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    Okay, so raise your hand if you are full of nerves at this point? That's right, everyone's hand is up.

    I have a story for you and hopefully it will help everyone take a deep breath and realize, it will all be just fine.

    Having filled out the online portion of my application, I put two packets in the mail, one for School A and one for School B (my top choice, as these things go) on the 31st. Today, I received an email from School A, informing me that in their hands they held my supplemental materials for School B.

    Let that one sink in, folks. I sent two schools the WRONG application.

    I immediately called the Grad Coordinator who could not have been nicer. He agreed to throw out my School B application, and I emailed him the missing information. After discussing the culinary deliciousness of School A's city, I called School B and explained the situation. They, too, could not have been nicer. I will overnight them my supplementary information and, as they say, crisis averted!

    Mailing the wrong application is probably one of the biggest mistakes one could make right about now. But you know what? It was a non-issue. So please remember my story when you are in the throws (throes?) of panic!
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