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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Got accepted into MICA MA program! Still waiting it out for the MFA program but will be taking it up even if I don't get accepted! Sent rejects out to UIC and NCSU.
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    YAY! I get to post School: Adler University (Chicago) Concentration: Clinical Type: PsyD Date of Acceptance: April 11th Notified: Email
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Going to UW-Madison!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Accepted Uconn's MA offer today!
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    Final Outcomes

    Accepted Columbia's offer today!
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    School: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Concentration: Cognitive Type: Ph.D. Date of Acceptance: April 12th Notified: Email, accepted off the waitlist. $20,200 stipend (TA-ship) with $2,000 summer funding. Health insurance covered by funding package. ~$950 fees/semester Trying to decide between here and UVa tomorrow (4/13) to free up a waitlist spot.
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    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    I just spoke with Dr. Streete. He said that they are confirming faculty members for the ESI PREP program, and some advisers have not gotten back with their availability yet. If those advisers do not have availabilities, they will have to revisit students' applications. He said this process may, and likely will, go on into next week. To clarify, no interviews have been conducted for ESI PREP. He also noted that interviews for ESI PREP are more of a formality, as at that point an adviser has already agreed to work with a particular student. It sounds like they have made a nearly final list of who they would like in the program, but cannot finalize it until faculty members report back. Side note - Imagine getting removed from the finalist list because a faculty member doesn't have availability!
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    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    That seems to be the case, yeah. There might be slightly different timelines for NIH-PREP vs. ESI-PREP... if anybody posts decisions, please be specific about which of the two programs you applied to!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Accepted UNC Chapel Hill’s offer today. You can take the girl out of Texas but apparently not too far out of the south!
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    Congratulations on your excellent acceptances. You can't really go wrong with those choices, but I would say you should strongly consider Duke if you could see yourself being really into Bayesian statistics and computational stuff. There is definitely theoretical research going on there as well (particularly for Bayesian nonparametrics), but there is also a big focus on Bayesian methodology and addressing computational challenges at Duke. If you're agnostic about Bayesian vs. frequentist, then the other two might be better. It seems as though UChicago is the most theoretical of the ones on your list. Many talks I've attended by alumni and PhD students from UChicago seem to be solidly in theory (like proving risk bounds, attaining confidence intervals with the correct asymptotic coverage, etc.). So if you are solidly into theory, then that could be a good choice. Columbia seems to have a good balance of theoretical and applied/computational work, with some faculty who work a lot on statistical theory (e.g. Bodhisattva Sen) and others who work a lot on algorithms/methodology (e.g. David Blei). One other poster on this board was deciding between UPenn Wharton and Columbia Statistics, and they mentioned that they liked Columbia for being more applied than Wharton.
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    I second what @hlr20 said! Themes not only allow you to express your interests in a clever way, but can also make your personal statement much more cohesive and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your outline! Here is an idea of the outline I used for most of my statements (which I then tailored to each program I applied to based on a format they expected). Keep in mind, I applied to a scientist-practitioner program so it's not solely about research. PARAGRAPH 1: Personal story; introduce theme. Strong hook that connects to a theme you are trying to convey. Thesis = I am applying to X program at Y university to do Z research. PARAGRAPH 2: Relevant volunteer/job experiences (my research interests correlated much more with my non-research experience in terms of the population I am interested in working with) How have you grown through these experiences? How have these experiences influenced the research interests you are pursuing? PARAGRAPH 3: Research experience What have your previous research experiences taught you? What gap have you noticed in research? PARAGRAPHS 4/5 - WHO do you want to work with in this program (if applicable), and WHY this program? What are your specific research interests, and which professor are you interested in working with based on those interests? How can their experience help you? How will this program specifically help you reach your goals? Try to tie in aspects of the program to your personal interests. (Ex: The social justice orientation of this program aligns with my desire to support marginalized populations.) Make sure to explicitly mention your goals and tie them in to the training provided by the program (Ex: The vast teaching opportunities in this program will help me be prepared for a career in academia.) PARAGRAPH 6 - Summarize, explain societal/community impact Why is this research needed, and why is it urgent? Why are you the best fit for this type of research and program?
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    Hi guys, I need some help/advice on deciding between two schools (and it's terrifyingly close to the 15th!) I'm coming straight from undergrad and I've been admitted to two great PhD programs! There are two main factors that I'm deliberating between: academic fit and social fit. Backstory on the social consideration: I'm very shy and have social anxiety, but it's extremely important for me to feel connected with people...it's just very hard to achieve for me. I know I won't be as successful in a program if it isn't also a good social fit; that's why it's as important to me as the academic fit. School A has a couple profs with research interests in the same ballpark as mine, but not exactly the same focus and emphasis. However, I LOVED the people there and made some close friends that I'm still in contact with. I felt like I easily made progress in overcoming the social anxiety and became connected and attached to the people. School B has a prof there whose interests match up exactly with mine! She's really big in my AOI and it'd be so exciting to study with her. However, while the people were very nice, I didn't feel quite as connected there. While I think I'd end up okay socially, it just wasn't as good (or instant) of a fit as School A. So, what are yall's opinions/experiences on the importance of academic and/or social fit? I welcome any and all suggestions because I'm torn. Thanks so much for reading!!!
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    2019 Applicants

    Thanks! It's a great funding package so I'm pretty excited
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    Here is a handout from a personal statement seminar I went to. I got some really solid advice from a good friend who is getting their PhD at Purdue, he talked about how to write your personal statement differently and interestingly without getting caught up in the natural formula that people use. Personal statements tend to be written chronologically. For example: "I've done A, I've done B, I've done C and those led me to D". There is nothing wrong with this, but there is a way to change it up so that your personal statement feels less formulaic and can highlight a lot more than just your resume/CV. Try writing your personal statement in terms of "themes". This is really hard to do because it forces you to look back on your life and analyze yourself like you are a character from a book haha. But I will show you what he sent me when I gave him my rough draft. Keep in mind that he helped me formulate this outline based on what I wrote, so yours could be very different: PARAGRAPH 1: Personal story PARAGRAPH 2: Research interests: what questions interested you? How did your research mentor(s) introduce you to questions? PARAGRAPH 3: Research application How did you start answering questions/researching into your interests? What were you doing to answer these questions What did it show me (show that you know WHY you were doing research) PARAGRAPH 4 - Research impact, personal motivation How have you changed as a person through your research? PARAGRAPH 5 - Future; grad school (what is your research?); job after grad school (professorship, teaching, research), societal/community impact From your past research, how have you decided what you are going to do now One good way to organize your personal statement is to write what your story chronologically, then highlight in different colors the different categories of the paragraphs shown above. For example, highlight everything yellow in your personal statement that has to do with "research impact and personal motivation" and then organize your essay by color and see if you can get it to flow. If anything, this is a great exercise to conceptualize your own life, which is a super hard feat. Personal statements are very hard because of this reason. Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any questions Writing a Personal Statement_2018_handout.pdf
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    Stat Postdoc Soon Faculty

    Help me decide

    A Masters degree can help for eventual PhD admissions to a solid mid-tier program in the USA (like OSU, Rutgers, or UF) if your undergrad math background was light, if your grades weren't the best in undergrad, and/or if your undergrad institution is very obscure. Agreed with the above poster that it would be easier to give you advice about your path forward if you provide more detail about your background. Of the two options you've provided, though, UMBC would probably be the better choice, as they have a ranked Statistics doctoral program (#69 in USNWR) and it seems as though their program is more "traditional" (with Masters comprehensive exams and PhD qualifying exams): https://mathstat.umbc.edu/graduate-programs-of-study/. They also have a Thesis option, although if you are planning to apply for the 2021 cycle, I'm not sure how much that will help your application. But as far as gateways to solid mid-tier doctoral programs, UMBC would certainly be the more promising avenue.
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    Final Outcomes

    Congratulations! Ah, a little earlier than last year, at least, so you're not left wondering until the end. Congrats on finalizing at a great department!
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    Also there is a facebook group for incoming clinical students at UWindsor (adult, child, and neuro) so if anyone accepts and wants to be apart of it PM me!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Accepted SIUC!
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    Eek! Accepted to WUSTL off the waitlist!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Just accepted Northwestern’s offer. Anyone else?
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    For those who don't know, the Iowa Writer's Workshop is the premier creative writing program in the US. As such, applying there turns people into rabid animals.
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    I can't decide which one to go to, and I obviously need to by April 15th. I feel like Columbia is the best fit research wise (I'm interested in applied probability/stochastic differential equations and Columbia has tonnes of probabilists), Chicago also has great people and is better if I change my mind and want to do more stats instead of probability (or for more theoretical probability - pure theory doesn't seem like a smart move career wise though), while Duke also has fantastic faculty and (this is somewhat important I suppose) seemed to have by a million miles the happiest grad students. Any advice from those who have already made their decisions (or have already started/finished a program at one of these places)?
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    How to get off a waitlist?

    I have to accept a program right now but I will drop out if I get taken off the waitlist from my no. 1 🏫 school.
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    To anyone on NYU's waitlist: I've heard that a greater number of students accepted their initial offer than expected, so they likely won't be using the waitlist. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that, given the approaching deadline and the need to make final decisions.
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    Yay!! Congrats! I have a friend going here for fall 2019 Psychology PhD
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    Thanks for the clarification!
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    It's good to look at ML conferences as well, not just journals: ICML, NeurIPS, and AISTATS. It used to be that these conferences were far more prominent in Computer Science and not so much for Statistics. But nowadays, plenty of Statistics faculty also submit work to these top-tier conferences too.
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    2019-2020 Boren Applicants

    I was just told decisions are being released on Monday. The man did not sound happy, so a lot of people must be calling.
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    2019 MPH CANADA

    Got accepted into health promo officially yesterday!
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    Hey @IvyBlack. I went to Brown for undergrad, but I actually chose not to apply for grad school. (I noticed @nyan_cat was asking about this too.) Part of the reason was that I wanted to experience a new school, but I also had some concerns about the program. I graduated in 2016, so some of what I'll say might no longer apply. For starters, the newness of the program definitely made me hesitate. When I was there, the "DATA" department did not exist. The available data science coursework was limited and not always what I was looking for. I took the machine learning course in 2015 (CSCI1420 -- offered to both undergrad and grad students). Despite being listed as a CS course, it was taught by a professor in the Engineering department, all of the lectures were just math on the blackboard (heavy on theory, light on application), and the programming assignments were in MATLAB. I also took the "Data Science" course in the CS department, which was sort of crash course in a bunch of different topics. It was a good high-level overview of the field, but the professor who taught it is no longer at Brown. Overall, I felt Brown lacked faculty who were excited about data science -- there wasn't really a prevalent data science initiative in the computer science, applied math, or economics departments. That's clearly changed to some extent with the DS degree now being offered, but I imagine the program is still in a developing stage given that there wasn't much of a DS foundation before its existence. I'm currently considering Columbia, and part of its appeal to me is the breadth of opportunity. In addition to the course curriculum (which allows for more electives than Brown), there seems to be a lot of cool projects and research going on. I'm potentially interested in research opportunities, and several of the data centers are doing work that interests me. On top of that, there are the data science student clubs, lots of DS events on the DSI calendar, and NYC probably has more to offer in terms of industry partners for projects than Providence. I expect the data science community is richer at Columbia than at Brown, unless there's been a lot of progress since I left. I definitely don't mean to be totally dismissive of my alma mater. I had an amazing undergrad experience overall. Brown is a great community, and I found incredible faculty in so many departments who were caring and approachable for students. I'm sure that culture extends to the new DS program. Providence was a fun place to live, and of course much more affordable than NYC. Take this all with a grain of salt. I've been away from the school for 3 years now and don't know much about how things have progressed. Good luck with the decision
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    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I was sharing a meme about how smokey the bear is propoganda (I work in fire ecology and anthropology) with some friends. I thought it'd get some questions. I was not expecting my friend who had made a video game for the DNR to call me a liar, try to send me the emails of people who run smokey the bear in Michigan, and say that she doesn't trust academia. Everyone is now saying that the meme was "clearly" a bad choice, even though people have sent more obviously controversial things to the chat. I'm prepared for people to disagree with my research. I'm not prepared to be attacked by people that I thought were safe around. I no longer feel comfortable sharing what I'm going to spend the next six years of my life researching with my friends and I'm angry and sad about it.
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    2019 MPH CANADA

    thank you! i got into the health promotion stream and i got the offer via email. it told me to check the app.uoft website and it had the document there!
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    Emerson and Nova, and NYU (all online), CSUN/Eastern New Mexico ( spring admission). Good luck!
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    The Positivity Thread

    I received a community award tonight at an event. Plus, my book review for a journal has been accepted.
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    American Studies Fall 2019??

    Got into UT Austin last minute... very likely to decline, will let you all know when so others on the waitlist get a chance
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    If anyone else has accepted an offer at SFU feel free to shoot me a message! Would love to connect before starting the program
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    I have 33 schools/59 POIs on my list right now. I know some of them won't end up taking grad students, but I'll probably still be applying to ~20-25 programs!
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Just committed to Michigan today!!! My soon-to-be advisor emailed me (and I promise this is a direct copy and paste): YAY!!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! WELCOME TO MICHIGAN!!!!
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    I just turned down the GA ship! I really hope whoever's next gets their day made the program seems nice and everyone seems so friendly and lovely. Good luck to all!
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    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    Yes, just a few more weeks. @TBay, sorry for your loss and the rough weeks in the recent rear view. As I understand it, the two awards are scored differently. Be hopeful, and be gentle with yourself during these next few weeks (and always).
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    UT Austin MSW Fall 2019!?

    Me too! I look forward to seeing you in the Summer!
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    Counseling -Non Psych Thread

    I'm curious about your transition from psych to counseling! (I'm making the opposite move). What about counseling was a better match for you?
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    Counseling -Non Psych Thread

    I am going to be studying school counseling at Fordham University in their masters program.
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    Got into grad school now....

    Same here, especially anatomy and neuro.
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    School: Kean University Concentration: School-Clinical Psychology Type: PsyD Date of acceptance: 3/31/19 Notified by: Email from director of the program, with official acceptance to arrive soon.
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    Hi! I think this is a great thread to have up and running, as I feel like we all have a few individual learning experiences that would be helpful to share for those applying next cycle. In terms of background, I think it would be important to keep in mind that I am a Canadian applicant, so although I think what I have to say is pretty transferrable for all types of applicants, it might be different for those in the US/other countries. I also didn't apply to any Counseling/PsyD programs, and only applied to PhD Clinical Psychology programs. This was my first time applying; I applied to five schools and interviewed at two of them. I ended up with rejections from 4/5 schools and acceptance from one, which was my top choice so I accepted there without any hesitation. It was a pretty crazy ride but I think I learned a lot of valuable lessons that have really changed my perspective on the whole application process (for the better). See below: I echo @FeministPsychologist here and will say again that: rejections do not determine your self-worth and are not indicative of your potential, like at all. The fact that many Psychology applicants are rejected at multiple schools before being accepted somewhere speaks to this - capability is not mutually exclusive with rejection. The entire application process is so dependent on luck and at the end of the day, it all depends on how well you mesh with one person (i.e., your POI). Just because the fit's not there with them, doesn't mean that other supervisors would also feel the same way. The minute I stopped taking rejections so easily, my mental health surrounding the process was at such a better place. To all applicants applying next round, please remember this. Rejections happen to all of us, and will most likely happen given the competitive nature of this field. Shake each rejection off and don't take it personally - there are reasons why it didn't work out and those reasons could be anywhere from lack of funding at that school to your POI having someone else in mind from the get-go (which happen so often). Literally, look yourself in the mirror and say "rejections don't define me" until it sticks, LOL. Apply to as many schools and POIs as you can without sacrificing too much of your research interests. This. Some would think I'm absolutely crazy for only applying to five schools (one POI at each lol), but unfortunately, my research area is extremely niche and I applied to the only schools in Canada that had researchers in my field. I ended up lucking out, however, there was a LOT of anxiety when 4/5 schools rejected me and my fate was hanging on one school LOL. This was extremely stressful, to say the least, so I recommend applying to as many schools as you can. However, I really don't recommend forfeiting your interests or making them so malleable that you lose what you really care about. Grad school is a long ride my friends, and it would suck to study something you don't care about. Which brings me to my next point... Make sure you REALLY want it before you apply. This application process is way too stressful to just do it to do it... If this wasn't the only career path I wanted, I would've opted out so quick LOL. Especially for clinical applicants, make sure your goals can't be achieved by pursuing other degrees like social work etc before applying. Make sure that the specific aims of a PhD Clinical Psychology program are what you really, really want. I think a lot of people go into these PhD programs with the thought process of that they can only work with clinical populations or deliver therapy with a Clinical Psych degree and that is so not true. If being a clinician is all you care about, opt for a psychotherapy program that's literally half the amount of years/effort. Your wallet and psyche will thank you, haha. This one (aside from the first) was probably the biggest lesson I learned - just because you know your POI personally, does not mean they owe you anything. At a few of the schools I applied to, I had already worked with the POI previously and developed a good working (and personal) relationship. I interviewed with some of them (ended up being rejected) and wasn't even given an interview opportunity by one of them. This was really hard for me to swallow at first, and made me doubt everything. If someone who knew me didn't want me, how would I get in with anyone else? But the thing is, just because you dedicated some volunteer time at a POI's lab doesn't mean they owe you anything - not even a second glance at your application. With an application process as competitive as this, that's literally just not possible to expect them to forfeit spots from other capable applicants to you, just because you already have a working relationship. Again, with the rejection piece, so many factors roll into this. They've already mentored you, so it's possible that they think there's nothing else to teach you. Or, simply, they just vibed with another applicant better. At the end of the day, each of these supervisors wrote and edited my SOPs as well as my funding applications, and all my references. They wouldn't have done that if they didn't think I was capable. As soon as I realized that, I stopped beating myself up. However, this was a really important piece to helping me re-conceptualize the entire application process. Ok, rant over haha. At the end of the day, this is an extremely crazy and stressful process. Make sure you really want it before you apply and as said before, congratulate yourself for each application and each day you don't go crazy LOL. You can do this!
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    Princeton University Computer Science, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 1 Feb 2019 I 25 Feb 2019 Was my safe school To anyone that gets a rejection from an Ivy League and says it was his/her safety school: we could never, in a million years, be friends.
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    If you're looking to live off campus, you can start looking now to see the general prices... I've looked at apartments a month before move in and it was fine. Of course, all the "good" places were taken by then. Maybe aim to start looking May-July if you're looking to start in the fall.
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    It seems like UNC has quite a few faculty working in clinical trials. You can find 14 of them listed under "clinical trials" here. It doesn't seem to me like Wisconsin has a clearly bigger focus on this area than UNC. There's also the "IMPACT" program joint with UNC, NC State and Duke with plenty of UNC Biostatistics faculty taking part: http://www2.cscc.unc.edu/impact7/ . To add to this, the primary grant funding this project is focused on cancer clinical trials, entitled "Statistical Methods for Cancer Clinical Trials". I don't know too much about this field but from a first glance, it seems to me like UNC is a great place for your interests. What makes you say that Wisconsin has better opportunities?
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    I am also looking at getting my MSW in London. Did anyone do this and then get an LCSW in America? I am worried about accreditation.

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