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    The Positivity Thread

    I finished the first draft of my MSW thesis in its entirety! 98 pages! I will send it to my supervisor in early January to get her comments before sending it to the external examinator.
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    not important at all. Focus on your research and producing a compelling, strong writing sample
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I'm applying for bioanth PhD programs at NYU, Colorado Boulder, Nevada Reno, Ohio State, Arizona State, UNC, and UIUC. I still have to submit my Colorado and Nevada apps but they should be done soon. I have read so much on this site about how the waiting was the worst part but I didn't believe it until now. I can't wait until some decisions are made!
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    Hi all! I am sure I am not alone when it comes to feeling super anxious about waiting to hear back from schools after pressing that submit button. I know there is a Venting Thread, but I thought it would be nice to have a specific forum where people can talk about their worries while they wait. So, I am going to first talk about what I am worried about and then talk about what I am excited about if I get accepted in grad school. Worries: I feel like I don't have enough research experience under my belt, especially since I haven't done any research in the fields that I want do pursue my graduate degree in. My GRE scores are mediocre, so that scares me as well. I think the fact that I am taking a gap year and I am not currently doing anything "resume/cv worthy" right now will make me look lazy to the admission committees. I am also worried about paying for moving to grad school. I really hope I can get a retail job next year so I can start saving money for that. Also, I want to pay off my loans during grad school, even though I know I can defer them while in school. I just am tired of my interest accumulating. Excitement: Even though grad school will have plenty of hellish moments where I probably won't get enough sleep and be able to make meals for myself, I am ready to be back in school again. Despite the homework and stressful tests, I oddly like taking classes. I am even more excited to take graduate-level classes because I feel like I will be able to focus more on learning and less on getting an A on every single assignment. After doing that in undergrad and pretty much destroying my mental health, I am never going back to putting myself through that again. I am also ready to move to a new place and explore the area. Additionally, I can't wait to start researching something I am interested in. I am nervous that I might find out that I might not like it, but at least it will still be interesting enough that I can do it for 5-7 years. So, go ahead and just type away your worries about waiting, grad school, and anything else. Also, talk about what your excited about when it comes to grad school. I feel like doing both will make you feel slightly better.
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    2019 Applicants

    Hi @Mumasatus, I'm currently finishing up a Master's of Library Science at the UIUC iSchool and would be happy to answer any questions you or your daughter might have about the program. Also, I scored a 4 on the AW section and have a truly awful Quant score and haven't found either to be an issue so far.
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    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hi everyone! I saw someone got an email from the DCT from University of Alabama Birmingham Clinical/Medical Psych inviting him/her to an interview. I saw that last year, invites were not sent out until the new year, so I was wondering if anyone else got an interview from them or had any info on that. Thanks!
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    OMG--If people don't stop asking for POI Initials on the results page I am going to blow a gasket. Especially that one person who said "...You're giving the rest of us anxiety by not posting the initials..." WTLF.
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    I did. The official interview invite came by email from the graduate program assistant.
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    Hi there! Congrats - is this for John Jay College at CUNY, by any chance?
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    4/10 applications completed. Almost the halfway point!
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    An anecdote: I have a terminal MA, and I would not be in a position to even think about doing a PhD if it were not for my cohort. My peers were exceedingly supportive of my work, and I of theirs. Our co-operation made us all better students and better philosophers, and therefore better applicants for PhD programs than we otherwise would have been.
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    The Positivity Thread

    We're going to the Caribbean after New Year's!
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    PhD Applications Fall 2019 Season

    Also as long as I'm here: Hi, I'm Dwight. I'm doing another round of PhD apps (I think this is round 3? I lost count). Applying to Emory, Vanderbilt, UVA, BC, Marquette, and Fordham for theological studies. I have a MDiv from Beeson Divinity School and a MA from Vanderbilt. So far, I've been contacted to interview at Emory. We'll see how the rest goes.
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I'm applying to MA programs in medical anthropology at Georgia State, Maryland, Colorado-Denver, Oregon State, Alaska, and the MA/MPH (epidemiology) dual-degree program at South Florida. I submitted all my application at the beginning of December, and now I'm just waiting on a few final LORs! Good luck everyone!
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    Applications 2019

    Hey, a fellow Cornell applicant; hopefully I'll see you in the fall! ? I'm still polishing my writing sample and SOP. Did you contact POIs at Cornell prior to applying? ----- Two applications to go, and the struggle is real to finish them. I really hate the fact that programs have such widely varying writing sample lengths. Most of them are 50 pages or so and I've been able to include the bulk of the important bits of my MA thesis, but cutting down to 20 for Columbia was brutal (the application didn't specifically offer the option to send a longer sample and flag what you wanted them to read) and Boston U has a 40 page limit so that'll involve some more editing too. Work's been crazy lately and Columbia was a pretty last minute decision so that was probably a wasted $110 given how mangled the final 20 page writing sample edit was, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right? RIGHT?? /sigh
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    Yeah waiting has been hard for me too. I think everyone panics after hitting that submit button, you never feel good enough etc. I've tried to dedicate time to self care or exploring new hobbies. It really has taken my mind off of the "omg no one is gonna give me an interview." thoughts. I totally believe in you! Please lmk if you get Vandy or UAB. Maybe we'll be on the same interview weekend! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and NYE.
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    WTF OMG this made my day! Thank you hahahaha
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    Hey! This is a little old but I was wondering if you made it!!!
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    The Positivity Thread

    First interview offer today. No longer feeling like a complete lost cause!
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    This thread is a great idea! It's comforting to know that you are not the only one who hasn't everything figured out.. Worries: My first application that I have sent out so far (to my top choice, no less) could have been better than it was – I'm not sure if I struck the right tone in my SOP, as I'm naturally bad at writing those, and on top of that it contains a silly mistake. It's so small that you wouldn't notice it if you are not in the field, and even then only if you read it very carefully, but I'm afraid that it completely damages my credibility if they figure it out. Also, I have no clue how to finance my studies if I get accepted without a scholarship; the prospect of having to reject my dream programs for lack of funding worries me a lot and is a very real possibility. Sometimes, I even wonder why I bother applying in the first place...Finally, I have done quite okay so far academically, but I often fear that I will never be able to fulfill my family and friend's expectations this has created and that they will end up seeing me as a failure even if I end up in a position I'm happy with. Excitement: At least on paper, I'm a very competitive candidate: Strong grades with relevant coursework, strong results in the GRE, famous letter writers (moderately famous in the discipline, at least), relevant internship experience and so on. So at the very least, I hope I'm not completely deluding myself when I believe that I have shot at being accepted and getting some kind of funding. I'm also excited about the prospect of further studies: I love my field and I couldn't imagine doing anything else with myself, even if I don't end up at one of my top choices. I'm also looking forward to study in another country, meet new people and begin a new phase of my life.
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    The Positivity Thread

    I joined a new lab yesterday! The lab supervisor demonstrated a willingness to work with me on helping me design a project that was more relevant to my interests, so I'm excited about the possibilities.
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    Loved this: "Today I've sent an e-mail to follow up the decision process. In response, I've learnt that I'm rejected. It was like Schrödinger's E-mail."
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    I've heard that terminal MA programs are like this. Imagine a department filled with people who are battling (essentially) for the opportunity to get into a Ph.D. program that more or less guarantees you a job at the end of your Ph.D. So, does some crazy stuff happen that you'd rather not happen? Yeah, but if you want to be a contender for top programs and thus an academic job, you absolutely need to strategize and game out your moves. Does this mean you need to participate in the viciousness? No, but you must take it into account during your strategizing, and, depending on your program, it may very well require you to participate depending on your assessment of your particular state of affairs. It really is horrible, but if you don't recognize this, then you will not succeed unless you get lucky or your writing sample solves some long-standing philosophical problem.


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