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    I had begun to psych myself up to reapply next year and then I end up receiving 2 acceptances in one day. I still can't believe it. I feel so relieved and grateful. Best of luck for everyone still waiting for responses.
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    Accepted to the Ph.D. program at OSU. I'm elated beyond words!
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    When you wake up and realize that it's over 70 degrees outside and every news station is reporting on Bernie Sanders' "stunning upset" and "historic victory" in Michigan over Hillary Clinton, you know it's gonna be a good day!
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    When thegradcafe is down for posting and it gives you the same anxiety you get when an email comes in from a school you applied to...
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    Quantum Buckyball

    Defended successfully!

    Defended successfully!
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    Undergraduate lesson: if you didn't have senioritis before Spring Break, you do now
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    After receiving my admittance to one of my top choices, I probably slept infinitely better than I ever had in the past four to five months... I can breathe again...
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    Done! Thankful that I won't have to do this over again. 3 years of prep is enough. Gonna go burn some GRE books!!
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    When you waiting for your last few schools to make decisions
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    is gradcafe being broken the universe's way of telling me I spend too much time on this thing?
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    It's hard to imagine that at this time next year, I'll be in my second semester as a doctoral student! A life-long dream that will actually come true...
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    Passed my comprehensive exams! Now, to find someone to give me a PhD! ;-)
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    Got accepted to Columbia University School of Social Work for fall 2019! I am over the moon. 😍
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    Sometimes I wish it is possible to get someone to answer to any threads/questions we all pose. The frustration of waiting for an answer makes it hard!
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    Officially accepted for PhD! 1/10 responses. 9 more to go!
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    Just sent thank you emails to the professors from my community college. Honestly, when I returned to school at almost 30 I wasn't thinking of even transferring to a four year institution. Thanks to their support and encouragementI transferred to a great undergraduate university. And next year I'll be attending graduate school. I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazingly supportive people.
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    I think one of the worst feelings those that have been repeatedly rejected by each one of your dream schools may sense is the lethargy that derives from the lack of understanding about the reasons for these failures. Is it fit? Is it the non-stellar GRE? Is it for being an outsider? Is it because I did not try to approach POIs? Is it because I'm older? Is it due to being an international applicant? One of the most important lessons I've learned by studying strategy planning (and by implementing it in government) is that without knowing the causes of issues that affect material reality, it is impossible to act properly to tackle them. Hence, when analysed from an individual point of view, numbness becomes some sort of body defense to ignorance. Interesting, but agonizing experience this one.
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    I hate weekends! Let's make February all business days so maybe we can hear back for our apps!
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    First acceptance in my inbox! Oh my, I am going to grad school!!!
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    Just found out I won't hear a thing until the end of January AT THE EARLIEST. Today, one program emailed applicants to remind us of the due date and that many applicants have thus far failed to turn in the supplementary application. WHY ARE YOU REMINDING THEM! THIS IS COMPETITIVE PLEASE STOP
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    All I want for Christmas is an offer of admission and full funding...
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    Luckily, it looks like I'm heading to New York
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    OMG! When I saw the UChicago acceptance on the Results Search page, I was like, that must be Gvh!! And then I checked your signature, and noticed that it has been moved to accepted! How cool is that?! Congrats! Hope you are killing it at Duke this weekend!
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    Tired of this waiting game! I just want to know where we're going to live next year.
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    Sometimes I feel like I'm unconsciously competing with Friedrich Nietzsche to see which one of us can use more em-dashes per page. Bad news: I think I'm winning.
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    Heading to The University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Fall! Let's Go Blazers!
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    I hate the waitlist.

    I hate the waitlist.
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    Got into Georgia Tech. Really happy as this is my first response. I was pretty nervous since I took a 2 year break after my undergrad.
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    Adcoms, please spare me.

    Adcoms, please spare me.
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    Admission at last!!!!! To my top choice!!!!!!
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    No news is better than bad news!
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    If you say that decisions will be out "by mid-February, maybe earlier," it should be a crime to have them out after the 14th. THIS IS MID FEBRUARY PEOPLE.
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    My first time applying to PhD programs directly from undergrad and I've managed to interview at 3 programs. But I was also rejected from 2 programs without even interviewing. I totally bombed my first interview. However, I feel like I did progressively better with each subsequent interview. I just hope that I get good news from at least one program soon. I do not want to go through this process again, but if I must I think I'll be better prepared.
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    Got an interview invite!

    Got an interview invite!
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    So all LORs are in and am officially DONE with applications so I can freak out in earnest! YAY!
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    Excited to find other folks also engaged in this nutty, overwhelming grad school application process!
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    All I want for Xmas is you (LOR writer, to please upload my frigging letter)
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    I applied to 5 schools. The 3 rejections came before the 2 acceptances. Needless to say by the time the first acceptance rolled in I was one hot little potato (to quote Zoolander).
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    Kept waiting to be banished from the realm of PhD'dom by some academic version of Galadrial or Gandalf. It seems my perseverance and anxiety pages off for through the dark and mysterious lands of applications came a shining light, beaconing me. Though I have found the light, I do not enter for I still await for one more notice a notice withheld by a powerful entity. One known to destroy the souls of those who enter.
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    Waiting is torture.

    Waiting is torture.
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    I'm now ready for the decision. I bought champagne for good news, and chocolate Haagen-Dazs for bad. Bases covered.
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    It's Wednesday, and campus has already been closed for Friday's impending snow storm. I love DC's irrational fear of snow!
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    Just awarded a scholarship for "academic excellence" after completing my first year of graduate studies. I don't care what anyone says - grades DO matter, even if it's only for scholarships.
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    Hey I have a question for you! I applied to Grand Valley State and got waitlisted, they didn't tell me much other than they interview less than 100. Is there anything you can tell me about it? Like if we are numbered on the waitlist or if they'll call everyone for an interview from 2nd tier if they need more candidates? Also if accepted for a spot to interview can it be via Skype do you know? I am currently and SLPA in Texas and this is my second time applying to schools and also second time applying to Grand Valley.
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    Acceptance from my top choice school! I'm so excited! UNC-CH, go Tar Heels!
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    Calm, in the face of apps submitted, so different from the stress of M.A. I think...just remember: you've got this, as you submit your best. Hopefully you'll get what you need, but...overstressing isn't worth it. Good luck to us all.~
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    After being MIA for nearly a month, I'm planning a post. I've made a lot of decisions in the past month.
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    My sunflowers are blooming!

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