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    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    Just got an acceptance to Alberta!!! I'm shaking wow!!!!
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    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I got accepted to the U of A this afternoon as well!! Congratulations to everyone who received acceptances, very excited to meet you all in August
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    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    CGS here, from Alberta, Chem Eng Good luck everyone... A heads up: the decision is in an attachment in the email, don't be afraid if at first you dont see anything in the email 😃
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    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    This is torture.
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    I will never understand people who say they are "surprised" to get rejected...I wish I had that kind of confidence.
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    Depends on the PI and their values as well, not all want to take their own students, and some will explicitly state so. If you're in some niche field where your skillset is hard to come across and your PI has basically trained you to work in their lab as a graduate student, of course they would want to take you, which is what you might be familiar with. More popular people in more popular fields have less of a problem finding qualified people to carry on their research, so I would think they have the least incentive to take on their own students. Might've been the case here.
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    Yeah, I think @galois's approach is more acceptable. I'd ask whether this is really necessary though. I would definitely not attend a school where there is only 1 or even 2 faculty members you want to work with, so your decision shouldn't come down to one person's reply. Most advisors take new students. The biggest reasons someone might not be taking students is that they're super famous and it's too competitive or that they're getting old. Emailing won't help with the famous people, because they won't know if you're a good student yet. And I would caution against emailing people saying "your grey hair and wrinkles made me concerned about my academic future."
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    Canada MSW 2019

    I called York about two days ago and they said offers will be sent out between 7-10 days from then. Hope this helps!
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    Today I officially accepted my offer from the University of Tennessee Knoxville Counseling Psych PhD program. I'm so excited! Is anyone else moving to Knoxville soon too?
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    UT Austin 2019 (SLP)

    I’ll be visiting campus soon so I can post about it once it’s done!
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    Vanier 2018-2019

    The NSERC PhD awards were announced today- earlier than expected! So hopefully that means Vanier might be ahead of schedule too? Fingers crossed!
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    Emma Furness

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I didn’t but someone else did so you can search Towson audiology 2023 and it will show up!
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    I'm also a first-generation college student. My mom is a bookkeeper and my dad is a bike mechanic, but both were born in the United States. I'm so proud that I got into graduate school, and they're super proud and supportive of me too. They definitely don't really understand what grad school is, or what I do, but then again... neither do I! My hope is that once I finish graduate school, or maybe even in graduate school, since I am attending a fully funded program, I can send them money so they can go to college. My dad always wanted to go to school to become a teacher, but there was never the money. My mom would love to take classes, and I just want them to be able to have those opportunities since they gave so much to me! I'm originally from Alaska, and I lived there until I moved away for college. It's definitely a very different environment than the East Coast, and I find myself missing nature a lot. Despite that, I actually love cities and how busy everything always seems to be. I'm quite excited to start grad school, and very happy to see that there's a thread for others not coming from college-educated families.
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    University of Redlands decisions???

    Unfortunately that wasn't me, but it is definitely one of my top ones now (I will have to weigh the price factor) but it's very close to my family and I love the program! I'm hoping for good news for you too! The waiting is awful.
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    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    Haha just throw that out there to make everyone feel like the longer they wait the worse they did, you troll!
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    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    Waitlisted at U of A as well!
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    Congrats on all of your acceptances!
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    University of Redlands decisions???

    Someone has posted on the results that they were high on the waitlist. Results are coming out guys!!!! good luck I have been constantly refreshing my email.
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    2019 Canadian SLP Thread

    I’m waitlisted as well
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    Choosing MA: Tufts/Brandeis/CUNY

    Tufts is your clear best choice, by far.
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    Just wanna say that BME thread has kept me sane throughout this whole process... ❤️ lol
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    +++ This is only my personal opinion +++ After being through a couple cycles and receiving an offer this round I found the most helpful thing was building a relationship with my potential supervisor. IF there is someone you are interested in working with who is in your geographic area and you are able to volunteer/work as an RA or possibly a research coordinator and build a strong working (and personal) relationship with them it will greatly increase the likelihood of them taking you on as a student vs. an outside person who they speak with for a couple of hours (max). This might be obvious and it is anecdotal (worked for me) but I think it is worth consideration. Obviously GPA, GRE, pubs/presentations should be stressed as well Hope this helps a little bit!
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    ETH ESOP 2019

    Just got my MSP acceptance a few minutes ago 😁
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    Tomorrow I am turning down UCSC, FSU, UF, VT and ASU. I will wait until April 10 for any response of Duke's waitlist. Anyone turning down Duke?
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    I’m so sorry! This didn’t pop up for me for some reason 😕. Thank you! I actually saw it after but want to believe that they update acorn first (I read previous years reviews on gradcafe lol)
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    I took the GRE's after being out of school for decades! I used Magoosh test prep and spent about 6 weeks studying the math -maybe 5 hours a week? I ended up with a 150 in Math (English was higher). If I can do it -you can do it! I was amazed at how much I remembered. Plus, it's not like you have to know everything -I targeted the areas I thought I would do best in.
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    Can graduated folks apply for the waiver?
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    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    I've applied to two other national scholarships (Udall and Goldwater) and wasn't given the time of day on either of them. I know for a fact I put down solid applications for both scholarships since a) I believed in the material and b) I worked closely with the staff at my university whose job it was to advise students applying to those things. I've seen plenty of people saying they question the value of their NSF application, but the most important thing I've learned so far is that not being selected for these things doesn't mean you're not good enough or that your application wasn't good enough. They pick applications and people they believe fit their organization. Pretty much everyone applying for this thing is top notch - ultimately there's probably no real rhyme or reason to who gets selected and who doesn't. We'll all be fine regardless of the results. On a separate note: thoughts on at what school level the GRFP helps the most with? I'm an undergrad that was accepted in February to a program with mixed TA/RA funding for master's position that pays fairly well. If I do get the fellowship, I'll of course be ecstatic, but I don't NEED the money or prestige to get into a program now. How might this help me in 2-2.5 years when I'm moving on to my PhD other than being a shiny spot on my C.V. from a couple years ago? I don't know why I'm just not questioning the utility of this thing, especially since they haven't announced winners yet.
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    I would have to disagree with your professor who suggested this. That seems kind of presumptuous to ask someone if they could potentially be your thesis supervisor when you haven't passed your qualifying exams yet. Usually you have to pass your qualifying exams before you can start research. Moreover, it seems highly unlikely that a newly admitted student has a good enough understanding of the professors' research area to make an informed choice about advisor. I don't mean that you need to understand the advisor's research in depth before you ask them to advise you. But in order to make a more "informed" choice, one could refine their research interests by attending departmental seminars, taking a "Readings in Statistical Science" class (like the mandatory reading classes that the first-year students at Duke and Stanford have to take), and talking with several different professors about their current research to gain a much better understanding of what it entails (these conversations would still be at a fairly general level, but they would certainly make you more well-informed than just looking at/browsing through papers on their personal webpage).
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    NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

    The NSERC website still says "by the end of March".. It's gotta be this week I noticed the personal profiles were temporarily unavailable yesterday morning, I really hope it had something to do with preparation for notifying the applicants
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    In choosing my program this year, I wanted to be sure that there were at least a few faculty members that I was interested in working with that would potentially be interested in working with me. So before I made any final enrollment decision, I reached out to a couple of profs and asked if they were planning on advising new students from my cohort. This is a bit less forward, but they know what you're getting at, and in any case this is very valuable information; in my case one such professor replied no! That's a good thing to know beforehand.
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    This one was a wild ride from start to finish. Hope the OP is okay, but the "yeet" kills me.
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    I hate the GRE as much as anyone, and while anything can happen, a verbal score at or above 160 would look much better. Most schools that post average scores tend to show verbal around 164. I'm not saying committees like the GRE, but they do get to be picky. You should assume that most good candidates will have good letters, a good sample, and a good statement. What if they have a good verbal score too? Is it worth a lot of studying? If I were you, I would probably crack the practice manual every few weeks and schedule another test in early October just to see if you could pull that 160. You can always decide what scores to send later.
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    DAAD 2019-2020

    Even here you can observe that only selection made changes to Funding. I’ve never met someone who got Funding after preselection.
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    Hey, I have not yet been accepted to grad school, but I will also be a first generation! My parents are immigrants from Macedonia, and moved to Canada. I took Social Work and Disability Studies at the University of Windsor. As a student with a disability, it was great to learn more advocacy skills for my group, and also how to be an ally for other marginalized groups. I did a lot of volunteer work during my undergrad (over twelve volunteer placements) and was able to juggle four part time jobs on top of my full time placement. My placement was at The Canadian Mental Health Association, which I loved with my whole heart. I have applied to Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York, and hope I can showcase my potential at this amazing establishment.
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    Commuting..how far is too far?

    When I was in grad school, we had a couple of people who commuted that far. I know a few times, they slept on others sofas if it was a late night or bad weather. I was happy to help out🌺
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    DAAD 2019-2020

    Hi IceMan, thank for sharing that info, I really appreciate it. I think that we have to wait... On the other hand, how was the interview? What they did asked you?
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    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    just got an acceptance from Ryerson today, super surprised because of my low gpa. Declining in favor of Waterloo, gl to anybody else who applied!
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    Moving expenses?

    I definitely intend to get rid of most of my furniture. I think the only big pieces I'm bringing with me are my bed and a bookcase that my dad made me. Everything else is replaceable. I am a first-generation college student, so undergrad was difficult to navigate. Grad school is completely unheard of-- I had no idea that something like a moving stipend even existed. I will definitely ask about. Thank you all so much for your input! This is very helpful.
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    Attending UIndy's Psy.D. Program in the fall! Created a facebook group for the incoming cohort! PM me if you are also attending and would like to be added!
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    Hci at university of Michigan has been for a long time compared to the emerging 1 year curriculum by various schools. From my friends at Umich I’ve found that they are extremely selective to choose a talented group of cohort who mainly drive the learning experience inside out with industry based learning. In fact alumni’s like tony fadell (father of interaction for iPod and iPhone) has his roots from Univeristy of Michigan. It’s not the location where the univeristy is present but the learning outcome that one must look into. If the program has existed for a longer time at a top notch univeristy there’s a reason why they keep getting competitive and produce great alumni’s.
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Dallas bound y’all!
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    I would just email the director of admissions directly and tell them that you have a different offer that you will definitely accept. (There is probably a way to do this online in some of the systems, but I would say even if you do that still email the director of admissions, since they might not notice that you've done it in the system, etc.--at least in our system we still have access to withdrawn applications and they look just like regular ones.) In addition to the reasons given above, this helps admissions committees A LOT! If you withdraw your application, then we can offer the spot we might have offered to you directly to the person who would be first on the waitlist, instead of waitlisting them. (Or, if we were on the fence about you, we can stop worrying about you altogether and just move on.)
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    Fall 2019 Business PhD Applicants

    I know this question wasn't directed at me, but I too contacted POIs at every school I applied to. In fact, the only notifications/interviews I've received thus far have been at the schools whose faculty I contacted before applying. It seems to be an unwritten prerequisite these days...
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    Fall 2019 Business PhD Applicants

    Thanks for the update, OBforme. Kenan-Flagler OB interviews were last week and this week. Notifications will likely be sent out next week. I perused the past few years of data for other management/OB programs. I'm surprised we haven't seen any interview invites for Ross or Yale SOM yet. If we're taking the last few years of data with a grain of salt, Booth, Fuqua, and Columbia's interview invites may go out late next week. Stern and Kellogg ~22 Feb. Sloan and HBS decisions were around Mar 1, but I'm not sure when they historically send out interview invites.
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    Fall 2019 Business PhD Applicants

    Hey there! I'm joining this thread a bit late, but now seems like the perfect time to commiserate. I applied to Strategy/Management departments at: Wharton, Sloan, Columbia, Berkeley, Cornell, Yale, Michigan, and Rice. My GRE was: 164V/160Q, 6 AWA. I was just rejected from Wharton yesterday and had my Berkeley interview earlier this month. I did not do well in the latter, so I'm expecting a rejection from there, too. On a brighter note, I did receive an "informal" offer from one of my schools (don't want to disclose which yet) a few weeks ago, so it looks like management departments are starting to make moves now. I also spoke with a professor from one of my other schools who told me that they would start sending out interview invites this week. Here's hoping that each of us ends up exactly where we're meant to be!
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    Fall 2019 Business PhD Applicants

    I also just wrapped up my applications to Management PhD programs (Organizational Behavior). I applied to almost 20 schools in the US and so far have only heard back from one (that requested a Skype interview). At least no rejections yet, lol.
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    Hi, I am in U of A's undergraduate program currently, so I can only speak in very general terms. In terms of reputation, the U of A carries a lot of prestige for its SLP program. We are ranked in the top 5 programs in the country, which is the most competitive ranking of any graduate degree at our school. I started in a different major, and once I changed to my SLHS major, I was so pleasantly surprised. It is a completely different experience from the last department I was in. The faculty are all so friendly and willing to help, and there are people who represent just about any interest you might have (seriously...I am currently involved in research for language acquisition in those with language disabilities vs. those without, will be interning at our onsite preschool with toddlers with language delays, and was recently presented an opportunity to study the neurology behind bird communication as it relates to human communication). I have not gotten the impression that we lean medical or education, but there are lots of opportunities for both tracks. In terms of education, we have a speech-based preschool onsite (as I previously mentioned), I can think of several professors who do research geared for education, and we see all sorts of kiddos at our onsite clinics. My undergraduate experience has been wonderful here, and most everyone in the major wants to stay, but bear in mind that our graduate program is HIGHLY competitive. We all have that looming over our heads and many have accepted that they'll have to go elsewhere. I'm not sure where you live, but the reputation for the SLP programs in our state is UA>ASU>NAU. U of A is great, ASU is still pretty good, and NAU is more like the budget program (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - I know a successful bilingual SLP in town who worked on her MS SLP at NAU over summers because that was the cheapest instate option). Unfortunately I can't offer a huge amount of insight for the nitty gritty of the graduate program at U of A, and little to nothing about NAU, but let me know if there's anything you think I can answer for you.
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    Plan B, C, D....

    I am a second year applicant and was accepted this time around. I was reading this thread and wanted to give input because I know how disappointing and frustrating it can be not getting into a program, and I hope what I say can help! After getting 8 rejections last year, I emailed many of the schools I applied to to get an idea of why I got rejected/what they were looking for in an applicant. Many told meh GRE scores didn't meet their requirements, so I knew that was something I needed to work on. I used the Magoosh online GRE program and raised my score almost 10 points. I volunteered at the Northeast Arc where I worked with adults with disabilities once a week for 1 hour a week-even if you can only volunteer once a week it looks very good to be doing). It is also hard to find an SLPA job in Mass, so I worked as a para at a high school with a boy on the Autism spectrum, I worked as an ABA therapist, took sign language, and put a ton of effort into my SOP (I think being a para and doing ABA helped me a lot). What helped me the most I think was really researching schools. Email schools this summer and ask what their standards are, what exactly is their criteria for accepting students, do they mainly accept their own students, how many students apply? Some schools ONLY ACCEPT their own undergrads and do not post that on the website, you need to email them and ask (which is very inconsiderate and unfair). I hope this information helps!!

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