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    Psychology Interview Debriefing

    Hi! I've had a couple interviews and wanted to share some details that may be helpful to some. As far as dress goes, these were clinical psych phd interviews, and every single person in attendance was in a pantsuit. For women, most wore flats and a wide assortment of blouses. One interview experience was full of more structured interview questions including: 1. Why should we pick you personally over other qualified candidates 2. What are your greatest strengths and room for improvement 3. Describe a time you had conflict at work and what you did, if anything, to resolve it 4. Describe what role you play in a team as well as the usual questions to describe my research experiences, what I am interested in, and how I became interested in the field. For the next interview day, nearly every single interview was almost entirely just a back-and-forth dialogue in which I asked most of the questions. Some of the few actual interview questions included: 1. What are my research experiences, and in what way do I think these tie into my mentor's research 2. What accomplishment am I most proud of 3. What do I do to cope when I am in over my head 4. What do I think would be the biggest challenge for me in graduate school 5. What would my dream project be if I did not have to worry about funding, resources, etc. 6. Why did I apply to this specific program 7. What experiences do I have with scientific writing (I do not have any publications, so they wanted to know about other experiences such as class papers)
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    Has anyone heard from Notre Dame for Clinical Psych PhD? I know one person posted and mentioned they were doing only Skype interviews this year. Does anyone else have more info?
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    Applications 2019

    That you've got the grit just like them. Can your passion, persistence, and work ethic show themselves in your application? They're looking for deep commitment to the discipline and to work with students who ask similar research questions as they do. They want to be able to run their graduate seminars and expect their students to enroll and enjoy the questions and readings being engaged. Remember, a significant portion of your exam list readings will be "suggested" by the POI and the rest of the committee. To make through the grueling process leading up to the exams, the students better enjoy reading and studying many of the works that their professors find valuable.
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    *sips from delicious glass of white tears* "BS in Biochemistry at Temple U. 6 month undergraduate research in biophysics (wet lab), 6 months undergraduate research in Computational biophysics, and 2 years as a research technician in pathobiology at UPenn. 3 co-authors and currently submitting a first author paper. 4 LORs. Rejected via email. I'm a middleclass white male. I'm not saying I'm the best candidate, but if you arent a female or URM, you will most likely be rejected. On their program overview page it says over the past few years 61% were female and 31% URM. Good luck to all of you hard working white men out there!"
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    You are GREAT!

    In a few weeks, you'll find out where you're accepted, rejected or waitlisted. By now, I'm sure you're experiencing all sorts of highs and lows. This is a very stressful process. Sometimes, all you want is some news because you're starting to feel down about the process. Big News? You're alive. -There are currently seven billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived. -Having just a few coins makes you richer than most people on Earth. -You are unique and nobody in the entire world is like you are -The opportunity to attend school is something many people don’t have. (Which makes having a college degree even greater!) -Most people lack a bed of their own to sleep in -Many people on earth lack access to clean water. -Cell phones make talking to loved ones easy. -You have friends that will always have your back. (And if you don't, message me. Let's talk. And if you do, let's talk anyways) -You can enjoy pizza. Or Ice Cream. -There are people in your life who love you more than you could ever know -The Internet, n'uff said? But in all seriousness, try not to compare yourself to others. We have a tendency to look at how great the lives of other people are going without realizing the stresses they're hiding. No matter where you get in or don't get in, please be proud of yourselves. You've worked incredibly hard to get to where you are. An acceptance doesn't determine who you are and a rejection doesn't make you lesser than. It just means not this year. You might realize that your passions change over the course of a year. And you might discover those new interests are really interesting when you do reapply. You might discover some universities that previously rejected you might accept you the following year and viceversa. Lastly, a word on rankings: USNews rankings for English are determined by 14 percent of respondents who were department heads or director of graduate studies. As such, it's hard to take rankings those seriously when a lot of the rankings are based on "name brand". Most departments are only paying attention to a few select schools and placements may vary considerably across specific interests. Follow your heart when making a decision. Happiness is the number one thing that will make you succeed in a program and that happiness will translate to the quality of work you produce. Good luck all. You're going to do great!
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    2019 Applicants

    I taught Of Mice and Men in a 9th grade English class last year and all my students started using the word "tart" instead of slut because of it...not exactly the result i was hoping for
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    I'm not saying I'm the best candidate, but I am saying I'm a racist.
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    Hahahahahaha, oh my God!
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    For anyone who was obsessively checking/waiting on Houston: They have sent all of their invites out!
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    I had interviews my first round and did not receive any acceptances. The feedback I got back was that I did not have as clear and concise academic/research ideas and theoretical perspectives as the other applicants - so I just felt happy that it was something I could easily develop, and that it wasn't my personality or interviewing skills that were horrible. ? Everyone's experiences are different though. I know people who are still on their third or fourth attempt, while some people were accepted their first round! Good luck! ☺️
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    Letters of Recommendations

    Ask if your professor is willing to write a LOR for you. Go to each school's admissions website and input your professor's email The schools will send forms for your professors to fill in his/her letter of recommendation Your professor can copy and paste the one letter s/he wrote for you into each school's online form. Hope this helps.
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    2019 Applicants

    I took a dystopian lit class last spring and really enjoyed Never Let Me Go and Woman on the Edge of Time. Very different but good. NLMG is a masterpiece, IMO. 1984 is incredible, we should all be THAT girl about it.
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    I think the only situation where it would make sense for you to take a course is if: - you don't feel you have good LoRs at this point - you can comfortably spend the $5000 - the course has small enrollment and you will be able to build a relationship with the professor -- also the professor would need to be tenure-track - the topic of the course is closely related to what you hope to study in a PhD program - it is an upper level course that focuses in detail on specific topics where the prof would be able to write specific notes about your contributions to class and your research/writing Even if these conditions are met, it might not be necessary. I certainly wouldn't take an intro course, a course without a tenure-track instructor (as the LoR wouldn't be seen as valuable), or a course in a random area of sociology that differs from what you want to take. There are tons of sociology PhD students who don't have a background in sociology and I highly doubt admissions committee care whether these students have taken courses in sociology. What they care about more is the ability to do social research and possibly some quantitative skills which can be developed in other programs, and the ability to propose interesting sociological research. The only reason to take a course would be if you think you could get someone who will write you an amazing letter that will strengthen your application.
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    Hi all, I'm applying for next fall so I know I'm ahead of myself on this, but hopefully people will still have some useful info. I took 8 years of German from middle school until college, but really did not enjoy it by the end. Additionally, once I narrowed down my research interests, I quickly discovered German did not help me in my MA research at all, and French would be far more useful. Because of this, for my PhD, I'm interested in using French to fulfill the language requirement. I'd like to get ahead a bit after apps are submitted, and I was hoping for recommendations on online subscriptions or programs (paid or unpaid) that are geared more towards academic uses. I've used Duolingo pretty extensively, and don't find it super useful because of how random the vocabulary is. I'd like to start more with sentence structure, alphabet, etc. Any tips would be helpful!
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    Applications 2019

    I just wanted to echo this statement. Interviewing at Northwestern is an exception, not the norm.
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    individual invites
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    Genetic Counseling Fall 2019 Applicants

    I applied to Brandeis as well and haven’t heard anything. I think last year they were sending out interview invites in late January.
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    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Call Monday and see what is going on. I was under the impression this past Wednesday during the webinar for admitted students that they set the class for cycle 10. Call Ms Tomlinson or Mrs Chance and see if there was an oversight in letting you know your status. Classes start Monday for the observation class for students who did not obtain the 25 university directed hours of observation.
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    Psychology Interview Debriefing

    Luckily this specific interview was facilitated by two graduate students. It was still extremely nerve-wracking to answer their questions in front of two other applicants for the same PI, but I didn't feel the same pressure as I would in a faculty interview. All questions were asked round-robin with Person A, Person B, and me answering and the rotation did not change for the entire 35ish minutes. I doubt that was purposeful either, but that taught me to always shake up the order sometimes. ? Not a big deal if you're in the middle, but I felt significant pressure to come up with something *distinct AND insightful* after two highly qualified people already answered and I'm sure the first person was feeling pressure to set the bar high. By the third question, my brain couldn't keep playing the comparison game and think of something thoughtful. Instead, I just focused on making eye contact with everyone (including the other applicants) when I answered, referencing some of their answers within my own (giving them credit of course) if it was a particularly good point but weaving it into a larger point about my fit/interest/whatever, and remembering that there was no way to keep a running tally of points we s"cored". It was clear in that space and time being overly competitive would've been not both obvious and unnecessary. It felt much more natural to just listen to them and respond in a way that still allowed me to bring my original thoughts to the table without performing the role of "best grad applicant in the room!!!!". Still, it wasn't easy then and is still not easy to in a group setting since most of the advice is typically about 1:1 interactions with interviewers. Quick side note. While meals/whole group meetings with the PI, their lab and all of their other prospectives aren't technically the same kind of interviews, they matter and dynamics can be really similar. It's a group of people with similar specific interests sitting around a table talking about everything from research to city life with different things at stake. It's very cool, but also stressful. I remember sitting at a dinner and even a "normal" question from the PI about our experience traveling to the school/staying felt like some weird way to evaluate my enthusiasm and ability as a grad student to go there. Not helpful thinking, and not true unless I complained or something equally atypical. In those situations and in group interviews, I'd say just breathe and remember you can to be quite impressive without being the wittiest/quickest/most interesting person at the table. You got to the interview for a reason that won't be dashed by not having the most comprehensive answer every time, but can easily be dashed by a lack of preparation, rudeness (to ANYONE- not just PIs/students), and letting this topsy-turvy/unpredictable process get too much into your head. Hopefully this helps, and feel free to PM me with more questions/concerns.
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    Did undergrad at UCF & am currently enrolled in their grad program; UCF offers their own Aural Rehab class, but at the graduate level. Aural Rehab differs from Hearing Dis in that the latter goes into the science of Hearing Disorders, whereas Aural Rehab actually delves into how to treat clients.
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    Ford Fellowship

    He turned it in at 4:48pm y'all! Cutting it close but still in there! I actually have really high hopes now. I have a strong application I think which is why I was so disappointed at the thought of not being considered. I hope everyone that has posted here is selected. Good luck to you all?
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    2019 Applicants

    (i have nothing beneficial to add but am vicariously loving this convo)
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    Individuals on here are posting in regards to what's popping up on TGC Results page. If a person receives an invite and makes an actual post on the actual invite thread (e.g., the "Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Invites Thread") then people on here will of course know to DM them directly. My understanding on the reason for this thread is because individuals have not posted the invite details on the thread (And have only posted anonymously on the TGC Results page).
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    It’s usually better to make one thread for acceptances and waitlists and then a separate thread for rejections.
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    OP in that post is almost 10 years younger than me, so I'm not sure if his experience would be relevant to mine.


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