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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Claiming an offer from Rochester!!! First offer!! So exciting!!
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    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Just got an acceptance letter from Texas Tech for master's. They're offering me a TA and a recruitment fellowship. Pretty good for my first decision this cycle.
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    AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Accepted to Syracuse!!!!
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    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    That would be me. Thank you so much for your kind words! I don't know your situation, but don't lose your hope just yet, and even if you don't get any PhD offers this season (fingers crossed you do), don't let it discourage you; in my experience it's becoming increasingly more common for people to go on to graduate studies in very good programs after a few years of trying/working outside academia.
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    I went the MA prior to the Ph.D. route. All I can say is that the best decision I've made. Although I've been rejected 3 times and have 1 acceptance, it made me realize how passionate I am about health disparities and Public Health as a whole. You shouldn't take it personally at this point. You have a well-planned out future that not many have. I, myself, realized that I was being too close-minded by just focusing on Sociology, and realized that my work/academic/research experience is expansive that I can go into Communications & Public Health if funding doesn't go through this year.
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    Seconding this. Another postdoc and I are hiring an undergrad intern for this summer. For both of us, it's our first time directly hiring someone (we've supervised students before, but through our advisors). So we have been reading resumes, cover letters and we picked some number of people to interview. But it's like...no one trained us how to do this, we're just making it up as we go along. Yet we are making decisions that will affect these students' lives! Next week, we are going to interview and we'll need to make up our own questions. We got some ideas on what we want to ask, but we're not really going to know whether these questions will get us the information we need to make the final decision. So, yeah, definitely feeling like we're just making it up as we go along. Non-academic example: My partner and I have our first child now and whenever something unexpected happens, we just google "is it normal for babies to...." or "should my baby be doing ..." etc. I wonder how our parents raised us without Google!
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    MPH Canada 2018

    I applied for MPH at Western and Queens. Does anyone know how competitive it is, and when these schools should be getting back.
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    Af-Am Roll Call

    Curious as to how anyone with an interest in African American lit has done this cycle, especially since I'm mostly seeing Early Moderns, Modernists and Victorianists on the board. I'm mostly in turn of the century narrative, fyi.
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    Oh, man. That reply would have me at my wits end! I hope you get in -- good luck!
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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I really need this to be over. I'd give a lot to go back to a time when this was all done by mail and pretty much a black box from the day of mailing until receipt of results. Sighing.
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    Not sure you're asking the right people here mate. Although, while we're on the topic of Columbia, has anyone heard from Columbia? Lots of posts popping up now and then on the results page but I don't recall seeing anybody claiming them here.
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    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Yeah, I got mine on the 16th to Maryland College Park, 18k RA/TA position + 5k for summer
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    Let’s talk books

    Anyone else here love just about anything Louise Erdrich writes?
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    I also applied to SFU as an international student but like Lena_Regina said, the portal doesn't really say much about application updates, status etc. I can only guess based on previous year results for my program that results come out around May. I really think it's department based so I would use that as a guide
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    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'm feeling more and more pessimistic about this application cycle. Trying to avoid feeling like my soul is being crushed. How can I work to make myself a better applicant next time around? I had a very sub par undergrad GPA due to personal struggles. I took a semester off following undergrad and then jumped into a neuroscience MS program. I did extremely well (3.8 GPA) but then personal struggles came back out of the shadows to bring me down, hard. I left the program after one semester. I took a little over a year to pull myself up and become a better person. I got a job as a research assistant in 2015 at a highly regarded institution. I enrolled in a psychology MS program at a local university, completed a thesis and will be graduating this May (as of right now I have a 4.0 and I am working like hell to make sure this is my GPA when I graduate). I have one publication as first author and I am working on a few others. I have two poster presentations. Lastly, my GRE scores were horrendous. I can study and retake those but I am wondering what else can I do? I have worked so hard to overcome struggles and weaknesses of my past but I just don't know what else I can do to prove myself.
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    Af-Am Roll Call

    Would you care sharing what schools? I’m wondering if we can discover any trends or figure our chances out by pooling the info together.
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    Af-Am Roll Call

    I'm an AfAm lit person. Not doing great, but I did not apply to enough schools (I was being extremely picky on "fit" and now I know what to look for to broaden myself next time).
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    Wait... you mean to tell me that someday I will actually feel like an adult?
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    University of Chicago is one of the best schools in the world, definitely on par with the Ivy League. For the field of Statistics specifically, I would also place UChicago in the very, very top-tier (in the top 3 programs in the country, along with Stanford and Berkeley). So as far as education goes, I vote for UChicago. That said, for industry hiring at the Masters level, location is probably a concern for companies -- particularly for international students. Companies based in NYC may prefer to hire local MS candidates, so I would factor in location as well (although I personally love the city of Chicago more than NYC). If you plan to get a PhD, this is less of an issue.
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    I am happy to share a good news with all of you that I just got accepted from Cornell I cannot believe it. I'm nauseous now...
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    First, You did an incredible work in preparing for all applications. I submitted 9 applications, I really know how much you had to work on. Not many people can be that hard-working and persistent. You must understand, you are awesome about it. Second, when I read your post, I feel one thing -- your incredible courage. People with smooth life do not show that much courage, and you are truly amazing! You are disappointed but you still know what would be bad choices. I am very proud of you, sincerely. You still have 3 out of 10 applications to look forward to! I had no interviews from 7 out of 9 applications while others got the invitation, so somewhat I feel I fail 7 chances as well. Now I put all my hope on the other 2. Before the end of everything, you would never know what will happen, friend! I am very depressed recently. Trust me, I know how you feel. Most days, I just fake the confidence to even get up because I believe "Pretending to not be afraid is as good as actually not being afraid." And it truly works. Good luck, friend. Both you and I will be fine. Sending you a virtual hug. "hey, listen. Life may not get better. YOU get better."
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    Okay, I'm just going to be blunt here because I really feel like you need a reality check. 1) You're not that special. You're not some tortured intellectual that we mere mortals can't understand. Especially not simply because you were a nerd as a kid, because c'mon, this is a grad school forum; we all were. 2) Stop looking down on other people, especially people in your cohort. You all got accepted to the same place in the same field, don't act like you're sooooo intellectually superior. 3) If you act like your affection is a great honor to be bestowed upon some poor girl who will regard it as mythical and otherworldly, you will probably never have a successful relationship. I need for you to remind and keep reminding yourself that you want to be excited about a person, not just excited about the idea of someone liking you. No matter where in life you are, no matter how many relationships you have had, in any relationship, you WANT the other person to be more into you than into the idea of simply having someone be attracted to them because the latter wears off really quickly while the former might never fade away. 4) Please stop fetishizing Asian girls. You absolutely are, and it is in no way okay. It's also super not okay to be looking for any type of girl based on their having "childlike" or "virginal" personality aspects or features. That's, if not borderline pedophilic, definitely majorly creepy. My sincere hope for you is that you work on making some friends first. Especially try to make some female friends, but -- this is the important part -- WITHOUT having the goal of a relationship in mind. Your posts continuously read as if you have never actually interacted with a woman in a casual setting, or if you have, you certainly haven't tried to respect her or see her as anything other than as a prize to be won. Maybe once you learn this *literally bare minimum* skill of viewing women as real people rather than a "dream girl" AI you think you can plug specifications into, you may be able to attempt dating. But friend, you need to gain a heck of a lot more emotional maturity if you want to have a successful, adult relationship. Right now, you read as if you're looking for the type of "relationship" sixth graders think they're in where their parents drive them to the movies and they stare at each other over a tub of popcorn. I think you could benefit from seeing a therapist for some extra help in developing your emotional level and your interpersonal relationship skills. Finally, It's great to have someone that you don't have to be serious around all the time (my favorite moments with my partner are when we're just being goofballs together), but you need to remember that you are an adult, that anyone you want to date must also be an adult, and that relationships are not something separate from the rest of the world. A good relationship is not an escape from adult life, but an equal partner who walks side by side with you through both of your adult lives.
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    Very low GRE scores

    My GRE scores are still quite low even after retaking the test, but I’m not applying to top 25 programs. I hope adcoms realize that older applicants will not do as well as younger applicants on standardized tests, and let us compensate that with professional experience.
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    This is a twist on the same theme. I grew up and live in the deep South. Many students have deep commitments of faith and want to turn every piece of literature into a liturgical device or sermon. As part of writing a paper, I have my students talk to me about their topic and argument. In the process, I discuss with them the real meanings and foundation of the prose or poem(s) they want to write upon. Hopefully, they will see that most of the time what they are doing is not an analysis. I tell them unless they provide support to their argument, their ideas are simply conjecture and their own opinion, which is what I tell any student who fails to provide support of their argument. I don't want to discourage their ideas as writers, but want them to understand what analysis is and that they must support every bit of their argument.
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    Chapel Hill, NC

    for those debating durham v. carrboro/chapel hill, i'd highly recommend staying near campus for your first year. the drive between the two areas isn't particularly pleasant unless you take the backroads (and not suggested if you are in a hurry). and while there are busses between duke/durham and unc, it's not the most convenient mode of transportation. longterm, i think durham is probably the best place to live in the triangle, but probably not ideal for first year unc grad students. for those debating chapel hill v. carrboro, i'd highly recommend carrboro. many of the living situations a person just moving to the area could expect in chapel hill are either in areas dominated by undergrads or in the apartment complexes (all of which are equally as far from campus as most parts of carrboro). on the other hand, most of carrboro's complexes are relatively nice, easily accessible, and mostly on a convenient bus line. additionally, if you scour craigslist, you can sometimes find an affordable two bedroom close to downtown carrboro (affordable for two people). on the bus line note, before committing to an apartment, check out what bus line it is on. not all routes are created equal. for example, in carrboro, there are three lines (J, CW, and F), and only the J runs consistently into the night and over the weekend, and the F line runs the least frequent.


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