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    2020 application thread

    Hi, @anbri FWIW, I put my name in the upper right corner, with the document type after a colon. Like this. SIGABA: Statement of Purpose. And while I'm neither paranoid nor #OCD, I would number my as Page 1 of x, Page 2 of x, so that readers would understand if pages were missing.
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    You know the full story, but this is a significant portion of why I left the PhD. I couldn't justify spending years (with a questionably supportive department) to obtain a degree, that, in all honesty, doesn't have a huge amount of application outside the academy. The "alt-ac" job push is a topic for another time, but I am not positive towards it. I think it's a ready made excuse to ignore structural problems of PhD training. I don't consider "rankings" the same as placement. Placement is, IMO, one of the few metrics that actually matters, if you want a TT career afterwards. I would submit that there are departments ranked in the top 20 on US News and World Report that are not in the top 30 in terms of placement. Moreover, if all 6 of your cohort found TT jobs, your placement ranks you much higher than the mid-40s, just IMO, of course.
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    Harris 2020

    I feel like we will probably hear back on Thursday or Friday???? Also, last year they released a tweet on a Thursday (December 3rd) that told people who applied to early action should stick by their phones because they were calling the accepted people that day and the next day... so hopefully they will do the same thing this year! I am dyinggggggg over here with anxiety!
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    Or possibly exactly what the job market was looking for at the time. A top school does not mean you'll automatically get the job over someone else. This. Rankings do not equal placement rates. Rankings do not mean better funding. Rankings do not mean best professors. Rankings can also change based on certain fields. Placements can change based on what changes have been done to improve the department. I'd also like to add that some people not at a top 20 are discouraged by their peers from even attempting to apply to tenure track positions. Others realize that they don't want to teach. Those outside the top 20 who take grad school seriously though often land very lucrative tt positions though. As such, it's hard to accurately measure placements especially in smaller cohorts. It depends on where you live. I've spoken to a fair number of graduates from outside countries. Certain schools might not even have programs in their field or might be ranked poorly for their field. Despite that, they say it is more valuable to go to that university because their country values it more.
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    New Faculty Accepting Students for Fall 2020

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    It's pretty easy to call this sort of answer "facile" if you haven't watched friend after brilliant friend struggle to make ends meet after graduating, or if you yourself have never had to live on poverty wages. Those of us who have tend to find any other answer shockingly privileged and naive. For the record: I attend an Ivy. I love my program and doing what I do. I have an incredibly supportive department in all ways that matter. I would not do it again.
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    I went to a talk by some former graduates from the department and one of them said this: if you can do your PhD and in 20 years not regret having done it even if you don’t get a job out of it (or the job you want at least). If not, maybe this isn’t for you. The point being that the job market is so rough that some of us will not derive any benefit from it other than the enjoyment of doing our research for a few years. So if you’re asking the question at all, maybe it’s not worth it (of course, not everyone can go into something like this for the sake of it and anyone who can is enjoying a fair share of privilege). There is no formula as to what institutions guarantee jobs. Generally the higher the rank (accepting that rank is not objective or definitive) the more opportunities you will have (though some argue that smaller schools sometimes prefer lower-ranked candidates).
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    Hi all! I run a group of volunteer PhD students and postdocs who give free consulting for PhDs in the sciences! If anyone's looking for unbiased editing for personal statements, help with school lists, or just general advice on how to best optimize their applications, feel free to shoot me a message.
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    Stanford MA

    Nope. Tufts and Brandeis offer scholarships on a competitive basis. If you get one of those, then it may make sense to attend. Otherwise, you also shouldn't be going there. Same goes with NYU, Chicago, et al. It's always a bad idea to take out loans for grad school in the humanities. A good MA is not a guarantee of getting into a PhD program. Furthermore, even if you do get into a PhD program, the job market is terrible and even if you do get a job, it's not likely to pay enough to allow you to pay off 50-100K+ in debt very quickly. Taking out loans for an MA in philosophy is just plain stupid.

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