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    rising_star reacted to ProfLorax in Writing Awards Bust   
    The first rejection/failure stings. No matter how rationally you can understand how this award doesn't demonstrate your abilities as a writer, the first one always hurts. I remember in my MA program; we had a peer reviewed and edited student journal, and each year, my essay was in the top quarter of ranked essays... but it always missed the cut to be published. The first time, this broke my heart. The second time, I laughed.
    That's the good news: I now just shrug. One of the hardest parts of our career is how abundant rejection is. Your abstract will be rejected from conferences, you will lose competitions, you won't be granted a fellowship, your publication submission will be rejected. It's part of the game, and the more you play, the more rejection you will face. After a while, I realized how impersonal these decisions really are. Lots of times, it is a question of fit, or there are behind the scenes politics that affect who will get chosen for what. Either way, rejection is rarely about your abilities. Even though it stings now, trust me that this will get easier. You will build a tougher skin, and soon, you'll celebrate the wins and not even blink at the losses. It takes some time, but you will get there. 
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    rising_star reacted to TakeruK in Conflict   
    For some advisors and/or for some situations, I find it helpful to write an email to my advisor before after each meeting, saying like "Thanks for meeting with me today. I am going to do X, Y, and Z now as we discussed" etc. That way, the prof can correct me if I misunderstood and we're all on the same page. Also, emails like this sometimes also help you keep your own informal/formal log of what you are doing, why you decided certain things, which might be helpful later on in the experiment.
    Sometimes I also write up longer email descriptions of current results and questions and send them to my advisor before a meeting to discuss the very same. These emails are pretty helpful summaries for myself too and I cut out and paste some of these emails directly into my "lab" notebook!
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    rising_star reacted to dvl215 in I Screwed Up   
    I'm not sure which programs you're applying to but my bet is they'll be lenient. I just applied to a bunch of schools and sent an outdated SOP to one of them. I freaked out and just sort of resigned myself to not getting in, but then I emailed the admissions staff and asked if I could replace the document, and they were totally nice about it and allowed me to. I think they deal with this stuff all the time. 
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    rising_star reacted to fuzzylogician in Oh man, is this normal or I'm just being difficult?   
    Trust your feelings. If it didn't feel right when the school was doing everything in its power to woo you, it won't get any better after you're there and settled into everyday life. It doesn't matter if other people think it's nice or if it's popular - you are the one who is going to have to live there.

    For me, after visiting my top two choices, it was: "Yeah, I can see myself living here" vs. "Really? This is it?", and just like that the choice was made. Never mind all of my professors thought I should go to the school I didn't choose; it's not a better fit if I'm unhappy, even if the research fits better.
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