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    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I just wanted to address some of the concerns expressed on here about the UCF program (full disclosure, I’m a faculty member at UCF). First and foremost, the post in the results page is patently false. Indeed, you can easily fact check both of the issues raised in that person’s comment. First, the match comment. In the past 10 years, we have had 4 students not match (out of 54) in phase I. All four of those people went on to match, either in phase II, or the following year. Those are pretty decent match rates actually. This year, we had students match at some of the most prestigious internships in the country including Kennedy Krieger, Baltimore VA, and Brown – and, we had a 100% match rate in phase I. So, the notion that people aren’t matching is incorrect, and speaks to the validity of the comment in the first place. The second comment, which is far more egregious, is that one of our faculty is in trouble for data falsification. There isn’t a grain of truth to this. In fact, DB just received a $10 million research grant and a large endowment that will keep the important research she is doing churning along well after she decides to retire; these aren’t things that happen to someone under investigation. DB is simply transitioning away from children to work with combat veterans. To be sure, there is pressure in working with combat veterans, and it isn’t for everyone. I have a feeling that the person who posted comments attacking our program and faculty was doing so out of spite, not to warn potential students. Indeed, I would say that most of our students are quite happy with the training they get, and they are actively involved in helping to shape our program (we’ve even added student reps to our faculty meetings in order to give them a say in the direction the program moves as we adjust to APAs new accreditation standards). There are, as with all programs, differences across labs. I would encourage you to contact people in those labs to see what it’s really like, rather than relying on an anonymous post of a person who clearly has an axe to grind. If you have specific questions/concerns please feel free to reach out to me or any other faculty member. If you’re worried about getting a biased opinion, reach out to a student (I can assure you that my students will give you an open and honest answer – their emails can be found on my lab website). Hopefully this will allay the concerns/reservations that any potential students have. Best of luck to all of you in this process! BTW, for those wondering, UCF has made initial offers. - Dr. D
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    Applications 2019

    This is a good idea-- thank you! I'm having a whirlwind weekend. I got my full funding scholarship, accepted my offer, and was notified today that I'm going to be published!
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    DrPH Applicants Fall 2019

    I found out I've been offered a fellowship from Berkeley to cover tuition! Thought I'd share to give hope that funding is indeed out there for DrPH degrees 😁
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    Congratulations ❤️
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    Grad. School Supplies?

    I am trying to decide myself, and leaning to a tote/backpack hybrid as I will not carry too much weight in my bag. https://www.loandsons.com/products/edgemont-600d-recycled-poly-onyx
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Got an interview request email from VCU photo finally
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    PhD Epidemiology 2019 Canada

    Thanks for this. Hoping thats not the case, and we both hear back with good news soon!
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    Hey @Theoryboi, I'm friends with one of the faculty at LMU. Do you want me to put you in touch? Specific to my situation, we have people at Fordham who you could easily work with: faculty who work on Derrida and Nietzsche, and come fall we'll probably have hired a Foucauldian. One of my colleagues is really into Deleuze and Guattari, etc. On top of that, we have ethicists who are used to working in a pluralist department, one of whom has shown active interest in Nietzsche. I also think it's possible to overstate the background knowledge required to succeed in grad school. I'm constantly surprised at the gaps I find in my colleagues' knowledge, and we all get on fine. (I don't mean this arrogantly; I have equally glaring gaps in my knowledge, but by definition I don't find them surprising.) Point is, if you're a sharp person who's eager to learn, I wouldn't worry about it. Here's one more thought to take or leave: it wouldn't hurt to apply to PhDs. Maybe you'll get in. If you remain set on stopping at the MA, you can just drop out after your second year and take the MA. But if you like it, and you have guaranteed funding... well, you'd be getting paid to research, which isn't a bad gig unless you're worried about delaying your target career by a few years. Plus you'll have a PhD. Just my ruminations.
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    Clinical vs. Counseling vs. School

    It's really a program by program difference. I can think of a few VERY highly regarded counseling programs that have practicum sites at community facilities and hospitals. Moreover, YOU have the choice of what practicum sites you apply to. So if you're in a counseling program but want to work with (for example) severe mental health... you can do that! Just apply to more acute sites. Most respectable programs have connections with most of the same sites as clinical programs in the same geographic area. A few posters above mentioned that Clinical tends to be at hospitals and Counseling at UCCs, but this DEFINITELY varies by geographic location. In the cities I'm looking at (mainly Boston, NYC, and Philly), this is not the case at all. Counseling programs compete for the same sites as Clinical programs and are on equal footing. THAT SAID. Some post-doc and post-grad opportunities may have a bias for one or the other. The one that quickly comes to mind is that UCCs tend to prefer hiring LCSWs or Counseling Psych grads, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule.
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    Just for anyone who was more atmospheric and looking at this forum... my profile was the first one in this thread UC Davis (Dept Land Air Water Resources) -Accepted back in mid january UC Santa Cruz (Earth and Planetary Science)- Accepted in late january Colorado State (Atmos) - Interviewed late january and bombed (presumably rejected) CU Boulder (ATOC) - Accepted February UCLA (Atmospheric & ocean science) - Accepted early February Berkeley & Washington - have not heard from either so presumably rejected Univ Victoria - Application withdrawn Hope this helps to next years group!
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    As someone with a BA in political science (with a focus on IR theory in a continental vein) who is currently a PhD student at a top philosophy department, I’m probably a good person to address your question. (Although I should clarify that I now work mainly in history of philosophy and am no longer specializing in IR theory or continental philosophy.) An MA is a great choice if you’re open minded and prepared to work hard to a) catch up on common knowledge you lack relative to your classmates, and b) learn the methodology of analytic philosophy (even if you’re goal is to stick to continental philosophizing, it is essential to be conversant in analytic philosophy imo). The first couple of months of my philosophy MA were stressful and busy, because I was doing as much ‘background reading’ as actual class readings. Most good profs will recommend background readings for graduate courses, which I strongly suggest you read if you’re really taking this seriously. I think it it can be a great idea to do this, and I wish you luck if it’s your plan. I never took (or audited) a single philosophy course before my MA, so it is not true that you need to do so. But you should be prepared to be a beginner at philosophy, and not assume you already know everything just because you’re fluent in the language of IR theory. Even the overlaps are often approached in radically different ways in the two fields.
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    I don't think I said that it is selfish for people to carefully consider their offers nor did I state that anywhere on this forum. I only questioned your assumption that it 'does not matter' when you get of the waitlist - because let's be honest - other than the psychological stress that can't be good (aren't we all psychologists here?!), going to grad school massively impacts people's lives and the sooner people know what they're up to the better... I think it's only wise to consider one's offers very very carefully and think a bit about them - I think that sentiment is shared by everyone here. If you end up in a situation where you're waitlisted for your number one and because of that cannot commit to another program until the last moment - also fair game. And sure, people need time to weight their options and they should take their time. However, there is no point in holding on onto your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. offer for no other reason than just having them. I think that is also the reason why the 'rule of thumb' is to not hold on to more than two offers at a time when you made up your mind (preferably even less). As soon as you decide you have better alternatives, free up the spot for somebody else. Schools will also greatly appreciate it (for all the obvious reasons, they may also be missing out on candidates because they did not wait on the waitlist till the last minute for various reasons, etc. Plus it shows respect and enthusiasm). So simply don't wait till the last minute to decide simply because you can.
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    No news, bad news?

    I still haven't heard from UCSB and the app deadline was Dec 1. I submitted in November-it's been over 3 months and I haven't heard a word! I had good rapport with the POI before submission, but since then, nothing. Should I assume rejection? As far as I know, nobody else has heard back either (or if they have, it isn't on gradcafe). They told me one month ago that they haven't reviewed applications yet. So far I have 1 acceptance, 2 rejections, 1 waitlist and 1 pending. Slowly losing my mind.
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    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    Going in with an MA makes finishing in less than 5 years possible, but it is very, very rare in my experience. Being able to transfer MA credits is great, does this mean you would be able to take comps in the first year? Or are there other requirements beyond the MA that the PhD requires at School C? You should expect 2-4 years beyond comps to finish the dissertation depending on where your archives are. I'm on schedule to finish a transnational dissertation 3 years after comps, but that's after a lot of struggle to line up all my ducks in a row. Things happen that we can't control and many people get derailed for a year or more. With that in mind, I would accept whichever school gave me the most years of guaranteed funding. Lots of schools give "assurances." Mine guarantees 5 years, but "assures" students they can get years 6 and 7 funded. Because it's a smaller department, it is almost always the case that those years are easily funded, but even so I would take assurances with a grain of salt. Funding is absolutely critical and only guaranteed funding is guaranteed.
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    Lol I get so jealous of you guys that are told what position you are at on the waitlist. My schools didn't tell any of us what position we were at.
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    I actually had to make this decision last week! I had an interview scheduled for 2/25-2/26, but I knew that I was already going to commit to my first choice. It may seem like it's a bit rude to decline the offer, but it is probably best not to waste their time (or yours) if you do not plan in choosing that program even if you were to get in. In talking with the faculty member that I work with in a clinical lab as well as some grad students, I felt it best to kindly let the faculty member and grad student host know (on 2/21) that I'd accepted another offer and would no longer be attending. I have not heard back from the grad student (and honestly don't expect to), but the faculty member whom I applied to work with replied with congratulations on accepting a position and a kind note thanking me for letting her know. Hope this helps!
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    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Just got rejected from Michigan Epidemiology - especially disappointed because I was invited to the interview. Anywho, congrats to those got accepted and a pat on the back for ppl like me!
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    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Only Columbia is late right. Yale last year was around this time too.
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    Duns Eith

    To MA or nah?

    What are your goals? Knowledge for its own sake? Religious studies professor job? Philosophy professor job? What kind of path are you thinking?
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Yikes! GSU was/is my "stay in Atlanta less expensive safety" school. 2 of my recommendations are GSU professors, the other is a well-known and successful local Atlanta artist, GSU being where I went for my undergrad degree...I guess I was presumptuous to assume that was a for sure acceptance school 😕 I haven't heard a thing from them. Have yet to hear from quite a few schools actually...Tyler (assuming rejection at this point), UConn, Tulane, GSU, MICA. I can't wait til I know what I'm doing in the fall. I need to move asap, if I'm going to need to move. I need to make plans. Funny how some of these schools ask what your 5 year, 8 year, 10 year plans are...I'm over here like umm, I don't know where I'm going to be living, don't know where I'm going to be working, and don't know what I'm going to be doing in the next 6 months...so... 😩
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Hey, Thanks! And this was all that was mentioned in the e-mail I received. "The Design faculty is currently reviewing and finalizing acceptance decisions." I'm sure there's still time. Good luck!
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    I think they've only sent out rejections to those they interviewed but did not admit. Does that help at all?
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    depends how it's done honestly, I'm at an extremely analytic department and most people don't really have that attitude, they just shun murky writing.
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    NYU Steinhardt

    I just called and they said mid to late March we would find out, but not sure if they always say that, since the last 2 years have been February 28th
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    Canada MSW 2019

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I recently received an offer of admission to U of T's MSW (Gerontology) advanced standing program. Which stream are you in?
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    2018-2019 Application Thread

    All my eggs in the Yale Basket! (Thinking about the hope quote from Shawshank Redemption )
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    The Wordsworthian

    2019 Applicants

    I called them early last week and they said they were still making decisions and sending out notifications. The woman I spoke with on the phone said that acceptances/waitlists would be notified via phone call or e-mail. She gave no timeline as to when they'd have everything out by, but if you haven't heard yet, don't give up hope as they haven't notified everyone yet (as of last week, at least).
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    It could involve anything from photocopying, running some errands for the professor, and compiling articles/books/research for the professor. I think some people help coordinate events which is paid but is another thing we need to get done to get the stipend we were promised in the admissions offer. Some students don't do any work and still get that amount, while others are given a full workload for those allotted hours.
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    Asking About Placement Rates

    I just sent emails recently asking for more information on placement! I don’t see why it should be too awkward as the offer letters already tend to mention (or even brag about) placement. It’s clearly already part of the discussion, in my view.
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    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    the Northwestern PREP was due on Feb 1st, deadline has passed
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    While what @LSiefferman says is true for most programs, my own experience with CUA's Semitics program a few years ago suggests that you could actually end up waiting quite a while. From what I understand, the department has to wait to hear how much funding they're authorized to give each year, and it's not at all consistent from year to year (this is specific to the Semitics dept.; apparently other departments at CUA operate differently). I was admitted to the MA program in late Jan or early Feb a few years back and finally reached out to the department in mid-March to ask about funding. They responded a few days later, telling me they'd just then gotten word on what they would be able to offer. If I were you, I'd just reach out to the department chair and ask gently if he has a sense for the timeline. He didn't seem to mind me asking. Congrats on your acceptance, and good luck! Funding at CUA is, as I'm sure you've heard, pretty hit-and-miss, but it's an awesome program.
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    FWIW, I was told by a distinguished professor at my undergrad (which is a top 15 program in the US) that, quote, "I don't think admissions committees will care where you did your MA." This was the response I received when I was choosing my UK MA institution and I reached out to him wondering how much I should factor the prestige of the university into my decision. A good way to get a sense of this is by looking through graduate student profiles at the programs you're interested in. Many of them list their previous university/universities. I always find a handful at each program with European MAs, and more surprisingly, there are always more than a handful from regional universities and small colleges in the US that, as a US native who was primarily educated there, I have never even heard of. If there are no current students with training outside the US or from non-ivy universities, that should be a red flag for you. My understanding is that where you've done your previous degrees is not nearly as important as the quality of work you've done at those institutions, fit, and what you write in your SoP/WS. I have been warned, though, that there are certain programs at ivy league universities – Harvard and Yale off the top of my head – that do tend to prefer applicants from ivy league BA institutions, although not exclusively. I would also say that if you choose a European university, think carefully about who will be writing your letters of recommendation. British & European professors infamously tend to write a very different (read: brief, objective, non-glorifying) style of letter than American professors do.
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    Dealing with embarassment

    Maan, be more grateful that you have some offers. Imagine what others feel about not getting any offer at all after applying for several years and with good profile! TERRIBLE feeling, believe me
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    You said that you already got an admission offer from your top choice school, so why would any of this really matter?
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    Thank you so much for your kindness! It is definitely relieving that other people feel the way that I do.
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    2019 Acceptances

    In at Rutgers! What a thrill. Very sweet call from my POI.
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    2019 Acceptances

    Accepted at Rutgers got a nice phone call from a POI. funny to me that i did well with traditional English programs and poorly with interdisciplinary programs when i thought it would be the opposite.
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    I think both Goldsmith and FU are decently known. Plus, if you get a some time of scholarship for study (Fulbright, DAAD) it would definitely look good on your application. For what it's worth, I'm an international applicant from a truly unknown school. My app season has been good--not amazing. So far, I've been accepted to one top-20 school and waitlisted elsewhere, but I don't think the rejections are necessarily due to the name-brand (or lack thereof) of my alma mater, though I assume this definitely didn't help. I'm pretty sure my writing sample may have hurt me as it needed more work and wasn't as streamlined with the research I propose in my SOP as I would've liked. If I had to do this again I would prepare two polished af samples rather than one, to showcase different styles/theoretical backgrounds depending on the program and POIs (in my case, for example, one with a more feminist/women's writing bend, and one with a stronger queer emphasis). My WS was almost 'traditional' in its feminist analysis, and the schools I heard good news from housed POIs who I know are into that. I think had I polished an experimental queer seminar paper, my results would have been different (maybe worse, maybe better, but in any case different). All of this to say that while I think prestige can give one a leg-up, it's ultimately down to fit and how much you catch the eye of people on the adcomm.
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    Canada MSW 2019

    Congratulations to everyone that got an acceptance to the advanced standing MSW program at UofT! I have been experiencing so much anxiety and received my wait-list e-mail yesterday. I have filled out the form agreeing to remain wait-listed. I’ll be contacting Angela to ease some of my anxiety.
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    2019 Acceptances

    Congrats on Brown, and many more! Looking at your signature, you are a CAN'T MISS applicant!!!
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    MDIV to MTS

    I disagree with some of the above comments. Of course, it depends on the PhD program and one's subfield, but many 'top tier' programs accept students with an MDiv (and without any other M* degree). Many also accept students with only (one) MTS/MAR. If you decide to do another masters, my advice is not to do a ThM or similar degree, since: 1) they are usually completely unfunded and 2) a year isn't enough time given your current 'problem' (i.e. uncertain what you want to specialize in). Again, it depends on your subfield (or what you think you want), but you are far better off doing an MTS/MAR or an MA in religion/religious studies (or related field). Either way, it is essential that your second M* allow you freedom in coursework, since you have already done all the MDiv 'fluff' and you don't want to repeat (and repay for that). A ThM will allow that freedom, but if you hope to transition straight from the program, again, you will be applying to PhD programs before the end of your first semester at said program (and, again, consider the funding issue). In the end, you may well end up having to pay (loan) for much of the degree. Anyways, without more information on what you (think you) want to do, we can't really help you.
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    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Just got my acceptance email from BU today at 6:25pm EST!!
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    Scream Thread

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    got goosebumps....
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    I celebrated my acceptance to my first program by drinking an entire bottle of cabernet. Unfortunately, that was actually how I was already passing the days anxiously waiting for acceptances.
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    I was in the same boat as you in my senior year of undergrad. While I was receiving a boatload of awards/accolades for graduating seniors at my university, I was also being rejected from PhD programs left and right. It sucked. I eventually went on to work full time for a year and get my master's before eventually trying again this year, and now I'm admitted into my top choice. Going into a master's program isn't ideal if you had your heart set on going right to PhD, but it can only help you in the end. Good luck, and keep your chin up. 😊
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    Best Cultural Anthro PhD programs?

    Hi Carlos, I don't know of all universities out there that specialize in visual anthropology, but the University of Southern California is one of them. You might also consider broadening your search and and look at linguistic anthropology programs, as a lot of linguistic anthropologists work on photos and videos. Hope this helps!
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    Berkeley, CA

    I hear most people that go to Berkeley are smug and overly defensive about their school since it's in an undesirable city, is this true? Oh wait nevermind you already answered.
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    Penn Relative Competitiveness

    I think you need to get a better understanding of what phd admissions are like in philosophy
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    Dealing with embarassment

    I really don't feel like you should go to a school if you feel embarrassed about going to it, hell, I feel like you shouldn't even have bothered applying if you don't want to go there at all. If you are so dead set on going to a top tier school, maybe you should have used the money on your safety schools on applications on other top tier schools, at least that way you have a higher chance of getting the prestige.

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