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    IfhhoteCannot reacted to 3Romeo in Significant Others and Grad School   
    Broke up with my girlfriend of ten years. She couldn't go and I couldn't stay. Hardest thing I ever did.
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    IfhhoteCannot reacted to rainbowworrier in Significant Others and Grad School   
    I don't think those 3 choices are quite adequate...my answer would have to be:

    [ ] moving to attend grad school closer to somebody you were in a relationship with, but there was a break up after you committed to move, and there are still strong feelings in both cases, and you have no clue what the heck is going to happen...

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    IfhhoteCannot reacted to neuropsych76 in Significant Others and Grad School   
    my girlfriend of 4 years and I will both be attending doctorate programs this fall...but 700 miles apart.

    sadly, we decided it would be best to end it since neither of us wants a relationship where we maybe see each other once a year. plus, it gives us a chance to grow individually instead of relying on each other like we did in undergrad.

    those are the positives, but it still really sucks.
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    IfhhoteCannot reacted to WornOutGrad in Significant Others and Grad School   
    I'll drop out before I give my amazing girlfriend up!!
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