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  1. people, stop using the results board like it's FB chat.

    1. C'estLaVie
    2. Cookie


      i agree. its super annoying that there are too many useless entries.

    3. Quant_Liz_Lemon
  2. two visits next week.

  3. More people talking about how good GRE scores aren't important. Just stop it!

    1. fuzzylogician


      But they are indeed not as important as other aspects of the app.

    2. uromastyx


      Agreed. But simply stating this establishes the sentiment.

  4. Scheduling visits. Good times.

  5. "Look me in my face/ I ain't got no worries."

  6. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

  7. one notification all week. blah.

    1. FCP


      Great news! Better than none... (like me :(

  8. STILL waiting to hear from my prospective college at Oxford :(

  9. I hope grad school cupid shoots me with some arrows tomorrow.

    1. uromastyx


      ok, this is nonsensical. :P haha

    2. musichistorygeek


      I know the feeling...

  10. I'm on Gradcafe to help people with honest answers, not sugarcoat matters and get hopes up.

    1. pears


      hey, somebody has to keep the pity parties, redundancy, and entitlement in line! you're the poster GC deserves, but not the one (it thinks) it needs right now..

    2. uromastyx


      Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. But I get it.

    3. C'estLaVie


      Besides, if that person ends up getting in after all, they'll be overjoyed. If they had convinced themselves they had a great shot despite the writing on the wall, they'll have much further to fall.

  11. Hoping tomorrow brings good news...

  12. The Pope couldn't go on after his grad school rejections.

  13. I like seeing people accepted to their DREAM school. Always makes me smile. Congrats to all the blessed people out there!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Eager
    3. kaister


      yes! i love happy endings! :D

    4. HigherEd2013


      I completely agree! It's because we are all going through this together.

  14. "cuz i'm up for every hour i was slept on."

  15. Good luck to everyone this week :D

    1. C'estLaVie


      You as well! Fingers crossed!

  16. TGIF. Bring on the acceptances before the weekend! Good luck, y'all.

  17. Two acceptances and an interview. Today was a decent day.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eager


      Decent? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

    3. callyw22
    4. CP3


      Jealous, but congrats!

  18. Dear School X, I know you sent acceptance emails. Why you no send me nuffin?

    1. Soleil ت

      Soleil ت

      Feeling the same way!

    2. Andean Pat
    3. Cookie


      yeah, so frustrating!

  19. Who's hoping for decisions this week?!?!?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Soleil ت

      Soleil ت

      I haven't heard from anybody yet! :(

    3. Two Espressos

      Two Espressos

      Me too! I haven't heard from anywhere yet...

    4. Pretty_Penny
  20. Had a surprise phone call from an interested program today. It was a great chat! :D

  21. First acceptance from a US program. Excited!!

    1. Eager


      Congrats! That is really awesome.

  22. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

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