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    This is the info is the APA: https://www.apaonline.org/page/aid_offers
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    In most cases, an applied masters program is not going to have any real theory courses. If you don’t take any theoretical stat courses in your program you aren’t going to look (or be) any more prepared for the harder theory PhD courses than you are now.
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    You're not wrong. There is some connection between high prestige and a good quality program, but I don't necessarily think that the opposite is true (e.g. just because a program is not considered "prestigious" doesn't mean you'll get a poor quality experience). That said, I'd like to remind everyone of the lovely Pareto principle (where are my I/O folks when I need them) - 80% of results comes from 20% of the effort. Put simply in the context of a doctoral program (with the intent to practice) - all you need is "enough". You need your 2-3 years of practicum, your 1 year of APA internship, your 1 year of postdoc (or whatever postgrad hours are needed to get licensed in your state). The difference between a person who publishes 5 papers vs. the person who publishes 1 is practically negligible when it comes to hiring for practice. It doesn't matter if your lab was ranked 1st or ranked 30th - you got the research experience and the dissertation nonetheless. (If we're talking about a career in academia, all of this goes out the window, of course.) Keep in mind that everyone who finishes a program and passes the EPPP (not sure if school psych has another exam, I don't know the name) gets licensed. EVERYONE. Doesn't matter if you graduated from Harvard or from Oklahoma State. And as the years go on, if your intent is to stay in clinical practice, your education slowly becomes less and less important as you advance. It's inaccurate to say that prestige doesn't matter at all - because let's face it, we're human beings and there is an inherent to signal and to seek out signalling in others. However, I think that as you go deeper and deeper into clinical practice you'll learn that there are diminishing returns. You'll be in this program for 4 years. That's actually a pretty long time. Pick the one that you feel comfortable in I think you underestimate the capability of hiring folks, haha. If anything, I think their lack of expertise actually works in your favour in the context of clinical practice. As I mentioned before, I don't have the time or the care to look at university names, lab names, PI names. I skim the resume and look for a job that looks similar to the one I'm hiring for. I'm hiring for a "school psychologist"? Well, better make sure this person mentions schools and psychology somewhere in their resume. You'll also find that a lot of the "first cut" goes through automatic keyword screeners first, and those automated programs definitely don't care what school you went to - they just want to know whether your degree matches and whether you have the license haha. As for administrators, bureaucrats, and the public, you have a point. Although that could work either for or against you. For example, in my field (eating disorders), here are some of the top schools: Drexel, Temple, Miami, FSU, SUNY Albany, Michigan State. Here are some of the NOT top schools: Harvard, Yale, Columbia. So if you went to Drexel - great for hiring, sucks for public perception. If you went to Yale - sucks for hiring, great for public perception. At that point it's kind of a "pick your battle" - do you want to be well known in the inner circle of eating disorders, or do you want to signal to the public that you went to a prestigious school? Someone hiring at an ED treatment facility may be "in the know", but someone hiring at a community mental health agency may have no idea. As a P. S. -- I don't intend to give any "do this or die" advice in my replies, I'm just sharing some n=1 anecdotes in hopes that it sparks some conversation. Thanks
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    Playwriting MFAs

    Congrats @grlldchz that’s really great, and thanks for sharing your info for Hunter. Seems like a lot of us are still pretty on edge. I’m wondering whether they’ll even conduct interviews this year? Looks like they’re running out of time with that deadline. Also, I just looked at the film school forum again and I’m surprised to see that NYU is throwing an accepted student lunch before they’ve even contacted all the people they’ve interviewed about their status? I get that there’s still waitlist possibilities, it just seems a little cold to start planning a party without letting the rest of the applicants know where they stand. But to everyone who has gotten good news from anywhere, congrats!
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    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    Good Evening, I submitted my application to Hunter for the Advanced Standing MSW Program on 02/01/2019 and was accepted 03/20/2019 without an interview. I myself was shocked that I didn’t have to do a group interview. I was later emailed my acceptance package.
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Will probably be Texas (Austin). I did my undergrad at Texas, but there's been a significant time gap. So now I will Texas my Texas again in Texas. @dilby I got, and still get, a lot of vicarious excitement and happiness from your Yale news.
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    2019 Acceptances

    GOT INTO THE VILLANOVA MA! Funding pending, but I am OVER THE MOON!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Still deciding between Fordham and Southern Methodist.
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    If anyone is interested in loan forgiveness options after graduation, do plenty of research and make sure youVOTE. The current administration is looking to gut some of these programs to get more money for a racist wall.
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    Wew lad, if you approach fellowships like the reviewers don't know what they're doing--despite being tasked specifically by the fellowship administrators to select winners who fit the fellowship mission--and that you've been "wronged" and others have gotten what they "don't deserve" because you were rejected, you're in for a rude awakening in graduate school. Rejections are the norm, not the outlier. Even as a 4th year PhD who's managed to achieve incredible success in securing external funding, I've been rejected tons of times--and no, I never thought colleagues who won over me were inferior and I had been robbed. Learn from rejection, or keep being rejected. You don't deserve a single thing. You are not owed. Your project, even if it is spectacular, is one of many. And tbqh, your arrogance makes me think you wouldn't be able to see flaws in it anyway. Eat an entire humble pie, reassess your work, and move forward. You're in your first year and have time to apply for the predoctoral again next year. Maybe include a few other fellowships while you're at it, since these prestigious ones are INCREDIBLY competitive and putting all your eggs in one incredibly competitive basket isn't a good method for securing funding. And stop blaming others for your rejections. Sometimes there are fatal flaws in an application, more often no one is at fault and it's simply a case of way too many good applicants and too few available fellowships. You may want to brush that off as cliche--maybe face the truth in it so you can have more success going forward.
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Thanks for making the thread, @dilby! And, YAY, @mandelbulb!! I literally just made my decision official today. I, too, will be attending UCSD's Literature department in the Fall! So excited to be a part of such an interdisciplinary and transnationally focused department!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    ucsd! it’s a drag i hate the sun though
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    Turned Down Offers Thread

    I love this thread b/c of the role reversal!!! So nice to see students doing the rejecting, for once
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    Just accepted my offer from UCSD Biomedical Sciences, I’m so excited!!! Also PSA: if you get in to UCSD be sure to ask your department to nominate you for the SHORE program, which allows you to live on campus for your entire PhD (normally just a 2-year limit).
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    Choosing between SFU and Tufts: MA Phil

    @Cytem I agree with the opinion that is popular on this thread. I got the same offer as you did. I am from India, so I have the option of applying to the Inlaks scholarship. It is incredibly competitive but I am going to try my luck. If I get it, I will pick Tufts, if not I will stick with SFU. I have received a funding package that is similar to yours from Tufts. I think SFU is well equipped to get me placed into a decent PhD program, and it unlikely that I will be in debt at the end of the program.
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    Got accepted to Columbia University School of Social Work for fall 2019! I am over the moon. 😍
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    So, you didn't make it in this year...

    Still haven't heard for all of my applications but I am pretty certain that I won't get in, personally I think it was my GRE scores, so I will probably retake them, but the thing that I am not sure how to feel about it's the fact that I did what I could do, I have some papers, good letters of recommendation (my professors where very happy when I asked them beacuse they believe more people should do research) and a decent TOEFL score, there aren't many research labs in my country or at least many that would let you volunteer without a phd, I am not saying that I could't have done better but still it feels like even if I tried my best I still wouldn't be good enough. Sorry if this bums out anyone but I would like to add a quote of my favorite captain that I watched in a rerun after some of my rejections. It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life. Good Luck to everyone.
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    @kp_87 I was about to give up but im trying to not see it as about me... I just need to improve my application and define my project more clearly. and I can find a better fit, and perhaps apply to schools that are not "the top". I do wonder about that, as @SpaceMaker was just saying.
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    American Studies Fall 2019??

    How are people feeling? I hope the people who got rejected aren't too depressed. Now that I"m finishing up my Masters, I see that getting rejected isn't all a bad thing in every case. For me, if I get rejected from my final place, that will give me time to define my projects much more, and look at more programs and contact people, and find somewhere that will be a better fit. I know some of us are just trying to get the degree, and we are dealing with job insecurity and stuff. But I just wanted to throw that out there... and also trying to remind myself! I just saw someone say they're glad they were rejected bc it allowed them to refine their approach and they ended up getting into a top school. Personally I know my app wasn't what it could be, so I'm trying to see it as an opportunity... xx
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    an ode to 2019 applicants - it's okay to cry, but don't lose hope - it's okay to feel hopeless, but never let go of your dreams - it's okay to question your dreams, however, don't lose sight of the vision
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    Dont give up. Maybe another place or another field will work better for you in the future. I was just talking to my undergrad mentor about this.. yale in particular is an example of a school that has hoarded and stocked up on so many talented Black faculty that many of us apply because we have so many people that we could work with and it creates a scarity in other places because of the limited number of Black faculty in other schools.
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    Looking Back

    Spend a little more time editing your writing sample to specific page lengths, if requested. Two of my programs specified "approximately X" number of pages, and I was lazy and spent about 20 minutes cutting out parts without really making sure things made sense--they're the two programs I'm waitlisted at. Conversely, if you do already have a writing sample (as it seems common to revise and edit something previously written), it's not impossible to put together a decent statement of purpose in a month or two. I only had a paragraph of my SoP written by mid-November, and I hadn't started much earlier. I took my GREs in September, put together a school list shortly after, and formally asked for letters in October (although I had previously mentioned grad school ambitions to my mentors and one had already offered). While I do think it would have been helpful for me to get more eyes on my SoPs (I only showed it to two of my friends), everything was all right. Just a gentle reminder that it's OK not to draw out this process and make it consume your life--although this forum has been super, super helpful and supportive, it also has the ability to make you feel like you're not doing enough. If that is the case, I direct you to Warelin's post:
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    Turned Down Offers Thread

    Aw, thanks for asking! First: this is a professional decision, and you are not going to hurt anyone's feelings. Admissions committees will indeed be disappointed when we fail to recruit our top choices, but no one will be personally upset or offended. Don't feel awkward or hesitant about informing programs in a prompt and direct way. As others have suggested in the forums, institutions that maintain waitlists often depend on admitted students turning them down before the April 15 deadline in order to admit anyone from the waitlist. So if you know that you won't be attending, you are doing the program (and waitlisted students) a favor by informing them promptly. Second: you are not obligated to explain your reasons for your choice, especially if that hinges in part on private factors that you would rather not disclose (such as the decision to relocate a partner and/or family to a particular geographic area, for example). That said, if there was anything about the program that gave you pause--the stipend was lower, or the placement seemed weak, or the teaching responsibilities weren't what you hoped, or the graduate students you spoke to were unhappy--and you feel comfortable sharing that information with the DGS, or whoever has been communicating with you about your status: that information will be deeply appreciated by the program (at least if it's a program that knows what's good for it). We are constantly reviewing and refining our recruitment practices as well as our graduate program. If there are issues that are going to make us less appealing to students, we really want to know about that earlier rather than later! (Also: some programs I know of issue an anonymous survey to prospective students who turn them down, giving them an opportunity to express such feedback without having to worry that they are causing offense. But even if you don't get this formal opportunity, please know that your thoughts will be taken seriously and appreciated, so long as they are expressed cordially.) You can express your concerns collegially, along the lines of: "I'm writing, regretfully, to let you know that I won't be matriculating at X University. While I so appreciated the chance to speak with your wonderful faculty and students, the lower stipend combined with the higher cost of living in your city ultimately led me to another decision." And so on. Third: I think most programs have online portals where you can record your decision electronically, without requiring any explanation. But if you've corresponded at any length or spent a significant amount of time with specific faculty, you can't go wrong with a brief and professional email thanking them for their time and saying how much you look forward to seeing them and their work at conferences and in print. (In fact, you can't go wrong with a brief thank you to such faculty at the school you do choose to attend! Keep it short and sweet: thanks so much for your time, enjoyed talking to you, look forward to working with you in the coming years.)
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    Adcoms will most likely ignore your volunteer experience. It won't look good or bad.
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    Good Afternoon, I was recently waitlisted post interview at my top choice. I have confirmed I would like to stay on the waitlist. I would like to stay relevant in my POIs mind. What would anyone suggest emailing for a status update?


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