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    2019 Acceptances

    GOT INTO THE VILLANOVA MA! Funding pending, but I am OVER THE MOON!
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Dallas bound y’all!
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    So You've Been Waitlisted, Now What?

    Hello! This is the Ghost of Waitlists Past! As someone who was waitlisted and ultimately admitted, I wanted to share a few reflections from my experience. Being waitlisted is the worst. Your application cycle has been dragged out even further. You feel a weird mix of joy and defeat. My inner saboteur kept telling me, "I was good, but not good enough." At the end of the day, you may not get admitted despite all this added anxiety. These steps, though, made me feel like I had done everything I could do. 1. If you want to be on the waitlist, re-affirm your interest. I do not just mean replying to the DGS's waitlist email saying, "Yes! Keep me on it!" (Though you should do that ASAP.) A week or two later, I also sent a formal letter to the DGS, i.e. 2 short paragraphs in an email with a Dear XXX and Sincerely XXX, re-affirming that the program was one of my top choices. Keep it concise and do not repeat anything from your SOP. This might only be one short paragraph. However, here are a few other things you might want to mention: 1a. If this program is your first choice, say it. When I submitted my PhD applications, I was fairly confident this program was my first choice, but after having a few more months to reflect, I was now certain. In my letter, I said that and stated that I could confirm my attendance if admitted before the April 15th national deadline. This is a big commitment, so only say this if you are going to commit to that. When April 15th barrels down on the adcom, they want to offer admission to students on the waitlist that will accept their offer. Some adcoms will have a ranked list of waitlisted students, and this gesture may not do much. However, if your program's adcom does not have a ranked list, this may help. 1b. Tell them about any admissions you have received. Some DGSs will ask for this, but either way, be sure to mention which programs admitted you! This makes you a more attractive candidate, and if those acceptances are from impressive programs, it could spur them to review your file to see what they might have missed. Plus, it also alerts them that you will need to know before April 15th since you have an offer on the table. 1c. Any updates to your CV since you applied? After submitting my application, I had a few CV additions. I had a paper accepted for a conference, I was awarded a competitive grant, and I had another line of employment to add. I included those in my letter since those, like admissions to other programs, could spur some review of my application. Even if you do not have updates like that, you can still tell them about other things. Still in school and finished your fall semester with a 4.0? Tell them. Was that conference paper or publication listed as "forthcoming" on your last CV now given/published? Tell them. Did you finish a project at your job that seems relevant to the program? Tell them. The point here is not to brag, but to affirm that you are a hardworking candidate that could bring something special to the cohort. 2. Ask the DGS what the waitlist procedure is. Some will tell you up front and in detail how they select students and how frequently they will update you about your progress. Some will be more opaque. Either way, you have the right to ask questions like, "How does the committee select students for admission from the waitlist?" and "Are waitlisted students able to visit the department, either at the open house or individually?" 3. After you send the letter of interest, keep in contact with the DGS, but do not overwhelm them. This is where it is hard to be prescriptive. You will have to judge what is too much or too little contact. My suggestion is to err on the side of too little contact since you do not want to overstep. I would especially refrain from asking for updates. Instead, restrict yourself to major CV additions, i.e. other admissions, publications, professional conference presentations, or awards. I received my waitlist notice in late February/early March, and after I sent my letter of interest, I sent a total of two other emails: the first informing the DGS about two awards I had won, and the second – two weeks before that big April 15th deadline – asking for an update/re-affirming my interest. 4. Update your LOR writers about your waitlist status. You should be keeping them in the loop about your application cycle anyway, but if not, tell them about your waitlist status. When I told them, one of my letter writers was very generous and offered to write to a faculty member on my behalf. Not everyone is going to have that reaction, nor should you ask it or even expect it. (I didn't!) However, informing them gives them the opportunity to take more action if they can. You can also ask them if there are any steps they think you should take. During the application cycle, I ran the suggestions in this list by my letter writers, and they approved of them, giving me more confidence to do them. 5. If you have been admitted to other programs, evaluate those offers. Go ahead and start narrowing down any admittances you have. For now, treat the waitlist as an admittance. As you evaluate your options, you might decide the waitlisted program is not your first choice. If, however, you feel like the waitlisted program is your first choice, then hold on to it and decide which of your current offers is your first choice. Once you have selected your top admitted program, decline your other offers. Then inform the DGS at the top admitted program that you have been waitlisted at another, especially if you plan to wait until the April 15th deadline. When contacting the DGS, I affirmed that I was impressed by their program and would be excited to attend, but that I was waitlisted for a program that was a better fit for me and intended to wait. The DGS appreciated my transparency and that she could prepare for potentially notifying people on their waitlist. Remember, you are not the only one on a waitlist! 6. Be patient. The hardest thing to do on this list! In order to offer admission to students on the waitlist, the program has to wait for enough admitted students to decline their offers. Programs often admit more students than they expect to take, so even if one or two students decline their offers, the program may already have a fully realized cohort. Programs usually see major movement in late March/early April when students admitted to multiple programs have attended their open houses and have reflected on their experiences. Then, the DGS will begin sending out other acceptances. You could receive an offer of admission before then! You could also receive your acceptance after April 15th. I did not receive my acceptance until the day before the April 15th deadline. In the moment, it was nerve-wracking. However, because I had not officially accepted another offer, things went more smoothly for me and the two DGSs. If push comes to shove on April 15th and you still have not heard from the waitlisted program, you have to make a choice. It is your choice, but if you are seeking advice, I would strongly recommend taking the admission you already have. You truly do not know if you will be admitted until you get an official letter. 7. In short, always be passionate, courteous, and brief. Each email you send matters and reflects what it would be like to work with you. Now that I am on the other side, I know at least one reason I was admitted was because I was determined and respectful. Proofread everything you send. Keep your emails short. Sound enthusiastic and professional. Good luck, my fellow waitlist survivors!
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    2019 Acceptances

    I got into Columbia !
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    Applications 2019

    Just got word that I got into Duke! It's my first choice, and I'm so incredibly excited!! So if you see that admit on the results page, it's mine. I'm a bit shy about sharing my focus/POI on here because anonymity etc, but if you've applied to Duke and you're curious, feel free to PM me!
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    2019 Acceptances

    Accepted off the waitlist at UC Davis. First acceptance out of 5 applications.
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    2019 Acceptances

    uh i had pretty much accepted that i'd be shut-out, but i'm admitted at UCSD too...
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    *sips from delicious glass of white tears* "BS in Biochemistry at Temple U. 6 month undergraduate research in biophysics (wet lab), 6 months undergraduate research in Computational biophysics, and 2 years as a research technician in pathobiology at UPenn. 3 co-authors and currently submitting a first author paper. 4 LORs. Rejected via email. I'm a middleclass white male. I'm not saying I'm the best candidate, but if you arent a female or URM, you will most likely be rejected. On their program overview page it says over the past few years 61% were female and 31% URM. Good luck to all of you hard working white men out there!"
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    Hello, Not sure if anyone who read this initial post and commented will see this, but I just wanted to circle back to this thread to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who provided their insights and opinions to me during what has been a very, very trying year. I am so thankful for this thread and for the GradCafe community as a whole. After a lot of deliberating, I decided to reapply to programs and aimed for ones that were fully funded, seemed to have high-quality training, and had a mentor/lab that was a great fit. It was not an easy decision, and I knew that in many ways, the easiest and perhaps shortest option would be to stay at my current program and try to make it work with the help of outside mentors and research opportunities. Yet with the encouragement, support, and guidance of my external mentors/supervisors, family, and this forum, I felt that this was ultimately the right decision and that if I did not get interviews, I would be happy knowing that I at least tried my best to better my situation. I was surprised and extremely grateful that programs did not discount me right away and instead invited me to take part in their interview process. Although I was very nervous to have to explain my story, I felt much more prepared, driven, and confident this interview cycle. In some sense, my current situation contributed to a nothing-to-lose and everything-to-gain mentality. I am so relieved to say that I will NOT be returning to my current program this fall and that I will be headed to a new program that I hope will give me a strong foundation upon which to build my career. If any of you ever finds yourself in this situation and would like to PM me, please do not hesitate to do so. I know that each situation is unique and that the decision that made sense for me may not make sense for others. Once again, a huge thank you to all for weighing in and for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with me.
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Got an email today notifying me of admission into UW Madison's MFA program! This is my second year applying to MFA programs after getting straight rejections last year. I'm surprised they didn't ask for an interview..? Stick with it ya'll, hard work pays off. Still waiting to hear back from the other 6 schools I applied to, but I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten into this funded program. Cheering for all of you!
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    Had a meeting with my current PI today and she was checking in on how I was doing emotionally during this waiting game and she goes "I see you checking that stupid website" ?
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    2019 Acceptances

    waiting for the official letter, but from Southern Illinois - Carbondale - "You have been admitted, and we plan to offer you a teaching position as a Graduate Assistant. I will send you the offer letter and details soon." !!!!! This is where my favorite scholar (should I have a favorite scholar? what if she thinks i'm a dumbass? what if i'm actually a dumbass?) teaches and where one of my mentor/LOR writers earned their PhD!
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    Back to School

    Canada MSW 2019

    With respect that is quite a negative and verging on rude outlook. While I haven't read every page of this forum it seems like people have been very positive and supportive of one another. At the same time, no one has posted their personal statements so it is impossible to determine someone's 'WOW' factor as you put it. I find that kind of judgement pretty harsh. I believe everyone here has worked very hard towards their goal, but everyone is at different places along their journey towards that goal. Personally, I applied back in 2016 with what I thought to be a good amount of experience along with a solid application and I got rejected from every school I applied to. Over the past few years, I logged a lot more hours and worked hard to get where I am today. In this forum just like in life, we have no idea the path other people have walked. And any comment, regardless of its original intent, that minimizes people's efforts and disvalues what should be a celebration of their hard work is not okay in my books. I agree that this kind of forum can have a negative impact on personal well-being as it becomes easy to compare ones-self to others and make it seem more like a competition. For me, it's important to recognize that different schools are looking for different things based on their values and mission statements. And there are grossly more applicants than there are spots UofT and Laurier for example last year were only able to accept 17% of the applicant pool. I believe its important as future social workers for us to know our own limits, so if you feel this group isn't a positive space for you then follow that instinct. However, that doesn't mean it is okay to discredit other's accomplishments. I wish you all the best where ever your journey takes you.
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    Nixed by Northwestern, shunned by Chicago, rebuffed by Rice, banished by Berkeley, forsaken by Fordham.
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    Colorado State: "Apparently you don't even have to apply in order to be rejected from certain schools. What a cluster F it must be over there that they're emailing people who have simply requested information that they're 'rejected'."
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    I failed my thesis.

    I also think it is, but it's a dangerous thing to do on a public forum, particularly if there isn't a clear line between asking for help and simply venting. For what it's worth, I read @Chanandler's post as being made in good faith as a call to self-evaluation. It's hard to phrase that in a way that doesn't come across as extremely harsh. For example, when @Sigaba tried to offer effectively the same critique, their advice was accepted, but it was not clear to me that their message was fully received. Chanandler's message, by contrast, was indeed fully received but not accepted. Neither managed to thread the needle. @Adelaide9216, you're totally correct that any criticism here is coming from a place of relative ignorance. But by posting here, you are explicitly inviting criticism from relative strangers. I know you know this because I have myself reminded you in the past that we on this forum are not as helpful as sources of advice and guidance when compared to those who know you directly, and you told me that you understood, but valued the outside perspective. That's what you were offered here, although on terms that would be hard for anyone to swallow, and it seems unfair to now use the fact that the perspective you have been offered is from the outside to dismiss it. As academics, it's incumbent upon us to remember that all readings of things we've written made in good faith are valid readings. That is, if someone reads you as arguing, saying, or doing something other than you think you've argued, said, or done, their interpretation is as valid - and possibly more valid - than yours as to what you've actually done. An adviser's description of your paper, for example, is almost certainly closer to what you're arguing than what you think you've argued. Any time you spot a disconnect between your and another's interpretation of your work, that should be a clear and evident warning sign that you haven't done what you intended.
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    It is with great pleasure that I get to say that I will be attending Bowling Green State University starting this Fall!
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    2019 Acceptances

    Just got accepted into villanova!!!!!!
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    Applications 2019

    I meant to post this earlier, but I got the notification while on my way to see Hamilton.... I got my second acceptance! I was accepted into the MA to PhD program in American history at SLU. I emailed the program director to see if a switch into the early modern history program was possible and will probably ask my current faculty mentor (who does some very interesting work) about possibly working with me for a masters. I honestly didn't expect to have to weigh two options, but I'm so glad I have to!
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    School: City University New York (CUNY) John Jay College of Criminal Justice Concentration: Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of Acceptance: 2/13/19 Notified by: Personal email from DCT and POI extending unofficial offer of acceptance with fellowship funding; official offer to follow later this week. FIRST ACCEPTANCE, I'M SO RELIEVED! This was my top choice of programs so I will absolutely be accepting this offer PM if you'd like more details or if you are also planning on attending, I'd love to connect.
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    2019 Applicants

    Good luck this week, everyone
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    I had two interviews today with one of my top choices for clinical psych grad programs, and I want to share what has really already been suggested here, but I want to reiterate because I don't think this link has been posted.... before interviews, you guys might want to check out this site! I pleasantly surprised my POI today in my interview for having knowledge of my preferred POI's current NIH grants as they werent listed on their website so Im assuming they guessed I really did do my research--I did, but to be very honest this website really helped! It really opens up a new game changer of potential questions you can ask your POI('s). https://projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter.cfm
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    Grow a thick skin. --Your supervisors will critique you in every way possible, suck it up. It's a learning experience...even if they hurt your feelings, their opinions do not define who you are. Your laptop is your lifeline. Connect your school email to every technology you own especially your phone. Phonetics and speech-language development is worth knowing. Get used to not being "perfect" in graduate school. You won't get kicked out for getting a B ? Graduate school is not hard, it's just time consuming. Prepping for an articulation session takes longer than two hours (until you know your kiddo quite well and/or perfected a few habits). Your classmates/professors/staff members are your colleagues. You do not have to like them but be respectful. Do not burn bridges. Treat this experience like a job because it is. Do not gossip. Research is so important in graduate school. Learn how to read articles. Be flexible. Everything you planned for in your session will most likely by altered by that little 5-year-old in front of you. Another clinician is currently using an item you needed? Find a different toy/activity that can still elicit what you want. Your client is having a bad day? you might end up tossing your lessons away and doing whatever to get them back on track. You will find yourself doing the most silliest things ever just for that speech production. Even after a month of therapy, you'll still be nervous to see your clients and have NO clue what you are doing. LOL. That two minutes you have until your session starts is still a lot of time. You'll adjust to working under pressure. You're a natural, trust me. You know more than you think you do. GOOD LUCK!
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    Preparations for the Fall

    Honestly, I think that the most important thing you can do is start professionalizing yourself, especially if you're starting a PhD. Everything else will come during the course of the PhD itself. So, for example, start familiarizing yourself with the best journals in your subfield, and with the top generalist journals, and what kind of work gets published in which journal. Start developing a sense of how fast the turnaround is in various journals (the Cullison/APA list is helpful for that). Create an account on PhilPapers, and sign up for conference and publication alerts. Start looking at the CVs of grad students, postdocs, and assistant professors at a wide range of departments. In particular, look for people working in your inteded AOSes. Get a sense of what they're doing, and how it seems to have worked out for them. Figure out what the important conferences and associations are in your subfields. Start following the gossip on the main philosophy blogs. Start reading through the Job Market Boot Camp on the Philosophers' Cocoon. Start paying attention to what goes on in the forum over at the Chronicle of Higher Education. That sort of thing.
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    just received an SVA Fine Art acceptance via email!!
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    School: UC Berkeley Concentration: School Psychology Type: PhD Date of acceptance: Feb 4 Notified by: Auto email that a decision had been made & to check the application website My 1st acceptance & it’s one of my top choices too! ??
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    Here Comes the Sun/ Waitlist Movements

    Yes! Harvard Film and Visual Studies.
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    School: Stanford University Concentration: Cognition Type: PhD Notified by: Email still can't believe it
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    How to celebrate good news?

    Hi friends! I've realized that I've been so focused on hearing back from all the schools I've applied to that I haven't truly celebrated my acceptances. Is anyone else in the same boat? I would love to talk about how we are celebrating, and bring a little joy into our forum
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    I just got a call from SAIC photo about an acceptance and a dean fellowship!
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    I think everyone has offered excellent advice, but I do want to add onto/ highlight @Dark Paladin's point- you're knee deep in a thesis that's likely your first in-depth experience with historical research and writing, and you haven't heard from any PhD programs, which naturally has made you doubt yourself and what you want to do. I'm not convinced that, if and when you get into a PhD program, your opinion won't change in the light of an acceptance letter. I say this because when I applied, I was trying to write a senior thesis that I found agonizingly hard, and I wanted nothing more than to be done with it. I thought somewhat seriously at one point about withdrawing all my PhD applications and re-applying to MAs. Then, because it was too late to withdraw, I wondered if I should have applied for American history instead. Once I started getting acceptances, however, both those wishes completely left me, and they have never come back. It's hard to know what is an honest change in interests and what is application nerves, but time usually helps sort out one from the other-- so certainly give it thought now, but revisit it later once you know how everything has shaken out. Additionally, studying early modern and medieval history is a different ballgame than studying modern Europe or US. Your archives are different, your sources are different, you piece together evidence differently (as you just don't have the masses of stuff that modernists do), you ask different questions with different stakes. Do you want to address those questions? Do you find them compelling? In my case, I realized that the animating questions of US history by and large weren't the big questions I wanted to think about the most. You may find that you really are drawn to the work of early modern history, in which case, a MA may be a good place for you to make that transition. But you can have a wide variety of interests, and being interested in one thing doesn't mean you've chosen the wrong one for yourself. It means you're well rounded. Finally, regarding readiness for a PhD program. It's very good to be honest and self-aware (truly), but it's also hard to see yourself and your capabilities clearly when you're this close up to it, and under so much application stress. Quite honestly I'm not sure if one ever does feel ready. I can think of a number of times where my advisor suggested that I move onto the next stage of the program, or take a risk on some opportunity that presented itself, but I myself didn't feel ready. I would always protest that I needed more time: more time to study for comps, more time to take another class, more time to revise an article or clarify an argument, more time to figure out what I was trying to say. Then I would do some more Tina Belcher style groaning in the privacy of my apartment and try to do it anyways. And in each case, my advisor was right, and I was wrong. I was ready for it, and I could do it- I was just really nervous. Graduate school is full of moments like these where you feel on the absolute edge of what you're capable of doing. But you have to be on that edge if you want to really push yourself and grow as a scholar/ thinker/ person. So I really would try to sit on your hands for a few more weeks, even though it is incredibly difficult, and see how it all shakes out; schools won't accept students they don't think are ready, and your professors wouldn't have recommended you apply to these schools and helped you throughout the process if they didn't think you could make it.
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    Thrilled to say that I was accepted to Toronto! (The email said I was notified early because of consideration for university scholarships; I have no idea when the rest of the results will be released. Also not sure how to update the Google doc.)
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    Just got my first acceptance, feeling soooooooo relieved!
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    2019 Applicants

    Comrades!!!! The dreaded and most desired hour has arrived on this end—-Penn State requested an interview (Comp Lit!) !!! What Do I Say?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! please send help!
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    Happy New Year!

    Hope no one’s like me - refreshing the results page every hour even today, on NYE. GO OUT AND HAVE FUN! OR STAY HOME AND BE COZY! Enjoy the last day of 2018 with your friends, family, or loved ones. Reward yourself for all your hardwork in the past year. The stressful interview months will come before we know it, so take a break. Happy new year everyone!
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    The wait begins!

    I just made 9 dozen cookies from scratch. That, my friends, is what I call stress baking.
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    Shut out

    I really appreciate the kind response. As it turns out though, one of the schools that had earlier rejected me got more funding and offered me admission after the April 15th deadline (which I have accepted), so I was not shut out after all!
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    Help Choosing a School

    Searle's research interest is being a perv.
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    2019 Decisions Thread

    Just accepted UNH's Ph.D. offer. Exhale.
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    I have no helpful advice, but YOU ARE SUCH A ROCKSTAR ❤️❤️ Doing the work to get into grad school is hard. Doing the work with kids is v hard. Doing the work as a single parent is beyond impressive. Congrats x a million.
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Got an acceptance from Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign yesterday! I burst into tears when I opened their email. Still waiting on funding news but so happy
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    I don't think I said that it is selfish for people to carefully consider their offers nor did I state that anywhere on this forum. I only questioned your assumption that it 'does not matter' when you get of the waitlist - because let's be honest - other than the psychological stress that can't be good (aren't we all psychologists here?!), going to grad school massively impacts people's lives and the sooner people know what they're up to the better... I think it's only wise to consider one's offers very very carefully and think a bit about them - I think that sentiment is shared by everyone here. If you end up in a situation where you're waitlisted for your number one and because of that cannot commit to another program until the last moment - also fair game. And sure, people need time to weight their options and they should take their time. However, there is no point in holding on onto your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. offer for no other reason than just having them. I think that is also the reason why the 'rule of thumb' is to not hold on to more than two offers at a time when you made up your mind (preferably even less). As soon as you decide you have better alternatives, free up the spot for somebody else. Schools will also greatly appreciate it (for all the obvious reasons, they may also be missing out on candidates because they did not wait on the waitlist till the last minute for various reasons, etc. Plus it shows respect and enthusiasm). So simply don't wait till the last minute to decide simply because you can.
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    2019 Acceptances

    Got a call from POI at NYU. Voicemail said they have some “very exciting news” ... That means I got in, right? Right?!?! I’ll roll over and die from embarrassment if it means they referred me to their master’s program lol.
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    2019 Acceptances

    Yesterday I was informed that I was rejected at the University of Minnesota (English). Today I was informed that I was accepted at the University of Michigan (American Studies).
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    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    To those that are asking about UCSB, a photographer I know is applying to all three UC schools and has interviews with two of them this week. Not sure of any other details, but I hope it offers some clarity! Also, I just got a call from the Drawing/Painting/Printmaking dept head at University of Minnesota — I was accepted!!
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    Applications 2019

    Hi all! This waiting period is an absolute nightmare so I had to share my good news. I got my first acceptance today from UVA through an email from their DGS with my prospective advisors CC’ed! Honestly, I’m relieved and thrilled.
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    2019 Acceptances

    I just got a call informing me that I was accepted into the Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at Alabama for an MA!! I can't believe it. It is my first news from any school, and I am over the moon!!!!!
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    Every day I wake up and think "Today's the day. I won't check gradcafe. I'm gonna chill" and then somehow I end up here...whoops! Muscle memory ?

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