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    Sometimes I feel like I'm unconsciously competing with Friedrich Nietzsche to see which one of us can use more em-dashes per page. Bad news: I think I'm winning.
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    I accepted my offer for the Heritage and Museum Sciences graduate program at Texas Tech University!! I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life. It's meant to be!
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    Anyone here who has applied to any of the following Canadian universities for the M.S. in Statistics or Biostatistics program for the term Fall 2020 please reply!!! - University of British Columbia - McGill University - University of Victoria - University of Alberta - University of Manitoba I would much appreciate it if there are people whom I can get in touch with so that I know how far the applications are been processed and whether I can expect a reply from them soon. Please and Thank you. Regards. ☺️
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    You will get in and you will get funded!
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    Good morning Administrator, How can I edit the title of a post that I created? I have contacted grad forum twice and I have not received a response. Thank you, SRod2015
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    Study Scholarship, DAAD LV, status: Selection Made

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