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    jcperez reacted to OctaviaButlerfan in Visit Day - What I Look Out For   
    This is helpful! I have had some of these questions in my mind.. on and off as I think about many other pressing issues.. but it's very useful to have them listed and categorized like this.
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    jcperez reacted to viggosloof28 in Visit Day - What I Look Out For   
    Very helpful!  I'm going on my first admitted student visit next weekend, and will definitely be following your advice...especially re: keeping my questions handy.
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    jcperez got a reaction from viggosloof28 in Now that the Dust has Settled...   
    Congratulations on your admits! Glad to hear you are finally out of this stressful admissions process.
    I am still in "Decision Season". I applied to 7 schools, was admitted to two and have yet to hear about the other five. Hopefully, by the end of March I will have the remaining responses and take my final decision.
    Best of luck finishing your MA thesis!
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