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    2019 GEM Fellowship

    It was mostly a Q&A call, but at the beginning they mentioned the things you need to do in order to confirm yourself as a GEM Full Fellow, such as send in your transcript, post the professional photo, get a letter from your employer and give it to GEM, and accept a university. All of that stuff you can find in the email they send a few weeks ago. Also, a couple answers they gave that I found useful. 1. If the schools that you applied to haven't verified that you are an applicant by Feb. 1st, contact GEM and let them know. They will try to get you verified, but there are no guarantees. Also, a week or so before this due date, you can contact the GEM Rep for that specific school to ask about your application's verification. 2. GEM is stackable with other fellowships. You have to ask the other fellowships you may receive if they can be combined with the GEM Fellowship. 3. The only way you can become a full fellow is that you have both a employer sponsor and a university sponsor. If you don't have an employer, then you still have a chance of getting the other two fellowships. However, if you don't have a university sponsor, you can't get any fellowship and have to give up your internship. 4. For the first year, PhD students get a $16,000 stipdend from GEM, which will be given directly to the university and will be paid out to the student in two terms. The university gives you the money the form they want, such as cash, check, or direct deposit. The university can give you more money than that stipend amount your first year, but it all depends on the university and your agreement with them. Years 2-5, you will receive a stipend from the university only. If your a full fellow, tuition and fees will be paid for those fives years. 5. Make sure that you stay in good standing with your university. For PhD students, the minimum GPA you need in order to keep the GEM Fellowship is 3.0, however the minimum GPA you need to stay in good standing with your university may be higher. If you aren't in good standing with the university, you can't keep the fellowship. I hope this helps!
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    I am experiencing this too!! Working out has been my best friend ....but I'm finding it isn't enough for this situation. ugh.
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    Boston College MSW

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    Got an interview request from UC Irvine! (I'm one of the "hopeful admits.")
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    2019 GEM Fellowship

    @becs_granola I'm in the same boat. I've been on 'held' for a few weeks (or at least it seems) and have been checking my voicemail and inboxes. I still have not been contacted. Hopefully we get some kind of communication soon. I will check FAQ's again to understand the timeline abit more.
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    Anyone heard from BU GPN yet? I know they like to release really late and also got over 500 applicants this year but it's starting to get get quite late in the app season... Thanks!
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    2019 Acceptances

    Yay! Congrats!
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    2019 Acceptances

    @sad_diamond Congrats! Great program for your research interests! Good luck!
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    Sextus Propertius

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    My friend and I both got emails for flyouts from Berkeley. No word about funding yet, but I have been told that this is a de facto acceptance with funding offers later to come
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    Does anyone know what's going on with UMass - Boston?
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    2019 Applicants

    so like... who else is on the verge of a heart attack at all times?
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    I think they go to committee for final selections in mid-Feb, so there's still time
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    Not too late! I was first contacted for an interview in the first week of Feb, so there's plenty of time for OISE
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    2019 Applicants

    Even though I have all of the email addresses for the schools I applied to marked so they won’t go to my spam folder, I still end up checking my normal inbox and also my spam folder, several times an hour. Even though I’m not expecting to be notified for a week or two from my schools! Just forever waiting for That Email!
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    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Guys! I got into Boston College today! I applied on December 1st for the full-time clinical route!
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    Playwriting MFAs

    Hello. Some news... Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and Annie Baker are leaving Hunter at the end of this term and teaching a limited amount at UTA 2019-2020. If you have applied to Hunter assuming they'd be there, you might want to complain, ask for fee waiver or refund. As of now you are applying to a program with no chairs or announced playwriting faculty.
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    I did a second BS in Communication Disorders through Utah State. No one knows they're online classes unless you tell them that. It's not like it's stamped on your degree. I'm also just about to finish my MS through University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's distance program, so I'm probably coming from a different place than you are about online programs.
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    I think we are all going a little crazy right now, and definitely for good reasons, but I want to say I’m super happy with this forum this year. I’m loving how supportive and informative it is. I know we all applied to some of the same schools and we are all cheering for each other and it’s super good to see! I think at this point, let’s lift each other up and share self care techniques and reads and things that could calm us all down. Cause honestly. This isn’t the end of the world! We all have super bright futures and what will be will be! Super thankful for all of you all and knowing I’m not going through it alone!
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    I feel both of you. Having a partner to factor in is so difficult and makes this process even more painful because you are altering another person's life with your decision. I have heard people say to not take into account your partner's preferences with locations, but COME ON... how can you not consider the other person when they are a huge part of your life and support system.
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    BTW, I haven't seen this posted here but somebody made a pretty convenient way to search through GC's historical survey data. Nice way to anxiously kill time looking at decision dates and numbers while I wait. https://fretpwner.shinyapps.io/GradCafeStatistics/
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    I guess it’s worth repeating again: people with near perfect stats—including language prep—get rejected all. the. time. It is a crap shoot. No one is guaranteed admission. No one is entitled to admission.
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    Basic Packing List

    Hi all! I've spent the last two years traveling monthly for work, and spent the first year forgetting at least one essential item. I created a super generic packing list. Most of these items are pretty obvious, but I know especially in high anxiety situations, I'm more likely to overlook things. Anyway, thought I would share the list I've been using for interviews in case someone else would find it useful! Electronics: - Laptop - Laptop Charger - Headphones - Cell phone charger Clothing: - Suit - Blouse - Back up interview outfit - X outfits for X days away - Pajamas (Especially if you're staying with grad students or sharing a room!) - Undergarments - Socks - Professional shoes Basics: - Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Floss - Deodorant - Makeup bag Travel Size Versions of: - Shampoo - Facewash - Moisturizer - Lotion In my purse: - Wallet - Passport - Driver's License - Emergency Cash - Travel Binder including Plane/Train Ticket Printed, Hotel information, Itinerary - Padfolio with Resume/CV, recent abstracts of POIs work (as well as notepad for list of questions to ask at interview, write notes about program, etc.) - Lint roller - Tide Pen - Nail File/Polish - Granola Bar The last step is remembering to grab my suitcase on the way to the airport!
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    Fall 2018 Applicants

    I know it's very fresh right now, but I would hesitate to dismiss this out of hand. They're not saying this because they think it won't be helpful, and whatever you think about Arizona's program, they're (to my mind) at least a tier above Alabama or Wash St. Louis. And it could be that the other two just want your money, don't have as many applications, or just aren't as honest. In any case, you thought enough of them that you paid them money and put in the effort to apply. Ask yourself what Arizona didn't like, even if you're never going to apply there again. And ask your mentors what they think Arizona didn't like. This is a good practice for two reasons: finding utility in hurtful criticism is an important academic skill (cf. the "Reviewer #2" meme); and it may end up identifying actual weaknesses. Or not! Maybe Arizona is totally wrong. But go through the diagnostic process before you feel comfortable in the conclusion.
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    I think it is funny how many hours I've spent obsessively opening my browser and checking my mail and logging on to websites, with no results, of course, but the moment I am tired in the supermarket, buying paper towels and milk, my phone throws an acceptance at me to an absolutely incredible, totally unreachable, program, whose rejection I had already come to terms with in my mind. My partner found me sobbing in the bread aisle, thinking something awful had happened. Tonight's menu was quickly changed to wine, wine, and wine.
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    I am the same here. I have been doing very well on this first job after my master degree. My salary increased by 20% last year and i can feel that they are thinking of promoting me to a manager role soon. But no one knows (well, only 2 best friends in the office knew and they are not in a senior position) that i applied and got admitted to teh PhD program. Several things that i might suggest are: 1. Do not feel too guilty, the company will keep running without you. And no need to think that they will crash just because you left; 2. I might still choose to tell them one month in advance (pr maybe 1.5 months), it would be enough for them to find some one and i could do the handover--again, refer to point 1 that they WILL find the replacement sooner than you thought. I really like the job that i am doing, but i know that i could do more in this industry if i got a PhD. and you never know, you might still work with them one day if you will still be in teh same industry. Good luck.


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