved with horses (I own my own horse and compete) and it's still a big part of my life, but the huge rise of drug issues in the world of show horses extremely turned me off from the idea of working long-term in the equine industry. I ended up loving being an English major and writer, and definitely wouldn't do horses professionally now. I'm definitely glad it turned out this way. There's not always money in writing, but there's even less in horses.
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    Fall 2018 Admission

    I just got my first acceptance!! I thought I had months more to wait out, but wow!! I'm walking on air. I'm stunned. I'm alternating between crying and screaming. It was my top choice too! Of course, there's the details... A different professor than my top choice to work for was CC'd, and my status on the site is different... but I'm assuming the email supersedes all that. Right...? Right?
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    is anyone else losing morale because you haven't heard anything yet, but other people who have applied to the same program have had interview invitations extended from a different POI than yours? should i just save myself the emotional investment and assume this more than likely means I got rejected, or is there still hope?
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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I am in the same position folks but one thing I learned from “3 Idiots” (the movie) is that you need to lie to your heart. You need to say “All izz well”
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    I was just asked to interview by my POI at the University of South Florida. I applied to their CNS program with a focus on social psychology and had been in contact with my POI prior to applying. I'm super excited!
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    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    No, I am not. I still got nothing like most of you. Actually I posted those dates in order to say that UMich usually finish their decision (biostat master) in a LONG time range so it's no need to be too anxious now.
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    I Need Your Input

    BPhil admission is competitive, but not as competitive as people often think. The cohorts are actually quite large. There are two main catches: (1) funding is extremely competitive, and there's not much to go around, especially for applicants outside the EU, and (2) very, very few BPhils make the cut to the DPhil. Oxford winnows its cohort big-time. I don't think any of the things you listed are really (or, at least, necessarily) strikes against you. The real questions are: how many programs did you apply to, how close is your fit with those programs, and how many students do your prospective supervisors have/what's the current student AOS distribution in the department. FWIW, I know that being shut out seems like a horrific outcome. That's how I experienced the thought when I was applying. But with hindsight, I can see now that it really wouldn't have been a big deal. I'd have just tried again a time or two, and then moved on to something more lucrative, certain, and with significantly more control over where I live.
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    Hi! Currently waiting it out... I applied to 7 PhD programs and 2 MA programs through IRT (Institute for Recruitment of Teachers). I applied to no schools outside their consortium. Waiting to hear back from: Harvard, Yale [Africana and English joint], Brown, Penn, Northwestern, Cornell, Berkeley (PhD) + Columbia and NYU (MA) Still tyrna figure out my "elevator pitch" for my research interests, but definitely heavy interdisciplinary work w AAVE, dialect, and literature/expressive art. Uh.. Asé?
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    I want to stress the bit about booking a private room in advance. I had a Skype interview during my work day once, and had to go downstairs to the cafeteria. Mid-interview I was interrupted by people shuffling around tables for a dance practice. I had to get up and hurriedly find a different place to continue the rest of the conversation, which was no good.
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    Hey all! Thanks again for everyone who offered encouragement after I was super worried about my shaky phone interview. If you wanted an update: I received an email yesterday with an invite for the onsite interview, stating they were very impressed with my phone interview, haha. I guess you never really know what they're thinking or looking for! Interview is for UMD College Park in February.
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    I think given your qualifications, you should be able to get into a program. However, when it comes to getting into specific programs you're shooting for, I found (in my own experience) that it has less to do with credentials and more to do with "fit." This is anecdotal, but from my own experience and in speaking to another friend at a smaller PhD religion department, students are often taken in by an advisor because the proposed research interest sounded interesting to that advisor at that particular moment they were reading the application. Sometimes it depends on the mood of that POI that particular day, whether they are feeling generous towards the stack of applications to go through that day or if they read something earlier that day that shifted their interests. Or the POI might suddenly decide to teach something they've been interested in that semester and decided that in line with the course they are offering, takes on a student in that particular course, whether or not the POI is known for tackling that particular topic. On the one hand, it sounds capricious, but I share this to say that in general, qualifications can get you into programs but in specific circumstances, it's mostly out of our control.
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    Before I attempt to answer your question... May I ask, why a PhD, which is traditionally research heavy if you have not had a lot of research experience? Do you enjoy and want to work in research?
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    Professor too lenient on students

    You've been hired to do a job. You've been given definitive guidance on how to do the work. You've not been hired to have a patronizing attitude towards your professor or the students or to fix what is "wrong" with college today. I think that you would serve your own interests well to stay in your lane and to avoid thinking that you know how your boss should do the job better than he/she does, especially if such thoughts get you in the "I don't want to go over the professor's head" neighborhood. These kinds of thoughts have ways of manifesting themselves in ways that will not benefit you. Down the line, when you are a professor, you can run the class your way (and supervise TAs who know better than you). As for your writing abilities relative to your students, if you received the above paragraph from one of them, what corrections would you make? (Subject verb agreement? Verb tenses? Run on sentences? Poorly organized argument?)


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