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    2019 Applicants

    School prestige is not not a factor. (Litotes!) But I wouldn't say that it's decisive. I think @Dares has a point in saying that there is a particular language (and habits of mind, and methodologies, and preoccuping questions, etc.) that characterizes elite academic discourse. It's the language that the profession uses to talk to itself. And one might more readily, or more easily, encounter that language (habit of mind, methodology, etc.) at Yale than at Unknown University. So perhaps a candidate from Yale will be more immediately legible to an admissions committee as a proto-academic than the UU candidate. There is also the sense--perhaps unfair--that success at a prestigious university presages success anywhere; if an undergraduate institution is truly unknown to the committee, then a straight-A average there might not provoke that same assumption. (The UU could be academically rigorous, of course--but it could not be.) LORs often rate students in comparison to other students: e.g., "top 5%," "top 10%," "2 or 3 best of my career." At a prestigious university, top 2-3 of the career is very impressive. At UU, it might be less so. It's not that the committee knows or assumes the UU student to be weaker than the Yale student; it's just that the information from UU doesn't signify as strongly. That said, committees also love to flatter themselves (and sometimes maybe they're right) that they can recognize "diamonds in the rough" (this is a phrase that comes up all of the time) and "refine" them with expert teaching, mentorship, and advising. There's also a high premium on diversity, including economic diversity and "first-generation college student" status--meaning we don't want a whole class of Ivy League grads from wealthy parents with graduate degrees. If an applicant has gone to a fancy prep school and a fancy university, and is very polished, but the ideas in the WS are uninteresting, that application is much less compelling than one from an applicant from UU who lacks polish and knowledge of the most recent work in the field, but offers a strikingly original approach to a text or topic. And occasionally, applicants from high-prestige undergraduate institutions are identified so strongly with their prestigious undergraduate mentors that the question of "teachability" comes up: does the applicant seem already to be calcified in a particular approach or methodology and s/he would not be adequately responsive to feedback and mentorship? So all of that is to say: sure, it matters. Everything in the application matters. But it matters a lot less than the intellectual excitement that the SoP and WS generate. Hope this is helpful. Happy to natter on further if people have questions.
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    I also want to point towards Sunaura Taylor's Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation. It's great. The Deleuze & Guattari full chapter name is "Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, becoming-Imperceptible" & is indeed from A Thousand Plateaus! & if you like them, @NoNameGuy, you might like Brian Massumi's What Animals Teach Us About Politics which is really Deleuzian. I think having studied philosophy is a huge asset for you! There's a lot of synergy between the two fields -- While in an "English" program, my focus is on philosophy or "theory" more often than not. OH, and Alexis Shotwell's Against Purity has a few chapters on animals, and talks about veganism in a way I find compelling!
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    2019 Applicants

    i feel like i’ve learned so much since submitting my applications (two of my classes this semester are HEAVY rhetorical/digital rhetoric theory). i wish i could convey that to the adcomms, like hey, i’m actually a little bit better now than when i submitted my apps PLS ACCEPT ME
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    Well, good luck to all you Harvard applicants regardless! I'll just be here... checking my watch... waiting for Brown.....
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    Applications 2019

    This is useful feedback. It's crucial feedback. Your SOP needs to demonstrate that you understand the kinds of questions your field is asking, and that you are prepared to join that conversation. Similarly, you need to understand the direction of the discipline as a whole. You joke about "popular themes" and trying to make your project transnational. But do you understand why so many historians are taking comparative and transnational approaches? Are you prepared to engage with those approaches in conferences, journal themes, the eventual job market, etc.? Even if you decide that approach is not what you want to do with your own work, you still need to show that you're aware of it, you've considered it, and you've decided to take XYZ approach because of ABC reasons. The information you've given us about your proposal (nationalist history, your prior research language reflects an "outdated" approach) makes me wonder: were you proposing to study an anti-colonial nationalist movement with only the language of the colonizers? Proposing to study Algeria while only speaking French, for example?
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    Canada MSW 2019

    Keep your heads up were all in this together! The one thing I remind myself is I can always wait next year and next year after that to apply again. I'm not giving up and you guys shouldn't either! ❤️☝️
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    2019 Applicants

    Just got a call from a Utah number.... I didn't apply anywhere there (are there even schools there? 😉 ) And yet here I am freaking out over the fact that the call cut out before they said why they called... Let's get these last few schools in please so I can move on.
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    Applications 2019

    I received an e-mail this morning informing me that I was actually not rejected, but rather have been placed on the wait list at UPenn. They make the claim that generally several wait listed applicants end up being admitted by the April 15th deadline. They also asked me whether or not I would like to accept or decline the wait list status. I know many people on here were applying to Penn, so did anybody else receive a wait list?
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I'd be happy with even a two minute note on the subject, like "vague SOP" or whatnot to give some kind of idea. Then again, many departments probably don't want to give out statistics or any indication of how they make their decisions, which are likely idiosyncratic and based more on interest of a faculty member rather than some objective measure. My rejection from UT Austin and Michigan was just a note to check the portal, which were both rather harsh in their wording. Not even a letter. I'm more miffed by all the schools who wait until the last possible moment to send out their rejections. If I'm not even being considered, at least give me a heads up so I can move on with my life rather than just holding on to the possibility.
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    Hi all, I have managed to convince myself of choosing a program outside top 60 (overall 2.0 rating) over Top 30 and Top 20 programs. I would greatly appreciate your input and warn you that this post is much longer than I expected (sorry!), though I also think it raises some interesting questions that we all are probably thinking about. I think we often speak of philosophy programs’ placement as it were like professional schools like law school or business where the type of job one is offered is directly related to the programs’ ranking. But philosophy is not really like that: people that get tenured jobs are actually successful insofar as they have published in good journals and it is therefore directly related to their craft and expertise. So why do most people get tenured jobs at top 10 programs (especially top 5)? Most people think that it is because of the quality of the program; but I think this is only partially true. This is true only insofar as the top programs tend to have the best professors and offer fellowships. In this way students can get the best supervision and spend 100% of time and effort on research. But there are plenty of top 20 programs (and some top 30) that have professors that can easily work in top 5 programs. For example, Adam Pautz at Brown turned down an offer from Rutgers a few years ago and Karen Bennett just moved from Cornell to Rutgers. Likewise, Brown and Cornell students hardly do any TA work and have at least 3 years without any duties (this is actually way better than Toronto where students have to Ta every year, though for only 9 hours a week). So why is it that Brown and Cornell’s placement rate are rather abysmal compared to top 10 programs if students have essentially the same resources? I think it’s simply because the best students go to the top ten programs and not top 20. Can we really say that for some student that got tenured coming out of a top 10 program, that he would not have got tenured coming out of Brown or Cornell (say in philosophy of mind and metaphysics respectively)? Why? Counterfactually, had Adam Pautz accepted the Rutgers offer, this student would have studied under his supervision and had essentially the same resources as he did in his top 5 program. I am currently waiting on Notre Dame (I seemed to have made the final round) and Harvard, but if I don’t get into these, I am planning to choose Rice over Ohio State (where I have been accepted), UCSD and The University of Texas (assuming I get into these), for essentially the same reasons I outlined above with some caveats. The main Caveat is that I had some inside-information about Rice: Uriah Kriegel is headed to Rice starting this fall (he was previously a full professor at Arizona (top 15) before he went to Europe to have a research position). If your AOI is philosophy of mind, then I don’t need to tell you about Kriegel. But for those that are not familiar, he has written and edited many influential books and is currently the editor for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook to Consciousness. Rice also already has Charles Siewert and Timothy Schroeder (previously full professor at Ohio State) which are quite good at philosophy of Mind. Likewise, Rice is offering me a fellowship worth $27,000 a year (including summers) with only TA duties for four semesters 10/ hours a week (so essentially only TA duties for 2 years). Houston (where Rice is located) also has graduate housing for under $1,000 per month. By contrast, UCSD, UTexas and Ohio, you have to TA for 20 hours a week(!) and you don’t get funding for the summers. I think at UCSD you can qualify to funding for the last year, but only at $20, 000 even though San Diego is quite expensive. So as far as I can tell, I have every opportunity (and more) than I would at these programs to get a job even though they are ranked way higher than Rice. Or to put it more modestly, If I don’t get a job coming out of Rice, then I probably wouldn’t have got a job coming out of these programs.
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    Current English PhD students - Q&A

    I'd love to hear from you your thoughts on publishing and presenting at conferences. When should a new PhD student be accomplishing these? How many times throughout the PhD is 'good' or 'expected'? Wow this is worded horribly, I hope it makes sense. I'm but a mere graphic designer.
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    (Not applying for school psych/I'm in Canada and applying to clinical psych, so take anything I say with a grain of salt ) I might also venture out and ask current graduate students about the program. Let them know you are very interested in the program, and have a couple of questions. It's often best (at least for clinical psych) to ask current grad students/since they're in the program, they can give you a pretty good idea I'm sure emailing the program coordinator to ask about how alumni do in terms of career paths/success rate of obtaining licensure, etc., would be useful as well (if the graduate handbook/manual doesn't state this already. Some even state where their graduates end up). Good luck!
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    Good luck 🍀! I am sending you positive vibes!!
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    2019 Acceptances

    Hi, longtime lurker here...I, too, am in the radio silence boat. I emailed the GSC to ask if there is a wait list/how one might be notified, and I received this response: "Thank you for writing. Yes, there is a waitlist for the Ph.D program. Such applicants are notified via email." Nice, and to the point, but doesn't clarify the silence situation...I suppose I should have been more direct. Taking this as an implied rejection in the meantime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Waitlisted at NYU... Ugh, more waiting... :o
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    The Positivity Thread

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    Canada MSW 2019

    CONGRATS! This is wonderful! What stream did you both apply to?
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    If the person who posted on the results page about VCU sees this and could DM me the POI that would be awesome! And congrats!
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    No worries! At least now I will have more things to do (I mean other than checking the email). I saw you got admitted to the University of Michigan - did they email you or did you see the notification on their portal(Wolverine access)?
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    Adelphi Admissions

    Update: I just received an email acceptance! Not sure how it all happened, but... not complaining
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    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but I figured I'd try. I have received acceptances to two clinical psychology programs in Canada. I find that there is a much better research and program fit with one of the programs, but the funding discrepancy between program A and B accumulates to about $50,000 over the course of 6 years. Now, fortunately, the lower-funding program has openly encouraged negotiations with them. Does anybody know how to go about doing this, and politely? I sort of fell in love with the campus and the program when I went for interview day and would love to attend there, but quality-of-life and student loans are a substantial consideration. Should I be clear that I am willing to work more for the funding (whether it be more GAships or other)? Also, can I mention PhD funding as apart of the negotiation? My offer of admission mentions the funding minimum for the first 3 years of the PhD but says more details will be given if I am accepted into the PhD. However, given that they state in their application that they expect students to continue on to the PhD there, it seems reasonable to negotiate the funding contingent on my acceptance (since once I'm there, I'm stuck). But I don't know if this is appropriate. Sorry, I just feel as though I am up a creek without a paddle here. Nobody in my close or even semi-close friends/family circle has gone to graduate school so I have no idea how this stuff works. I realize this may also be insensitive given that some people on this thread are still waiting to hear back (and I recognize that this is ultimately a good problem to have) - If this isn't the right thread or there is a better one I can delete this post and repost it elsewhere. Thanks in advance!
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    Applications 2019

    Sorry to deliver what is probably bad news--should definitely be stated that I don't know for certain that all admitted students have been notified, though. When I got in my POI called me many days after a stream of acceptances were posted on here, so I assumed I was out, but the POI was just super busy.
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    Canada MSW 2019

    Hi everyone! I'm sure everyone is as anxious as I am. If UofT decides to send out acceptances around the same time they did last year, then we should be hearing back from them within the next few days! I applied to the MSW Advanced Standing in Mental Health & Health for Sept. 2019. I'm currently in the one-year HBSW program at Lakehead University, and will be finished in June. I wish everyone the best of luck and if anyone has any questions about Lakehead's program feel free to ask
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    Applications 2019

    Thank you and best wishes to your future studies!
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    I too saw all the history admits... I said some kind of prayer after that! Is anyone going to NCBS???
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    Loan Forgiveness?

    Usually it is just federal loans and it can only be Stafford direct loans, not the older FFEEL loans. You have to apply for it and qualify every year for working in specific places of employment and you have to make 120 qualified payments before you would qualify. If you have started this process and then go back for an advanced degree, you would need to talk to your servicer. I am not sure how that changes things. I hope this helps!
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    2019 Applications Thread

    I applied for MCC and haven't heard anything......
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    2019 Applicants

    Hiya! I'm a Victorianist
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    2019 Applicants

    Anyone here a Victorian/19th C British specialist? It seems that this year's acceptances have so far consistently been for other areas of specialization other than Victorian/19th C British. I'm wondering if last year was a big year for this particular area, and there just isn't much space for specialists working in this period this application season as a result. Granted, people might not be reporting their areas on the results page, but I'm curious to know if anyone else has noticed that.
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    Hi! They're probably waiting to send offers (unless it's an amazing fit for the school/program) until the last round of interviews is finished -- which is Feb 28 - March 2nd (I'm interviewing that weekend)
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    I would reach out. If you have serious interest in the program it would be worth it.
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    I feel you, the thing about waitlists is that it just feels like you are in some sort of purgatory and I think that it makes the entire process more maddening because you have to endure up to 2 more months of waiting for some form of closure. But I'm really glad that you are waitlisted at your top two because it shows that you ARE good enough for this and have an extremely good chance of getting in, so I wish the best of luck to you and hope that you will get accepted off of the waitlist!
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    I've come to the point where I no longer refresh my emails all of the time because I don't expect news anymore
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Hello Yue! Thank you very much for your invaluable insight! It's good to hear that your interviews went well. I think my interview with VCU could've been better. I really love the program and think it's one of the best programs, but I didn't expect that I will be asked about political thoughts on North Korea! The answer I gave could've been better if I had better language skills haha. When I panic I can't structure sentences. I realized that I should really work on my English till the next interviews. Thank you again and I hope you get the result you wanted! 😎
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    Can we keep the trash talk out of the results? Looking at you Stanford ppl. Whether you're bashing on others or just posting your opinion, no one cares. I just want to see results come in. Keep the results clean.
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    I think you're joking, but I'll give a serious answer: I got my PhD acceptance on April 15th...so hold on to the hope.
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    Ah okay. Congrats to that person. Hopefully that means more decisions will roll in this week.
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    420 Friendly in Graduate School

    There is a very, very fine line between maintaining decorum and rocking the boat. I have seen working-class and/or very liberal students attempt to rock the boat. What will make a difference in the eyes of your colleagues and professors is whether you will be willing to engage in a civil discourse, understand the limits of historical research, and protect your time and energy as a graduate student. First, learn your department and institutional cultures including how drug use is discussed. This acclimation will take about a year. Then you can act accordingly to your beliefs (thought my recommendation is pass the exams first and then you will have a bit more leeway). If you are, however, the type not to be willing to trust the BTDTs on the basic level and follow their sensible advice on a variety of matters (including professionalization), then you will be very unhappy. I have seen one case which a graduate student who deeply believed in anarchy and that rules did not exist (in their world) end very, very, very badly.
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    Why is there a limit to reactions on these boards? I just want to like everyone's replies on this thread because I feel y'all so much.
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    jgrad2208 and journograd, same!!! Glad to find some kindred spirits out there.
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    Nixed by Northwestern, shunned by Chicago, rebuffed by Rice, banished by Berkeley, forsaken by Fordham.
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    Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I found this out too. If you don't have much time to complete a course, you could take a CLEP exam to fulfill those requirements. It is a more affordable and timely option. It's like taking the final exam to test out of a particular course. If you have any questions, here are the links below. Also, feel free to ask me any questions-- I have taken three CLEP exams so far. Here is the one for Bio: https://clep.collegeboard.org/science-and-mathematics/biology Here is the one for Chem (No Physics offered): https://clep.collegeboard.org/science-and-mathematics/chemistry I took a chem course online last summer through my university instead and it was pretty easy, so I can also give you the info for that class too if you'd like. Good luck!
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I was accepted to SAIC for the MA in Art History. Were you also? Does anyone know the reputation of the program?
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    School: City University New York (CUNY) John Jay College of Criminal Justice Concentration: Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of Acceptance: 2/13/19 Notified by: Personal email from DCT and POI extending unofficial offer of acceptance with fellowship funding; official offer to follow later this week. FIRST ACCEPTANCE, I'M SO RELIEVED! This was my top choice of programs so I will absolutely be accepting this offer PM if you'd like more details or if you are also planning on attending, I'd love to connect.
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    OMG could you imagine just having to fill out 1 standard application, in a single portal, and only sending your transcripts to 1 place.... We all deserve a medal for enduring the ridiculous amount of processes to complete in order to just submit a single app! Kudos to us all hahaha
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    Preach. Fellow WoC here and I'm glad someone understands what it's like to be the first in the family to do this. I was first to graduate high school, get my BA, my MA, and now reaching for PhD! The overwhelming lack of support from my family is exhausting. They just don't understand how taxing this process is. They have no idea how to help. But you and I have both come this far and we will certainly continue moving forward. There's not enough PoC in academia, but we will be there to change it. My MA cohort graduated with eleven women of color last year.
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    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Checking my email every 10 minutes won’t make the decision come faster. 😨
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    I am not surprised by the high acceptance rate because that is based off of applicants to the online school as well which is allowing more students into the school along that track. Also, some students lack the confidence to apply to this program, and not always because they are not strong applicants. It can be much easier and more affordable to get into a state school.
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    Hello everyone! I'm a psychology student and I'm currently working on this very interesting article written by Onisihi and Baillargeon. Here's a link to read it : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7915866_Do_15-Month-Old_Infants_Understand_False_Beliefs It deals with children's theory of mind. The authors have tried to examine if 15 months old infant are able to understand false belief (and thus if they had an implicit theory of mind). In their experiment, they've used the paradigm called violation of expectation. Can someone explain me what is the role of the familiarization task in this paradigm and more precisely in Onishi and baillargeon's exepriment? Is it only to show to the infant that the actor's aim was just to find the toy? Thanks for your help :)

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