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    Hi all. I am currently a first-year student in a Clinical Psychology PhD program and thought I would share this info on the interview for the schools I applied to last year and the interview invitation date/method for the schools I interviewed at. I would have loved something like this last year – I lurked on Grad Café but never created an account or posted so now I want to give back! Keep in mind, at some schools the POI will contact you directly and at other schools it will be the DCT or an administrative assistant sending out a mass email. This was my FIFTH time applying to Clinical Psych PhD programs and I finally made it so you all definitely can too!! All of this info is for the Clinical Psychology PhD programs for these schools! Any questions about anything at all, please PM me! School (Interview Invitation Date/Method) Interview Date(s) Marquette Univ (12/19/18; mass email from DCT) 1/28/19, 2/1/19, 2/4/19 (you choose) Fordham Univ (1/14/19; mass email from DCT) 1/25/19, 2/1/19 (you choose) Univ of Florida (12/20/18; mass email from DCT) 2/14/19 – 2/16/19 Louisiana State Univ (12/14/18; direct from POI) 2/1/19 Univ of Kentucky 1/24/19 – 1/25/19 Univ of North Texas 2/1/19 Temple Univ 1/14/19 Univ of Utah 2/1/19 Univ of Kansas 2/7/19 – 2/9/19 Univ of Montana 2/8/19 Univ of Pittsburgh 2/15/19 – 2/16/19 Univ of Rhode Island 2/18/19 Washington State Univ 3/1/19 Ohio Univ 2/1/19, 2/8/19 (you choose)
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    Hi all! I am a student in Fordham University's Clinical Psychology PhD program and I know how hard it is to be in your position! So, I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have about this process in relation to Fordham or really any Clinical PhD program! Fell free to direct message me :]
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    Canada MSW 2020

    Is anyone else freaking out that UofT is already due in 2 days?
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    HGSE 2020

    Good to have you aboard!
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    Thanks, I sure hope so! I also noticed a few people on this thread who applied to Michigan. I'm a current master's student there (albeit in the clinical area), so if anyone has any questions about the school/area you can message me!
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    Any sensible professor will know that having a functional webcam doesn't correlate with academic / research success I'm sure you're fine.
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    Fall 2020 Social/Personality Psychology PhD

    It is still really early, I would try not to worry yet. These are unofficial interviews for the most part. Good luck 🍀
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    I got an email today inviting me to UGA's recruitment weekend for the Integrated Plant Sciences program! I'm very excited! I decided not to apply to my only "backup" school so getting any response is very encouraging!
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    Yes, definitely apply!! I just completed my first semester of graduate school and I did NOT have the best stats. 3.2 overall, and a HORRID GRE score (less than 290). I believe what really helped me was my work experience. I've been a SLPA for three years and I was able to incorporate that heavily into my SOP. I think that along with my LOR from professors and supervisors increased my chances tenfold when it came to the competitive application cycle.
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    I've had 2 skype interviews for grad school (one this year, one two cycles ago) and one of my former profs sent me her list of grad school interview questions that she asks prospective students. Feel free to DM me if you want the questions I've been asked or the ones that she sent me! And yeah, I'd definitely recommend making sure that your skype, laptop, etc. are working, dress somewhat formally, and have a water glass (or other drink) beside you. Good luck to everyone with preliminary interviews!
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    Me too! All of my imposter syndrome is running rampant at the moment. We just have to remind ourselves we worked really hard to get here. I am sure you will do well and I am sending you good vibes!
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    Thanks! Good luck to you too! I'm also terrified that I'm gonna mess everything up... P.S. Feel free to DM me if you want to know NYU POI. Don't want to post publicly
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    Same here! I know it's early, but was interested in what the general time frame is. There isn't a lot of chatter about it. I did get a phone call from Adler today with an interview invite for January. I was surprised at how quick that was and am really excited about it. Good luck to you also!
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    There are also programs at Columbia Teachers College - Comparative and International Education Unv of Maryland - International Education Policy UCLA - Comparative and International Education
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    I failed my thesis.

    I got my diploma! It's official now and no one can take it back from me lol
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    You are not alone. You don't need to pretend everything is going perfectly. I found that most people have a lot of sympathy for PhD students and understand how hard it is to get adjusted. Don't be whiny about it, but maybe talk to an older student about what is going on and see if they have any advice for you. If anything, a listening ear is always comforting.
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    HGSE 2019

    This post so inaccurate that rumors of its existence have actually started flitting around the Ed school. Good work OP, you've made yourself legendarily ill-informed and bitter. I am a current PhD student. Three members of my 27 person cohort (I think we are 27...could be 26 or 28...) got a masters at HGSE. I can assure you that they are not here because they 'forked over 60k to Harvard.' They are here because they are fantastic students and researchers. I don't have numbers for how many of us have a masters degree in general, but I know a lot of us don't, myself included. Certainly not 90% of us. This is a damaging rumor to start because it could disincentivize people who are excellent candidates from applying to the program. So, to the applicants following this forum thinking about applying next year: yes, the odds are slim and there is a lot of luck involved in the acceptance process. However, if you are a strong student and researcher, you've got as good of a shot as anyone.
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    HGSE 2019

    As my deeply Southern Grandmother would say "whew chile". I can't find a reason to disagree. I also find it out Harvard's PHD is 5 years, where UPenn and others are 4. You technically earn a masters while in the program but I already have a Masters of Ed so I applied for the EDLD program. Best of luck to you.
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    HGSE 2019

    Just a note from a 16-17 HGSE alum: I know for a fact that not all of my peers had top-tier GRE scores. I know for a fact that not all my peers went to top-tier universities prior to studying at HGSE. I looked at this forum when I was applying, and I got so worked up comparing GPA and GRE all of the things that everyone shares. What I realize now is that it's more the things that people do NOT share that matter. Once we got on campus, a few of us shared our statements of purpose, and the ones that I saw were all absolutely wonderful. As you see from this forum, there are many people with 80th and 90th percentile test scores and high GPAs. If you return to this forum after acceptance letters go out, you'll (usually) see a few people who sounded like ideal candidates not get in. Personally, I attribute that to the LOR and the SOP. If any of you have questions, shoot me a message.
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    NOT a funny rejection, but one that is absolutely heartbreaking. This is a student with excellent GRE scores and a killer GPA who wrote: Whoever you are, just know that I wanted to reach through my screen and give you the biggest hug ever. This process is a killer, but please remember that this school's rejection does not determine your worth! That statement may have sounded cliche or cheesy to the point where it needed nachos to go with it, but EVERYONE should remember it! Just because you didn't fit a program's standards does not mean you're worthless. Now, this person's statement could have been completely sarcastic. If so, then I'm sorry for getting all sappy!
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    This thread is making the prospect of rejection a little easier to handle. At the very least, I can make the rest of you laugh if/when I get rejected.

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