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    Declining Offers 2018

    Off MIT's waitlist. Not sure this'll help anyone, but there you are.
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    Final reminder: If you'd like to fill out the following survey, please do so by tomorrow night! After which, I will not be accepting submissions. If you are interested in seeing the current results, submit a BLANK form. It will give you the option to see the results at the end. I've received about 80 responses so far, so there is a good amount of data to look at. https://goo.gl/forms/EqvqlklbLzEDKswx1
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    I was just wondering if anyone ever declined a fully-funded Ph.D. offer and chose to re-apply? I have a BA in Comparative Literature and decided to apply only to Ph.D. programs. In retrospect, I probably over-estimated myself and only got in a few programs that are on the lower end of my list. I know this sounds really bad and that a lot of people would be really happy to go to the programs I got accepted into, but a little part of me wonders if I should work on my apps and re-apply next year/get an MA first. Most of my professors are against it - no need to go into debt and do a masters that's not too hard to get in. I'm just not sure. I'm afraid I won't like the program, and am worried about placement...any suggestion/comment would be helpful!
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    Advice on Final Decision

    @clinamen I'm pretty surprised that USC offered you three years of fellowship if there isn't one professor you could work with? That would seem like questionable judgment on their part, to admit, and commit so much more money than usual, for somebody who couldn't even do good work there. Have you asked professors there who they thought would or could be on your committee? Don't get me wrong, I was admitted to a couple places where there wasn't anybody who made sense for me to work with, so I don't disbelieve you. If you haven't asked the USC faculty about what they thought of your fit, though, I think that's worth doing. Maybe you'll get a more compelling case than you realized! On the other hand, when I was in that situation, my USC-equivalent professors chased me off with a friendly, "oh, I didn't realize [Current University] had made that faculty change! Yeah, don't come here, go there instead." If you get a response you don't find convincing, I personally would appreciate that peace of mind in my choice to go to UW. I am not advocating for you to go to USC. Unless you have more information about them than I've understood from your posts, however, I am advocating for lobbing a few more questions their way before you turn them down. Perhaps this is too late, and you've already committed to UW. I'm sure that's fine, too, because there are a lot of major plusses about it for you as well.
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    CMU Heinz 2018

    I feel like a current student can answer this better, but from my experiences with friends in a variety of CMU undergrad and grad programs, it's mostly for undergrads. Friends in PhD programs don't seem to stretch themselves out due to CMU culture. At the same time, all the students I met this weekend had their hands in so many jars, and I felt the need to commit to some organizations quickly as a result of the weekend as well. They really pushed involvement outside of the classroom in sessions.
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    The director of grad admissions at Riverside is Michael Nelson – I'd email him. Also thanks so much! Yeah, I'm super excited about the program. I was definitely getting a little nervous, haha...
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    Fall 2018 French

    @madamoiselle thank you for such a long and completer answer. This is so much help! prestige is what is messing up my mind! I am afraid of making the wrong decision because once on the job market it will be hard! Let me weight my pros and cons then!
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    MPH Canada 2018

    I'm in the MPH and you'd have a lot of the same profs. So far, everyone has been very engaging and have a lot of connections within public health in Canada which has been great. Courses have been interesting and generally well planned with lots of supports. The building itself is undergoing renos but they have a brand new wing with a starbucks and nice new lecture areas.
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    Selection of schools

    I have no advice to offer for the schools, but in terms of Washington State being GRE optional I would say if your GRE scores are good and you think they will help your application then send them. My undergrad school was test optional but I had really good ACT scores so I sent them anyways and it helped increase my scholarship! Good luck with everything!
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    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Still application submitted here. Now, after months of waiting, I can understand how some people become serial killers. They were daad applicants waiting for an answer.
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    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    Same with me. I have had this selection made status for three long weeks.
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    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    I'm still selection made... Its unbearable ... Some fiends got rejected today, some funded, I don't understand why only me is unchanged....
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    Fall 2018 French

    @Frenchlady Here is my mega essay on how I ended up with my final decision! It was a super difficult decision, and I'm about to type a lot, but bear with me. ALSO, the things I found important may not be important to you. Everybody is different and everybody has different needs. I am single, female, and just turned 23 after a gap year; I would have different needs from somebody with a family, somebody with a boyfriend, someone who is 21, somebody fresh out of undergrad, or somebody who is 40. I'm lucky in that the schools I was accepted to all had pretty similar funding in the end (even though the cost of the bay area is gross, I'm trying to make it work!) So with that said, funding was pretty moot at the beginning, but is typically a large consideration for people. Always consider the cost of living where you are looking, as well. 20k will be ok in Bloomington, but scrape the barely survivable level at, say, Berkeley or CUNY. From me, personally, here was my ranking process: 1) Intellectual/Academic Fit: This was CRUCIAL. All of the programs had, no doubt, brilliant students and fantastic professors that I enjoyed talking to. But I paid a lot of attention to how fluid and energized my research topics were supported. If I felt myself having to really bend my interests, lose confidence in my pitch (cause nobody seemed too interested) or silently nod in unenthusiastic agreement (lol), then that was more of a red flag. I also plan to sway my research a little more towards modern postcolonial/banlieue studies. Berkeley had a fantastic foundation in what I already studied (feminism, philosophies, critical theory), but they also have people in Urban Studies and multiple people in MODERN Francophonie studies. I could have talked for days at Berkeley, and am still continuing conversations with professors that I had on visiting days a few weeks back. The classes excited me so much, and I cannot wait to start. Also, look at resources the university provides humanities grad students! Townsend was one of the big reasons I chose Cal. Are there reading groups? Working groups? Affiliate centers or minors/designated courses you can add to your CV and help you round out your dissertation? 2 Tie) Personality: I am an extrovert. Cal was a school that I could tell had a pretty nice balance of extroverts, but it wasn't wild/messy. Just very energetic!! There's a lot of hugging, very casual dress, and a lot of exclamation points/smiley faces in emails (which I heard was characteristic of West Coast schools, haha). Some people might dislike this, and prefer a more traditional/conservative environment, and that's absolutely okay! I love discussing theory, and I could talk to the students about way "out there" ideas. Some people, especially in linguistics, prefer empiricism. I went through a really negative interaction in undergrad with a potential advising professor because our personalities were on totally different pages. I try to avoid that as much as possible. These people are your colleagues for years, you might as well like them. If you prefer to be more isolated or away from people, this may be less of a consideration and that may also be a factor when choosing. 2 Tie) School Location: Grad students have a startling rate of depression. I'm very pro-therapy, pro-self care, and know what environments I thrive best in. It came down to the fact that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder very badly, and I know this about myself (I almost dropped out of TAPIF because I was so miserable and depressed in the Parisian winter). For my health and wellness, I looked around at the surrounding communities and tried to see what was best for my self care and which environment had the most opportunities for my hobbies and side-activities. Grad school is going to be hectic and I don't expect to be hiking the wine country every weekend, but I did want an environment where I could go on long walks/walk to campus, unwind near water, and read outside -- all activities that make me happy and keep me sane. 3) Time to completion/Length of Funding: I was told to steer clear of programs that get ya in and push you out within 4/5 years. When asking about applying to Post-Docs, I was told that students in for 6/7 years or even more tend to do better. You teach more classes and have a more concise dissertation. Given the state of academia, you will be on the market for a while, and being stranded without funding or a job is a nightmare. I would personally prefer longer financial aid packages, or a package that is renewable. Graduate school is a marathon, not a race! On prestige: When evaluating my offers, "prestige" of the program was closer to the bottom of my list. DO NOT LISTEN TO UNDERGRADUATE OPINIONS, and do not ask every Peter, Paul and Mary for their opinion. If you're concerned with prestige and reputation, ask advisors. The school I chose is a prestigious public school, but it was recommended to me as a great program with a great strength in my interests. In the realm of French Departmental prestige, there is no clear measure. The 2010 NRC rankings don't make any sense, in my opinion, and my advisors all told me to steer clear of it since it's rather outdated and ridiculously subjective. Therefore, I personally feel like prestige shouldn't be as important in French, since it's such a small and idiosyncratic field where every school has it's own ~flavor~. Certain departments may carry more prestige in a certain subfield, but it's hard to even standardize that measure. It's going to come down to the people you want to work with amongst all of the factors listed above. If anything, look into placement and retention. These things are definitely important considerations. Hope this wall of text somewhat helps! If it comes down to it, widdle it down to two schools and flip a coin. You may find yourself wishing for a certain outcome
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    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Yes, if you’re enrolled. Have the option to start summer or fall, and all your subsequent years follow that start/end date.
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    This is VERY concerning. I would not want to work with this person for four more years. While it is nice that he wants you to stay so badly, the fact that he is low-key threatening you if you don't stay at the school/is going to be detrimental towards your career is the most telling part of all of this. I know you like this person but no professor should take the fact that you want to go to a much better program so personally that they're going to remove you from working with them. I would let the other program know that I was accepting their offer like....yesterday.
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    I'm traveling back from a wonderful visit at UNC Chapel Hill, and will be turning down my offers at U of Alabama (Strode),UGA, and TAMU. I'll also likely be taking my name off the OSU waitlist. Hope this helps someone here!
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    Disco, I just noticed the last line to your post, I can't help but wonder if there is something seriously wrong with the way you interpret language and other people. It seems you're not even making an effort to be accurate, or to even offer evidence to your analysis of my intentions. You're just rolling with what works, like a 5 year old child - they do that too. And btw Disco, where is your evidence of this sympathy and affirmation I crave? Where is this in my original response? I'm guessing you're going to have to do some stretching with your interpretation, but a little hard work and purposeful ignorance and mental gymnastics and you'll get there. Your interpretation of my motives had nothing to do with my question which was on ethics, and I have to ask: what are you doing on this website if you are only here to antagonize? You're barely even bothering to answer the question. Do you need to feel superior to others? Is that why you project, like you did just again? And like you did earlier? Putting yourself in my shoes and imagining that if it were you, you would undoubtedly be seeking sympathy and affirmation, rationalization and justification for all your deeds, even the ones you are responsible for? And I am responsible for accepting that decision letter, but I never made any claim to the contrary. Finding out what is proper and what is not during the admissions process isn't easy, especially since you only apply once, and trying to determine if you were treated fairly (which I now know I was, because I asked) seems like a proper course of action. I'm finding out a good deal about you - this is both annoying and intriguing at the same time. Seriously, take a week off from whatever you do, look inward, and stop projecting your own weaknesses onto others. I thanked you for providing very little information, yet you still can't help yourself. Why? The bitterness inherent in the "boo hoo" led me to believe that it may be because you did not get into a program that you desired? Because someone got picked right over you? These are assumptions as well of course, but I can't help but wonder where your personal offense comes from; however, I do know you are an extremely insecure person to attack someone for very little. Sad, I will offer you sympathy and affirmation, because, quite simply, that is what YOU want. Not me, I just want a question answered about April 15th college deadlines and ethics. Anyway, I really did intend to end it with the last message, but like a child, especially one who constantly seeks sympathy and affirmation, desires justification and rationalization to explain one's actions, you just couldn't help yourself in getting a last word. Seriously, there are a lot of boards online where people want nothing more than to treat each other horribly, can we keep this treatment off more serious websites such as this?
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    I got the GRFP! And I contacted the school that had initially not funded me but that felt like a good fit for both of us. They matched my grant with 2 more years guaranteed to round out a PhD and I had a really good honest conversation with the advisor about my concerns. Less students are coming and the initial lack of money wasn't a huge reflection of how he felt about me (committee things) so I'm going to lead on my project of choice with him there. I was really sad to turn down my most favorite advisors (at the school my fiance didn't have a great opportunity at) but I know it will all be good for both of us . I am relieved because I don't know what we would have done. Before this happened we were leaning towards going to the school that I wanted (because it is very well ranked and has lots of resources and would have equipped us for the careers we want even if it wasn't the most perfect match for him....it being so good also would have maybe helped us do well in PhD apps if we had bailed after our MS degrees if he was that unhappy), but it was also a total crap shoot because I was starting to soften towards his school at the same time because of the lifestyle/location and other things that would have been nice about living there. I don't envy you and I'm sorry I'm not more help. we both lamented the lack of good ways to make this decision. I think if there's a middle ground type option it is best--like if you're both willing to give up your #1 to be happy at your collective #2. I think both people have to be aware of what the other needs in a career, but also willing to concede certain things to make sure you both thrive--I know this will be how our whole careers are if we both stay in academia and I can only predict/hope we'll get better at it.
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    DAAD SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019

    I Got exactly same message today .. seems like DAAD scam.. all my friend from reputed institute from India got selected except candidate from local universities or colleges.. DAAD people should mention that applicant from local university or colleges are not applicable.. simple waste of time and energy.. would recommend people from next year if you are from local univ or college .. forget about ur chance .. i have more than 16 publication all above 4 impact factor paper .. percentage since class x is above 85 . 4 years research experince in ICMR govt of India.. WTF more they want from a PhD candidate .. DAAD NOT FOR COMMON APPLICANTS.. EITHER YOUR ADVISORS HAVE GOOD contacts or just dont apply ?
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    Hao Hongtao

    2018 Applications Thread

    @deshypothequiez Congratulations! Wish everything goes well with your study and life at NU!
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    I applied last year when I was 27 and didn’t get in. I’m 28 now and will be starting grad school at 29!
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    Let's be honest: you got admitted to a grad school in philosophy -- be worried! Your attempts for securing a poor paying adjunct job or getting lottery ticket (tenure) are becoming a reality. Gimme heart reacts if you don't mind staring into the void.
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    Averroes MD

    Intensive Summer Italian

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    Yeah, part of my worrying just comes from this seemingly endless waiting and twiddling my thumbs, therefore I'm kind of second guessing everything about my application. Good luck for you, as well! Hopefully we both get into a program that we wanted.


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