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  1. Congratulations ! What is your research interest? I love that UChicago program has an setup with two mentors to carry out interdisciplinary research with a combination of experimental, computational, and theoretical work.
  2. I heard from Yale and Stanford today. Rejections!
  3. The coordinator from Rice told me to check the portal to see any updates.
  4. Do you guys know whether Calecth sends out emails with rejections?
  5. Thank you! Yes, that and I am still considered as an international student. Most of the top Biophysics programs use NIH training grants to cover funding for students, which are limited to citizens and residents. I cannot complain as the selection of international students are a privilege. Hopefully, I get my Greencard by the next cycle. My lawyer told me that I have enough citations to file. Most probably, I would see you guys at future Biophysical Society meetings!
  6. Thank you for the update. I have had not that much luck with biophysics programs. I made up my mind to reapply if I have to.
  7. I was doing analytical chemistry research and now applying for labs doing biophysics/physical/chemical biology. I like interdisciplinary work. I do not think your track plays a big role. However, you have to convince them that you would not do the same again. There is this baggage.
  8. Thank you and congrats! Another former Ph.D. student here. I mastered out as I had to teach, do research, take classes, do my missed seminar and candidacy exam all at once. I got sick in my first year and missed a semester. As an international student, I was alone and got exhausted.
  9. Thank you! I contacted most of the programs yesterday as I am stressed out. In addition to graduate schools, I am trying to get my green card as my visa ends by the end of this year. Thus, I am spending my time here and checking my google scholar profile every day to count my citation numbers UWM: PI I am in communication with told me to wait till March as they had already sent all the offers when I applied in January. So he can only give me an answer based on the rate of acceptance. Stanford: PI told me that I should hear soon about admissions MIT: I heard from the primary PI I
  10. I heard about toxic environment at Berkeley and Harvard from a graduate student at the MIT who mentored me recently ( was a UG at Berkeley). I also think this also related to specific PIs and labs, not so much to a specific program. Healthy and toxic labs have some tell-tale signs. I would consider a lab with a diverse student body as a sign of a healthy lab. I would be skeptical about a chemistry lab at a major University that has all male students, all-female students, no minority students, no international students, no domestic students, no ethnic diversity, no healthy numbers of undergrad
  11. Thanks! I applied to Caltech, MIT, Yale, Rice, Stanford, UW-Madison, and Columbia. I applied for most of these several weeks late as I had to deal with an unexpected visa issue and had to prioritize it over applications due to severity. They allowed me to submit the applications but not sure about the impact of the delay.
  12. Yes, I agree. I was referring to programs applied and accepted, rejected, etc..
  13. I am an international student but living in the US and have not heard back from any chemistry programs I have applied to. However, I heard from some of the PIs I contacted, but none have given me any word on admission. They only told me that they like my profile and blah blah. Also, I have noticed that nobody here shared a detailed profile of themself this year, so it is kind of hard to guess the situation like in the past cycles. I would be okay to share my stats as I thought it would help each other out rather than be seen as showing off. However, I am somewhat hesitant t
  14. Oh Sorry I have just seen your question. I was doing the GRE Subject test at that time (April 20th, 2013)
  15. I believe they have made many offers by now and waiting until March to decide on others based on the acceptance rate. I applied there, but a lot later (Jan/2021) due to some other issues I have to deal with. Also, I am an international applicant. Also, not a traditional applicant. I think the best option now is to wait and see till the end of the month.
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