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  1. Earthquake!!!!!

  2. Hello. I couldn't help but notice your impressive list of admits. Conrats! I applied to 15 schools and so far I have 14 rejections. This is my third year in a row applying! What do you think it is that got you in? Mind sharing your stats? You are sooo lucky. Have fun studying. -maybe_someday.

  3. Hi. congrats on your success!!! Just curious about you stats and stuff. Mine aren't very stellar. Also are u doing PhD or MA? Is your undergrad or grad degree in film? My MA is not and I think this may be what's preventing me from getting into any schools. What's your top choice school? I'd like to get into ny school. Berkeley and Austin were my tops choices. Have fun.

  4. Hello. I've seen you've added me as a friend. Nice to meet you. Good luck with your app for Cal. By the way did you apply for PhD? Is in in the film track or just Rhetoric itself? Good luck.

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