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  1. Yes, I kept seeing folks post about it in other threads, so I thought a centralized location for us would be helpful, as it seems that literature notifications are going out at different times than rhet/comp ones, even within the same school.

    And thanks for the congrats! Once the shock wore off, I've been alternately excited / terrified at what I've gotten myself into. ?

  2. I'll be applying to the MSU's rhet/comp PhD this fall, and have a question about the length requirement for the SOP. The program asks for 3-5 pages, but doesn't specify whether that means single or double spaced. All of the other programs I'm applying to ask for 2 single-spaced pages or less, so while the program does seem to do things a little differently (which is part of its appeal), it would certainly be an outlier. Either way I plan on hedging my bets toward the shorter end of that requirement, but I'm hoping someone here has some insight. Thanks!

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