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    2018 Acceptances

    I just got my first acceptance! Virginia Tech's Rhetoric & Writing PhD!
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    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I JUST GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE!!! The relief is extreme! UNC epidemiology PhD with my first choice of advisor Good luck to everyone! I think several programs will be delivering decisions this week.
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    @sprklinthe I get that this can be a sore subject, but that's actually why this thread was made. I didn't get in anywhere last year and it hurt. Luckily, there are multiple places to discuss that (and the worry when waiting) on this forum. This thread was specifically created so that there would be a place for those with admissions to let off stress without making those still waiting feel bad. Best of luck with your programs! Hopefully, you'll be joining us in worrying over the decision process soon enough! <3
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    Fall 2018 Admission

    Y'all........ this week is going to be a big one. I feel it in my soul. Or I hope it in my soul at least. I DECLARE FEBRUARY 12TH A WEEK OF ACCEPTANCES ONLY
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    2018 App Cycle

    Hi Applicants - Congrats on acceptances and try to keep calm to those still waiting! I know it's nerve wracking. I've debated posting, but ultimately decided to dole out some internet advice that I'm really glad someone gave me on this site when I was applying to PhD programs years ago. So, from a TT AP (at a school w/o a PhD program, so no skin in the game), my main advice to those deciding on/between PhD programs is absolutely do not go to a program unless they fully fund you. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them: the debt you will incur w/o funding is enormous and you'll struggle to ever pay it off; w/o funding you won't gain research & TA experience and develop close working relationships with faculty - this will harm you in many ways as a student; if the program does not fund you then they are either on shaky financial ground and/or don't value you enough (this says *nothing* about your actual ability or worth); if some students are funding & others aren't (which may change year to year) it breeds a competitive environment that will be difficult to exist in for years I know this may not be welcome advice, but I assure you that you'll be much better off in the long run if you wait a year, beef up your CV, and apply again if your only option is an unfunded/under-funded package.
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    OMG I just got a phone call from Michigan saying that I was admitted!! But I was in a basement... in China (I am Chinese), and my voice couldn't get through and the professor hanged up the phone lol I wrote an email to him and tried to dial back, but his line was busy. Now I'm just freaking out thinking about whether they would just rescind the offer.
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    Cincinnati MDB acceptance! I guess the committee met on Friday after interviews were over and made their decisions pretty quickly. It looks like my season is wrapped up
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    2018 Acceptances

    I just randomly checked the Temple application portal and saw "University Acceptance" I am so pleasantly surprised as they seemed to have sent out acceptances two weeks ago!! So pleased but I also just can't believe all this good news is real!!
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    Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    UC Irvine interviews are being sent out!
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    2018 Acceptances

    GUYS. Just got a call from USC. My first acceptance. Glad I let it go to voicemail because I would have cried :')
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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    LSE acceptance!
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    2018 Acceptances

    Wow, what a Sunday! Congratulations @la_mod, @punctilious, @littlelotte, and @clinamen (x2!) !!!!! I'm so happy for all of you! And keeping my fingers crossed for you, @katie64!
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    Fall 2018 Applicants

    It is hard to wait, I know. My advice would actually be to do a search on the Results page to give you a good idea of when acceptances have typically rolled out from that school in years' past. I think there are some great questions that could be asked of your POI in the interim, if you haven't asked them already (ask more about some of the latest and most innovative scholarship being produced by the department; ask for clarification on something your POI said in one of the more intriguing publications they have written lately; ask for inside knowledge on the housing situation in the area where you may be moving to; etc.), but I would actually steer clear of asking about when decisions will be rolling out as it could come across as impatient. And congrats on your positive interview! Best of luck to you.
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    me: USC is notifying, shit i'm going to be so anxious the rest of the day. me 30 seconds later: i didn't apply to usc.
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    Has anyone called Columbia? Is it true that if we have not head by now, we are rejected? How about Harvard? I saw some acceptances were emailed out. If you were not emailed, does that mean you are not admitted? Has anyone called? How about Princeton? I saw that some acceptances have been sent out. Has anyone called about rejections / admissions? How about Brown? I saw some rejections, but have any acceptances gone out?
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    Wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me: I've had a couple of interviews already that I felt went well, but my last couple interviews aren't for 2-3 more weeks. The gap is making me anxious given that I may (or may not) hear from these earlier schools before completing my interview cycle. How are everyone's interviews going?
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    2018 Acceptances

    Thank you @Crow T. Robot,@Mellowyellow, @punctilious, @Axil, @LibraryLivingJT, @Wooshkuh, @unicornsarereal, @mk-8, @Warelin, @FreakyFoucault, @clinamen, @M(allthevowels)H, and anyone else I might have missed! And congrats to everyone else who got some good news this weekend!
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    Don't despair those who haven't heard anything! I just got an interview invite last night!
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    So... I was looking at prior results for Union and found that depending on year people sometimes got offers as early as the second week of February. Which is to say I am going to start obsessively start checking my email and these boards somewhere around Wednesday XD
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    Narrative Nancy

    2018 Acceptances

    Congrats @littlelotte and @clinamen !!!!!
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    Anyone else going to sleep early so tomorrow will get here faster? *Impatiently hoping for Utah invite tomorrow***
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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I was planning on going, but it would’ve been for purely selfish reason to get a free trip to visit friends since I wasn’t planning on attending if offered. I called them last week to offer my spot to someone else. I hope someone is excited to go in my stead!
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    Update: Accepted to Michigan.
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    Anyone else doing comp lit?

    Congrats to all interviewees and acceptances! forgive me for not tagging individually


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